tagErotic CouplingsSeduction in the Park

Seduction in the Park


I have a thing for the outdoors. I am especially fond of this little woodsy park nearby my home. On this one particular hot and sunny day, a typical day in Florida, I got very, very hot...and I'm not talking temperature wise.

I took a little stroll around the woods admiring the scenery. I walked on the little wooden boardwalk by the water and giggled when I eyed the alligators. They always reminded me of the warning sign at the entrance to the walkway: "DO NOT FEED OR MOLEST THE ALLIGATORS!" I thought to myself naughtily...I should add to that warning, "PLEASE DO MOLEST THIS FRISKY FELINE!".

After walking around a bit, I found a nice semi-private picnic table near the water shaded by some trees, and I climbed up and stretched out on top of it. I was dressed appropriately for my little game of seduction, a short denim skirt and a tight little tank top. My nipples were protruding nicely as I was braless and quite obviously very aroused. "Oops"...I seem to have deliberately forgotten my panties, as I felt the cool breeze blowing on my bare and very damp little pussy. I was feeling very mischievious and naughty today. I sat there waiting patiently for my intended prey to arrive. (My prey being a hunky, tall, dark and handsome young guy who has a thing for Pussy...Cats!) He finally emerged through the trees and walked slowly towards me with a very hungy look on his face as he licked his lips, tantalized me with his tongue, and winked at me. I teasingly spread my legs apart in a very seductive manner to entice him to hurry my way, hoping he brought a good appetite along for the delectable feast I was about to offer him.

I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, my green eyes were inviting you to lunch...me being the main course. As I sat on top of the table, you climbed between my legs and sat on the bench below me, conveniently shielding my bare pussy from passer-bys. We hugged, we touched, we kissed, we tongued, we licked...as we both grew hungrier and hungrier for each other. Your hand slid between my legs and I went positively wild when you thrust your fingers deeply within me. You could feel just how hot and wet and ready I was for you. We were alone for the moment and you bent down and buried your face in my pussy and began feasting away. The cool breeze along with your warm, probing tongue licking me up and down my sensitive clit was driving me mad with desire. My exhibitionistic tendencies were definately showing, but you didn't seem to mind at all. Oh, how I love when you eat me outdoors. As we heard someone approaching we tried to act nonchalant, but we were feeling so very, very naughty and it was difficult to hide our lascivious behavior. Once it was safe, we were at it again. I unzipped your pants and your eager cock popped right out as if it were in search mode. It took no time at all as I wrapped my legs tightly around you, for your cock to zero in on it's intended target. What a perfect fit we were for each other. I slowly moved my hips back and forth as we fucked right there out in public, in the park, at lunchtime, perched on a picnic table. We stared at each other intently, with pure lust and desire in our eyes, enjoying the feelings of pleasure we were giving each other as we moved together in perfect harmony. It was so daring, so dangerous, so risky...and I was so incredibly turned on! We both came quickly just from the intense thrill of it all. We sat there just clinging to one another and laughing at what we had just done. The alligators were eyeing us, boaters were riding by, and occasional walkers passed by. And here we were, two intelligent, grown adults...acting like two very horny teenagers who could not seem to get enough.

We took a walk on the boardwalk, and again that sign made me giggle as I pointed it out to you as I nibbled teasingly on your earlobe and neck. I just couldn't seem to get enough of you and apparantly the feeling was quite mutual as we began "molesting" each other again right in front of the wide-eyed gators. As we kissed and touched each other, your hands were busy groping my ass and I was busy with my hands on your zipper. You seemed to enjoy lifting my skirt up and exposing my naked ass to the workers across the lake. And I, being the free spirit that I am, did absolutely nothing to stop you. As I unzipped your pants and wrapped my mouth around your cock, I enjoyed hearing the sounds of pleasure that came from you as I gently licked and sucked you, hitting that one sensitive spot on you that always gets a very positive reaction. It was getting very, very hot between us, I needed you badly...NOW! There was no denying from the wanton look in my eyes that I wanted and needed you to fuck me hard. We needed to find a little privacy before we got ourselves into trouble, so we started walking back to your truck. On the way we paused several times as I taunted you by Iifting my top and flashing my breasts to you so you would suck my nipples, and finger my hot, wet pussy. By the time we finally made it to your truck, we were all over one another. Me sucking your cock, you fucking me with your hand. I eagerly straddled you in the passenger seat and your cock slid right into me as I let out a little purring noise. We just stared at one another with pure lust in our eyes and fucked like crazy until our hunger was satisfied. At least for the moment...

I just love "lunch" in the park... >^,,^<

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