tagGroup SexSeduction Ch. 01

Seduction Ch. 01


Chapter 1
The Bar

I knew when I left work that my intentions that evening were far from angelic. I had been single too long. I was going barhopping, and I intended to get thoroughly fucked before I came home. With that in mind, I took extra care getting dressed. I stepped out of the shower and walked into my closet, looking for just the right look.

My first selection was a black satin thong. I rarely wore thongs, but since my intention was to get laid, I figured what the hell. Next, I chose a black satin, push-up bra that added to my already considerable cleavage. After rolling a pair of black fishnet stockings up my legs, I fastened a red lace garter around my waist. Satisfied that my under clothes were sufficiently sexy, I selected a short, red leather skirt that fit snugly over my hips and ended about six inches above my knees. I topped that with a snug-fitting black vest, unbuttoned enough to enhance my abundant cleavage. To finish my outfit, I slipped on a pair of strappy black heels.

Fully dressed, it was time to do my hair and make-up. Since I was planning for some serious, hot sex, I decided against spending a lot of time straightening my long, curly hair, opting instead for a little mousse and the "tousled" look. I outlined my eyes with kohl and lengthened my lashes with mascara before applying a subtle layer of lipstick. A touch of my favorite perfume in all the appropriate places finished my preparations. I was ready to go.

I chose the bars on my list with equal care, selecting only bars that were attached to the type of hotels that catered to traveling businessmen and women. My goal was a nice hard cock, but failing that, a nice wet pussy would do just as well. In my wildest fantasies, I never imagined that I'd get lucky and find both.

The first two bars were a waste of time. Neither had any patrons that I considered mildly interesting, so I had a drink at each one before moving on to the third bar on my list – the Marriott. The two mixed drinks I'd already drank had given me a nice buzz and had effectively lowered my natural shyness and inhibitions, so when I saw the couple sitting at a table near the bar, I zeroed in. I selected a seat at the bar where I could watch them and ordered a shot of liquid courage.

They were an attractive couple, and obviously very into each other, but I caught each of them looking my way more than once. After a few minutes, I tossed back the shot of whiskey that I'd ordered and got off my stool to approach them.

It was too my advantage that the song the band was playing was a ballad when I asked her to dance. She looked at him as she nodded and offered me her hand. I led her to the dance floor near the table so he could watch, and wrapped my arms around her. I could feel my nipples hardening as I pressed my body to hers and nudged my thigh between her legs. I was rewarded with her thigh between mine. I looked into her eyes as I allowed my hand to move slowly down her back to caress her ass and pull her body closer.

"I'm going to kiss you, now." I whispered as I pressed my crotch against her thigh. She didn't answer, but her lips parted slightly in anticipation. Suddenly shy, I touched my lips gently to hers and dipped the tip of my tongue between her parted lips. She responded with a soft sigh, and opened her mouth to accept my gently searching tongue. I moaned softly into her warm mouth as I felt her hips move slightly, pressing her warm pussy tighter against my thigh.

Before I could press my luck any further, the song was over and I found myself being led back to the table where her date was waiting. They invited me to sit down and we ordered another round while we introduced ourselves. Her face was slightly flushed and her eyes were shining with arousal as he skillfully led the conversation.

They weren't married, but were in town on vacation. They wanted to see how the locals lived, so their agenda was open-ended. They'd been hoping to meet someone local who could show them around. Was I interested?

Before I could answer, the band started playing another ballad. He looked at his Lady with an upraised brow and she gave him a barely perceptible nod.

"My turn. Care to dance?" he said as he stood up and held out his hand.

He didn't say another word as he pulled me into his arms. As we swayed to the music, he nudged my legs apart and planted his thigh firmly between them. As I had with his Lady, he allowed his hand to move down my back to cup my ass and as he leaned down to touch my lips with his, he pulled my ass toward him and ground his thigh into my pussy.

His kiss was definitely not shy or hesitant. He made his intentions perfectly clear as his tongue plundered my mouth, stealing my breath away. He held me closely, my breasts pressed tightly against his chest, his leg firmly between my thighs, crushing my clit between our bodies. I knew he could feel the warmth seeping from my over-heated pussy as surely as I could feel the hardening of the bulge in his jeans, but I was powerless to step away. I was so lost in his kiss that I didn't even hear the song end until he lifted his lips from mine and took half a step back.

He smiled as he took in the state of my arousal. My face was flushed, my chest was heaving as I struggled to calm the pounding of my heart. I followed him to the table on legs that seemed boneless.

She had obviously been watching intently, and had clearly liked what she'd seen. While she wasn't quite as aroused as I was, her desire was clearly evident – her cheeks were flushed, her lips were parted and she was taking long, shuddering breaths. He sat next to her and leaned in close to whisper something in her ear. She looked into his eyes and then turned her gaze to me.

"Maybe we should go somewhere a little more private." She said softly. They stood up and she offered her hand. I took it in mine and allowed them to lead me toward the elevator.

"I'm really a little embarrassed." I stuttered as the elevator door opened. "I'm usually not this... forward. I don't know what's gotten into me."

He chuckled. "Well, I don't know what got into you, but I know I'd like to put into you."

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