tagIncest/TabooSeduction of a Big Sister Ch. 02

Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 02


The next morning, I rolled over and saw my nude sister's breasts, white and creamy, her red hair splayed all over the pillow and thought to myself, "I have to have her again, now!" I pulled the covers back slowly, moving them off of her lower body, exposing inch by inch her beautiful skin, her light freckles, the soft curves of her hips, her thighs.

Her pussy was still red from the pounding I had given her just hours ago. I slowly slid down the bed and parted her legs. I lowered my mouth to her and gently licked her pussy lips with my tongue. I then licked the length of her slit, and slowly inserted my tongue. She moved, involuntarily and parted her legs even more. I then began to tongue fuck her, the pussy tangy from my own semen. I felt her hands on my head and knew she was awake, her moaning clearly meant she was awake.

I lifted her legs to get to more of her pussy and pulled her clit between my lips, my tongue dancing across it rapidly, her breathing become harder, faster and her moans louder. I alternated between jabbing my tongue inside her to just brushing the tip against her clit, to full-on sucking of her clit. Her legs clamped down hard against my head and her hands gripped my hair as her body began to shake uncontrollably, as her orgasm washed over her.

"AHHHH! I'm cummmminnnnggg! I'm cummmmmiinnnnngg" she shouted, her body rocking the bed, her hands pushing my face harder into her pelvic bone.

I raised my head after her orgasm subsided, "Good morning beautiful, hope you don't mind my having breakfast without you." I grinned and slid up her body to kiss her.

She grabbed my head and kissed me hard, her tongue eager to clean her own cum from my lips. I let her clean her juices from the my lips and face. My cock was rock hard and was just inches from her slippery, dripping pussy.

"Fuck me, please fuck me!" She asked, kissing me gently.

"On your hands and knees honey," I said, moving off of her.

She smiled and scooted up onto her hands and knees. I then got behind her and began to lick her pussy from behind, my tongue trailing up to her tiny, tight asshole. My tongue found its target and she gasped, and moaned deeply, and said, "NO! I mean in my pussy, I'm not ready for that."

I continued licking from her pussy to her asshole, getting the tiny opening wetter and wetter.

Again, she said, "Please, no, I really don't think I can take a dick in my ass yet, I need to loosen it up first!"

I smiled and replied, "Remember what I said before we drifted off last night, I'm going to fill your ass full of cock and cum, then you can have anything you want...but, first, I'm fucking your tight ass."

I slipped a finger in her, past the first knuckle, past the second. I spit on her tight hole and worked the spit in.

"Oh, that really does feel good, I'm so fucking horny for you!" She groaned.

I now had two fingers inside her, working them both in and out matching her moans as I drove them deeper and deeper, working more of my spit inside her.

I spat on my left hand and slathered up my cock, then slid up closer behind her, still pumping my fingers in and out of her ass. I knew that she was going to feel pain, as my cock is nice sized and I knew that once I was in her, she would want it over and over.

"Amanda, I'm going to fuck your ass now," she moaned in response, I then added, "I'll go slow, but it will hurt a little, just relax and breathe deeply, okay?"

"Oh, yea, okay, please, fuck me, I'm ready," she replied.

I placed the head of my cock even with my fingers, and pulled them out of her, slipping my cock head into their place. She groaned deeply, but only the tip of my head was holding her open. I pushed forward and my cock began to stretch her tiny hole. Her face fell forward into the pillow and I felt her tense up, so I slid my left hand under her and found her pussy, I gently stroked her pussy and clit until I felt her relax.

I then took full advantage of her and jammed my full weight forward, pushing my dick's full length inside her in one quick motion.

"AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! That fucking hurts!!!" she screamed. I kept gently massaging her pussy, my other hand now gently caressing her ass, my balls resting against her butt cheeks.

"Shhhh, relax Amanda, just relax," I said, reassuring her. "The pain will go away in a minute, just relax."

"FUCK! You're too damn big!" she yelled. "It fucking hurts bad!"

I slowly pulled upwards, pulling my cock out only about an inch, then lowering it back inside her. She only moaned, and gripped the pillow case tightly. I kept repeating this very slow, easy fucking of her ass, only an inch at a time at first.

I felt her relax a little and withdrew another inch and slowly repeated my fucking. Soon, she relaxed more and now I was pulling three inches out, slowly and very slowly easing back inside her.

"Oooohhhhh, that's nice," she moaned.

I smiled to myself and said, "Yes, it is, your ass is so tight, I can't believe how good your ass feels."

"MMMMMM, you like fucking my ass?" She asked.

"Oh honey, I love your ass almost as much as I love your pussy, but I'm just stroking your ass right now, I haven't started fucking it yet."

She looked back over her shoulder, smiled and said, "Then fuck my ass, please!"

I smiled back and pulled the entire length of my cock out, only the very tip remained inside her and then I slammed down hard. I really started fucking her ass harder and harder, my balls slamming into her butt cheeks.

"OH!! Oh!!! SHIT!!!" she screamed, "YES!! YES!!! FUCK MY ASS!!! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!!!"

I continued banging her ass harder and harder and soon felt my cum rising. Her asshole was so tight I knew I could only last a few more minutes, so I made the best of them, pounding against her so hard that she was banging her head hard against the headboard of the bed.

"HERE IT COMES! HERE'S MY HOT CUM BABY!" I yelled as my cock erupted inside her tight asshole.

She screamed too and her body went into its orgasm mode, shaking uncontrollably and shuddering against me. I reached under her and a flood of juices was coming from her pussy, she'd had and orgasm without me touching her cunt.

I continued to fuck her ass hard until I began to deflate. I pulled my shriveling cock from her ass and laid down beside her. She pounced on me, kissing and hugging and driving her body against me.

"That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt, my ass is still on fire and I can feel your cum in there!" she said, excitedly.

We kissed and hugged and kissed more. She was lying on top of me and I reached behind her and placed my finger in her ass, it was still open and as I pulled her anus downward, I felt my cum running from her loosened hole and felt it run down between us.

"It's time for a shower, come on sweetheart," I said.

We rolled out of bed, a steady stream of my cum dripping from her wide bottom as we walked to the bathroom. As we showered, I made her stand still as I lathered her with soap and washed every inch of her. When I reached her pussy, I washed her carefully, then inserted three fingers inside her. She gasped and reached for the shower wall behind her. She leaned backwards, spreading her legs a bit and allowing me to insert four fingers into her stretched pussy as I finger fucked her to another gushing orgasm.

I was hard now, and after she recovered from her orgasm, she dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock, swallowing two thirds of my erection in one motion. She gagged slightly, but kept going until she finally swallowed just right and pulled my cock into her throat. I was the one reaching for the shower wall now, as her mouth and throat massaged my cock. She reached one hand up to my nuts and began to steadily, slowly pull and rub my balls, pulling them downwards, almost like a ball stretcher.

As she sucked and swallowed, pulling more of my cock into her throat, she continued to massage my balls. I then felt her other hand between my asscheeks as her index finger worked its way between my cheeks and into my ass. I spread my legs and gave her better access as she worked her finger into my ass. She slowly finger fucked me as she toyed with my balls.

Slowly, she worked a second finger into my ass. I was the one moaning now, "OH! Amanda! Yes, baby that feels so freakin' hot!" I said.

I soon felt my cum boiling and working its way from my tightening balls, up my long shaft and blasting into my sister's hot throat. She gagged at first, but then began swallowing and jamming her fingers harder into my ass.

After four or five long blasts, she pulled her mouth off and held just the tip in her mouth as the final two spurts filled her warm mouth. She slowly pulled her fingers from my ass, stood up and kissed me. We shared the remaining cum between us, the creamy solution sloshing in our joined mouths.

"Wow, Amanda, that was incredible!" I said.

"I was hoping you'd like that, I tried to finger my ex once and he punched me!" she said, a distant look in her eyes.

I kissed her deeply, then said, "You can do anything to me and I'll never hit you."

She smiled brightly and said, "You mentioned something last night about fulfilling any desire I've ever had," I nodded, "Good, because I have a very long list of really, nasty, wild things I've wanted to try since I was old enough to know about sex!" She smiled.

We kissed and got out the shower and took turns drying each other off.

If you enjoyed this chapter, let me know and I'll share some of Amanda's wilder desires.

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