tagGroup SexSeduction Story Ch. 03

Seduction Story Ch. 03



I looked up from my book, over to where Lisa was sitting at the kitchen table. We'd spent the evening in companionable silence. She was studying for her nursing practitioner exams: I was so proud of her. She'd not been qualified long, but she was ambitious and capable, and keen to do well. I'd spent the evening trying to answer questions about Starling's law and acid-base balance and I was sure another horribly difficult physiology question was about to surface.

Instead, she was waving a bottle of wine in my direction; she'd had enough of bookwork for the evening and poured a glass of smooth Cloudy Bay chardonnay for us. She came and cuddled up to me on the sofa, and my arm slipped around her, by now an entirely natural gesture, and she sighed in contentment, resting her head on my shoulder.

'Do you think I'll pass?' she murmured, sipping her wine.

'Of course you will-you've spent ages studying,' I tried to reassure her but I knew she was worried about the viva. She didn't like the idea of facing a panel of interviewers firing questions at her about cardiac disease. We'd been practising for weeks, even though I had found it hard to be stern with her and pretend I was a hostile examiner, and I knew she knew her stuff.

She had the written exam in the morning, and the viva in the afternoon. I'd taken the day off work so that I could be home when she arrived back; I didn't like the thought of trying to concentrate in work whilst worrying about her.

The day of the exam came round quickly, and she barely slept the night before. She'd tossed and turned in bed beside me, and eventually got up to wander around the apartment, staring out of the window over the nightscape below our window. I'd offered to sit with her but she wanted to be on her own. As dawn broke, she began to get ready. She'd chosen her outfit for the viva carefully; a well-fitted suit, nipped in at the waist, a business like shirt and heels, and she'd tamed her usual short spiky hair into a slicked back bob.

She looked amazing, professional but incredibly sexy. She was pale with nerves, but when I dropped her off at the exam centre, she gave me a quick grin and waved me good-bye.

Back home, I pottered around, filling in time. The apartment was cleaned like never before, classic displacement activity as I tried to distract myself from worrying. I even tackled the communal garden, digging up dandelions and savaging the rhododendron bushes. When I finally stopped, I realised I was filthy: my nails were black and my hands streaked with grass stains. I took my self off for a shower.

It was good: the water pumping down on me, the sharp needles of stinging against my skin. I relaxed, the hot water easing aching shoulders and neck, the steam clearing my head and concentrated on the feel of my hands sliding down over my hips and breasts, smoothing the lusciously scented shower crème into my skin. I cupped my breasts, enjoying the weight of them, feeling my nipples tense and harden immediately at my touch.

I closed my eyes, pretending that it was Lisa's mouth on me, sucking and tonguing my nipples until they ached with longing. I wanted to feel her body against mine, our water-slick skin smoothing against each other as we searched for each others mouth. I wanted to feel her tongue entwine with mine, to taste her lips and to revel in the promise of more exotic juices to come.

It had been quite a while since we'd had sex: the combination of long shifts, odd working patterns and her exams had all conspired against us, and we were both so tired that the most we'd been able to manage was a cuddle before sleep. I'd been climbing the walls in frustration, but I knew how important these exams were for her. I still had some time to kill before she was due home, and I knew that she would be so stressed out that all she would want was a cup of tea and a foot rub. My desires would have to wait again.

I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around me, rubbing my hair dry. As I passed the mirror I looked at myself: my nipples were still engorged, still tense with desire. Dropping the towel from my body, I rubbed the ball of my thumbs over each nipple, my caresses becoming rougher as they responded. I stood like that for a moment, and then climbed onto the bed. I had changed the sheets earlier, in my mad housewife frenzy, and in hopeful anticipation, I had put on the white silk set that we had bought a while ago. As I smoothed the bottom sheet down, it was soft and fine under my fingers, cool to the touch.

I slid between the sheets, enjoying the swish of the silk against my naked skin. It was cool, and I lay there for a moment under the top sheet, feeling it warm gradually against my body. Maybe I should try and have a nap, I thought, but as I pulled the sheet up to my shoulders, my hands brushed over my breasts and my nipples stiffened quickly. I could feel the slightest touch magnified by the silk; I rubbed gently and felt my nipple push urgently against my fingertips, the fine material allowing my fingers to feel the tiny goose bumps arising around the tense areola.

I began to stroke myself gently, smoothing my hand over my rounded stomach and down towards my sex. I could feel the hairs on my plump mound, the crispness of the sparse curls there emphasised through the delicate silk.

I parted my legs, and felt the heat arising from my pussy. I was already slightly damp, oil slick juices had been gathering as I'd thought about my lover. I touched my clit gently through the silk, feeling it's smooth firmness under my fingertip, and a tiny damp patch blossomed on the sheet where I had pushed it against myself. The feeling of my fingertip was alien somehow, the silk adding an extra dimension to my manipulation of the tense bud of my clitoris.

I didn't want to come just yet; I wanted to indulge myself with fantasies. Lisa and I had been together for months, and my past life had seemed like a dream, but somehow today my mind was full of my previous male lovers. I felt a need to be penetrated, a need for a taut muscular body against mine. A wave of guilt swept over me; Lisa was a wonderful partner, soft and warm and loving, and I felt as though I was betraying her, but my urges were too strong, and my minds eye was filled with images of my men, their cocks strong and demanding, their bodies working against mine, the musk scent of their sweat overwhelming my senses.

Slowly, I began to circle my clit, my finger moving slowly and delicately around it, smoothing down the delicate inner lips of my labia. The silk was soft and fine, but pushed against the softer skin of my sex it felt somehow coarse, heightening the sensations. I was being too delicate, I wanted something more physical, and reached for a vibrator. Setting the bulbous silicone head of the realistic cock against my slit, I pushed in sharply, thrusting it into myself, conjuring up the image of a man grinding against me. He seemed so real I could almost see the beads of sweat on his upper lip as he pumped himself into my welcoming sex.

I moved the vibrator rapidly in and out, the clitoral stimulator brushing against me. I was going too quickly-I was going to come too soon and I wanted to remember the feel of a man's cock inside me, the strength and warmth of a firm body against mine, the feel of taut muscles under my hands. I slid the vibrator from me, and concentrated on building an image in my mind, fantasising about the men I had known, amalgamating their bodies into one, a composite image of my lovers.

My dream lover raised himself above me, and my arms closed around him, my fingertips slowly caressing his back, feeling the ridge of muscles under my fingertips, and the nubs of bone along his spine. I scratched lightly with my nails alongside his spine, knowing I would be arousing him and feeling him swell even harder inside me. Slowly I pressed the vibrator into myself again, my thighs opening wider to admit him and then stopped suddenly as I heard a gasp from the doorway.

It was Lisa. She had come home; it must have been later than I'd thought and she had caught me masturbating. I tried to sit up, words of explanation forming in my mind, but she strode into the room, taking off her jacket, her hips swaying gracefully. Without a word, she pushed me back down onto the bed, and ran her fingertips over my spread pussy lips.

I was so wet, my pussy betraying how excited I'd been, and she thrust three fingers deep inside me. With her left hand she pulled my labia up and back, stretching my clit taut. Her thumb brushed against it as her fingers moved into me, harder and firmer until I could feel her fingertips brushing the neck of my womb. It didn't take long; the pent-up desires of the last few weeks bursting forth, my dreams and fantasies of being roughly penetrated, the vigorous strumming of her thumb on my sensitive clit all conspired to bring me to orgasm within a few thrusts. My back arched in pleasure and I groaned softly as the ripples rose up from my belly to spread across my breasts, my nipples rising to firm peaks in response.

Slowly she pulled her fingers from me, and without saying a word still she sucked gently at them, licking my juices away. Then she eased her tight skirt over her hips with a quick gesture slipped off her lace panties, leaving her pussy beautifully framed by her stockings. She climbed onto the bed, her knees on either side of my face and settled her pussy directly over my mouth. My nose was pushed up against her clit and I inhaled the rich musky scent of her. I smiled to myself as I remembered what I had thought she would want to do after the exam; this was certainly better than a cup of tea and a foot rub.

She rotated her hips slowly as my tongue found her sweet entrance, and then I licked firmly and steadily over her clit. Somehow I knew she was in no mood to be teased: she needed to come hard and quickly, and I worked her clit with long even strokes until I could feel her thighs tremble and sense her body sag, as she clung onto the bed stead for support.

She climbed from my face slowly, and flopped down on to the bed besides me, almost fully dressed, rumpling her fine suit.

'Oh, I needed that,' she murmured, and curled up against me, burying her face in the nape of my neck. I laid my arm across her shoulders and held her to me.

I should have been happy lying there with her, but why did I feel so guilty? Why was she suddenly not enough for me any more?

These feelings stayed with me: our lives got more or less back on track after Lisa's exam. By luck or by fate, our shifts had started to coincide more regularly, and we got back to something approaching a social life. But often, lying there in the dark, listening to her gentle breathing, why did I feel that there was something missing?

Lisa didn't seem to notice my moods. She was as playful as ever, and began to tempt me again at work, daring me to take risks again. We knew we shouldn't, but the illicitness of meeting up in a storeroom for a moment's fun was highly erotic for both of us. The fear of being caught heightened the sexual tension-clichéd I know, but both of us came to orgasm far quicker in that storeroom than we did in the privacy of our own bedroom.

But our luck was soon to run out. She'd been finishing paperwork, nothing urgent, when I'd come down to her ward. I'd had a brief break and sent Doug off to find a set of notes that had strayed into the black hole that existed between wards, consultants' secretaries and the outpatient clinic. I caught her eye from the other side of the nurses' station and inclined my head towards the stock room. She smiled, a faint hint of a dimple appearing in her cheeks. We only had a moment, but it was enough for a deep kiss, and I felt her hands snake down to cup my ass cheeks and pull me close into her. I was wearing a simple skirt, fairly loose and she pulled up the soft material at the back and slipped her hand inside my panties.

'Turn around,' she whispered, 'let me feel.'

She silenced my half-hearted protests and crouched behind me, slipping two fingers up inside my warm pussy. Using my juices, she began to strum my clit, rubbing gently as I bit my lip to stifle my gasp. The angle was different from usual, and my clit throbbed as she alternated probing and rubbing and caressing. Suddenly there was a brief flash of intense light that I saw even through my half-closed eyelids. Lisa stopped moving and I turned my head to find the source of the flash. In rising horror, I saw Doug, holding up his mobile phone, smiling at the image he'd just captured.

He looked down at Lisa, still half-crouched behind me, and back to me.

'Did you know that it's against hospital policy to have sexual relations during working hours?' he asked, his voice low and almost amused.

I snorted back a quick retort; of course I knew, and so did he. It hadn't stopped him from fucking half the nurses in the place, on hospital time or otherwise. But I heard Lisa gasp in shock behind me: management always did come down harder on nurses that they did on the medics. She'd get suspension, maybe the sack. Then it hit me too: what if I got the sack as well? What if the hospital told the GMC and I got struck off? I'd never work again, and all for a quick finger fuck on a quiet lunchtime.

'Doug...' I started towards him, but he put up a hand to stop me.

'I'm sorry, Chrissie,' he said, 'This is serious, I'll have to think about what to do as a responsible member of the hospital staff.'

'Oh, come on,' I thought to myself, he was obviously taking the piss, but I held my tongue as he leaned against the door and pretended to think about what to do next.

'Tell you what,' he decided, 'I'll come round to yours tonight and we can talk about it.'

I could see a smile in his eyes, and I knew then exactly what he was planning. He reached over to Lisa and lifted her right hand to his face, her fingers still moist with my come. I could see him inhale deeply, the scent of me rising from her, and then turned without another word to leave us standing there in silence.

The storeroom door closed after him, and she turned to me; I could see the tears in her eyes. I gathered her in my arms, feeling her tremble against me.

'Don't worry, I'll sort it out with him,' I tried to reassure her, 'Nothing bad is going to happen.'

I had to go-clinic was starting and I couldn't be late, but I hated to leave her like that, her face desolate, her delicate lips twisted with the effort of biting back tears.

I knew she had an early finish-I half wondered if she'd wait for me, but clinic days always ran late. When I finally threw the last set of notes into the basket and checked my messages, I saw that she'd gone home and would see me there.

Doug had been his usual self during clinic, charming the nurses, charming the patients, and he made no mention of the situation we were in. We shared an office with the other junior staff, and as I pulled on my coat and scrabbled in my bag, he called across to me.

'Seven OK?' he asked. I nodded, not trusting myself to reply. That would only give me half an hour or so to talk to Lisa, to promise her I'd protect her.

I drove like a maniac to get home, cursing loudly at the traffic. I needn't have rushed-when I got home Lisa was in no mood to talk, She must have started drinking as soon as she got home, for there was an empty bottle on the kitchen table and she was sitting in the living room nursing a glass half full of golden wine. She'd taken off her nurses uniform and was wrapped in a soft dressing gown.

She smiled when she saw me, and raised the glass. She took a deep swallow and rose gracefully, throwing her arms around me. Taken by surprise I hugged her back and she kissed me, her tongue probing deeply into my mouth. I pulled away; this was unexpected, she'd been so upset earlier I'd thought I'd find her in bed or crying. Touching her cheek I asked gently how she was. She smiled again, and moved in for another kiss.

'I want you to fuck me. Fuck me one last time before he does,' she whispered, undoing her dressing gown and letting it fall open to display her body. She pulled my hand from her cheek and dragged it down to cup her pussy.

I knew now why she was so upset; Lisa had never been with a man before, she'd never even kissed one and the only male bodies she'd seen were those of her patients.

'I won't let him touch you, I promise. He can do what he wants to me, fuck me anyway he wants to, but only if he promises not to touch you, I won't let him,' I promised her, my hands on her shoulders, trying to convince her with my gaze.

She bit her lip; the bravado leaving her suddenly and I saw her shoulders slump.

'OK? ' I asked, and she nodded, not trusting her voice. 'Anyway, ' I added, 'He probably only wants to watch.'

The old cliché worked; she smiled faintly and I began to feel happier.

I left her to go to the bathroom to wash the smell of the hospital from me, and very soon I was sitting back with her. I'd dressed casual-I didn't want him to think that I was expecting what I knew was going to happen, and I persuaded Lisa to get dressed again.

He arrived shortly after 7 as promised, and I was surprised that he'd brought a bottle of wine with him. What did he think this was, a date? He'd been to my apartment a few times and went confidently to the kitchen to pour himself a glass.

I followed him, silently handing him the corkscrew.

'Well?' he said, are you ready for a discussion?'

He smiled at the word 'discussion', and I suddenly found it hard to stop myself smiling back. What on earth was wrong with me? I was being blackmailed into sex, and we both knew it. But I wanted it, I wanted him, all my recent fantasies about my past lovers were suddenly crystallizing in him. I was longing to see his body, to see his cock: that thrilling first look at a new lover. Emotions whirled through me, anger at myself, fear for Lisa, hatred for Doug and above all, lust.

'Doug, promise me something,' I tried to make my voice firm, to reduce the quaver of lust in it.

'And what might that be?' he was curious; I suppose he thought I was in no position to make demands.

I explained about Lisa, about her past and how worried she was. To my surprise, he agreed readily.

'It's you I want-I want to fuck you, that's all,' he grinned, and ran an eye over my body.

We went through to the living room: Lisa had managed to get through a fair amount of wine and her eyes were beginning to glaze. I knew the effect alcohol had on her-usually by now she'd be getting horny and wet and I wondered if it would be the same tonight. I wanted to keep a clear head-alcohol might have helped me to relax, but I needed to stay alert. Doug was a womaniser and I wanted to make sure he kept his promise.

He settled down on the chair, throwing one leg casually over the arm. I sat next to Lisa on the sofa; we were at right angles to the chair and I made sure that I was closer to him, trying to protect her from his gaze.

She was still a little tipsy and leaned onto my shoulder, turning her head to nuzzle into my neck and I drew my arm around her. She surprised me by turning further around and pulled herself across me, her hips straddling my thighs, pressing her lips against mine until I could feel the tip of her tongue licking gently against mine. My hands went automatically to her breasts, cupping them lightly, playing with the soft tips until her nipples rose. I could feel her lips curve into a smile, then she moved slightly to nibble my ear. She whispered softly, so softly that I could have imagined it, but I thought I heard the words 'You said to put on a show...' before her hands starting to undress me, pulling up my top to expose my lacy pink bra.

I felt her warm hands cupping my breasts her thumbs rubbing over my firm nipples, teasing me, tautening me to respond. She pulled down the fine lace of my bra to reveal my taut buds, and moved down to suck at them, her tongue flicking rapidly, teasing me until I couldn't take any more.

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