tagGroup SexSeduction in an Elevator

Seduction in an Elevator


Jenny and Kim were talking in their cubicles at work one day about what the deal was with the young doorman in their building. Both had flirted and teased and gotten nowhere. And they weren't the type of women who that happened to very often, if ever. Jenny was vivacious and fun, a very pretty brunette who was always up for a good time. Kim could have been the very definition of a blonde bombshell, perfect body and always the prettiest girl in the room. The two had been friends since high school and had mastered the art of teasing guys together over the years.

The girls continued the discussion of Ray, the doorman in question of the high rise in which they worked. Ray was younger than they were; he was probably 21 or 22, whereas Jenny and Kim were nearing 30. Additionally Ray was a quiet, sweet guy from a nearby small town who had moved to Atlanta for, well, honestly they didn't know why he was in Atlanta. They knew that he called them, ma'am, would always rush to open the door for each of them, and was very easy to get embarrassed and turn red in the face.

Neither of them had tried aggressively to seduce Ray, but they had each teased him a bit, and much to their dismay, he had always behaved as a perfect gentleman.

Jenny would come into the building after being out in the rain with a white top on, and Ray would put his jacket around her. Kim would tell him her car wouldn't start and ask for a ride home, and Ray would call a cab rather than drive her home. Both would ask him to join them at a happy hour after work, and Ray would explain that he had to go home to whatever small town he was from to take care of his parents' yard or his grandmother's house to check on her. It became a challenge to seduce him, but nothing worked. Finally, they became frustrated, and Kim had an idea.

"Listen, the slow stuff isn't working, Jenny," she said. "We need to turn it way up."

"What do you mean, Kim? There's a limit to what we can do at work, and he resists meeting us after," Jenny replied.

"The only thing he ever talks about is going to church; I guess we could show up there," Jenny continued. "Is that what you mean?"

"No," Kim laughed, "I wouldn't feel right about that, and besides, we'd have to be even more subtle at church, and he's pretty resistant to that. I'm talking more, shall we say, forceful measures."

"What do you mean, forceful?" Jenny asked.

"We need to, well, restrain him, sort of restrict his movement, and then take him. Biology is on our side; we just need to take control of the situation." Kim tried to explain.

Jenny replied in rapid fashion, "Have you lost your mind, Kim? Restrain him? Control him? And all while we are at work? I'm pretty sure that's illegal, and even if it's not, we could get fired, and I can't get fired; I need this job."

"Settle down, Jen," Kim soothingly replied, "we aren't doing anything stupid. We can be tricky and do this. And he certainly won't ever complain if we do it right."

"I don't know," Jenny started to say.

"C'mon, it'll be fun, and if you feel bad at any point, you can just stop, ok?" Kim told her.

"Fine, tell me what you're thinking." Jenny gave in.

Kim began telling her the plan, "Well, you know April Fools' Day is coming..."

Several days later, Kim arrived at work and entered the lobby. She was in a nice trench coat, nicely fitted and showing her heels and stockings. She carried a bag or two and a serving tray. She set them on Ray's desk while making small talk about the week.

"Do you think you join us today for our company luncheon?" She asked.

"No, ma'am," Ray answered, "I'll be here watching the lobby."

"Oh, that's too bad, Ray," Kim replied as she gave him a mock pout, "We have all kinds of good food being brought in."

"It sounds fun, sorry I'll miss it," Ray continued.

During the conversation, Kim had set the tray down, placed glasses from the bags all over it and began pouring punch into each of the glasses.

"I know, Kim exclaimed, "I'll fix you up a plate and bring it down here."

"That would sure be nice, ma'am, I sure miss do miss real food. Usually I just have time for fast food during the week." Ray told her.

Kim picked up the tray, and she needed both arms due to its size. "I'll just run these drinks up and be right back with your stuff."

Ray nodded, and she began to walk away. After a couple of steps, she paused, turned back and glanced at her bags. "Damn," she said quietly, but loud enough that Ray looked up to see what was going on. "I didn't think this all the way through."

As Ray watched her, she made a show of attempting to bend over and add one of the bags to her load.

"Wait," Ray called over, "don't spill anything; just make a couple of trips."

"No, I've got to get all of it up now; come help me." Kim stated this firmly.

She was much relieved that Ray immediately got up and walked around his desk toward her. He could have denied her request, as he should have stayed at his post. Regardless, he began to lean over to lift the bags.

Kim spoke before he got the bags, "Ray, could you take the tray please? It's a bit heavier than I thought it would be."

Without a thought, Ray took the tray; Kim grabbed the bags, and the two of them headed to the elevator.

"It's not too heavy is it?" she sweetly asked, knowing that even if it was, he'd happily carry it for her.

"Oh, no, ma'am, it's fine, maybe a little hard to balance since the glasses are already filled," he answered.

"I can see that,' she laughed, "I don't know what I was thinking."

As they entered the elevator, she playfully swatted him on his ass and pretended to scold him, 'Ray, we've had this conversation; call me Kim, not ma'am."

She noted two things during the exchange; the first was that Ray remained focused on keeping the tray balanced, and the second was that only a minimal amount of the punch had spilled.

"Sure, Kim, sorry; I forgot.' he replied.

Just before the door to the elevator closed, Jenny hurried into it and smiled at the other two occupants. As the elevator began moving, Kim grabbed a glass off of the tray and began to sip it.

Jenny was greeting Ray as the elevator door closed completely and jolted as it started moving up. With Jenny keeping Ray's attention focused on her while they exchanged hellos, Kim nonchalantly tipped her glass and intentionally spilled some of her drink on the front of Ray's pants, underneath the tray he was carrying.

As he felt it, he turned towards Kim who exclaimed, "Oh, I'm sorry Ray; I guess I wasn't ready for the elevator jolt."

He began to answer, "That's fine, Miss..." but before he could finish, Jenny interrupted.

"I'll get it; you have your hands full."

Before Ray could question that, Jenny took a napkin from the tray and knelt down on the floor. Jenny positioned herself under the tray and out of his sight.

Jenny began dabbing the napkin on his thigh as Kim made small talk, "I'm so sorry, but Jen will get it all cleaned up."

"Oh, don't worry," he replied, "Accidents happen."

Jenny's pats were moving up and she was now stroking his thigh in very close proximity to his personal area.

Meanwhile the elevator door opened and a few people entered. Kim moved in front of Jenny so she wasn't noticed as the others entered and turned facing the door.

Jenny began patting gently on Ray's penis, then started to lightly stroke it.

"Oh," he gasped as he realized what was happening.

He backed up half a step and was now against the wall of the elevator. He was completely trapped, nowhere to go, and he couldn't use his hands or all of the drinks would spill.

Kim motioned him to "Shh" as Jenny noticed that Ray had nowhere to retreat to so her strokes became more firm, and she began to rub directly up and down his shaft.

"Just don't drop the tray, Ray," Kim said. "Jenny will clean up my mess."

"But," he answered, while still holding the tray of beverages.

"But what?" Kim answered.

Ray didn't know what to say. Kim was acting oblivious, and he didn't want to say anything to embarrass Jenny, but he was getting as hard as he had ever been.

Before he could think of anything to say, the elevator door opened and the other riders exited on their floor.

As the door closed again leaving the three of them alone, Kim leaned against Ray and moved her face to his. This allowed her perfume to begin to intoxicate him, as she puckered her lips and gave a quick, but slightly lingering kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks for being such a sweetie, Ray," she whispered, "I'm sorry about the spill."

"It's alright," he instinctively answered.

Kim maintained her close proximity and eye contact while mischievously smiling at him. She began to rub his shoulder nearest her with her hand. "So sweet and so strong," she said.

"Kim, I think your drink went all the way through his pants," Jenny called out.

Ray was lost in the trance that Kim had created and had almost forgotten Jenny's presence. Kim took the couple of steps to the elevator's buttons and pressed "stop" as she said, "Don't worry, Jen, we have time for you to fix it."

Ray didn't think anything of it as Kim asked him if he was still ok holding the tray while Jenny fixed it.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, only thinking of his holding of the tray, not anticipating Jenny's next actions.

Kim returned to him and said, "Ray, we've been through this. You are not to call me ma'am, understand?"

He nodded, and his eyes widened. Kim smiled and knew that he had just realized that Jenny was undoing his belt and unsnapping his pants.

"Jenny!" he exclaimed.

"It's ok, Ray," she nonchalantly replied, "I'll be done in a jiff."

Jenny now unzipped his pants and pulled them down a bit, allowing her to free his now rock hard dick. She quietly licked her palm and fingers and took hold of the rod.

Kim noticed his tensing up and knew where Jenny was in the plan. She pressed her body into his, put one hand on each shoulder and began a light massage with her fingertips.

Meanwhile, Jenny's strokes were maddeningly slow, enough to bring him to the edge but not attain any relief.

"Ray?" Kim whispered.

"Yes," he replied.

"Do you like us?" she asked.

"Of course, Kim" he answered confused somewhat by the question.

"Are you a virgin?" she guessed.

"What? I'm not going to answer that," he replied.

"Yes, you are going to answer," she insisted, taking his face in her hand and turning it to face her. She lightly kissed his lips.

"Yes, I'm a virgin," came the quiet reply after the kiss.

"We want you to come to our apartment tonight." she said.

"Well, I don't know," he answered, followed by a long inhale of his breath caused by Jenny slowly moving her tongue from the base of his balls all the way down his cock.

"Tonight," Kim repeated.

"Uh, ok, sure," he said, now gasping as Jenny took his entire shaft in her mouth.

"Promise?" Kim teased.

"Yes, Yes," he quickly answered, as Jenny's swirling tongue brought him to the edge.

"Ok," Kim nodded and slipped her address into his shirt pocket.

"7:00, don't be late," she whispered into his ear and allowed her tongue to lick and tease him a bit.

She began kissing and licking his neck as Jenny sped up the movement of her mouth over the shaft.

Ray's eyes began to close and the tray began to give way as he finally began spurting, but Kim was in control and reached over to help support the tray.

As he was finishing, she turned the elevator back on and watched as Jenny rebuttoned his pants.

"See you tonight," she said as they arrived at their floor and Jenny and Kim started out of the elevator.

"Yes, but what about these drinks for your luncheon?" he asked.

"Oh, dear, there's no luncheon. April Fools'," she teased as the door closed, leaving him inside the elevator with the tray.

"Well that was pretty easy, I admit," Jenny said as they walked to their cubes, "What do we do tonight when he comes over?"

"Whatever we want," Kim laughed.

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