tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeduction From The Hellspawn

Seduction From The Hellspawn


"To hell with men anyway, I give up" Legacy Wyndham growled out as she flung herself on her bed. After a long day at the office, where she began as legal consultant for a publishing firm. She angrily dashed a tear from her eyes, as her heard wrenched with the betrayal of the man she had been seeing for the past three months.

The previous Saturday, she had gone out with the girls, to a club, for a bit of dancing and relaxation. Lo and behold, who she spotted as she sat down for a glass of wine....Jackson.....her boyfriend....with a plain faced female who looked more like a tank then a woman. Regardless, her gaze skipped over the woman, to the man her fury was centered upon. The woman probably didn't know he was involved with someone...but Jackson knew, which was worse.

Her eyes turned to a dark hunter green color as she approached Jackson and waited for him to turn around and notice her standing there. Slowly, he turned around and noticed her there, and his eyes widened slightly.

"Well hello there Jackson, out with a friend from work?" Legacy didn't look at the other woman, but waited to hear her reaction.

"Oh hello Legacy, I didn't know you were off of work, please meet my um..fri...."

Before he got to finish, the woman interjected. "Hello I'm Cindy, Jackson's girlfriend" but she began to look confused, as she looked from the vibrant auburn haired young woman, to Jackson.

Raising a delicate brow, Legacy was determined not to cry, instead she lifted her chin slightly in defiance. Taking the woman's hand, she shook it. "Nice to meet you Cindy, I'm Jackson's......ex girlfriend as of tonight" she finished by smiling sweetly.

"Well I must be off now, my friend is waiting for me" But before leaving, Legacy, still smiling sweetly, and her eyes flashing emerald fire, bent low to whisper to Jackson. " You feel these sweetheart?" she took one of his big hands in hers and placed in upon of full breasts and continued " You will never touch these again, nor will you ever taste me ever again, have fun with her" with that, she gripped Jackson's belt and emptied her glass of wine down his pants. Smiling sweetly, she stood proudly at her small 5'1 height, flicked back her hair and walked away. Clenching her teeth in anger and hurt, she closed a small fist over her wine glass, forgetting it was there. Legacy cried out as the shards of glass cut her soft palm, but she didn't care, she continued walking until she was out of the club, her hand covered in blood.

Unbeknownst to her, a dark figure of a man had been watching her as she had confronted her boyfriend. How magnificent this little female was, Hellspawn thought to himself. He watched as her eyes flashed a dark green and her smile was as icy as an Arctic freeze. There she stood in all her glory, dark auburn hair flying wildly down her back, full round breasts heaving slightly with controlled rage......she was all fire and ice....and all woman. The scent of soft exotic perfume trailed in her wake as she walked away. Thinking back through time, Hellspawn remember that scent well when he visited the middle east.....they called that perfume oil Arabian Night. He smiled menacingly, as he foresaw the future for this male called Jackson. He envisioned a lifetime of misery with this Cindy female, as she traps him into marriage with child after child, then killing him in a jealous rage.

Hellspawn dismissed this weak human from his mind, as he walked out of the club after the vibrant young woman. His gaze dropped to the sidewalk, where she passed, noticing a drop of blood that had leaked from her palm. Leaning down slowly, Hellspawn dabbed al ong claw upon the drop, then bringing it to his lips, he closed his onyx black eyes, and tasted the deliciously sweet blood. He became intoxicated by the taste, and knew he had to possess this wild like vixen. Become intangible, his body disappeared from human view, as he trailed behind the young woman he would take tonight...

As Legacy got home, she slammed the heavy oak door behind her, and threw her purse on one of the satin apolstered settee near the wall. Locking the door behind her, she flung off her high heeled shoes, sending them flying, one landing in her cat's water dish, the other flying on the crystal chandelier in her dining room. Not caring for the moment where they land, Legacy walked quietly to her living room to check her messages, when she suddenly hit her toe at the edge of the coffee table, she fell to the floor. Holding her foot, she wondered whether she should laugh or cry at her clumsiness she was cursed with when she's angry. She rolled her eyes at herself as she noticed she split the skin behind her left baby toe, causing it to bleed. Her eyes widened in horror as she noticed the blood on her palm, Had she been so angry, she didn't see she had cut herself at the club? Groaning slightly, Legacy stood up and walked, limping to her bedroom. First thing's first, she needed to call her best friend Johanna on her cell, and tell her what happened and that she's home safe.

Dialing quickly, Legacy waited until her friend picked up.

"Hello?" Johanna's loud voice shouted at the other end.

"Hi Jo it's me Legacy, I just wanted to tell you I"m ok, I came home. I saw Jackson with some twit at the club and I dumped him, so have fun without me ok? Call me tomorrow"

"Oh God, no wonder I couldn't find you, don't do that again please, I was worried. Rest for now and we'll talk in the morning. Love you Cy." "I'm fine, bye hun". Legacy ended the call.

Noticing how tired she was, she put her cell down on the dresser, and flung herself on the bed...

Her thoughts drifting past the night's events, Legacy didn't think of cleaning wounds, and didn't notice the blood on her feet, ankle and the top of her breasts, where her hands had touched, having forgotten she bled. In the morning, she will clean her wounds, but for now, she took the black satin belt from her robe and wrapped it around her hand to staunch the flow of blood. Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep, still laying on her stomach. Her right arm bend under her head to support the weight...her soft lips parted softly in a sigh, as the slumber took her deeper.....

* * *

Hellspawn watched quietly from the shadowed corner of Legacy's room, as the little female finished her call, the flung her self on the bed, on her stomach. Hellspawn's onyx eyes lost their humor as he gazed upon her form, laying prone. She wore a white satin dress, with its off the shoulder style, and long sleeves, ending with white sheer frills. His eyes traveled lower to her arched back and rounded behind. Usually a leg man, preferring women with long legs, this little female was the exception to every rule. Her legs were not very long, befitting a woman of 5'1 but they were toned and silky. The edges of the dress, fell to her knees with the same sheer borders as her sleeves did. Her white lace garter belts held up the translucent silk stockings. His bulge increased as his gazed devoured her feminine charms. He knew that day in age, women were not as feminine as they were before, but this woman had a fiery yet innocent quality about her that totally intoxicated him..as her soft scent did. Shaking his tender thoughts, Hellspawn approached the bed, and towered above her with his massive 6'6 frame. Taking a leather strip from his doublet, Hellapawn, tied back his raven-black wild hair, exposing his square facial structure, that was darkly handsome.

Hellapawn pushed back any hesitation he had for taking this woman for his own. His black eyes lit up with hunger, as he noticed the blood stains on her feet, ankles and wrapped hand. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, Hellspawn ran his hand gently up her leg, in a whispered caress, until he came into contact with her garter belts. With a long claw, her cut the bands, then ran his hands slowly down her shapely legs. One at a time, he removed the delicate stocking, and throwing them beside the bed. The young female moved slightly, but did not wake from her slumber.

Taking one small foot in his massive hand, Hellspawn leaned down to inhale the blood on her ankle and baby toe. Gently he ran his long, fifteen inch forked tongue along her ankle, wrapping around it. He tasted every drop of blood from her ankle, cleaning her. He then brought her injured foot to his mouth, taking the baby toe into his hungry lips, sucking softly upon the little toe. Closing his eyes in pleasure, his tongue curled around her cut toe, and cleansed the wound, s he lapped up her warm blood. He stopped momentarily as Legacy moved in her sleep, moaning. As she did so, her other leg moved higher up to her waist, causing her legs to part. His onyx eyes parted in desire, as he notices her white lace bikini panties she wore under her dress. His massive shaft pulsated as his eyes feasted upon the shape of her petals, her panties being wet, causing the material to cling to her womanhood. Nostrils flarring in male hunger, Hellspawn slowly placed her foot back down as he climbed up bed. Like a ghostly caress, his hands slid up her silky legs, causing her body to squirm in her sleep. Bringing her dress up as his hands slid up, her dress was now bunched at her waist, as her white lace panties were in full view to his hot gaze. Hellspawn growled low in his chest, as his eyes took in how the delicate material hugged her round behind lovingly...caressing it. These types of panties were not commonly worn today, as most women preferred thongs, yet it did nothing for him. It left nothing to the imagination; like a gift at Christmas time, unwrapped and just sitting there under the tree for the taking. It whetted a man's hungry appetite to unwrap a gift, rather then having it so easily taken and viewed right away.

Leaning down suddenly, Hellspawn parted her legs, revealing more of her womanhood from behind. Placing both his massive hands on either cheeks, he spread her gently and ran his tongue from the front of her tiny womanhood to her lower back, missing nothing in between. His long tongue lingering on her forbidden area...so delicate and sweet. Running his large hands up her arched back, Hellspawn marvelled at the silkiness of this little woman's skin. Suddenly, he came into contact with her wild mass of dark auburn hair, that fell to the middle of her back. He leaned up over her, to wrap his hands around the wild mane, and press his handsome face in the fragrant hair. Inhaling deeply, he growled deep in his chest. He was becoming inflamed by this woman.

Legacy's dark hunter green eyes flew open, as she felt the weight on her bed dip. Turning quickly, she opened her mouth to scream, when nothing came out, her body in momentary shock from the fear. Her heard pounded hard in her chest, as her gaze came into contact with a dark handsome male, huge of built. Thinking she was dreaming, she reached out a hand to touch his face, and cried out as her hand came into contact with solid flesh, no ghostly apparition.

"Aye, my beautiful one, I am real" Hellspawn's hand came up quickly to grip her delicate wrist in his massive hand. Without taking his eyes from hers, his long tongue snaked out to lick her fingers. In the next moment, he ripped off her satin bandage, as his gaze fell upon her cut palm. Running his tongue slowly, but firmly along her palm, he lapped at her blood with hunger.

Legacy's lashes lowered to her cheeks, as her breasts rose and fell, as her dress barely contained their fullness. Her soft lips parted in a moan, as she struggled to breathe, to calm herself.

Hellspawn felt her inner struggle for calm, trying to override her fear of him. Lowering his gaze to her breasts, as they rose and fell, his clawed hand reached down and ripped the flimsy material down the front. His eyes darkened with animal lust, as the little female's smal l raspberry colored nipples hardened from the sudden coolness.

Legacy's eyes widened in fear, then in anger, as this huge male ripped her dress, causing her full breasts to spring free of its constraints. Her hunter green eyes flashed in anger, as she brought her hand up to scratch his face, creating a jagged slash upon his face.

Howling with surprised anger, Hellspawn gripped both her wrists above her head so high, it forced her body to arch up. Baring his fangs, he bore down on her, but instead of piercing her skin, his lust took over. Capturing a hard and quivering nipple, Hellspawn suckled hard upon her as his other hand held her captive. Delighting in the taste of her, he took more, capturing the nipple between his sharp teeth, and flicked his forked tongue quickly over the bud.

Moaning uncontrollably, Legacy tried to squirm free, then tried to knee him in the groin. This enraged him further, causing his massive muscular thighs to spread her legs, holding her immobile. Moving from one raspberry nipple to the other, Hellspawn then licked them both, then took as much of her breast he could into his mouth, he suckled her sweet flesh, as her body arched. His nostrils flared as her soft scent came flowing over him, as her body began betraying her, causing sweet nectar to flow between her womanhood and onto her lace panties.

"P...please stop!" Legacy whimpered softly.

" You taste as delicious as you smell, but I am just beginning with you, Legacy" Hellspawn informed her menacingly.

"How did you know my name? And what gives you the damn right to come in here. If I had my dagger, I would run you through, you big Oaf, now get out!!" Legacy lifted her chin slightly in defiance. Reading to strike him again, Legacy tried to free her hand, but he was too strong.

"Mmmmmmmmmm you're a wild little firebrand, and I'm looking forward to taming you". Hellspawn leaned to kiss her lips, forcing her to surrender, but he knew it would not be an easy seduction. Capturing her lips with his, he tasted the wine she had had earlier, but suddenly, she bit his lip, causing him to bleed slightly. Licking his lips, he then traced the contours of her own full lower lip and small upper one.

Moaning softly, Legacy, tried hard to resist his will. The only way she could see herself getting out of this, was pretending to surrender, and that meant letting him kiss her fully, lulling him into relaxing a bit. Parting her lips slightly, Legacy heard him groan as he ravaged her mouth. she gasped as she felt a long tongue enter her mouth slightly, suckling on her tongue. Legacy suddenly felt a fire flame inside her body, as sparks of desire began to form. Squirming slightly, she felt how her wet panties clung to her hot center.

Hell spawn growled in triumph as he felt her surrender her lips to him, but in no way, was he lulled into thinking she had surrendered completely. Desire flared through him as he pressed his weight upon he a bit more, crushing her beautiful round breasts to his hard chest. Growling low in his body, he felt the exquisite softness of her upon his hard body. She was so small compared to him, yet she fit in his arms completely. Detesting the human females that were thin, their hip bones and breast bone poking at his body as he tried to take them, he much preferred medium size human females with softness and firmness in all the right areas. Hell spawn's massive arm wrapped around her little waist, bringing her closer to him, as his hungry mouth once again found the object of his desire...her full round breasts, which he expertly figured were a 38D; fitting superbly in the palm of his massive hand. His long fifteen inch tongue snaked out to curl around a round, pale globe, then suddenly he forced his tongue to split into two parts so that he can curl both ends of his tongue around both cirlces of flesh in front of him, squeezing them together. In one swift movement, his long fangs pierced her skin above her right breast, causing Legacy to cry out. A drop of blood slowly ran down the top of her breast, to spill onto her raspberry nipple, turning it crimson red. Gripping her right breast almost painfully, Hell spawn dipped down to capture the little nipple into his mouth, hungrily suckling the drop of blood off of it.

Feeling dizzy with desire, Legacy fought valiantly to resist this huge male, but was weakening by the moment. Whimpering softly from the bite upon her breast, she thrashed her head side to side, causing her wild mane of auburn hair to fly around her. Suddenly she felt the man's weight shift, and lower down her body. Her eyes widened as she felt his hands grip her waist, holding her in place, at the same time his long tongue tasted her navel and dipped inside.

Hell spawn's massive ten inch shaft lengthened another inch as he licked her silky belly, not believing how exquisitely small yet well endowed this woman was. His hand struck out as the woman in question, sprang from the bed, in one last effort to flee from him. In three quick strides, he was upon her, pinning her against the wall. The little human female was not about to surrender easily, just as he had figured she wouldn't. Her fingernails lashed out at him, even as he towered well over her, but this time he was ready. His hand wrapped around a delicate wrist, capturing her. He spun her around, facing the wall.

"Stop this, you big bastard!!" Legacy growled angrily, her eyes flashing in anger, her body stance read to fight him.

Hell spawn became more aroused, nearly violently so, as her temper lashed out at him. His big hand came down and slapped her hard on her soft behind, causing it to redden instantly.

"Ooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... you big bast..." she began but never finished, as her clothes were suddenly torn from her body. She tried to move her hands, but they were placed above her head, held by an invisible force.

" You try my patience, little vixen. "Hell spawn growled

"Free me and I'll show you just how sorely you'll be tried if I tied your shaft into a pretzel" Legacy shot back at him.

Throwing his great head back in a lusty laugh, his voice boomed out as he regarded this little hellion that dared defy him. "Such brave words little female, yet you are tied to the wall. Let us see if you still protest when I am done with you."

Hearing the dangerous threat in his voice, she began to tremble slightly in fear. Suddenly she felt him behind her, his warm breath tickling her nape. Strong big hands pulled back her head by pulling her hair, exposing her neck. Licking softly at the tender spot where her pulse beat, Hell spawn tasted her flesh, licking up her neck.

Lowering his body slowly, he trailed his tongue down her back, not missing a spot. With clawed fingers, he ripped off her white lace panties in one swoop, causing her round firm behind, to bounce deliciously. Setting aside the ripped fabric, Hell spawn kneeled behind Legacy, as she stood pinned to the wall. With his massive hands, her gently gripped her hips, as his tongue snaked down the center of her behind. Lowering his hands a bit, he gripped both cheeks and dug in with his claws, causing scratches to appear, repaying her for the scratches upon his face, and he knew full well she realized the meaning. Leaning closer, he inhaled her scent, as the tip of his nose pressed against the cleft of her behind. With her behind parted, her forbidden rosebud came into view for his hungry eyes. Slowly, with the tip of his forked tongue, Hell spawn licked smoothly but quickly along her rear puckered entry. Unable to move, he felt Legacy trying to squirm away from his tongue, but the more she fought, the more it excited him. Taking his time, Hell spawn entered her behind with his tongue, slowly impaling her all the way, feeling the extreme tightness, and knowing that he was the first to enter her this way.

Moaning softly, Legacy allowed her head to fall back, her dark auburn hair spilling down her back, as her body began to tremble with newly awakened desire, as the man's long tongue slid inside her behind, as his claws gripped her white behind in each hand. It started slowly at first, then the tongue thrusting, became faster, as he plunged deeper and deeper inside her.

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