tagGroup SexSeduction, Inc. Ch. 1

Seduction, Inc. Ch. 1


Seduction, n. Act of seducing,
Seduce, vt. To entice to surrender, to lead astray; to corrupt
Incorporate, vt. To form into one body; to unite; to blend

"I'm not sure," he murmured flirtatiously, his blue eyes sparkling in his tanned face. "Couldn't you try it on for me – just so I can check out the fit?"

She held up the red leather size D corset and started laughing. Glancing down at her body and practically flat chest, she shook her head. "Check out the fit as it falls down my body and onto the floor? You'd hurt yourself laughing. Different outfit style, different size, I take it this is the second woman you're buying a Valentine's gift for?"

"I am in demand." He agreed modestly. "And I wouldn't laugh - I appreciate all shapes and sizes. It's just criminal that you've been hiding that exquisite backside and those beautiful legs all this time. You really look hot today."

"Yeah," she agreed dryly as she started ringing up his purchases "I do look hot today." Hot being the operative word. When the day started at the ungodly hour of 8am, her short wrap red dress had accented the positives of her small 5ft frame. Her tiny breasts had looked larger, her waist smaller, her taut butt bigger, her legs longer – especially in the fishnet stockings and sexy red heels. Her makeup had been perfect, accenting her brown eyes with gold flecks. Her curly red hair had been swept up with just a teasing amount of tendrils allowed to escape. Thirteen hours later - the dress was wrinkled & twisted, her fishnets torn, her makeup melted, mascara smeared and her hair was escaping in masses.

"So Pam," he continued, lounging his taut 6'2 blue jean frame on her counter, "when are you going on a date with me?" He grasped her hand and kissed her palm.

She tried not to laugh. He was such a fun flirt. A woman couldn't ask for a better man to help her feel sexy and build up her ego. Controlling her face, she leaned forward and whispered confidentially. "Problem is I'm especially demanding – you know, 2 or 3 times at least. "

He tossed his blond hair back and flashed a cocky grin. "Just let me know which nights a week you want."

"No – that wouldn't work. I mean 2 or 3 times a night, every night." She managed to get her hand free and the love kit of massage oils from his other hand at the same time.

His eyes widened slightly. He glanced up and down her body considering. "Umm hmm" he agreed slowly. "Well, one of my girlfriends would be happy to help us out."

She shook her head sorrowfully. "Sorry, it's just that other women…well they're not my thing. Besides I wouldn't want to share. You'd have to do all the work alone. That comes to $205.50 with the chocolates and flowers. Will that be cash or charge?" She almost erupted in giggles at the arrested look on his face.

Straightening from the counter he placed his hand over his heart and vowed "I'd sacrifice myself to you and work hard. I'd give up all the others."

With a little more encouragement he'd probably strip naked and throw himself on the floor. Eyeing his hard body she sighed regretfully – too bad he insisted on calling her Pam.

"Right," a dry male voice agreed. A warm arm draped about her shoulders and squeezed her briefly against a hard muscled chest. "Trying to steal my manager? Besides what would all the women in the area do if you were off the market? You'd be the cause of wide spread depression."

Mitchell stepped sideways and grabbed the heart covered wrapping paper. In seconds the chocolates, love kit and boxed lingerie were covered.

Mike pulled out his cash "Too true. Besides I wouldn't dream of trying to steal her away from you – where would I shop then? But if you ever want to let her go..."

Mitchell cocked an eyebrow and started around the counter. Pamela watched as he escorted a laughing Mike to the door. Damn that man looked good in a tux …and the way he moved! Shaking her head in regret; Pamela quickly totaled the cash register, stuffed the cash in an empty bank deposit bag and wobbled as fast as her aching feet would let her into the back room.

She tossed the bank bag onto the 5foot table and let out a groan as she lowered herself into a chair. If she took her shoes off to rub her aching feet – she'd never get them back on. Large warm hands descended on her shoulders and started rubbing the kinks out of her neck and back. His warmth infused her body.

"God," she moaned. "Why didn't anybody warn me how vicious Valentine's Day would be? I thought Christmas was bad…but this!" Her dazed eyes swept over the mess in the once spacious, orderly back room. The flower refrigerator only contained empty 5 gallon buckets, empty packing and chocolate boxes were stacked everywhere, damaged lingerie was strewn across every surface, chocolate bits and flower cuttings were dropped across the floor, wrapping paper and bows were shoved into every nook and empty movie casings were cascading from the once orderly rack. She groaned again when she remembered the front 2 rooms looked like a twister had touched down – in the middle of all the merchandise displays! "I'm going to need at least four days to recuperate."

"Two," he bargained.

"Oh, come on! The store's closed for a week. The rest of the staff and cleaning crew won't be in for 5. I can't even inventory or restock until the new delivery comes in 3 days!"

"OK," he agreed "Three days it is!"

Her elbow connected with a rock hard stomach.

"Ouch," he laughingly protested, "Isn't there a law against employer abuse?"

"Tell it to the cops-big boy. They'd laugh you out of the station!"

"Not if they knew what your elbow almost hit – the men cops would wince and clap you in handcuffs."

Rolling her eyes, she turned her head and pointed to his belly button. "Right," she agreed "and I hit you just about there? Exaggerating again, are we?"

"Hey, I offered to show you proof before. I just don't want you getting overwhelmed."

"Yeah and Tony's not jealous that you're running around offering to show your wares?!"

"Wares? My God – a customer for over a year and a manager for 6 months and you still say wares? How do you maintain your ladylike image and innocence?" He teased. He crossed his arms and propped himself against a filing cabinet.

"By hardly ever dating and not getting any sex." She grabbed the deposit slip and calculator left on the table from the earlier deposit.

"Oh well - the sacrifices owners have to make in order to keep their best manager happy…if sex is what you require – I'll try to uphold my end but with you demanding sex 2 or 3 times a night, Tony's going to have to do his part too."

"So not only are you willing to put out - but pimping Tony too? You ought to be ashamed! Besides just imagine the look on his face!" Laughing gleefully she quickly totaled the cash and filled out the deposit slip. Stuffing the money and two deposits into the bag, she quickly zippered it closed.

"Just imagine the look on both our faces if you take up with Mike. Or worse – your ex -who's suddenly been calling everyday. Look, we were going to double team you and grill you at dinner, but I can't wait. You know we've both loved you ever since you timidly crept into our store. We're concerned. What's going on hon?"

To love and be loved – a wonderful thing surely. And to find not one, but two men, either of who could be her soul mates – impossible right? But to realize that they were already a part of a couple – with each other – that was her rough luck.

"Get real – Me dating Marauding Mike?!" She gave him a horrified look – surely he must be teasing.

"Pamela – like Tony and I haven't noticed that Mike's been in the store at least twice a week for the last month, hitting on you… If you're not interested, you're little flirting act isn't helping." His voice actually sounded irritated.

"Mike's fun - not serious. And I'd never go back with Frank." She said indignantly and tossed the zippered bag and deposit copy at his stomach. "We actually started living separate lives a long time ago. Besides one of the things his masculinity couldn't handle was that I shopped in this store – just how does he think he can handle me running it?"

Mitchell shook his head sadly. "There's just something wrong with a guy who can't enjoy watching someone masturbate. You'd think he'd be happy to just dive in…"

She felt herself flushing. Did Tony and Mitchell constantly have to tease her about the purchases she'd made at this store over a year ago? She'd been in a depression for over a year and had admitted to a few friends that she and Frank had just drifted apart. How did you go from having sex almost every night of the week to once a month? To hugging and talking in bed to someone sleeping on the couch? They had told her about Seduction, Inc. And just how a few purchases from the upscale adult boutique had helped spice up their own sex lives and re-introduce closeness with their partners. She had imagined a disgusting, dirty gritty little store with live nudie shows and little booths with dried cum shots on the floors and walls – not to mention the leering men who shopped there. She'd adamantly refused until one of her friends had finally dragged her into the shop. It had been three weeks before Valentine's Day exactly one year ago.

The store had been a shock – and she'd loved it at first sight. It had been large, airy and elegant. Everything had been designed with enticement in mind – a feast to attract and ensnare all five senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch – it was funny how often the two intertwined to lure and enchant. In the front room, a decadent gold wrapped chocolate counter, cut and silk flower arrangements, love poems and cards, incense, scented candles, perfumes, colognes, massage oils and romance music were displayed. A small dressing room was tucked discretely next to male and female lingerie in material ranging from shimmering silk to butter soft leather to voluptuous velvet and not so innocent white lace. And you were consequently lured deeper into the art of seduction and the next section of the store – where erotic sculptures and paintings celebrated sexuality and highlighted a more adult display. Lotions and lubes; erotic books and explicit videos; rings for different body parts; penis pumps; dildos and dongs; anal plugs and beads, silk ropes and leather harnesses – somehow, everything still appealed.

The only problem was she'd been too embarrassed to actually buy anything – especially from the gorgeous men at the counter! They were probably two of the major attractions from the mostly female clientele. Both were around 6 feet with hard muscular bodies – one had dirty blond hair with brown eyes and the other had jet-black hair with green eyes. Her friend had brazenly taken a video up to the counter – then spoiled her act of bravery by claiming it was for a bachelorette party they were attending!

She hadn't been able to forget about the shop – it had seemed to haunt and tempt her. A week later she was back. On her second trip she'd actually worked up the nerve to buy chocolates, flowers and music from one of the women clerks. Before Valentines Day she'd made her third trip and managed to purchase some oils, a video and lingerie. One of the gorgeous owners had offered to give his opinion on which piece had had the most sex appeal on her.

Somehow, she'd realized then that the men were partners both inside and outside the store - something that most of the male customers and few of the female ever seemed to realize.

Valentine's Day had been a bust. She had admitted defeat on being able to seduce her husband with their old conventional means. She'd decided to buy some toys as an enhancement to sex – to add mutual stimulation. It had half worked - she'd been stimulated. It was liberating and eye opening to experience her first intense orgasm at the ripe old age of 35. But Frank – Frank had initially been uninterested, then disbelieving and finally threatened. So she'd given up on Frank - and bought more toys. Toys she'd had no idea how to use or what the weird attachments they sometimes came with were for (what were you supposed to do with a metal spike attachment for a dildo?!) but she'd been willing to try (except for the metal spikey thing).

She'd gone a little crazy for a while – especially with Mitchell and Tony egging her on. They both celebrated and embraced sexual desire and love. Each had even offered advice and names for a sex therapist for Frank! Frank had still not been interested and three months after she'd walked into Seduction, Inc – Frank had walked out of her life. It was sad that after 12 years of being together she'd felt nothing but relief. She'd been given an opportunity to start anew – to experience life and it's joys – to hopefully flourish one day with a new love. She did not want someone who had been bored with her and their life together for the last 5 years.

Mitchell and Tony had thrown a bon voyage party for the moved out Frank. Including presents – Very naughty presents - from the store of course, and were still teasing her. Mitchell waved his hand in front of her face. "Hey, I know you were with Frank a long time and that a lot of divorced couples start seeing each other again – but sweetie, I don't think that's good for you. You're a beautiful, exciting woman with a lot to give – don't shortchange yourself."

"Mitchell – you are a love. I am not and nor will I- go back with Frank. And thanks for the pep talk. But I can assure you that an overheated, exhausted, short, flat chested, squire built, old, 36 year old is hardly beautiful and nowhere near exciting."

"With a tigress's eyes, a great ass and drop dead legs - which I noticed you didn't mention – so you must be fishing for compliments." He tapped his finger against her small chin. "If you'll get over your ex you'll see a whole hoard of men just hanging around waiting for you to give them a chance. I think you'd agree with me we've been having a few more male customers lately?"

"And it's Valentine's Day…so your point is?" She inquired sarcastically.

"Mela, Mela" he sighed – shaking his head. "And here Tony and I were scared you'd find yourself swept off your feet and out of our lives."

"Leaving the two of you in the lurch. Working every single moment of the day that you're not at your other jobs, instead of just stopping by occasionally and helping out on holidays. Not to mention doing the bookwork once again, hiring the help, arranging displays, ordering supplies, and stocking the shelves. And where did you get Mela from?"

"Ok – Ok" he laughed waving the copy of the night's deposit slip. "Tony and I both agree you're indispensable. The increase in sales from your savvy advertising and additional stock speak for themselves." He straightened from the file cabinet and held her coat open for her. "You hate Pam – so I've shortened it to Mela – exotic isn't it? Let's go – Tony's probably wondering where we've been."

She slipped her arms into her coat. "Look – about dinner. It is Valentine's Day and I am tired. Why don't I take a rain check and come to dinner tomorrow or the next day?"

He stilled for a second then gently smoothed her coat collar around her neck. "So" he drawled "it is Valentine's Day and you have a date with someone other then marauding Mike or faint-hearted Frank…"

A shocked laugh escaped her. "Faint-hearted?"

He placed a warm hand on the small of her back and steered her towards the exit. He held open the door, punched in the alarm code and locked up then walked her toward their cars. "If the shoe fits…so what's his name, where did you meet, and I am crushed you didn't tell us about him sooner!"

"Mitchell, you are crazy tonight! Who are you talking about? My supposed date? I meant it's Valentine's Day and don't you want a quiet dinner with just you and Tony? I really don't want to be a third wheel."

"Darling, you do realize this is a big anniversary for us? It's been a little over a year since we all meant and fell in love." He declared dramatically – hand over his heart. "Besides Tony wants to have you for dinner." He wriggled his eyebrows at her comically and barely controlled a smirk at her exasperated snort.

"OK." She sighed. Digging her keys out she started unlocking her car door. "Let me run home, jump in the shower and change while you drop the deposit off at the bank. I'll be by in an hour or so."

"No way." He pointed at her across her car roof. "You'll go home, take a shower, crawl into your bed and call us sometime tomorrow. Leaving us both alone on Valentine's Day – a night that should be shared with the ones you love!"

She flushed guiltily. "I'm tired and trying to leave you two together!"

"That's it!" He tapped on her passenger door. "I obviously can't trust you – unlock the door."

Startled she hit the automatic lock. "Now you want to come home with me?" She questioned.

"Oh be still my beating heart, she's asked me to come home with her. Tony would be jealous about that!" Pulling open her back door, he grabbed her gym bag, hit the automatic locks and slammed the passenger door shut. Flashing her a triumphant look, he threw the bag into his own back seat. "They're clean – you haven't been to the gym in over a week – so there's your change. You can try our new shower. Now - your carriage awaits you. So get in!"

"You want me to leave my car here all night? How am I getting home?" She wondered if she ought to offer to drive him – he was acting crazy.

He blew out a breath. "You are determined to spoil things, aren't you? Pamela – Tony and I are not blind. We were just getting by before." He paused and looked at her considering. Then he slowly added, "You've dramatically increased sales in the store and we have a proposition we wanted to talk to you about. Driving and a celebratory cocktail don't mix – so it's better if you leave your car. The guest room's always ready and tomorrow Tony or I can drive you back here." He nodded determinedly towards the passenger door again. "Get in."

She'd felt her eyes widen in surprise. Jumping in his car, she looked at him teasingly. "So what other beans can I get you to spill before we get to the apartment, hmm?"

He growled at her. "Nothing! So you better just sit back and behave yourself."


Tony must have been watching for Mitchell's car, because as soon as Mitchell came to a stop he threw open the door. He had changed from his morning shift at the store from the tux into a form fitting pair of black jeans and a button down black shirt. Damn he was sexy. Wouldn't she feel great in sweats. Oh well – they weren't likely to care.

She noticed Tony looked almost angry as he loomed in the doorway. Damn, there were some definite weird vibes. She wondered if they were in agreement on the proposition. On the way over she had dreamed about what she'd do with a raise or even a percentage of the increase in profits. Oh well - she'd only been there for six months – she hadn't really been expecting an increase for a year.

Mitchell got out and grabbed her gym bag. Slamming the door shut he jerked a thumb at the passenger side. "Pamela is in the passenger seat. I decided she couldn't be trusted to actually show up tonight so I made her leave her car at the store."

Tony suddenly seemed to relax against the doorframe. He lazily crossed his arms and murmured something as Mitchell brushed past him into the apartment.

"Are you emotionally or physically attached to the front seat? Or are you waiting for a stretcher?" Tony teasingly called.

Taking a deep breath, she peeled herself out of the car and staggered on swollen feet up the freezing sidewalk. "My feet throb, its cold and it feels like 24 hours since I last slept."

Tony pulled her against his hard body, enfolding her in his warmth. Brushing a light kiss on her lips he pulled her inside and slammed the door shut on the cold. It took him seconds to peel off her coat and push her towards the huge overstuffed living room sofa. "And yet you still manage that fresh, dewy eyed look." He teased.

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