tagBDSMSeduction at the Old Gaol Ch. 02

Seduction at the Old Gaol Ch. 02


"I'm here for the tour," James said with his dangerously addictive smile.

Belinda looked up from the reception desk of the old gaol. He was wearing a different suit, this one wasn't covered in dust, but otherwise he looked just as good. The punishment she'd inflicted on him on his last visit didn't seem to have affected his confidence as he sat on her desk and continued to flirt. Even the growing queue of people forming behind him didn't stop him from leaning over the desk and kissing her.

"Stop it! I need to serve these people!" she whispered urgently.

With James still sitting there, Belinda self-consciously served the queue before getting up and walking around the desk to confront her sexy guy. "What you doing!"

"I missed you."

"You want another tour then?" she teased as she playfully slapped his hand that was wondering around the back of her fitted blue jeans.

There was still an hour before the gaol closed, but she'd already planned his punishment and his constant flirting and attempts to kiss gave her a good excused to try this particular idea. She started to lead James towards a part of the cell block that was closed to visitors, when halfway there he reached around her waist and kissed her lips.

Belinda instinctively cried out in pleasure before looking around nervously to check that no one had heard. "I'm working!" she scolded in her best school teacher voice, but then kissed him back anyway.

This time, she grabbed his wrist and quickly pulled him to the area that was out of bounds to regular guests and where she had hidden some of the exhibits from the gaol's museum.

"Your kisses are too much of a distraction," Belinda announced excitedly, "so Ta-Da!"

"What is it?"

"A scold's bridle. A medieval device used to stop women gossiping."

"I'm not a woman."

"... also used to stop men kissing," she smiled.

The device was a metal frame that fitted snugly around the head like a mask. The wearer could still see and hear, but the steel that covered the lower part of the face also had a three inch long metal prone that protruded into the mouth, pinning the tongue in place.

The original purpose had been to stop the wearer from talking, but it was also very effective in prevented the wearer from kissing. It may have been a replica of the real thing but as it was made out of steel and not iron, and locked with a modern high security lock, it was probably more secure than the original.

"You want to stop me kissing?" James checked.

"Only temporarily..."

James's hands had already slipped down from her grey woollen top to her blue jeans and appeared to have no intention of stopping there.

"Can't you close up early?" James asked.

"No... but I can close you up instead..."

"And lose access to these lips?" James replied as he touched his lips against her's.

"They're far too dangerous to be left unrestrained."

Belinda picked up the scold's bridle and focused on positioning the prone into his mouth and closing the device up around his head. It was a tight fit and she could only just close the hasp. James's speech was now completely incoherent, but yet somehow Belinda understood what he'd just said.

"Oh, I think I do need to lock it sweetheart," she replied, patting the back pocket of her jeans to make sure she had the key before locking the padlock shut.

James's lips were now hidden behind a steel cover and in a pointless act of defiance he placed that gently against Belinda's red lips. In return, Belinda simply opened her mouth a little and ran her tongue around her lips.

"Perfect, your tongue will stay locked away until I let it out."

James soon realised how cruel Belinda had been in her choice of toy. The scold's bridle was an amazingly intimidating device; he couldn't talk, couldn't eat and couldn't go anywhere where he might be seen by others. He couldn't squeeze out of its steel bars and his attempt to retrieve the padlock key from Belinda's pocket only ended up with a slap on the hand.

"Let's hope no one sees you like that," Belinda teased.

James made a strange noise that meant nothing to anyone, followed by a look of frustration in his big brown eyes that showed between the steel bars. He was frustrated he couldn't speak, but mainly frustrated that he couldn't kiss or make love to his crazy brunette.

"Would you like to wait for me in a cosy and private cell?"

James grabbed her butt again, now very horny and desperate to make out.

"Do I need to shackle you as well?"

He let go immediately. If this sexy brunette was going to lock him in a cell for the next hour, he might need to touch himself to stay sane, it might be the only way he'd survive. He let Belinda lead him to the nearest cell, but just as she was closing the door she noticed his erection through his suit trousers.

"I hope you're going to wait for me..."

James nodded, but Belinda wasn't convinced and left the cell to collect another toy. He watched her cute butt walk away, leaving the cell unlocked. He thought about escaping and hiding, that would be fun, but no sooner had he thought it than she returned.

"Irish 8s, the perfect tool for preventing masturbation."

Fuck, this woman was always two steps ahead of him. He placed his hands together halfway up his back and listened for the inevitable single 'click' as the tight rigid cuffs closed. The click was as good as a chastity belt, completely removing all chance of masturbation. Belinda spun him around and touched his cock through the expensive black suit material.

She kissed him on the lips, "Think of your cock as my property."


His face was consumed with frustrated lust.

"Would you like me to put these keys in my panties," she panted, now using her hips to pin his body up against the cell wall, feeling his cock despite the fact that they were both fully dressed, "One hour and I'll release you."

Her hips released him from the wall, turned, swayed and walked away, locking the cell door as they left. James wriggled and fought with the cuffs, but he had no way to reach his cock. He leaned against the wall and looked out through the small barred window. He rubbed himself from side to side and pushed, but had no way to stimulate himself enough. He continued to pace back and forth in the tiny locked cell, until he slumped to the floor and waited for her to return.


At five minutes past five, with all the guests gone and the front door of the gaol safely locked, Belinda unlocked James's cell and walked inside, her black leather boots echoing on the stone floor.

"I daren't unlock you from the bridle or you'll tell me what a bitch I've been."

"Aaaaaaa," James dribbled.

He was breathing deeply, so ready to make love that he was almost in a trance. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her lips all over his chest and then unbuttoned and removed his trousers.

"I'm sorry if this seems cruel, but I've had almost a week to plan what do to you when you returned. I would say that you are free to leave, but you're not."

She was slowly popping the buttons on her jeans and easing them down to reveal her blue underwear which she rubbed erotically against her hand.

"You slept with these panties against your face and now they're back against my pussy."

They both looked as though they had just run a race, yet they'd barely started. James could do little but look at her through damp eyes. His hands were still cuffed behind his back and his mouth was still locked in the bridle. Belinda's underwear was not very damp and James's excitement was starting to seep through.

"Let's not rush things today," she purred, popping open the Irish 8 handcuffs.

James pointed at the steel bridle still locked around his head and inside his mouth. Belinda smiled teasingly as she slowly re-buttoned her jeans tightly around her waist.

"That key stays with me... for now."

James cried out some unintelligible sound and held out his hand which Belinda playfully slapped away. He then reached for the bridle and tried to shake it off.

They looked into each other's eyes, well aware of James's predicament. The scold's bridle would keep its wearer mute until the key was returned. James took hold of her denim covered butt and pulled her towards him.

"Do you want the key?" she moaned.

James nodded, loosened her belt and slowly popped open the top button of her jeans, followed by another. Now he could slide his hand tenderly inside the front of her underwear and across her clit.

"Oh fuck!"

James's hand continued down pass her vagina and on towards her crotch where the key to the bridle was hiding. He massaged her with the slightest of touches as he reached the warm key and pulled it out.

"Is that all I get?" she said.

James was already trying to fit the key into the padlock that secured the bridle around his head, but struggled as he couldn't see the hole. After a few failed attempts, he gave the key to Belinda who immediately slipped it back inside the front of her panties.


Belinda freed her long dark hair from its hair elastic and shook it free around her cute face, "You'll have to get it again," she giggled.

James reached back inside her damp underwear and once more stroked her clit. Belinda's eyes were dilated and she was breathing faster and faster. Only once she had climaxed did James remove the key for a second time and again handed it to Belinda who immediately dropped it back inside her panties.


"Okay!" she laughed, "I'll unlock you."

She retrieved the key, unlocked the scold's bridle and kissed James on the lips. Still fizzing, she led him out of the cell and into the museum.


"Look at this macabre thing," Belinda grinned, "it's called the brazen bull and it's for cooking people alive! Wanna try?"

"You really should have gone into sales!"

Belinda climbed on to the life sized steel bull and was sitting on it like a horse, her jeans and cute ankle boots giving her a cowgirl look. She was now leaning forward and hugging the bull around the neck.

"Just under me is the way in," she continued as she slid backward to reveal a hinged door on the top of the steel bull, "The victim goes inside here, this hatch is closed and locked and then a fire is lit underneath."

This woman was a bad influence on him. Thanks to her, he was now finding this brutal torture device erotic. The opening was positioned and shaped like a saddle on the bull and James had to contort so that he could just fit inside the body of the steel animal. Almost a perfect fit with almost zero room to move.

"And now what are you going to do," Belinda breathed as she closed the steel doorway and slid forward so that her jeans were again sitting on the hatch, her thighs hugging either side of the bull's shiny steel body.

"Are you sitting on the hatch?"

Belinda pushed her hips back and forth pretending to ride the bull, squeezing her knees tightly against his steel coffin, "Shall I light the fire?"

"You might get a burnt butt."

"Don't you like it down there?"

James's cock was throbbing as Belinda continued to thrust her hips forward, pushing herself against the seam of her jeans. That wasn't enough, so she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her jeans and pushed her hand inside. Living out a long held cowgirl fantasy, she pushed forward against her hand, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"Think you can get out of there," she cried.

James was evidently trying to move in the confined space beneath her as his body clanged against the inside of the steel box sending vibrations up through Belinda's body.

Belinda relaxed back into the saddle and buttoned up her jeans. She pulled her long hair back behind over her shoulders and straightened her woven top. She sat on the hatch feeling a little self conscious.

"I'm sorry, but that was so much fun."

"I enjoyed listening," James replied, his voice echoing loudly inside the steel bull.

"Good... if I let you out you won't be cross?"

"Go again if you want."

Belinda slid to the back of the bull and opened the hatch. James lifted up his head and looked out from between her knees. This brunette was bringing out his submissive side and he was really falling under her spell.

"You may have some twisted fantasies, but fuck you're a sexy woman.

"Oh don't encourage me, or I'll do it again."

"Same sexy high pitched cries?" he asked with a teasing smile.

Belinda blushed and put her hand to her mouth. She needn't worry, this guy was as twisted as she was and while she wasn't quite ready to go again she did like the idea of putting him back inside.

"Down you go," she cried, lowering the curved steel hatch down on top of his head.

James's head was now holding the lid open by a couple of inches.

"Your head against my butt, are you sure you wanna do that?" she asked.

Belinda only waited a couple of seconds before gently lowering her jeans on to the lid and as expected, there was little resistance as the lid pushed closed, once again becoming flush with the rest of the shiny animal. In celebration, Belinda stood up, as if on the stirrups and then dropped down on to the hatch, sitting up straight with her back arched.


Belinda climbed off the brazen bull and helped James ease out from its interior. It was now six o'clock and they had two hours before the restaurant booking. Again Belinda had to pick up her daughter, cook her dinner and wait until the babysitter arrived. Again James could wait for her at the hotel, or play some more of her games.

"What do you want to do?" Belinda asked, squeezing his butt and kissing him.

James thought back to the week before. Sitting across a candle lit table from a beautiful woman who had kept him locked in a prison cell had been a thrill, knowing that her playful flirting eyes could have just as easily chosen to keep him helplessly incarcerated. Judging from the look in Belinda's eyes, she shared the thrill.

"More of the tour, please," he smiled.

Belinda led him back to the cell block and unlocked the tiny punishment cell. Laid out on the floor were cushions and the hand and foot shackles that she'd used on him the week before.

"I like a girl who's prepared," James teased condescendingly.

"Mmm, do you know that the lock to this cell has eight levers? It's more like a vault."

"I'd better sneak in a hair clip."

"And there's no keyhole on the inside..."


This conversation continued while Belinda locked the cuffs around James's hands and feet, leaving him standing in manacles in the middle of the tiny cell.

"Maybe you'd like to sit down," Belinda mused as she critiqued her chosen restraints.

"Not sure I'll be able to get up again."

"No you won't..."she replied as she used a padlock to shorten the chain between his handcuffs and his foot cuffs from three feet to three inches, so that his four limbs were effectively now one.

James explored what little movement he had left following Belinda's many locks, "Your panties will certainly be jingling!"

"My pocket will be fine," she replied a little embarrassed as she crouched down and hugged him into her body. "I promise tonight will be so much fun!"

She left the cell and locked the heavy door which now looked ominous with its empty keyhole. The race was now on to pick up her daughter, make herself look fantastic and get back to release her lover.


Belinda was hugging her daughter and waiting for the thermometer to give its reading. It was probably nothing, but she didn't want to leave her with the babysitter until she was sure.

All of her keys were in one pocket of her jeans and her phone was in another. She knew she had to stay with her daughter, unfortunately James would have to wait. She started to text.

'Hi James, you okay?'

'Good. U ready?'

She flicked back her hair, bit her lips and started to type an update.

'Stay there. I can sleep here' he replied.

"Can't leave you like that all night!"

'I'll be fine, loving being under your L & K!'

Belinda smiled. 'U sure u don't need anything?'



'Tips on escaping?'

'Get the keys!'


It was just after midnight when Belinda crept silently out of her house and locked the door behind her. Her daughter's temperature was gone and she was fast asleep. Still dressed in jeans and jumper, she slid into her small sedan and wriggled nervously in her seat as its engine roared loudly into life. Minutes later, Belinda's boots clipped noisily down the concrete cell block floor and the key clattered as she turned it and pulled open the punishment cell.

"I'm so sorry, I've ruined this evening!" she cried as she kissed him in a desperate attempt to make up. She couldn't believe how much she'd missed his touch.

"It's okay, I'm still here."

"Well I know that!"

Belinda pulled out a cardboard container of noodles and two small candles from her bag and arranged them around the punishment cell's concrete floor. James was now sitting on the cushions, leaning against the concrete walls of the small cell. His feet were together and his hands were in his lap because the chain that connected them to the foot cuffs wouldn't let him raise them any higher.

She pulled the heavy door closed behind her. Although the main lock could only be operated from the keyhole on the outside of the door, there was a hasp that allowed the heavy steel door to be locked from the inside. Belinda pushed a large padlock through the hasp, locking them both inside.

"These are the only keys that can get us out of this cell," she breathed deeply, turned on like mad at the thought of being incarcerated with James. She pushed them into the back pocket of her jeans and tapped her butt, bouncing it up and down, to check where the keys had come to rest.

"Do I get to touch your butt too?"

Belinda smiled, "Let's pretend that that we don't have these keys and that we are both prisoners."

"Easy for me, as I don't have any of the keys."

James rattled the heavy manacles that she had locked around his wrists and ankles and which now shimmered in the candle light.

"It's very private," Belinda said, now trembling with excitement as she sat astride his waist, pinning his hands beneath her.

She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He smelt and tasted so nice, he always did, and she unbuttoned his blue shirt and started to play with his chest.

"I guess I get to make love in shackles?"

Belinda nodded, "You're my dangerous prisoner... I don't want you going anywhere."

"No chance of that, I can't even get out from under your body."


Belinda's reply tailed off as she kissed him, unzipped his suit trousers and reached inside and took hold of his cock.

"Mmm, I'm impressed."

She stood up and stripped off her jeans and panties and dropped them to the floor. "Now I don't have the key on me... we really are prisoners now."

James undressed more slowly, struggling to pull his trousers down while locked in the shackles. With his trousers now down by his knees, Belinda squatted down over his lap and gently eased him inside her. The feeling was fantastic and she unconsciously crushed her thighs around his waist as he slid deeper inside of her. Her full weight was now back on his lap and his manacles hands were squirming around beneath her, massaging her bottom as best they could.

"I've missed this," she purred.

James tried to reply, but her lips were pushed too hard against his.

Their cries echoed loudly around the cell as they came again and again. James was now lying on his back in the centre of the small cell with Belinda's totally naked body lying on top.

"Just a minute," James panted after the third time, his cock still inside her.

"Prisoners do what I say."

Belinda sat up and slid across his strong body until she was sitting astride his neck, her curves moulding intimately around his shoulders and neck. He had no chance of getting up with her sitting on top of him and the very thought made her tingle.

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