tagBDSMSeduction at the Old Gaol Ch. 10

Seduction at the Old Gaol Ch. 10


The next morning James was woken by the sound of the first visitors to the gaol's museum. He'd slept surprisingly well in the locked box, but the atmosphere inside was now increasingly hot and stuffy. With Belinda closing the four inch square access hole, the only air he had was via a tiny heavy grille at the back of the box; designed to keep the prisoner alive, but nothing more.

The scent from Belinda's used underwear was now all pervading, but then he had held them to his face as he slept. Now he needed air and at the very least he needed someone to open the metal cover that closed off the small access hole. As Belinda had not yet arrived, he would have to ask one of the visitors for help.

Two women had already walked past his box and James had overheard some of their conversation. From the sound of women's shoes on the concrete floor, it sounded as though they had split up and just one pair of female shoes was now approaching.

"Hi! Hello?" he called.

The footsteps stopped.

"I'm in the box."

As the footsteps tentatively approached, he knew he needed a story.

"We have a competition on today," James called out, "Students have to find pretend 'prisoners' in the gaol. Makes learning more fun. Unfortunately I was volunteered to be one of the 'prisoners' for this morning."

"Oh... okay," the woman sounded confused.

"But my friend who locked me in here should have left the access window open, otherwise you bake in here... could you make my morning by opening it for me?"

She was close now, but still hadn't opened the cover.


There was a click and the cover swung open, with James's face already in place to breathe in the cold fresh air.

"Oh my god, what's it like in there?" she woman cried, her blonde hair held back by a pair of sunglasses.

"Fine... all for a good cause."

"I guess."

James looked up only to realise that he was looking right up inside her white cotton shorts and could see a little too much of her underwear.

"I'm sorry," he said, looking away, "Just a little awkward from down here."

"Hey, I should close you back up for that!" the woman joked, making no effort to move.

"No, no, please I'm not looking."

She giggled as she sat down on the lid, crossed her legs and closed the cover. Beneath her was the sound the cramped guy trying to move and some increasingly desperate pleading.

"I'm really sorry!"

She held her hand to her mouth to suppress laughter.

"Please... just for a minute?" he begged.

The woman put on her sunglasses and crouched down by the hole with her legs apart and unclipped the cover. She watched with amusement as James looked out and then quickly looked away when faced with a close up of her crotch.

"You looked again," she laughed, slamming the cover closed again.

James pushed up on the underside of the lid in a pointless bid for freedom as he listened as the girl in the shorts walk off; her cruelty making him feel very claustrophobic. However, less than a minute later the footsteps returned.

"Okay, but you've got to admit that was kinda fun," she laughed out loud as she opened the cover. She then walked away, with frequent looks back to the box and the sexy eyes peering out from its dark confined interior.


'Where's Belinda?' James thought, reaching through the hole and grabbing the padlock for the hundredth time. He yanked the silver lock and then twisted it as hard as he could, but knew he wasn't even close to breaking it.

With no one in the museum, he risked some kicks against the end of the box, but the solid dull thud told him that that was also pointless. He pushed up on the lid in frustration, 'fucking padlocks!' He placed his face back up against the small hole and looked longing at the outside world.

"You sure you're alright?"

Fuck, he hadn't realised the blonde was still in the museum.

"I'm fine... and thanks for opening this hole," he panted back.

The woman was now crouching down by the box, again giving James a close up of her shorts.

"Tell me where the key is and maybe I'll let you out for a bit," the woman offered.

"Oh I think she's taken it with her."

"That's a bit dangerous," she replied disappointedly, "What if you wanted to get out?"

"I guess I don't have that choice."

"Too bad," the blonde replied, as she stood up and walked away.

James finished drinking his water and then carefully pissed into the empty bottle. He lay back down on the soft blankets and closed his eyes. Belinda had found the most physiologically cruel form of imprisonment ever. Where was Belinda? Where were the keys?


It was just after eleven in the morning when Belinda returned.

"I see someone opened your hole," her voice was unmistakable.

There was clattering from inside the box and James's face appeared at the single small opening.

"Am I glad to see you!" he exclaimed.

"Sorry darling, I promised to take my daughter for breakfast," she smiled sweetly.

Wearing a white gym top, gray yoga pants and trainers, Belinda crouched down by the hole, bouncing as if warming up for exercise.

"That's okay," James replied in a voice that portrayed desperation.

"A little frustrated are we?"

James sighed out loud, "This is insanely cruel, I can't believe people had to live like this."

Belinda's big brown eyes were smiling even more than usual as she watched James desperately try to peer out through the tiny opening. She sipped from her water bottle and just kept smiling.

"You have the key?" he asked.

Belinda nodded.

"Great, I've got this place I want to try for lunch," James said, although his words sounded more like a question.

Belinda was still smiling and still sipping water, "Sure, but I'm going to the gym first,"

"A late lunch then?"

"Sure," she replied as she turned to leave.


"Yes?" she answered, her lips pursed, her eyebrows raised.

"These padlocks?" James was reaching through the hole and rattling one of the locks.

"What about them?"

"They're locked," James replied, stating the obvious.

"I know, I locked them."

James reached through and rattled one of the locks again before retrieving his arm and peering hopefully through the tiny hole.

"Just imagine what it will feel like when I finally let you out," she purred, "when you make out with the woman who kept you so cruelly immured."

"Fuck I want you so much!" he cried.

"Keep that thought darling..." she called as she walked away.


Belinda returned just after 1pm. The gaol had just closed to the public and Kate was ushering out the remaining visitors as she arrived. Belinda had endured a spin class and had run back to the gaol and was still perspiring and panting as she walked back into the museum.

Belinda peered in at James's hopeful face, which had the expression of someone who had been in long term imprisonment and was desperate to please his captor in any way he could; desperate to be shown some mercy.

"Belinda, this box is driving me insane, I so want you," James cried, close to both breaking down and orgasm.

"What if I left you in there for another day?" she puffed, stripping off her damp gym top and unclipping her sports bra.

Belinda's glowing breasts had James's full attention.

She kicked off her trainers and slowly peeled her wet yoga pants and thong from her body. She removed her keys from the pocket of her yoga pants and then, completely naked, crouched down and started to feed her perspiration soaked gym outfit through the small opening. With all of her damp clothing now inside the box, she closed the cover to seal in her scent.

Belinda sat on the box, listening carefully to the moans of pleasure beneath her, desperately hoping that this was turning James on as much as it was her.

"I could leave you in there forever," she panted, her legs apart, her fingertips on her thighs, "and just stuff in more and more of my used underwear..."

James banged on the lid, knowing that the beautiful woman was only an inch away, "Oh fuck!" he cried, his head spinning.

"Your life spent inside my box," she breathed.

James moaned, his head inside Belinda's damp yoga pants, "I feel like a bloodhound that's just been shown the scent."

Belinda was trembling with excitement, "Well maybe I should let you off your leash."


She touched herself again, aroused like hell by the banging beneath her.

When she could take no more, she reached down and unlocked the two padlocks, but stayed sitting on the lid as James's strong body fought to escape. Her naked butt was still holding the lid closed with the vibrations only bringing her closer.

Finally, she jumped up and watched the lid flip up and her sexy, naked man clamber out. She shrieked and ran out of the museum and along the cell block. She could hear James giving chase, his footsteps catching her. She cried out in excitement as she stopped and turned and was gathered up in his arms.

They made love quickly, but with intensity that justified over fifteen hours inside the box. James then took Belinda by the hand and led her back to his private cell where they showered and changed. He then took her for lunch and it was after five in the afternoon when they returned to the gaol and to the bed in James's cell.

Belinda was sitting astride James's waist with his cock deep inside her. Neither of them moved as they focused only on the feeling.

"So how did it feel to keep me locked in the box for all that time?" James asked breathlessly.

Belinda looked down at him bashfully, but didn't reply.

"Do you know what it was like for me, looking at your gorgeous body through that tiny window?"

Belinda was now moaning and shaking and pushing against his body. Seconds later they climaxed and Belinda flopped down on to his chest and into his waiting arms.


The time had come for James to meet Belinda's family and Belinda was both nervous and excited. She'd dressed conservatively in a white blouse, black cotton trousers and casual black jacket. Her hair was down and her makeup discrete. Her trousers finished above the ankle and she wore understated gray flats.

She arrived at the gaol and walked quickly to James's cell. She unlocked the first door and walked up to the bars of the second cell door. James looked gorgeous in tan chinos and a black jumper over a white cotton shirt. They kissed through the bars before James turned around ready to be handcuffed.

"Really!" she laughed, "I can't introduce you to my family in handcuffs."

"Okay... you can take them off before we go into the restaurant."

Belinda giggled as she dug through her handbag and pulled out a pair of hinged handcuffs.

"How did I know you had handcuffs in there," James joked as he felt her gentle hands lock and double lock the cuffs behind his back.

"You know we may never make it to the restaurant," she breathed, kissing him again through the bars, "You know I can't resist a man in handcuffs."

Belinda dug through her handbag and eventually retrieved the only key to the barred cell door so she could release her date. With her arm around James's waist, they left the gaol and walked up the long driveway back to the main road. They were now less than two hundred metres from the restaurant and walking towards them was Belinda's mother and Belinda's daughter.

"Oh my god, they're coming!" Belinda exclaimed, as she dug around in her handbag for the key, "... it's too dark, can you shine your phone this way?"

"Belinda, I'm handcuffed!"

"Oh yeah!"

She placed her bag on her knee and rummaged through until she found the single key that would release James's wrists, but her daughter and her mum were now only metres away.

"Hi... I really been looking forward to meeting you," James called in his usual easy way, even though his hands were still chained behind his back.

Belinda furiously unlocked the cuffs just in time for James to greet her family as if nothing had happened.

"Next time keep the key in your pocket," James giggled into Belinda's ear as they walked into the restaurant.

"Or just keep you locked in your cell," she whispered back, smiling as they all sat down.

James and Belinda were sitting on one side of the table with her daughter and her mum on the other side. James's charm was having the same effect on Belinda's family as it had had on Belinda herself and they were both listening intently as he broke the ice.

As they talked, James discretely took the handcuff key and pushed it into the front pocket of Belinda's black cotton trousers. Without breaking eye contact with the others, his fingers moved deeper into her pocket and slid down the inside of Belinda's thigh and then pushed across her clit. He rubbed back and forth and then left the key inside as he pulled out his hand.

A few minutes later James retrieved the key and with the long tablecloth giving the perfect cover, he popped the top button of Belinda's trousers and pushed the key down inside the front of Belinda's underwear. Belinda could only sit transfixed, delighted that her family loved her new guy and aroused as hell by the feel of James's hand inside her panties.


They finished their meal and Belinda and James left the restaurant and ran back to the top of the gaol's driveway, laughing like kids. Once there, and behind the cover of the nearest trees, she forcefully handcuffed his hands behind his back and pushed her tongue inside his mouth.

"That was so bad!" she cried, "and so fucking sexy!"

"I think we should go out with your family more often."

"Well next time I'm going to leave the handcuffs on and tell them you're a real prisoner... what you did in the restaurant was almost enough to get you locked up!"

"Well if the key's fallen out then we may not have much choice."

"It's okay, I can feel it," Belinda giggled as she took his arm and led him away.

They reached the gaol and locked the heavy front door behind them. Belinda flicked her hair back over her shoulders and stood in the middle of the entrance hall with her hands on her hips.

"Well you put the key in there... so you're getting it out,"

James walked up to her and gently kissed her red lips.

"Well that won't get the key out of my panties," she purred.

Next he knelt down on the cold stone floor and ran his lips up the front of Belinda's trousers.

"You're getting warmer, but that won't free the key," she breathed.

"No, but it'll drive you crazy," James looked up at the woman who was now impatient for his touch.

"Now!" she shrieked with laughter.

James's lips negotiated the single button that kept the black cotton material secured around her slim waist and then moved on to the zip. His kisses combined with her jiggling eased the cotton material down over her hips where it pooled by her ankles.

Next his lips kissed and played with her clit through the sheer material of her black silk underwear and then his tongue pushed inside. He kissed and massaged her to orgasm before the key was finally freed and fell to the floor.

With Belinda's eyes now dreamy and barely focusing, she unbuttoned James's trousers and slid him inside her. She was now even dreamier as she picked up the key and led James through the large echoing entrance hall, through the cell block and back to James's cell.

"Now we're official, I'm going to miss locking you up at night in this gaol," Belinda said, as James brushed passed her and into his cell.

James buried his face beneath her long dark hair and was kissing her neck,

"There's no rush to change," he replied, "I still love having you as my jailer."

"Maybe I'll get an immurement box for my bedroom," she daydreamed, "Some nights we sleep together, other nights I lock you in the box.

They kissed again.

"And I decide when you go in and when you come out..." her voice was breathy and aroused as she closed and locked the barred inner door.

"So one night I might go in and never come out?" James panted, leaning against the bars and pushing deep into the cute brunette's mouth.

"Mmm, you can spend your life looking at my butt through a tiny hole, desperately hoping I let you kiss it."

James leaned heavily against the locked barred door, "Fuck Belinda, I want you."

"And I want a heavy cage in the lounge, low down by the sofa, where you will spend your evenings," she purred between kisses, "We can talk, play games, watch movies... and I'll have the only key to let you out."

"So I'll have to seduce my way out," he replied, "Should be easy... a few kisses and a foot massage maybe?"

"Hard to massage my feet when your hands are chained behind your back," she replied.

"I'll kiss your feet then."

"Mmm... you may have many places to kiss..."

Belinda was drifting off into her happy place and knew she had to get back to her daughter before it was too late. She stepped back from the bars and out of James's reach.

James dropped playfully to his knees and looked up, "One more kiss?" he begged.

Belinda slid off a shoe and pushed her bare foot through the bars. 'Very funny' he smiled as he kissed her foot. Belinda stepped back outside the outer door.

"Hey, I'm still in these cuffs," he called.

"You'll be pleased to know that the key's in my pocket darling," she giggled, tapping the front of her trousers, "and I'm sure you can imagine where it'll end up."

Belinda stepped back through the outer door, blew James one final kiss and then slammed it shut and turned the high security key in the lock. She pulled at the handle to experience the beautiful feel of a locked cell door; one where her lover was inside and she had the key. It had been a wonderful evening and she'd even made plans for their future, a future where she would be worshipped like a princess by the man of her dreams.

The sexual energy that Belinda had left inside the cell had made James cum once more and he lay slumped against the bars. He climbed to his feet and collapsed blissfully on to his bed to daydream some more about Belinda.

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