tagGroup SexSeduction by Drugs Ch. 02

Seduction by Drugs Ch. 02


(See - Drugged and Seduced for beginning)


I slowly opened my eyes and look over at Kent. He was still asleep. The bedding was all scattered. I chuckled to myself as I remembered our frantic couplings that occurred most of the night. I stretched and slowly slid from the bed so as not to wake Kent.

My nakedness was witnessed by the huge mirror covered closet door as I passed on the way to the bathroom. I could feel some of Kent's cum stuck to my pelvis and upper thighs. Wow, I thought as I felt it on my shaved mons. I still was somewhat shocked as to how I felt bare after being natural for my 38 years. My lower too held some evidence of what had been pent-up in Kent. Sitting down at the vanity, I searched my face and eyes for some evidence of what we'd been through the past month and a half.

Nothing out of the ordinary showed except for some faint lines emanating from my eyes to my temples. Ummmm, not to bad, I thought as I smoothed the area with my finger tips. The shower was now ready to enter and as I did so, looked back towards the mirror and admired my bottom. It still was firm and tight. After what had been happening to it, and me, I was concerned it might be showing signs of wear and tear. I knew my two lower holes certainly were. That's why I was trying constantly to use the inner muscles Erica had told me about to tighten up inside.

Kent and I had discussed the possible wear and tear we had imagined when people start using their body to extreme. It was surety true that in the previous 45 days, we'd certainly done that. Well, mostly had it done to us.

Following our awaking and viewing of the first tape provided by Kurt and Erica, Kent and I both were frightened that what had happened and was happening to us would tear us apart. We had joined as one and were avowed soul mates and had vowed that we'd always be true to each other. Now we found ourselves loving and being fucked by others. Not entirely true. We now were sharing ourselves freely and with love. Last night was just an affirmation that what we discovered and now coveted, only enhanced our love and commitment for each other. In fact, our love making had taken on a totally new aspect. It was hard to remember that previously we'd pretty much limited our copulation to the missionary position. Now it was just one of many, many others we used and enjoyed. Before, our marriage sex was love making; now it was fucking with love. God, how much I love it now, fucking with love.

I heard and felt Kent enter the shower with me and he nibbled my neck and whispered in my ear, "Good morning my love, thank you for the awesome fuck." I giggled and reached back and grabbed his penis and said, "Sweetie, it was more than a fuck, it was, let me see, I came at least 4 times and I know you did at least twice, maybe 3 fucks. If we keep fucking like that, Kurt and Erica are going to have us demonstrate to the others" "Sounds like a plan", he said, "and I'm sure you'll be the inspiration for all of the others."

"You know", I said pensively, "we never used to use those words, fuck, pussy, cunt, cock, etc., etc.. and now I find them very stimulating. Did you realize that?" "Are you kidding", Kent replied, "when you were being taken by Kurt and Erica and I was able to do no more than moan myself, you're screaming, fuck me, fuck me harder, deeper, kept resounding in my ears and I got harder than I'd ever been. Not in a million years would I have believed I'd be so aroused by those words but especially coming from you darling."

"Remember when we first watched the 2nd DVD and we could hear ourselves being taken forcefully and then gradually accepting and then begging for more? We both went from screaming conservative words of rage and anger to the words we now find exciting and sexually stimulating". I said. "Especially when King and Brutus go involved...oh my God...makes me tingle when I remember. We were so scared, apprehensive and screaming it was depraved, at first."

"Ummmmmmmmm yes, murmured Kent as he was now getting hard in my hand and whispering, "I'm going to fuck you here in the shower with my hard cock and make your cunt run with cum." I lost track of what I was talking about.

Later, after we dressed, we sat down to a leisurely breakfast. "Darling", I said, am I so stretched that it's not that pleasurable to you?"

"No way sweetie", replied Kent, "yes, you aren't as tight as you used to be, but neither am I", he said, blushing. "I mean, after all that's been in us, it's no wonder we're more open than we've ever been. If you recall", I turned beet red as I did, Kent continued, "the size of Kurt's log and Erica's fake cock, not counting the fist she used several times on both of us, it's a wonder we're not as open as the tube of biscuit dough we just baked."

Laughing I replied, "Come on Kent, I've been practicing my inner muscles like Erica said and I think I'm tightening my pussy and ass more every day."

"That you are baby, that you are." Kent said as he leaned over and gave me a tender kiss on the mouth. "And as far as I'm concerned, I'm thankful as there is no way I can compete with Kurt's 12" by 21/2 cock...or Erica's strapon. It's her fist I sorta got concerned about. I can still remember your screaming, maybe not above mine as Kurt put his log in me, but when she pushed her fist in you, I thought you were going to shatter all the porthole glass."

"Ummmmmmmm, I remember", I said, "but I also remember it wasn't more than a couple of times for both of us and those screams turned from horror and pain to desire and ecstasy."

"Come here you", Kent said as he pulled me into his lap and reached inside my dressing gown and fondled my nipples. They grew hard even though we'd fucked almost all night and in the shower. I thought I was satiated, at least for a bit.

"Oh Kent, that feels so good. I love you so much. Nothing or no one will ever come between us."

"Not even Brutus and King?"


"Just kidding sweetie, remember, I was there too and I know how totally depraved and deplorable it seemed when it first happened. I thought our combined screaming would have brought the harbor patrol. I can still see you bent over the adapted sex machine, ass in the air and Kurt and Erica positioning him. I was going nuts trying to get away to help. Then when they approached me next, I'm sure I was close to tearing the machine loose from its floor straps. It must have been the 3rd or 4th time before I realized that both of us we're still screaming but not for them not to do this, but in utter ecstasy, begging for more."

"But being knotted for that long; that was what I first remember as starting the pleasure." I said.

I got up from Kent's lap and went to get the 2nd DVD Kurt and Erica had sent. "Let's watch it again Kent, OK?"

"Yes, it's been a couple of weeks and it is still quite shocking but, well, very stimulating too. I do love you so much Renee and would never have believed watching you being pleasured would be so exciting. I thought I'd be so totally jealous and angry; I'd do everything to punish anyone that did more than give you a friendly hug. Now look at us." He smiled sweetly.

"Me too, watching you enjoying being Karl's slut certainly surprised me, that's for sure but after he used his cock in me too, then I could understand. Wow Kent, that is the biggest prick I've ever seen and nothing is near as large in the rest of the group."

"I know", he said, "and we've sampled everyone so far, at least on a preliminary basis. I hear once we get to Switzerland then the rest of the group will be our love and sex interests almost as Karl and Erica, but I don't know how. I do love both of them so much."

"Me too", I replied. The DVD had started its program and we watched as we saw ourselves being led into the sex room again. The difference this time it appeared that we were not very drugged and it looked like we were initiating the sitting and adjusting ourselves in our fuck machines. We had entered from our room naked and Karl and Erica were sitting on their chairs, also naked. We had run over and hugged and kissed both very deeply. They both caressed our bodies as we were in their embraces. I saw Kent put his tongue in Karl's mouth as I did the same with Erica. It appeared that we had reluctantly gotten up to leave their loving but ran to the machines and arranged ourselves on our stomachs with our asses in the air. It was apparent what we wanted and where.

Again I was brought aware that no straps were being used to hold us down or in and we apparently wanted whatever the two wanted to do to us this day.

Karl's huge cock was at a 45 degree angle. I don't remember it rising above that because it must have weighed several pounds. It was very rigid though, I know as I'd felt it in all my holes numerous times. He approached Kent and was applying a thick layer of KY jelly on it as he got closer. Kent had his eyes closed but I could tell he wasn't denying what was coming. Kent had admitted the same once we'd viewed the DVD a couple of times. He still declares he's straight, as I do, but at this time, with this loving couple, we definitely were sampling the other side.

I could see myself turning to peer at my darling Erica. She had on her strapon harness and had just inserted the 12" dildo into it. I saw the bulb on the opposite end as it stretched her labia and slipped into her cunt through the large mass of hair. She waddled towards me with her huge cock standing up, a good 25 degrees higher than the angle that Karl was able to attain. She too was stroking it like she was jacking off but I could see she was lubing up that huge appendage before entering me. I remember being thankful as I still was not as dilated as I had to be to take all that cock without some discomfort. Yes, some discomfort at first but fantastic, glorious fucking love sex next.

As the DVD ran its course, we watched ourselves being fucked, sucked, and fisted. In addition, we fucked, sucked and screamed for more.

It was the middle of the video program that again made both of us gasp. Karl and Erica, finally satiated, went to the door to Brutus and King's room and brought them in. Kent and I were again in the fucking machines and this time Karl and Erica had initiated the binding straps. It was obvious why.

I reached over and took Kent's hand as we watched the scene play out on the DVD. The scene ran for almost an hour and it took almost another full 20 minutes to disconnect. Even Karl and Erica's huge tools were no match for the knot.

Kent was smiling and when I glanced at the dining room mirror and could see that I was too had a smile all over my face. It had been an awaking that no-one, especially us, could ever even imagine seeing, let alone doing. I could feel myself getting wet again as I recalled the debauchery and the sensations of this most intimate of coupling.

Following scenes were our first meeting of the other 10 couples. It was in the Grand Ball Room. The ambiance was very upscale, subdued lighting, elegant fixtures and original paintings. We, as all the others, were dressed formally. Kent looked scrumptious in his tux and I had on an A-line clinging piece of black silk. It was floor length but had a slit that ran up to my upper thigh and would open to show my black garters and nylon stocking tops if I twirled and when I sat down. I wasn't wearing a bra as my modest chest didn't require one unless my nipples were aroused. Somehow I knew they would be.

Karl and Erica were perfect hosts and it was obvious that all were much more than good friends. Greetings included close hugs and tongue to tongue kisses by both with everyone, man and woman. Their ages appeared to range from early 20's to maybe 70's. Some looked very attractive and some did not. None appeared to be as, what we'd originally thought about Karl and Erica, grotesque and hideous. I guess you could say they were like a typical sampling from some suburban, upscale neighborhood. There were two black couples and an Asian couple.

We were introduced by Karl and Erica to each couple in turn and received the same close, tight hug and a tongue kiss. At first we both were put off as this was the first time we'd ever even seen any of them. Our previous month had been exclusively been with Karl and Erica, exclusive, depraved and very sexual.

The first couple was about our age; they certainly had money and were educated. I got this from their demeanor, bearing and the jewelry both were wearing. I later found out that for the most part, all were well-educated and had more than a little money. Seems that Karl and Erica were select in their picking to ensure that the couples could afford to party and spend at least a month in Switzerland at Karl and Erica's Chateau every year.

Their names were Lawrence and Sara. They were from the mid-west and appeared to be as new to this as we were. We saw them hug and kiss both Karl and Erica as we had, with love feeling and tongues. I knew that those kisses were evidence of previous really intimate contact.

My thoughts went back to that meeting.

Sara had left from kissing Erica and approached me. She held out her hand and said, "Hello, I'm Sara, and you must be Renee." I nodded and took her hand. It felt warm, soft and inviting. "I'm so glad to meet you and as Lawrence and I have won the honors, looking forward to getting to know all of you." Lots of emphasis on ALL I thought.

"Honor? What do you mean, honor", I asked. "Oh, isn't that just like us, we've jumped the gun." She turned towards Karl just as he was tapping a small brass bell for attention.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome again to our ship. It's always most enjoyable to have you all together again. Erica and I will welcome each and every one of you couples alone later. Gerald and Eva are no longer with us as he has succumbed to Cancer and Eva will remain in mourning until she is feels she can rejoin our family. She will always be welcome. This will be something new for the family as we've never had a single individual in our group before.

But now, the explanation for this evening's dinner party is here. Some of you have noticed and some met", he nodded towards Sara and Lawrence now standing by Kent and me, "our newest couple that has, or rather, will be joining our family. They have been screened, "I chuckled to myself remembering what the screening involved, being seduced, sucked, fucked and fisted for a month, "and Erica and I are here to tell you that they are and will be a most delightful addition."

"As you know, when a new couple joins our family, we have a drawing to arrange the order in which you will become friends and lovers. This is always couple to couple and the only limits are those that are all mutually agree upon. If you wish to see what position you have been listed, it is on the adjacent sitting room wall. In the meantime, let me present to you, Renee and Kent Harrison."

All the eyes in the room were now focused on Kent and me. I thought I'd feel somewhat embarrassed but found myself smiling and lifting my head, made eye contact with each and everyone in the room. I could sense that Kent was doing the same thing. The looks I received back were warm, loving and had a tingle of anticipation in them. It must have been the same anticipation I was feeling knowing I'd soon be seeing all of them naked and sucking and fucking each other for as long as the 'honor' belonged to that couple.

My gaze ended on Karl and Erica and I mouthed a, 'I love you' to them as I felt my pussy start to prepare it for what I knew would be hot and exciting sex.

The couples had all greeted us warmly and after reviewing their order on the list, queued in that order and moved toward us. Sara and Lawrence stood by our side as they knew they were first. We saw that the second couple was Asian. They both were at least 8 to 10 inches shorter than Kent and me but both were quite appealing. She had the longest, darkest hair I'd seen in many years. It was so black, the sheen was almost purplish. Her almond eyes had a twinkle in them and I knew we were going to be good lovers. Her husband was very formal. His hair was also very black as were his eyes. His smile was genuine though and as I watched Kent visit with him, wondered what his cock was like; size, shape, length. I lowered my head to tongue kiss her and waited to do the same to him.

The next couple appeared to be in their mid-50's. He looked quite distinguished with dark hair that was graying above the temples. He was nearly the height of Kent and his wife was almost eyeball to eyeball with my 6' 1" in heels. She had long golden blonde hair that was in a chignon that opened her face to enhance her totally fantastic green eyes. My heart skipped a beat even though I am totally straight. Yes, I know, I've done practically everything a Lesbian does and loved it, but in my heart, I'm still straight. Other than Erica, I'd never done more than an air kiss women friends and acquaintances. Now here I was, having sexual thoughts about another woman because of her piercing green eyes. I could tell that she was having the same carnal reaction as me as when she leaned in to kiss me, it was a fleeting touch of our lips, then her tongue and she whispered, "Soon pet, I'll taste all of you."

Next up was one of the black couples. He was taller than Kent by a several inches. I was guessing maybe 6'6" or so. I found out he had been a championship basketball player. His lips were quite big and my mind was pondering how they'd feel when he kissed me on all my lips. I found myself wondering if it was true what I'd heard about black men's cocks, very long. He wasn't attractive but he wasn't unattractive. He was quite slim as he must still do strenuous workouts. His wife looked gorgeous. She was about 5'6" and had an ass that looked like a big bubble on her behind. Her overall figure had maybe an extra 20/25 pounds but it wasn't off putting. Her breasts were enormous, though not as pendulous as Erika's but well over a DDD. I considered touching them but knew I'd have my opportunity in due time. Once I, or rather Kent and I, found out just how long due time and each 'introduction' were, then we'd know what 'due time' was and when I could love those glorious boobs.

Our invitation was worded such that we were to plan for a minimum of 25 days away from our home. We'd made arrangements for our daughters to stay with my sister and had looked forward to the 25 days with anticipation and excitement. If nothing else, knowing and being with Karl and Erica had given us a totally new life. We were collectedly in love with them and with them telling us we'd love the other 10 couples almost as much, left us breathless. It was much, much later that we learned that the drug that Karl and Erica had given us had made us very susceptible to a type of post-hypnosis suggestion. One of the major suggestions was that we'd fall totally in love with, not only Karl and Erica, but also with anyone they arranged for us to meet. To ensure it didn't happen to the world, they had a code word that initiated the sub-conscious acceptance and compliance. They never did tell us what the code word was.

We met all 10 couples and when the last had kissed and tongued us they moved towards the large dinner table, Sara and Lawrence took our hands and led us to the end of the table. Karl and Erica sat at the other end. The couples sat together, five on one side, 4 on the other. There were two empty chairs on one side and it was explained that those had belonged to the couple that was no longer part of the immediate family and they would become Kent's and mine in due time. There was that damn due time again!

Sara sat on my left, Kent next to me and Lawrence on Kent's right. Sara's hand was on my thigh slowly and sensually running her nails up and down from my knee to my upper thigh. Per instructions, neither Kent nor I had on any underwear. I was starting to think I was going to ruin my black silk dress with my wetness starting to make its way between my legs towards my ass. Oh God, I certainly don't want to stain this gorgeous dress! I thought.

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