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Seduction of a Virgin


I just finished my junior year of college in a city about three hours from my home. I am a 22 year old girl of a little better than average looks, but no contest winner; pale complexion, 5'6", 130 lbs, 36C-28-36, blonde/blue and good posture is not one of my assets – probably from all the hours of reading in the over-stuffed chair in my room.

I have always been a little introverted; I think because I am not a beauty queen and have never been asked out much. I only lost my virginity a few months ago. I belonged to a study group of four other girls and one guy. The last week of school the other girls decided we should have a "school's out" party and wanted me to be sure to attend. They, of course, would be accompanied by their boyfriends. Roger, the boy of the group did not date, so the girls decided he and I should attend together.

The night of the party was a turning point in my life. Roger was a nice guy, really almost too nice. He was better than average looking and fun to be around. He just didn't date. Somewhere during the course of the party which was at the home of one of the girls, all of the others but Roger and I disappeared. It wasn't hard to figure out where they were or what they were doing from the sounds coming from the other rooms.

Roger and I were both embarrassed, I think individually and for each other. He asked if I wanted to leave and I said it was up to him. It was a nice night out and we decided to take a walk. We stopped in a park and sat down on a bench. All was quiet for a spell and then we both started to talk at the same time.

I ask Roger to go ahead and the following conversation lasted for about an hour. During that time we learned a lot about each other and found we had a lot in common, pretty much matching personalities. At some point he tried to apologize for what had happened with the other couples and then the conversation turned to sex. Actually the conversation became "twenty questions" all about each other's sexual experience, or should I say total lack there of. We were both virgins.

One thing led to another and we decided to play "show me yours, and I'll show you mine". Once that happened we decided to go back to his room and experiment. It was not a pretty picture; two fumbling kids trying to do something they knew nothing about. Once we were naked and in bed we didn't rally know what each of us should do – we hadn't even kissed at that point. We laughed at ourselves and that became an embrace and then a kiss and then everything just seemed to happen the way it should. It was a beautiful experience and one I will certainly never forget.

I left for home the next week and Roger and I are writing; he was a senior so he won't be returning next year and we will probably never see each other again. I will always have him to thank for awakening my sexuality.

When I got back home and started back to work in the supermarket I had worked in for several years I found that a lot of the same old employees were still there but there was some new blood also. One of them a boy who had just graduated high school in another town and moved here with his parents. He was a tall thin very good looking kid and had only been on the job a few days.

I managed to "accidently" be on break at the same time he was and struck up a conversation with him. He has no friends here (meaning no girl friend) and just beginning to meet some of the other employees.

We crossed paths off and on through out the week and when it came to Saturday night we were both part of the closing crew. Prior to closing time my ride canceled on me so I ask Dave if he would mind giving me a ride home since we lived on the same side of town. He seemed to be pleased with the idea which made me start thinking about the possibilities.

We got in the car and I ask him if he had a plans for the night and the answer was no. He was just learning his way around town so I asked if he wanted to go for a drive and see some of the hangout places and activity places in town. We decided that was the order of the night.

Within the first hour of the night I found myself moving closer toward him and finally snuggled up next to him. We stopped to get something to drink (non-alcoholic since he was underage) and when we got back in the car I directed him to our local lovers lane.

I gave him every chance to kiss me but nothing happened. Finally I turned around in the seat so that I was facing him and had him scoot over so we weren't behind the steering wheel. And then I kissed him. I could almost feel his nervousness and see his embarrassment. I almost expected him to ask me why I did such a thing.

All was silent for a short time so I ask him what he thought about what I had done. He said it was nice. That lead into a lengthy conversation like the twenty questions Roger and I had played only two weeks ago. Dave was a virgin. The most he had ever done was kiss. Never touched or saw a girl's "private parts".

I ask him if he liked kissing and he said yes so I planted another one on him. Within a few minutes we were starting to generate some heat and Frenching. At that point I decided I wanted to take his virginity, whether he was ready or not! I am studying to be a teacher so I decided I would be the one to teach Dave about sex.

I told him we should go somewhere a little more private and we left the area. As we rode I was up against him and rubbing his thigh. I had him go to my home. It was late and my parents would be in bed on the second floor and I had a private entrance to my bedroom in the basement so there would be two floors between us.

He was really nervous about going in with me but after a few more kisses he went along without any resistance. My bedroom is really almost a small apartment. I got us both seated on the couch and then moved so I was straddling his legs, facing him and we began kissing. I started caressing him and he started to respond, but not touching anything but my arms and back.

I gave him a few minutes to move on and he didn't so I took his hand and put it on my breast. At least he had enough sense to start massaging it. But still he did nothing more on his part. I asked him if he liked the feel of my breast and he said yes so I asked if he want to feel it without my clothes in the way.

He hesitated a moment and then told me he just didn't know what to do, he was quite embarrassed. I told him not to worry, that I wanted to teach him if he would let me and he liked that idea.

Step by step I guided him both verbally and with my hands on the art of breast play and getting a girls top off or at least open and her bra loose and then how to roll her nipples and lick and kiss them.

About ten minutes later with me still straddling his legs and naked from the waist up I was getting really wet and could feel his hard on pressing me. Time for phase two. I took his hand and placed it under my skirt and against my sopping-wet, panty clad pussy and showed him how to cup my mound and rub it.

Within a few minutes I was ready to cum; I thought about backing off but just couldn't. I went into a ground shaking orgasm that even surprised me. Just think about what he was thinking – I scared him half to death. He was sure he had hurt me. When it was over I just collapsed against him and told him to be still and hold me.

At that point I felt like I needed to explain some more of the facts of life to him. I explained with great care what had happened and he responded by asking if all girls would be that way. It was then that I thought "Oh shit! Now he is going to expect to be able to do this with every girl he dates!"

I decided it was only fair to Dave to explain what was going on tonight. I was teaching him so he would be prepared when the time came with the right girl, not to mention my selfish motives of getting fucked. I wanted him to understand that not every girl was going to welcome his hand on her breast, especially on the first date.

He seemed to understand all of that so we went back to kissing and I started rubbing him through his jeans. He was really hard and it felt like he had nice size cock and I was ready to find out for sure. I stood up and took his hand, pulling him to his feet.

During the course of our fondling I had removed his shirt so I could rub my bare breasts against him. I went to my knees and undid his jeans and pulled them and his shorts down and off with his tennis shoes. I was right! He had at least 7 or 8 inches poking out from his torso.

I stood back up and stepped out of my skirt and panties and lead him to the bed. I had him lay on his back and mounted him and with one thrust I had his cock in me balls deep. It felt great! I just sat there for a few minutes to see what he would do. To his credit he did start playing with my tits again and then he actually started to move underneath me so I lifted my hips a little to give him room to thrust and he did. There was hope for this boy!

I was ready to cum again and soon so told him to just lay still and let me take control. I rode him like a crazed woman. I came and just kept on going until I came again and still he was hard. I stopped for a moment and laid down on him and we kissed some more. I asked him if he had cum and he said "Oh yea! It felt great. Does that mean we are done?"

I had to laugh. I told him as long as he was hard we would just keep on fucking but I wanted him to get on top. I rolled off and had him get between my legs and guided him back into to my hot juicy pussy and told him he could move however he wanted, fast or slow or deep or not; just experiment to see what he liked.

He started out going all the way in and then all the way out which was really getting me going again. Then without warning he put all his weight on me and started humping like a wild dog. When he slowed down I had him sit on his knees and I got on my hands and knees and we went at it doggy style. I didn't take long that way and he was bucking wildly and then I heard an "Oh shit" and knew he would be done soon.

He pulled out and fell down beside me and we kissed some more. I would have loved to keep him there all night but didn't think it wise. I told him we had better call it a night and he said he thought he was pretty much through anyway and we laughed.

As he dressed I encouraged him to keep this as our little secret and he assured me he would.

It was a couple of days before I saw Dave again and had a chance to talk to him. He waited until we got off work that evening and we walked out to our cars to say much to me. It was then that he told me he could hardly walk the next morning he was so sore. We laughed at that and I ask him if that meant he didn't want to do it again. He said "Are you kidding? I'm ready whenever you are." We laughed again and I told him next time I would teach him about oral. He ask what do you mean and when I explainrd about giving him head and him eating my pussy he said "I've heard guys talk about that but do you really do it?" I had to laugh again as I assured him we would be doing exactly that. But that is another story.

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