tagBDSMSeduction at Belinda's House Ch. 05

Seduction at Belinda's House Ch. 05


Belinda loved summer days like these, playing with Kate and making love to James in the prison cell. Kate had even locked herself back into the chastity belt before leaving, a sure sign that she loved and trusted Belinda. The image of Kate's slim body wrapped up inside the high security belt would stay with Belinda all week.

It was now Friday evening and Belinda had already made plans for her and James. She talked them through in her head one more time as she dressed in a silvery grey strapless dress. She loved the provocative look of this dress, the way it hugged her breasts, ran tightly around her waist and then sprayed out to modestly cover her knees.

James was feeling distinctly underdressed as he walked out of the bathroom wearing only black boxer shorts.

"Are we going out?" he asked, running a towel through his dark hair.

Belinda watched as he pushed back his damp salt and pepper hair. She loved his just showered look, glistening muscles and unbrushed hair.

"No, going 'in'," she corrected.

He looked confused as she whipped away the shirt that he was about to put on.

"Ever heard of 'immurement'?" she smiled sweetly.

"Yes," he replied warily as she whipped away his jeans.

They had bought the immurement box from the gaol, a heavy wooden trunk, five foot long, three foot wide and two foot high. It was an authentic replica of the ancient torture and imprisonment device made of thick oak with steel supports. From the outside it was a beautiful antique object that looking gorgeous in their large lounge. On the inside life was very different.

The box had a four inch square hole at the front that was reinforced around its edges with steel. The hole was the prisoner's only window on the world and even that could be closed from the outside with a hinged steel cover that locked into place.

"Well it's such a lovely summer's evening... and I wanted to try the new mask," Belinda called as she finished applying mascara.

They walked down to the lounge and James stood patiently as Belinda placed what looked like a gas mask over his face and buckled the straps around his head to hold it in place. Attached to the front of the mask was a one inch diameter tube that now supplied all of his air. Belinda placed a hand over the end of the tube and watched as seconds later James was gasping for air, trying and failing to pull the mask away from his face. He looked alarmed.

"It works," she exclaimed.

Belinda sat down on the edge of the sofa and fed the long tube up between her legs until it was deep inside her dress.

"What's the air like inside there?" she asked.

"Nice," he smiled, his voice echoing almost incoherently into Belinda's her dress.

He sat on the floor enjoying the warm air, Belinda's scent mixed with soap and perfume. He removed her heels and started to massage her feet as he breathed slowly and deeply through his nose.

With both of her feet massaged and with James calm, almost to the point of sedation, from Belinda's scent, she helped him to his feet and made him lie face down inside the immurement box on the small black vinyl mattress. She used Darby handcuffs to lock his hands behind his back, enjoying their heavy feel as she screwed them tightly closed. Finally she placed a small panic alarm in his hand, a safety precaution in case she inadvertently suffocated him.

"You know that one day I'm going to lock you in here for a game... and leave you in there for a whole week," Belinda purred, struggling to control her breath.

"Today?" James asked through his pipe.

"That's the thing... you won't know until it's too late."

James looked up at her from his box, her words both arousing and scary. She looked so elegant and innocent in that cute dress, her dark hair hanging free, framing her large Disney like eyes.

"So will it be today?" she whispered as she threaded the tube through the small hole in the front of the box and then lowered the lid. James listened as the two hasps dropped in to place and the padlocks clattered against the box as they clicked shut.

Belinda smoothed down her dress and sat down elegantly on the lid of box. She crossed her ankles and sat up straight, meditating and focusing on the present. She was now aimlessly playing with the tube, rubbing and touching it against her body. Why did she enjoy this so much? Controlling James just made her feel hot, alive and on a natural high.

"I really wonder if this is the time you spend a week inside," she asked, more a question to herself that anything. She fantasised about that, imagining James dependent on her for food and water. The look of adoration on his eyes everytime she peered in through the hole. She so wanted to try it, but what would James think?

She heard a struggle from beneath her and realised that she had pressed the end of the tube hard against her inner thigh. She quickly moved it away and was rewarded with James's deep breathes sucking hard on her scented air. It was too gorgeous and she couldn't help herself from pressing the tube once more against her thigh.

Belinda pulled the tube out from inside her dress and breathed deeply into the end, "How's it feel in there," she asked.

"Fucking wonderful, I'm so close... if only my hands were free."

"Yeah, cuffs are a bummer for masturbating," she giggled, blowing air kisses into the tube.

"Take them off?"

Belinda laughed, her amusement echoing loudly down the tube.

"How you feel about me breaking wind?" she asked bashfully.


"Fart in your face!"

"You make it sound so elegant."

She giggled, pulled up her dress and pushed the tube into the back of her underwear.

"Do I get a choice?" James asked, his words now funnelling between her cheeks.

"Sure... just escape from the inescapable box darling..."

"It's almost worse when I know it's coming," James called, his breath blowing and ticking her bottom.

James lay still, breathing in through his nose, her scent unmistakeable. Suddenly the scent changed, filling his nostril. He kept his mouth closed and breathed slowly.

"James you okay?" Belinda called out, leaning forward and peering in through the small hole.

"Cool," he panted. With his tube still tucked into her panties, the last thing he wanted to do was worry her.

James was so close and forced his chained hands to the side in search of his cock. He couldn't reach, but the friction against the box was enough and he ejaculated on the mattress.

"Wow, you do like that!" Belinda was now speaking directly into the tube, her words bouncing loudly around his mask. James lay exhausted, wondering what his amped up woman would do next.

Belinda moved to the sofa and lay down. She freed one breast from the confines of her dress and cupped the end of the tube over her nipple. James's heavy breathing was creating an air massage, stimulating her as he sucked air back and forth.

With both nipples erect, she tucked the tube into the front of her black silk panties and smoothed her dress down as if hiding her sin. The changing pressure from James's breathing kept her on edge.

"Where's the tube now?" James called, rhythmically forcing his hips against the side of the box.

"On a mountain top," Belinda breathed, "Can't you smell the air?"

"Not inside a horny girl's pants?"

Belinda angled the tube hard against her shaved vagina cutting off all air. There was moaning and clattering from inside the box, but still he didn't press the alarm. She eased the pressure between her body and the tube, letting a tiny amount of air rush through as she listened to James sucking in his ration of scented air.

"Relax darling," she purred, "I'm not giving you enough air to struggle."

Belinda ran the vibrator across her wet underwear where it touched the tube sending vibrations back into the box. She cried out as she orgasmed and then held her hand to her mouth as she looked around the empty room. She turned off the vibrator, but left the tube in her pants still partially blocked by her body.

Now it was James's turn and she looked up as James climaxed, his mind and body seduced by her limited scented air. The exertion made him breathe more deeply and he gasped to breathe in what little air could make its way up inside Belinda's dress and deep into her panties.

"More air?" he begged.

Belinda was reluctant as his breath was causing an amazingly tingling sensation.

"Better?" she called, having not changed the arrangements in her underwear.

"Thank you," he whispered slightly light headedly, his breathing now relaxed.


An hour and almost a bottle of wine later, Belinda stood up, stretched and crotched down in front of the hole in box.

"How're the cuff?" she asked, her shiny lips only inches from his hole.

"Still locked."

"Yeah, I guessed that. If I give you the key will you make a fantasy of mine come true?"

As always, falling head over heels for whatever Belinda did to him, James nodded and watched as her perfectly manicured nails tossed the handcuff key inside. He struggled to unlock himself, but with his hands free he was finally able to unbuckle the mask from around his face.

"Your weekend in the box starts now," she said, all big eyes and breathy.


The dazed look in the beautiful woman's face was somehow frightening and yet at the same time the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

"Well I'm not unlocking you so you have no choice."

"All weekend?"

James was close to panicking, but lay there speechless watching Belinda play with the front of her panties.

"But like all prisoners," she blew a hair from her face, "You can always try to escape." She was momentarily distracted as she pulled up her dress and straightened her lingerie.

"That's impossible!"

"I know..." Belinda looked on dreamily as she adjusted her breasts in the tight dress.

A whole weekend locked in the box would be torture, so why was his crazy mind so excited, "I love you," was all he could gasp.

"You can dream about these," Belinda breathed, jangling the keys.

"And those?" James smiled looking at her bosom.

"You can dream..."

"And you said I can try to escape..."

James reached his hand through the hole, but was slow and hopelessly short of the keys, which Belinda placed out of his reach on the coffee table. She watched on as James reached through the hole and grabbed the first of the two padlocks.

"Oh, if only you had the key..." she purred.

"Fuck, I don't know if I can take a weekend in here," he panted, fear in his voice.

Belinda was now sitting on the coffee table, her legs neatly together and her ankles crossed.

"Will you do it for me?" she whispered.

James looked out at the lounge that now seemed so far away. His mind was spinning, playing tricks on him and he tried to distract himself by kicking against the end of the trunk. He was strong, but it soon clear that he didn't have a hope of breaking the box.

"I really am keeping you in my box all weekend," Belinda purred, smoothing the wrinkles in her silvery dress.

James stretched his forearm through the hole, but couldn't reach her, "Really want you," he panted.

"After you've served your sentence..." she whispered, her legs jiggling unable to control the sexually energy coursing through her body.

"I'll wait," he smiled. His mind and body were now spent.

Belinda stood up and twirled on the balls of her high heels, "You can watch me through your little hole... I promise I'll dress provocatively," Belinda was now using her words and her fingers to bring her to another orgasm.

James climaxed again, so quick and so intense that he flopped down on to his small mattress. He couldn't remember ever feeling this calm and just lay in an almost meditative state listening to Belinda's words.

"But disobey me in any way and I'll close your hole and leave you in darkness... I might just do that anyway," Belinda smiled to herself.

"How's the fantasy," James whispered.

"Gorgeous," she winked as she picked up the keys and slinked off alone to their bedroom.


James looked around the small box, trying to get comfortable and trying to think through his weekend inside the box. He thought through his diary, a work trip to the US leaving Sunday night and an evening out would have to be cancelled because of Belinda fantasy. Fortunately it was his fantasy too.

An hour later and Sophie returned home from a party, her white jumper and blue jeans complemented by thick pink woollen socks that she pulled on and rested on the coffee table. James watched, jealous of her freedom as she walked to the kitchen and returned with a glass of whiskey. She made a face as she took a sip and then placed the glass down on the coffee table, frustratingly out of his reach.


Belinda slept deeply, only waking when the sun streamed in through her undrawn curtains. She had had a wet dream and was still aroused. She trembled as she imagined James inside the box. He hadn't used their safe word so he must be enjoying it, mustn't he? He certainly sounded as though he had. Belinda smiled. Or had she had built her fantasy up so much that he couldn't bring himself to disappoint her. He was so wonderful to her that was certainly possible. Damn, now she wasn't sure.

She slipped a black negligee over her black panties and tiptoed down to the lounge. She silently slipped into her heels and walked slowly up to the box, her hips rolling to the sound of the slow clip of the shoes. She turned around and slow sat down on the coffee table facing the box and crossed her legs. James's brown eyes were already peering through the hole, transfixed by the show.

"Good morning?" she asked apprehensively, "How was your first night?"

"You're beautiful," he panted, his eyes frantically taking in her barely dressed body.

"Stockholm syndrome?" she asked, reaching in through the hole and running her fingers around his lips.


"Have you fallen in love with your captor?"

"A long time back," he smiled.

Belinda beamed.

"What's it like in the real world?" he panted, struggling around inside the box in a hopeless attempt to touch her body.

"It's beautiful," she teased, standing and walking provocatively around the table, "There's a beautiful woman who can go anywhere and do anything she likes."

With that Belinda strolled into the kitchen leaving James's eyes longingly following her.

"Love the thong," he called, transfixed by the way her butt bounced along.

She stopped and turned, standing provocatively with one hand on her hip. She felt sexy in her favourite tight black lingerie even if her hair was a mess and her mascara probably smudged.

"Bye bye," she smiled as she closed and locked the small hole. James was now in complete darkness.

"Is loving your butt a crime?" James pleaded.

She did feel a little self conscious, she always did when she wore a thong, but she also liked the idea of plunging him into darkness with the image of her bottom burnt into his mind.

She unlocked the cover, "Coffee darling?" she asked, but as soon as James had nodded she quickly closed him up again.

She was humming happily as she returned to the box.

"Please Bel," James called, knocking expectantly on the inside of the hatch.


"Can you open my only... tiny... small window on the world?"

Belinda giggled, "Why?"

"I want to see your thong."

"It's doing just fine out here," she replied, sitting on the box and using James's interest in her underwear as a reason to stroke it.

"I'm sure it is," James sighed, trying to ignore his constant erection.

Belinda eventually opened the hatch and passed in his small cup of coffee, together with some breakfast, a water bottle and a plastic bag with toilet paper.

"Okay I'm going for a run," Belinda announced, standing and teasing James with a long, arching stretch, "And then I'm having coffee with Kate."

"What about me?" James asked massaging her feet in an effort to please her.

"You can spend the morning trying to break out of your box," Belinda giggled as she walked away.

She returned a few minutes later in her white running top and grey yoga pants. She stood close to the box and waited for James to reach out and touch her Lycra. He was so predictable, but she did love the feel of his hands pushing up, massaging her body, especially now that she controlled his entire life.

James enjoyed his brief moment and sighed audibly as Belinda and her yoga pants walked away.

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