tagBDSMSeduction: Curiousity

Seduction: Curiousity


Nick had been relaxing at Anna's all night. She had invited him and a few of her other friends round for a house warming as this was her first house all of her own. It was a little end terrace house that had a large enclosed back garden that would be perfect for sitting out in summer. It had a spare room for when she had friends up visiting and was just a warm comfortable little place that she had already started putting her mark on.

It had been a fun night full of alcohol, snacks and general hilarity with lots of laughing and messing around. However it was now getting to the point where people were making their way out the door and heading home. Nick wasn't quite ready to leave yet as he had been enjoying her company even more than normal tonight and on more than one occasion when she had been next to him she had pressed against him and he was fully aware of how hard he had been twice when she brushed past him.

She had her hair a bright eye catching pink again that was always fun but tonight she had been wearing her black harness dress again that just made him think of rope play. The way the straps criss-crossed over her ample breasts and shoulders just reminded him of tying up some of his past lovers. He knew in the past when they had been drunk she had talked about how she was fascinated by kinky sex and he had let slip that he had been in that way of life for quite a while. They hadn't really had a chance to be alone since then and he had been hoping to get her alone before he went home tonight to ask her if she was serious about being interested.

As the last people left he stood and walked over to her as she walked back into the room (a little bit unsteadily).

"Want a hand clearing up Anna?"

"That would be great Nick - Thank you."

As they cleared bottles and glasses from the room through to the kitchen and the bins they chatted about inane stuff as Nick worked around to asking her about her interest in kink. She was struggling with an armful of bottles and she slipped as Nick reached out and caught her. Tripping them both up, they fell in a tangle of arms and legs on to the kitchen floor with her landing on top of him, her elbow catching him in the stomach and winding him.

"I'm so sorry!" She looked mortified as she half leaned over him.

"It's okay... I just prefer being on top normally..." He grinned at her mischievously.

She bit her lip, "Well... perhaps we ought to swap then as I generally prefer being bottom."

Taking a chance twisted and rolled her over so he was raised over her looking down at her pinned underneath him now.


"Not quite yet..." She said grinning back at him.

Slowly Nick leaned down and kissed her softly. When she didn't scream and try to run away he intensified his kiss. His hips were between her legs as he ground himself against her. She whimpered softly into his mouth as his hands pinned her wrists to the floor and she felt his hardness through his jeans press against her covered pussy. Breaking the kiss Nick slowly traced his lips over her jawline and down to her neck. His teeth grazed her skin gently as he teased and then kissed her soft skin.

She writhed under him trying to get more pressure on her aching self as he teased and tortured her. She looked up at him with those gorgeous changeable eyes and he knew how badly she wanted him. He stood, pulling her to her feet he pushed her onto her back, lifting her onto the kitchen table he flipped her skirt up and slowly drew the black and white lace French panties down her legs before slipping them off. She lay back and he watched as her fingers griped the edge of the table.

"Don't move your hands without my permission." His voice stern.

He slowly began kissing up the inside of her calves, swapping sides to kiss both, reaching her knees and then slowly, teasingly kissing up her thighs. He pushed the dress higher and higher until her gorgeous pussy was exposed to his greedy eyes. Softly placing a kiss on her pussy lips he listened to her breath catch in her throat as he ran his tongue the length of her slit before setting to work. He slipped his tongue between her folds and quickly found her clit - circling it with his tongue. He felt her body tense up as he flicked the tip of his tongue over the head of her button and loved experimenting with the different sounds he could elicit from her with different strokes and movements of his tongue.

He began rhythmically licking her, his movements exciting and arousing her, building her to a climax that would change forever their relationship. His tongue drove her higher and higher until she exploded. As she came her legs snapped shut around him and her fingers grabbed his hair as she cried out her orgasm in her house.

Purposefully he rose from between her legs.

"Did I not give you a clear instruction slut? Your hands were not to move without my permission. Stand up and turn round, face down over the counter. Reach out and press your hands against the wall. Do not move without my express permission or your consequence will be worse.

"Yes Sir." Your eyes are as big as saucers now as I take possession of you.

Raising his hand slowly Nick brought it down crashing against her ass. The sharp crack of his hand against the soft skin of her ass had Nick harder than he had ever been in his life. He heard her breath hiss from between her teeth as the stick took hold. He raised his hand and brought it slamming down against her other cheek and then stepped back to admire his handiwork - the crimson outline of his hand against her pale skin was a work of art. Raising his hand he delivered three more strikes to each cheek. Between each strike he traced the tip of his index finger around the outline of the red marks staining her skin.

As he finished he unzipped his jeans and slowly drew his cock out. At the sound of the zip she turned her head. "I didn't tell you to move..."

"Yes Sir, Sorry Sir..."

He stroked the length of his cock looking at her bent over the counter, obeying his commands. Stepping behind her he pressed the head of his cock between the cheeks of her ass feeling it wedge there and grinding it against her. She moaned and pushed back against him. He was sure he heard her whisper the word please as he rubbed against her. Slipping his belt off he grabbed her arms and dragged them back, twisting them behind her back he bound them together. She was face down on the counter top now, arms helpless and his thick cock ready to fill her.

"Do you want Sir to fuck you Anna?"

"Yes... Please... I need it..."

"Ask properly Anna."

"Please fuck me Sir."

Sliding his cock slightly he rubbed the head against her wet slit and then slowly began to push inside. She was tight and her cunt gripped his cock perfectly as he slowly embedded his full length deep inside her. Finally fully inside her he stayed still - enjoying the slick heat of her pussy wrapped around his shaft. Slowly he began to grind back and forth inside her. Not really pulling out - simply grinding a fraction deeper before relaxing slightly. She seemed to enjoy it as he slowly moved inside her.

The need for his own release was building now and he pulled back to start fucking her now. With every powerful thrust in, her thighs were hammered into the counter's edge - she would have some bruises tomorrow. He fucked her with long deep strokes taking his time and allowing both of their pleasures to build. Her fingers kept opening and closing as he drove himself in and out of her helpless body. It wasn't long before she came for him - letting out a guttural cry as she exploded on his cock again.

Having brought her to two orgasms Nick released the self-imposed chains of control and started hammering into her now. His hard cock slammed in and out of her tight hole, fucking her over and over against the counter as his own orgasm approached. His fingers dug into her hips tightly as he pulled her back towards him with every thrust into her. She was panting now as he rammed his thick cock in and out of her over and over and over until letting out his own cry he buried his full length inside her and exploded.

As his cock throbbed inside her it sent pulse after pulse of his thick cum deep into her pussy. She could feel every throb and pulse of his cock as he filled her full of his seed. He ground his cock deeper; fucking his cum into her cunt, making sure it was totally full before he slid out of her slowly. He pulled her off the counter and she slid to her knees with her legs spread. Taking a handful of her hair he guided her lips to his cock and she proceeded to lick him clean of their combined juices. Her eyes were half dazed with pleasure and lust and as he looked down he could see his cum leaking from her and pooling under her. It had been quite a while since he had cum so there was quite a lot.

As she licked his cock clean he could feel himself already hardening ready for the next stage of the night.

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