tagBDSMSeduction By Phone

Seduction By Phone


Her boyfriend had wanted this. They had been trying different kinky things to spice up their sex life and he told her that he'd like to see her get fucked by a black man. She had never thought of fucking anyone except her boyfriend and wasn't sure if she could do it but Frank pushed and pushed and soon they were looking on the internet for potential partners. Most seemed very full of themselves. Some weren't good-looking enough. Some just scared her. Finally they seemed to click with one named Shaun. After many emails and a few phone calls Frank decided he liked Shaun. Jane wasn't so sure. So Frank asked her to just sit and chat one on one with Shaun. Jane reluctantly agreed.

So one night, sitting in her nightie before bed, while Frank watched tv downstairs, she called his number and a deep sexy voice answered the phone. Jane felt a wave of anxiety go through her. She'd never actually heard his voice before. Frank had been captaining this adventure. She had until now just been a passenger waiting to get to whatever destination he decided on. She admitted to herself she was only doing this to get it over with, hoping Frank would get it out of his system. Their sex life sucked but she would never think of cheating on him for her own pleasure. This was an opportunity to have sex with someone else. Yes, it was different and, yes, it was somewhat exciting but did she really want it? No. Could she live happily missing out on it? Yes. And then Shaun said "Hello?" and she felt a thin sheet of perspiration cover her forehead.

"Uh, Hello, Shaun? This is Jane."

"Ah, Jane. I'm so glad I finally get a chance to talk to you." Silky smooth, she thought. He probably works at a phone sex company. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Well, I, er, that is, Frank thought I should talk to you, before we meet. You know. Get to know you better."

"You're pretty nervous. Aren't you, Jane?"

"Well, yes. I-I've never done anything like this."

"And you'd be happy not to do this at all with me?"

"Well, I mean, it's not YOU. It's me. I just-"

"Relax, Jane. Take a breath." There was a slight chuckle and she realized how silly she was sounding. His voice eased her tension. "When was the last time you had an orgasm?" So much for easing her tension!

"I- er- well we did it last week and-"

"That's not what I asked, Jane. When was the last time YOU had an orgasm."

"Two days ago." He voice was soft. She couldn't believe she just told him that.

"A good one?" he asked.

"It was okay."

"And last week when you 'did it', did you cum? Don't worry. If you faked it I won't till Frank." He whispered the last part and giggled. She giggled too.

"Yeah, I faked it."

"You little minx!" he laughed. "Could be part of the problem."

"Huh? What problem?"

"Duh! Your sex life. I have a friend that has never faked an orgasm with anyone, even guys she really, really loved. She says, 'If they're doing something wrong I want them to know it! They'll never learn otherwise.'" And he laughed. She found herself laughing too.

"I guess you're right." She admitted.

"So what is it you really miss? I know you guys have tried role playing, toys, dirty movies, different locations. What do you want?"

"I don't know!" she exclaimed. "I want something. I just don't know what. I don't know what's missing. Frank loves me. I know he does. He shows me all the time."

"Maybe he shouldn't."


"Some women are spurred on by not being loved or wanted. They rise to the challenge and do everything they can to make a guy want her even if otherwise they wouldn't have been interested in the guy."

"No, I don't think that's it. I want to be wanted."


"What do you mean?"

"Has Frank ever come home and just attacked you? Torn off your clothes and fucked you over a table?"

"God no!" she gasped. Shaun picked up on it.

"Has he caught you coming out of the shower, still wet. Put you up on the sink and fuck you there?"

"No, we never-"

"When was the last time he looked into your eyes, deeply while you were fucking, and what you saw there wasn't love but lust, animal savage lust for you?"

"Oh god, I don't know. Since before we were married."


"Yes, Shaun?"

"Are you wet, now?"

A shiver went through her. Her hand was reaching down between her legs but she already knew the answer. "Shaun, I-?"

"Are you? Tell the truth."

Her fingers felt the wetness between her legs. "Yes."

"Are you feeling it now?"


"Play with yourself while we chat."


"Play while I paint a picture."

She hadn't stopped playing since she felt herself.

"You're at a bar with your friends. A man, not Frank, just a man, sees you. You lock eyes for a moment and he smiles. You feel a smile coming to your face and turn away. You dance and drink with your friends and every now and then spot the man by the bar staring at you while he has his beer. He wants you…badly…he makes you feel it from where you are. And you smile back every no and then. You sum him up and decide he's pretty good-looking. If you weren't married he might actually have a chance. But you are married, so he doesn't. Nevertheless you laugh a little more, wiggle you ass a little more and a couple buttons on you blouse open before the night ends. You know who it's for. After the bar closes you say good night to your friends and walk around to your car. It's around back of the bar. You stayed so late you're one of the last ones out. As you walk around the corner to the back of the building you walk right into him. He smiles at you and pushes you up against the wall. His hand covers your mouth so you can't scream. 'You've been teasing me all night.' He whispers. 'Now it's my turn.' His other hand tears open your blouse and pushes your bra out of the way. His mouth envelopes your tit and starts to suck on it. His teeth bite it and you gasp. You try to hit him but he shrugs it off and grabs your hands pinning them above you on the wall. His eyes lock onto your. Desire is there. Pure lust. This man wants you. He picked you out of all the women in the bar. You're the only thing on his mind. His only want."

Jane fingers were working frantically on her clit. She let out a moan as her body shuddered and her first orgasm, a very small one, came out.

Shaun continued, "He starts to kiss you. You feel his tongue enter your mouth. He holds your hands up with one hand and the other disappears. You soon feel it up your skirt, pushing your panties away and entering your pussy. 'I knew it.' He says 'You're soaking.' His fingers play with your pussy and move up to your clit. He kisses your mouth, your neck. At some point you think of kicking him but you legs instead widen to give him better access. Again his hand disappears and this time you feel a small sense of loss. Then you hear his zipper opening. You gasp. You don't want this. But you do. You feel his cock at your opening. You squirm side to side but only seem to be helping him get inside you. Soon he is halfway in. His head pulls away and looks at you and smiles. 'What do you want be to do, lady?' Well, Jane? What do you tell him?"

"Uh-" was all she could get out at first. She was lost in the story and her orgasm was building. She body was shaking and she was sweating lightly. And when there was only silence she knew it wasn't just the story, it was his voice. She couldn't just imagine the next part. She needed to hear him say it.

"Fuck me." she said breathlessly, "Please."

"He shoves his cock deep inside you. His hand lets go of yours now that he knows you want it. You hug him close and push your hips into him. You match his rhythm and feel his cock move in and out. You know you'll cum soon. You want to. He whispers to you how sexy you are, how fucking amazing you feel, how he wanted you from the moment he saw you. And then you feel his cock grow as the cum fills it. He lets out a groan and fills your pussy. He doesn't stop pumping because you haven't cum. He wants you to cum too. Are you cumming Jane? Are you?"

"YES!" she said as it hit her. She bucked and dropped the phone. It was strong and unexpected. She never came this hard playing with herself. She eased herself down and picked up the phone. "Ummmm, I really don't know what to say."

"Say you didn't fake that."

"Oh god, no! That was amazing!"

"Have you and Frank ever role played like that?"

"No. Frank's to, um, timid. We've never had rough sex. In fact he usually suggests that I be the aggressor."

"Ah. The problem is you're both subs."


"Call me tomorrow. Same time." And he hung up. Jane sat holding the phone wondering what the hell just happened. The chair she sat on was soaked.


She called him the next night and the following and the next. Each night a different fantasy. Each night a strong orgasm. Some better than others but all better than she'd had in a long time. Shaun started to test her limits of the fantasy and her submissive nature, telling her she was tied up, spanked, forced to give a blow job. He called her a bitch and a slut, he told her she could only play when he let her and he soon even had her calling him, Sir. Sometimes she hesitated with each new task or element but she eventually went with it. Shaun knew the key was making her feel wanted, desired, a sexual object. One thing was certain. She liked him rough, forceful, commanding. She loved to be taken. He told her how to play, what toy to use, when to switch. To her it was like he was there instructing her. Frank never saw any of this. She was too shy to do anything like that in front of him. She sent him downstairs each night while she played. Afterwards, as Shaun instructed, Frank came in naked and kneeled at the door as she lay on the bed with her eyes closed.

"May I lick you now?" he asked and when she said "yes" he crawled over to her and climbed on the bed. He licked her cum covered fingers and then worked on her pussy and clit while she told him how they had played that night. Listening to her while he licked her gave Frank a raging hard-on. After she came from his tongue she grabbed his cock and wanked him till he came, which didn't take much. This routine went on for a week. They never fucked but both were having more fun than they had in a long time. Soon Jane knew. She HAD to meet him.


They arranged a meeting at a hotel. She was nervous as hell. What if he didn't look like his pics? What if he didn't like her? Could she really go through with this? In front of Frank?! On top of that the day had been hectic. She wanted to shower and change but didn't have time. Shaun said 7pm and she was not going to be a second later.

Shaun was waiting in the room and let them in. She walked in and locked eyes with him and he smiled at her approvingly. It seemed to make her knees go weak. He was slim, yet muscular, shaved head, deep penetrating eyes and a confidence about him. He held out a hand to her and she reached for it intending to shake it. When she grabbed it, however, he pulled her in and the next thing she knew she was kissing him. He was a good kisser and she lost herself in him. It wasn't until she heard Frank saying, "So much for introductions." that she remembered he was even in the room. She managed a muffled "uh huh" but didn't stop kissing the man. He pulled away from her at last. She saw it in his eyes. The desire. It made her feel so sexy.

"I want you, Jane." He said his voice dropping with sensuality. "Do you want me as much?" God those eyes.

"Yes." She whispered. "More."

His hands came up to cups her breasts and squeeze them. She gasped at his touch.

"Let's see your tits." He said.

"She quickly removed her top and bra. He played with her nipples and then began to suck them. She held his head to her and enjoyed his tongue and teeth as they licked and bit and played. A hand slipped under her skirt and rubbed against her clit. She was so wet. Then she remembered how she had been busy all day and hadn't had a chance to freshen up.

"Shaun?" she said. "Do you mind if I use the shower quickly before we get too far?"

He bit her nipple hard. She gasped. Frank started to get up but Shaun gave him a sharp "Sit down!" and he backed off though hesitantly. Not quite sure what to do.

Shaun looked at her, "You come to me and you're not ready for me?"

She was getting nervous. "Well, no. It's just that-"

"Don't let it ever happen again!" He ordered

"Shaun, I just-" He squeezed her breasts tightly.

"Will you ever come to me unprepared again?" he asked.

"N-No." she whispered.

"Good." He said. "On your knees."

The authority in his voice seemed to make her knees obey of their own accord. She was down before him as he undid his pants.

"Make me hard." He ordered and she took his cock in her hands and then wrapped her mouth around it. She sucked him earnestly. And he was soon big and hard in her mouth.

"Now you may shower." He said, but she was enraptured by the black cock in her mouth. She seemed to drawn strength from it. She wanted to taste his cum. She sucked harder and faster and he had to pull her off. She whimpered.

"Do you want my cock, bitch?" he asked

"Yes. Please."

"In your mouth and in your cunt?"

"Oh yes!"

"Yes, sir." He corrected.

"Yes, sir." She repeated.

Then go shower. I won't fuck a dirty bitch."

She was up quickly and pulling off the rest of her clothes. Frank was stunned at the control this man had over her so quickly. Once the water was running and the soap was all over her, it was all she could do not to play with herself. She was so horny and the thought of that cock in her pussy was driving her nuts. The shower door opened and Shaun, naked and hard, entered. He locked lips with her a moment then spun her around and slid his cock in from behind. She came immediately. He began fucking her and she moaned with ecstasy. She couldn't tell if it was his size or shape but something about that cock was just fucking incredible. Then he turned her around while still inside her. She wasn't sure what he was planning until she found herself looking out the, still open, shower door at Frank. Shaun wanted him to see the look on her face. She tried to suppress her feelings so that Frank wouldn't get jealous or upset but it didn't last long. Behind her Shaun whispered, "Ask for it, slut. You know you are a slut. Beg for it."

The words came out in a rush. "Fuck me! Please! Fuck this slut. I want to feel you cum inside me! God! Fuck me! Ram my pussy!"

Frank couldn't believe his ears. He had never heard her like this before. And the sound of her orgasm was louder than the screams. Shaun pulled out and pushed her through the door, taking a brief moment to turn off the shower. She landed in Frank's arms. He looked at her stunned as she breathed heavily and smiled. "That was amazing." She whispered. Shaun walked out of the shower grabbing her by the hair out of Frank's arms and over to the bed. He flung her onto the floor next to the bed. He sat on the edge.

"Kneel." He said and she was quickly before him.

"Suck." He ordered and she did. This time he helped her out, grabbing her by the back of the head, clenching her hair and ramming her onto his cock. Frank was sure she would choke but he she sucked at him like her life depended on it. She even complained when he pulled her off again. He had her sit on him and they began to rock back and forth as she rode his cock. It wasn't long before she was screaming "Fuck me!" again.

Shaun asked her if she loved it, if this was the best cock she ever had, if she would do anything to have it in her always. Her answer was always "YES!" She came twice before he lay back and she rode him full on the bed. Frank was jacking himself off in a frenzy. If was like watching a hard core porn with someone that looked like his girlfriend but had lost all her inhibitions.

After her next orgasm Shaun had her get off and get on her hands and knees. He began to lick her from behind. He licked her pussy and her ass, an area Frank had refused to go near. She loved every second. She came with his tongue up her ass and then he placed his cock at the entrance. Frank expected her to stop him but she just braced herself for what was to come. Slowly he worked his way into her. She was uncomfortable at first but when he started slowly pumping she lost herself to the slut she had become again. Shaun spanked her ass as he fucked her. "Are you my slut? My whore?" he asked as he spanked her now red bottom. "Yes! Yes, Sir!" she replied

"Am I your Master?"

"Yes! Master! Yes!"

"What will you do to have my cock?"

"Anything Master!"

"What are you?"

"Your slut! I am your fucking whore! Please fuck my ass! Fuck me hard, Master!"

She came again and he announced he was going to as well.

"Where do you want my cum, bitch?" he asked.

"In my mouth, Master. I want to taste you."

With that he pulled out and yanked her around. He unloaded into her mouth and she didn't miss a drop. They both collapsed, exhausted. She grinned from ear to ear and purred.

Frank had cum over himself and the carpet. And had almost rubbed himself raw.

"Wow!" he said. "That was amazing! We will have to do this again sometime. Maybe I'll join next time."

Shaun smiled, "Only if you submit to me as well."

"Excuse me?" Frank asked. "Why would I have to submit to you?"

"If you ever want to be able to fuck her again."

Frank was stunned. "She's my girl not yours! I want you to play with her but you don't just get to have her!"

Shaun looked at Jane lying peacefully and said, "Frank's leaving now. Are you going with?"

"No." she said quietly. And snuggled into him. "I am staying with you, Master. I am yours now...always."

"Are you crazy?" he asked. "Tell me you're joking"

She raised her head and looked at him. "I didn't want this, Frank. I was happy with the way we were. But now, I can't go back to that. The way this man makes me feel...god. No. I'm His. I am so His. I have been for a while. I thought things might end up like this before we got here but after what he did this week on the phone I really wanted it. And the real thing is so much better!" She reached down and started stroking Shaun's cock.

"Submit if you want her, Frank." Shaun said. "You can go think about it."


Frank left in a daze. He didn't know how things could have gone that way. And at the time part of him was telling him that he would be calling Shaun soon. His own orgasm had been intense, just watching. What would happen if he WERE to submit.

Back in the room, the new lovers cuddled for a while. She kissed him, saying "Master." each time, enjoying the sound of it. Shaun held her close and then reached over and held up a pair of handcuffs. Her face lit up.


Jane's hands were cuffed to the bed. Her ass was red from spanking and she was at the verge of an orgasm he had been denying her for half an hour. She sucked Shaun's cock with an intense passion, loving it but also hoping a good job would mean she was going to get to cum. How could things get any better? There was a knock at the door and she panicked as Shaun pulled his cock out to answer it. Whoever it was would see her.

"Come on in, Frank." Shaun said. "You're earlier than I'd thought you'd be. Ready to submit?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then let's get started, shall we?"

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