tagBDSMSeduction at the Old Gaol

Seduction at the Old Gaol


"Hi," James smiled as he walked up to the woman at the front desk, "How you doing?"

The woman pushed back her long dark hair, her expression changing from one of boredom to one of slightly more interested.

"It's quiet here today."

"It's always like this mid-week."

He read her name badge. 'Belinda' was cute, but hours of selling entry tickets for the old gaol and museum appeared to be taking its toll. At least now she was smiling.

"There are no tours today, but you're very welcome to look around on your own," she replied.

"It's never as much fun on your own."


"Maybe I can book a private tour?"

Belinda looked up at the guy who was so obviously flirting with her. He looked every bit like a model, tall dark and handsome and dressed in a designer suit with the top few buttons on his blue shirt undone. He was certainly not her usual midweek visitor. Shit, she'd already looked at him for a moment too long and quickly looked away and reached for a map. Looking up at him once more, she started her sales pitch on the route to follow and the sights to see. The guy was now learning on the counter looking thoughtfully down at the map.

James was in town on business for a couple of days and with a few hours off between meetings, had decided to visit the old gaol. It was one of the town's better attractions and one that caught James's fascination with the macabre. So far the place wasn't disappointing him.

"So I start this way?" he asked, deliberately pointing in completely the wrong direction.

"No, over there."

She knew he was playing with her, but she was more than happy to play along. The guy was still looking confused and was now pointing towards the toilets.

"Here, let me show you."

With no other guests expected late on a Wednesday afternoon, Belinda walked out from behind her desk and led the way towards the first cell block.

"Okay, so this jail was built in 1850 and was open for over a hundred years and during that time no-one ever escaped alive," se explained.

"Is is possible to escape dead?"

"Not from here..."

She gave him a certain look that reminded him of his old school teacher before continuing down the stone corridor. James hung back for a few seconds to admire her figure. She must have been at least thirty five, but still looked good in her grey fitted knee length dress. The dress wasn't exactly tight, but it certainly emphasised the curves between her waist and hips. She may not have been James's typical stick thin type, but he found her naturally voluptuous figure surprisingly attractive. Lost in thought, he followed the woman as she disappeared inside the first cell

"Hello?" she repeated. Shit, he hadn't heard a word she'd said.

"Yes, that's interesting."

With her hands now on her hips, she gave him another school teacher stare.

"As I was saying, this is where they kept prisoners with no sense of direction... and no attention span."

Okay, he wasn't going to fool her, he thought to himself as he looked around the tiny six foot by ten foot space enclosed by concrete walls and ceiling. The cell only had one small barred window which made for a very claustrophobic feel. Spending a life sentence inside this place must have been hell.

"You did want the full experience, didn't you?" Belinda asked as she walked back towards the steel door and out into the corridor.

"I guess..."

James watched through the small grill in the top of the door as she pushed it closed towards him. There was a surprisingly loud clang as the door banged home, followed by a grating noise as she slid the heavy bolt across. Her big brown eyes were now watching him intently through the grille.

"One person spent almost sixty years inside one of these cells and only allowed out for a few minutes a day," Belinda continued in a slower, more breathy voice, "A whole lifetime spent inside this concrete and steel box."

Just the thought of spending years in the cell was having an effect on him and he'd only been locked up for a couple of minutes, "Wow..." he replied.

"And he wasn't even guilty of bad chat up lines."

James stopped and gave her an apologetic smile through the grille. Damn, where were all the dumb bimbos when he needed them.

"Couldn't he have escaped somehow?" he asked, trying to break her knowing stare.

"There's no way to escape from inside there," Belinda replied, shaking her head and jostling her hair as she spoke, "If I don't unlock this door, you'll be in there for sixty years too."

A shiver ran through James body, now she was playing with him.

Belinda felt a similar excitement run though her body. Even as a girl she'd had a fascination with prisons. She'd turned one of the rooms in her dolls house into a jail where several of her dollies had languished. She'd never shared this with anyone then and it was remained a secret hidden behind her beguiling smile.

There was silence until Belinda finally spoke.

"I'll let you out... this time."

She pulled back the heavy bolt and heaved open the steel door. She waited expectantly, but James remained in the middle of cell.

"This place really blows your mind."

"I'm glad you're enjoying the tour."

She gently touched his arm as she walked back to the front desk and then returned moments later with a very large key ring jingling from her bent elbow.

"And this is one of the punishment boxes," she explained, pulling open a solid steel door to reveal a three foot square space behind.

"Wow that's small."

"Mmm, imagine that tiny space being your whole world..."

"Do I get to try this one too?" James asked.

"If you like... and I have the key to lock this one," she said ominously.

Belinda's chest gave away her deep breathing as she held open the door. As James stepped into the cell, their bodies brushed past each other and he could smell her perfume. She placed her hand on his shoulder encouraging him to keep walking.

James was both aroused and afraid as Belinda pushed the heavy door closed and almost deafened him with the clang and then half scared him to death with the sound of the large key turning in the lock. The tiny space inside was cold and pitch black and totally disorientating.

"Now imagine what would happen if I just left you in there," she called, her soft voice echoing through the thick steel.

"Shit, don't say that."

"I could just leave... with the key."

"Fuck!" James stepped forward and walked into the door. His cock was now hard and he had to reach inside his suit trousers to free it. He was also terrified. She'd locked him away from the world and he might never be found. She could just leave him for dead.

He sat down on the concrete floor as he tried to make sense of the conflicting emotions. The longer he sat, the calmer he became and the more he started to enjoy the feeling of being trapped, of being totally under someone else's control. Belinda was now looming large in his mind, her face, her body, her scent, her words now all consuming.

Belinda was standing inches away on the other side of the door with a smile on her face. The guide had once locked her inside the punishment cell and she had been terrified, and it was the thought of that terror that now gave her a strange thrill. She leaned against the locked door and imagined the thoughts now going through this sexy guy's head.

"Belinda?" James's muffled words were followed by a clang as he accidentally walked into the solid steel.

She pushed her body against the door to feel the vibrations coming from inside. The cold steel was both chilling her body and making her hot. The cool sexy guy didn't seem so cool now, nor did he seem so untouchable. She had to keep this professional, at least for now, and so waited only another minute before unlocking and opening the door.

"Imagine how 'you' would feel after days locked inside there," she breathed.

James noticed that her words were phrased about 'him' and not 'the prisoner'. It was just as well this woman was cute, as she seemed to be getting off on locking him up.

"It's certainly dark in there," James said, trying to sound cool

"You scared of the dark?"

"No," James replied, aware that she was teasing him.

"Do you want to go back inside then?"

Belinda took one step closer to him and was now on the edge of his personal zone. He could step back, but that would put him in the cell. She could now smell his aftershave and appreciate his full height and see close up his narrow waist that curved up inside his suit jacket to an uber sexy chest.

They held eye contact for slightly too long.

"Maybe later?" James replied breaking the silence.

Belinda closed the now empty cell, relocked the door and walked off to the exercise yard. James followed, once again checking out her body as it moved. He watched her hips and butt sway as she walked, trying to visualise what might be underneath her dress.

The exercise yard was a small open air area covered with heavy wire mesh designed to prevent any escape. The steel and concrete did little to give an atmosphere of space, but it was still better than being locked in the punishment cell. James walked over to one of the wall and was reading the names that had been carved into the stone when he heard a voice above him.

"This is where the guards stood with their rifles," Belinda called down from the mesh platform that ran around the edge of the yard, "Able to take anyone down."

James stood transfixed as she walked directly above where he stood, the wire mesh of the guard's platform doing little to hide the view up her dress. James watched as her skimpy blue underwear swayed from side to side between her round tanned cheeks. She paused for a moment and then continued around the platform and back down the steps into the yard.

"Can you show me the guard thing again?" James smiled as he moved closer.

Belinda smiled shyly, "What do you mean?"

Just then there was a call from the entrance and Belinda hurried back towards the front desk. James followed her back.

"You're not leaving yet are you?" she asked.

"Is there more?"

Belinda stopped and looked at the teasing smile across his chiselled face. "Yes, you can be an exhibit," she replied, pushing him backwards into the nearest cell."

"Don't I need a costume or something?"

Belinda had now closed the door and slid the bolt across and was looking in at him through the small observation window. "Stay!"

James prowled around his new cell getting increasingly aroused thinking about the cute woman who flashed her butt and liked to lock people in cells. He took a run up and pushed his shoulder against the door. Nothing moved. He sat down by the door and touched his hard cock through his suit trousers. Too bad that those blue panties were the other side of the locked door; he was starting to get interested.

Belinda's smiling face reappeared by the grille. "How's my exhibit?" she whispered.

"Don't you usually use manikins?"

"This is much more fun."

They could hear voices coming into the cell block. "What happens if other visitors come in and find me here?"

"They won't come in," Belinda replied holding up a large padlock.

Fuck, the blue panties were getting even further out of reach, he thought as he peered through the grille to see her apply this new level of security. He rested both hands on the heavy steel door.

"Why do I keep ending up on the wrong side of a locked cell door?"

Belinda looked through the grille to give him another of her school mistress looks. "Bad chat up lines, looking up my dress, do I need go on?"

"Is this my sentence?"

"Part of it... I haven't shown you the torture area yet... Sssh they're coming."

Belinda closed James's observation window and locked it with another key and then quickly walked away just as the other visitors arrived. James's cell was the only one that was locked which drew the interest of the young couple, but fortunately there was no way for them to get in passed the padlocked door. They continued to follow the route out into the yard from where James could watch them discretely through his small barred window.

"Cute girl isn't she?"

James jumped and turned to see Belinda's face through the grill. He breathed a sigh of relief and walked back to the door.

"Not as cute as you," he replied smoothly.


James listened to the jangle of keys as Belinda unlocked the door and slid back the bolt to release him. He watched her carefully, focusing on her expressions and mannerisms and then stepped forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Caught by surprise, Belinda breathed in sharply and then giggled.

His lips felt amazing, hard and soft at the same time. She had separated from her husband five years ago and had barely kissed anyone since. Life now revolved around working and caring for her daughter and men just didn't feature. Despite taking care of herself and dressing as well as she could, she rarely felt sexy or aroused. The silk underwear she was wearing today had never been seen by male eyes until just now when she had teased James. But it had worked.

"What would my sentence be if I kissed you again?" he asked.

Belinda could feel the heat building in her face as she looked up at this amazing guy. "Kiss me again and I'll lock you in the punishment cell for the next hour while I go home and change."

"And then?"

Her confidence was returning as her dormant sex drive kicked in. "And then you'll have to take me to dinner."

James threw his hands over her head and slowly brought her into him. She was shaking slightly, but her eyes were wide with arousal and her breathing was quickening. He touched her lips and as before she reacted with a jolt. The large key ring was still hanging from her arm and jangling noisily. His tongue touched her lips and again she reacted and cried out. That what enough to overcome her inhibitions and she upped the pace as she kissed him back. Her passion had been switched on and her tongue matched his until they both needed to breathe.

That gave James the chance to lower his hands and touch her round butt through her dress. They kissed again, pushing their bodies closer to each other until Belinda once again had to pull away to breathe.

"You don't have to wait in the cell," she smiled, wiping her hair from her eyes.

"I want to."

"You want to spend time in there?" she laughed, "You're crazy!"

"If that's what it takes to buy you dinner."

"You sure?" Belinda grinned.

James walked back into the three foot square black hole. "You will come back for me?"

"Of course I will!"

Belinda stepped in and kissed him again, feeling more like a twenty year old than the thirty five year old she was. The kiss ended and she shook the key ring down from her elbow and caught it in her hand.

"You're really really sure?"

"If it earns me the right to have dinner with you."

Feeling giggly and bouncy, Belinda pushed the heavy steel door closed and turned the key in the lock. Now nobody could get him out of that cell which made him completely hers. She ran her hands over the cold steel door and the empty key hole as if they were his body. Her breath was warming the steel, just as it would warm him once he was released.

The prison was eerily quiet which left James in both complete darkness and complete silence. He could still taste her and still recall the feel of her body and her seductive smile. He loved how she had been so excited to lock him up. It made him feel wanted and protected, as if he was her plaything, ready to be released when she was ready. His mind was back on her body and that butt, and he had to lean against the cold steel door to cool down.


It was an hour and a half later when Belinda parked her car and slipped quietly back into the gaol. She'd never been here in the evening before and even with the lights on, the place had a ghostly feel.

She was wearing a black satin body hugging dress that modestly covered her breasts and reached almost to the knee. The dress and her black heels combined to make for a slow walk through the cell block. The red fitted cardigan that she wore over the top was doing little keep out the chill. Finally the clipping and jangling arrived outside the locked punishment cell.

"Good evening prisoner."

James climbed to his feet and squinted into the light. "Wow, you look fantastic."

"And you are crazy, I should never have left you locked in here."

"It was worth it."

James kissed her and reached his hands around Belinda's waist and down to her tight silky butt. The material was hugging her body creating small creases as it pulled tight around her.

She playfully slapped his hands. "Hey, be patient or I'll lock you back inside."

James didn't heed her warning and kissed her again. Belinda took her time enjoying this next kiss before pushing him back into the tiny cell. James was now giving her the cutest look of innocence as she closed and locked the cell door. She pulled out the key and tucked it into the front of her dress as she considered her next move.

"Maybe I should leave you there all night?"

"You'll miss out on dinner..." James replied into the solid steel door.

It worked. The door opened and the school teacher look that James was beginning to find so beguiling was back. She would certainly be an interesting woman to get to know, even if these games were making him feel like a teenager.

"Behave or I'll shackle you," she smiled.

"I can deal with it."

"Believe me, the shackles we have here could really cramp your style this evening."

James took the risk of kissing her one more time before taking her hand and leading her to the restaurant.


James had chosen an upmarket restaurant and Belinda seemed impressed and a little nervous as they sat down. She jumped as the waiter placed her napkin in her lap, her body already excited and aroused.

"Thanks for letting me out, it would have been a long night."

"You're welcome," she replied, her wine glass still pressed to her lips.

"But I should warn you that I plan to break the conditions of my parole."

Belinda's eyes widened and she leaned even further forward. James met her halfway and kissed her red lips.

"You look even more beautiful when you're not the other side of a locked jail door, and much easier to kiss."

"Is it frustrating being locked up... all alone?" she purred.

"Locked away from your blue panties? Fuck yeah."

Their lips were still touching and their breath warm on each other's faces.

"Maybe I shouldn't have shown you them?"

"Maybe you should show me again..."

Neither James nor Belinda were feeling particularly hungry and they left the restaurant after only a quick meal.

"Have you ever been at the gaol at night?" James asked.

"No, but we could..."

Belinda took James by the hand and pulled him down the driveway to the old building. Both feeling like teenagers, they ran towards the large wooden front door where Belinda used her key to let them inside into the dark imposing entrance hall. They grabbed some blankets from behind the counter and the cushions from the sofa in the reception area and ran laughing down to the cell block.

Belinda ran into one of the cells and positioned the cushions and blankets on the stone floor.

"Your bed," she giggled.

"Our bed?"

"I have to get back for the babysitter."

"I'm sure have time..."

James pushed her up against the wall, pinned her hands above her head and kissed her. With one hand now securing both of hers, James reached behind and unzipped her dress and watched as it slinked off her body.

"The blue panties... again."

He stepped back, stripped off and then pushed his hard cock back against her body. Belinda had made short work of her underwear which now lay on the cold stone floor and so James gently pushed inside her and was treated to cries and moans that were amplified by the confines of the cell.

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