tagNonHumanSeduction of Patrick

Seduction of Patrick


My name is Jezzabelle, but most people just call me Belle, and I am 453 years old. I am a vampyre, one of the oldest that I know. I am 5'4" with long red hair and bright blue eyes. My breasts are a 34 B and I never have to wear a bra, and I know that helps with the looks that I have.

I was turned when I was only 24, so I retained my youth and beauty and men always seen attracted to me. And yes I use them for sex and for food but that is about it. That is until I met Patrick.

I have never wanted to bestow my gift on any of my lovers, male or female until him. There was just something about him that I wanted. I wanted to control and to dominate. But most of all I wanted to make him my mate for all time.

My maker had once told me that when I found my mate I would feel a very strong pull to him. And I would feel different, and boy did I ever.

So I decided that I would change him, but only after a while and if he agreed. I don't know what would have happened to me if he turned me down. But at that moment I really didn't care.

So one night when he was in the park I decided to approach him and here is how it went.

"Hi, that's such a beautiful animal that you have there." I said as I bent to pet the dog.

"Thank you. Major has been with me a long time. But still very active and loves to romp. I'm Patrick by the way. I've never seen you out here before."

"I am fairly new to the area and don't get out a lot. My name is Jezzabelle, but please call me Belle."

We shook hands and I know that he must have felt something. I know I did and it made me extremely wet and extremely hungry.

We walked along talking about ourselves and what we did.

I found out that he was single, (thank god for that), that his parents were still alive, and that he had two siblings. He is 25, a police officer and Major was his police dog and friend.

Then I told him some about me.

I am 24 years old, (give or take 400 plus years), and that my parents were dead. Also that I have no siblings. I told him that I am a writer and a artist.

Of course I also inherited millions when I was turned and have managed to triple that with wise investments and stocks. But I didn't tell him that, yet.

We just kept talking for hours while we walked.

Before we knew it, it was 4 a.m. and was started to grow light. I had fed before I had approached him but knew that I would need more after talking to the one that I wanted so badly and not taking. Also I would have to go and relive some of the sexual pressure in my loins.

"I feel so bad about keeping you out so late, please forgive me." I said.

"It's not a problem. May I see you tomorrow night?" He asked.

I smiled inside and said, "of course. 7p.m. in the park again?"

He shook his head in ok and we parted ways for the morning.

As he walked away I noticed that he had a massive hard-on and I guessed that he was probably at least 10 inches long and at lease 4 inches around.

I decided to go home with him and dissolved into a mist to where I could follow him and he not know it.

To me being in mist form, I was still solid and could do anything I wanted to do.

When he got to his house, he fed Major, then headed straight for the shower while he stripped along the way.

When he was finished I looked at his cock and I was right about his measurements.

He started the shower, stepped in and started to jack-off, and I had to know what he was thinking, so I slipped into his mind. And what I saw didn't surprise me. He wanted to strip me down, take me to bed and fuck me all night.

I was so giddy and horny watching him jack-off that I had to finger myself as I watched him.

When he finally came, which didn't take long, he screamed in his release and so did I.

I felt the dawn coming, and knew that I had to get home, so I wished myself home.

I "slept" well that day, because I knew that night our relationship had changed.

After that first night, unless he had to work we went out pretty regular. We went to the zoo, museums, movies and where ever else we could find to go.

I know that with a very large monetary donation any place will stay open. So we were able to take our time and enjoy things at night.

Every night when we said goodnight, I would dissolve and follow him home. And every night he would go home and jack-off thinking of taking me to bed. While he jacked-off I would finger myself till we both came.

I knew that It would be soon that I would have to tell him. And I will admit that I was nervous.

That is until I remembered what my maker and mentor said.

"When the time is right, you will know. He will ask you a question, and you will know that he is ready to know the truth."

He always told me not to fear my soul mate, that he would ask when he was ready, so I waited.

One night we were at my house and I had managed to cook him dinner without gagging myself. I had told him that I had already eaten, which was true and a good thing, but I would join him.

After he finished his dinner, we went and sat on the couch together to cuddle and to watch a movie that he chose.

He put it in, and it turned out to be a very graphic porn.

"Belle, I want to make love to you. And I want to bring you pleasure." He said. "I go home when we part and all I can do is think about tasting you and you tasting me."

I knew what was on his mind, so I placed my hand on his lips and my other hand to his pants.

I unzipped him very carefully and took him out.

"I too, have wanted to taste you and make you cum. Now sit back my love and relax."

I could smell his excitement and his blood and I had to watch myself carefully as not to suck his blood.

Being very careful not to bite, I took all 10 inches of him in my mouth, and started to give him the best blow job that he has ever had.

I don't think he was ready for the intense pleasure, but soon got used to it and was moaning and groaning with it.

I felt the hunger rise up inside me and had to pull away for a moment.

"What's wrong, my Belle?" He asked panting.

"I'm find just give me a moment." I told him.

"It's probably a good idea, because I have to ask you something." He said.

It was then that I knew that tonight would be when the whole truth came out.

I sat up and curled against him, thinking the worst.

"Why do I only see you at night? When I am off during most of the day, your never around. Why is that? Is it because of your job or something to do with the sun?"

There it was the question of the hour and there was no way to avoid the truth.

"Patrick, my love, please understand what I am about to say and please don't panic. I know that you have heard of Lestat, Dracula, Akasha. Well…."

I paused and for some reason, telling him the truth was making me want to cum.

"Well, that is what I am."

"You are a vampire? But I didn't think that they were real." He said stunned.

"They are. I am 453 years old, I was born in 1552. When I turned I was 24 years old. So I have been like this for 429 years."

I was waiting for him to panic and flee, but he didn't.

"Would you show me your fangs?" That was all he asked.

So I pulled away and faced him.

I opened my mouth and with the way I was feeling, hungry and horny, my fangs grew out right away.

The smell of his blood was so strong that I wanted to bend his head over and sink my teeth into his neck and taste him, but I held back.

I had to look away so that he wouldn't see the hunger and the need in my eyes.

"Can you do more?"

I shook my head and started to dissolve into thin air like I had done so many times before.

By now my pussy was dripping like it never had before and I knew that if he touched me I would cum.

"Wow, I knew there was something about you. Everytime I left you, I would have to go home and jerk-off. Do you ever get that way that you need release?" He asked.

Still not looking at him, I came back to where he could see me and I shook my head yes.

I knew he wanted me to look at him and he wanted to know why I wouldn't. So I answered his unspoken question.

"You want to know why I don't look at you. It is because I am scared to show you the hunger and the need that I am feeling right now. I have already fed tonight, but there is something about your blood that makes it rise to the surface again. Also I am hornier than anything."

When I told him that I could feel him grow even harder even though we weren't touching. And I thought the pleasure I was sensing and feeling would kill me.

"Show me your face Belle, let me see who you are." He asked softly.

I turned aroud to face him and saw the shock in his eyes.

My fangs were out in full, my eyes were blood red with hunger and my nails were as sharp as talons.

My mentor had told me that if my mate accepted me, then the next thing he would ask would be for me to turn him.

I had only ever turned one other, and she was my other mate.

Patrick looked at me, then took my face in his hands and did something that to me was the most intimate thing you could do, he ran his tongue over my fangs.

When he did that I came with a force that I had never known.

After my orgasm was done, I collapsed against him, the blood hunger there but not as bad as before.

"Taste me Belle, I want to know what it is like. Make me what you are."

I was stunned. I couldn't speak for a few moments.

"You are not repulsed?"

"No, the pleasure I felt through you was so intense. I am so had right now, I don't think that I will last once I am inside you. I want to be with you forever now that I have found you. And yes I know what that means."

I tried to remember what my mentor had said about this but I couldn't remember so I called to him.

I asked, "Help me. Show me what to do. He is so different than Kara. What do I do?"

The whole time Patrick stayed there holding me close so that I could feel his heart and his blood pounding in his body.

"My sweet Belle, just know this, when you are joined you will know when to pierce his flesh a when he will need to drink. I have taught you well, now my little one, enjoy your mate. I look forward to meeting the one who has finally captured your heart."

And with that said, he faded from my mind, leaving a trace of his love.

I looked at Patrick, put my hands to his lips, and slowly melted away both of our clothes with my mind.

Then I straddled him and sunk onto him, taking him deep inside me.

Unlike all of my other mortal lovers, Patrick filled me completely.

He placed his hands on my hips and I buried my face in his neck when he started to move my body with his hands.

I could feel his blood pounding hot and heavy through his body, and I wanted to drink it.

I felt how hard he was and how bad he wanted to cum. I knew he was holding back, so with my pussy I started to milk his cock. Gripping and releasing in one motion, begging him to cum.

With his every thrust, I came and I came hard. My clit was throbbing with every orgasm that I had.

Then I felt the moment was near and my fangs lengthened even more and I placed my mouth of his neck, ready to pierce the skin.

When he started to cum, I sank my teeth into him and started to suck. That made him cum even harder then he already was.

I was screaming in pleasure against his neck as I drank from him.

Then at his peak, I slit my wrist and made him drink.

The pleasure it brought me was almost enough to make me pass out. Not even Kara had done that to me.

When I pulled away I could feel him grow hard again. And I knew that the change had begun.

I managed to get off just before his human self died and he woke up as a newly made vampyre.

After he had rid himself of his human waste, I straddled him again, this time telling him to sink his teeth into me as I had done to him.

The pleasure then was so intense that we were both cumming for ten minutes straight.

That was four years ago now, and each time we join, the pleasure just intensifies.

We have had a mortal marriage for the sake of his friends and family, and my few friends.

Kara, my other mate, well she has joined us many times. But she too has taken on a male mate of her own. He is rather nice and enjoyable as well.

We make love just as often as we hunt, which, well, is every night.

Patrick met my maker and mentor, and they got along famously. He has taught him everything that he knows, and that he taught me. Also some stuff that only the males of our species' knows.

It's nice having my mate. And I don't plan on loosing him anytime soon.

*Enjoy my friends and let me know what you think. I have more comming. If you want anything specific please write me and let me know.*

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