tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeductive Stranger of my Dreams

Seductive Stranger of my Dreams


I stretch out in my king sized bed, feeling the morning rays of sunlight hit my skin through the parted curtains of my bedroom, waking me to a new day. My eyes open from a good night sleep and I smile as I roll out of bed slowly, hearing nothing but the low comforting hum from the furnace slowly warming up my cosy little home.

I push myself to a standing position from my bed, stretching my body into wakefulness, feeling my joints shift and move as a rouse myself. Without a scrap of clothing covering my female curves, I turn slightly to the small mirror on the wall beside my bed, admiring my feminine looks, watching as my hands roam up and down the sides of my waist and up under the curve of my bosom. Distracted by my reflection in the mirror, I hear too late someone walking into the open door of the bedroom.

My lips part in a gasp as I sense their presence coming up behind me. My senses become heightened as I hear the soft foot falls on the carpeted floor moving hurriedly toward me. The footsteps then stop, this stranger now hovering behind my quivering body. I feel the naked heat of their body so close against my backside, torturing me with making that inevitable skin to skin connection. As my breathing quickens, I inhale through my nostrils the scent of cologne and pure masculinity wafting my way, giving me the hint that this person, this stranger, is definitely male.

My heart starts to beat a little faster, my breathing heavier, eyes fully dilated, and perspiration forming on my forehead and palms as I feel this masculine stranger's eyes boring into my backside. His hard muscled body suddenly presses into me, his arms wrapping around me, his hands splaying on my waist and roughly caressing the skin of my torso.

I utter a soft moan of arousal laced with fear, as his hands direct themselves upward along the contours of my body, feeling the hot breath from his mouth tickling along my right earlobe. His hands are warm and large as I feel one them grasp the entire circumference of my breast while the other moves to cover my mouth, shutting off any sound of protest I would be able to make. My head rolls back against his shoulder as he whispers deeply and seductively in my ear.


Feeing his teeth lightly graze my earlobe sends shivers down throughout my spine directly to the apex of my thighs. His hips start to push harder against my back and I can feel his member poking and prodding along my backside. His hand moves from my mouth to grasp my other breast with his hot palm and long thick fingers. I moan louder as my nipples are being rolled under his thumbs, causing tiny electric shocks to race down my body and back up again in a boomerang like effect.

His hardening cock starts to slip between my buttocks as he rocks into me holding my tight against him. His mouth enjoys tasting the nape of my neck, his tongue softly caressing, leaving a hot wet trail along my pulse making it flutter and race as the blood pumps faster through my veins.

I can feel the heat of my body rising as his cock slips now in between my thighs sliding against my slick core. I moan in delight and complete abandon as the folds of my pussy softly rub along his stiff erect member. My breasts tingling with such arousal it takes my breath away. The flames of passion penetrate and burn into my lungs as I intake the heady smell of our sexual pheromones rising.

His hands then release my breasts, moving downward once more along my feminine curves. Every touch of his skillful hot hands against my smooth skin stirs more, the embers of passion within me. I gasp; my eyes going wide as his hands suddenly grasp my hips lifting me off the ground with the power of his own body weight as if I weighed no more than a feather.

I cry out aloud, the volume of my moans ever increasing as his manhood slides inside me from behind, penetrating deep into my molten heated core. I arch my back away from the front of his strong muscled body, as my buttocks push into him feeling his cock throbbing and caressing my inner walls, and hitting all the right places in side of me. His hands move upward from my hips, moving to grasp me around my ribcage area to better balance and angle me against him.

A low growl erupts from his throat as his member starts to take action and begins to move inside of me. He holds me there on his shaft his hands firmly holding my waist, my breasts bouncing with every thrust he sends into me. My hands move to touch his face, as I try to twist my head to pull his mouth down to mine, aching to have his lips and mine connect, but he is too strong. His hands hold me so I cannot turn to taste those lips, denying me the look of those hungry eyes. His one hand quickly moves to wrap my hands around the back of his neck anchoring me to his masculine form, making my breasts thrust outward as he continues to ravage me in this position. My feet barely touch the ground as my toes graze the carpeted floor.

As his hard member continues to move swiftly and easily out of my dripping wet core, I feel him slowly walk backwards with me towards my bed. My eyes try to catch a glimpse of him in the round mirror on the wall beside my bed, but he moves too swiftly and smoothly avoiding it all together. In one single motion without him taking his cock out of me, even for a moment he lays back on the bed pulling me roughly on top of him. My hands release his neck as his hands move to push me into a backwards cowgirl position on top of his body.

My eyes automatically look into the large rectangular mirror attached to my dresser, looking at this wanton woman riding all this masculinity underneath her, wondering if that person in the mirror is really me. I notice my flushed pink cheeks, green eyes glazed over, my long golden silky brown hair cascading over my shoulders almost reach my pink perky nipples, and my soft pink lips parted as I moan and gasp aloud. I watch transfixed as my body undulates up and down on him in slow rhythmic waves of passion. My eyes drink in every erotic detail through our mirrored reflection until it is permanently seared into my brain.

He takes my hands in his own, placing them on my breasts, encouraging me with his body language to touch myself for him, to explore my sexuality for him. I watch myself as my thumbs roll over my already perky erect nipples, moaning as the pleasure shoots straight downward like an arrow piecing my inner womanhood.

His hands place themselves on my round lush buttocks, squeezing them in his firm grasp spreading them slightly. I gasp as he gives each side a good smack, a slight sting and a red handprint left behind on my tender skin. This only drives my arousal higher, the slight pain adding to the pleasure. I groan my moans now, hearing them sounding a tad raspy as they spill forth from my lips.

Waves of immense pleasure cascade over me, pulling me down into the utter blissful place where two lovers become one. I can feel every inch of his cock inside of me pulsing like a heartbeat, the faster he strokes the harder it beats for me, beating to the rhythm of our passion. My pussy reacts and responds in kind wrapping tightly around his member convulsing and pulsating around him. My sex holds him captive within me, until we both inevitably will reach the place where we sap each other of our ultimate climactic pleasures letting it drench along each other sexes.

The volume and frequency of my moans moves to new heights, filling the entire room, hearing it reverberate off the walls and echoing back to my ears. My senses become so keen that I can hear his heavy breathing, his groans as they match mine in volume, his cock meeting me thrust for thrust. I can almost hear the hard frantic beating of his heart in his chest noticing it beast as hard as my own. I can smell the overpowering scent of his natural masculine scent mingled with the cologne on his skin, more prominent then it was when this possessive erotic embrace began.

My hands no longer cup my breasts but grip his hair roughened thighs holding on for the ride of my life; as I am rocked, stroked and pleasured into orgasmic bliss. His member grows ever thicker, expanding inside me stretching my hot wet tight womanly core.

The bulbous head of his cock nudges against my G spot causing a fountain of moans and mumbles to work their way through my lips. Intense pleasure courses through my entire being, my arousal laced blood pulses through me so quickly that I become quite lightheaded, my head feeling as if it has left my body hovering just above me.

My green eyes focus once more on the erotic scene through the mirror and I look on in shock, I do not recognize myself at all; this woman so overwhelmed by the passionate embrace of a stranger. This man, in whom I have not even had the pleasure of laying my eyes fully upon, is claiming my body as he ravages me like he owns every part of me. He will not let me twist and look back even an inch as I am pummelled by his cock over and over again causing my body to rise up higher and higher in the mirror.

I try to catch a better glimpse of him in the dresser mirror, but it is no use as my undulating body blocks me from fully viewing his facial features. I can tell he is quite built from the strength he uses to control me, keeping me locked in the position I am in. Looking down I see the power of his thighs working to push up into me seeing that his skin matches mine, both of us a creamy fair color. His deep masculine groans make me ache more to see that face lost in pleasure, but frustratingly I cannot.

My nails dig into his toned muscular thighs as I can feel my body close to the edge of precipice. I hear his raspy grunts leave his lips and feel his hands grabbing roughly at my hips keeping my sex grinding against his. He rams me harder and harder, my body bouncing higher my breasts bouncing hypnotically in the mirror. He hand moves to slap my ass once more renewing the feel of the sting along my backside.

I feel his self-control begin to slip as his body undulates wildly underneath mine rising toward his impending orgasm. His hips lift off the bed roughly and effortlessly, penetrating his thick erect member deeper than I though was possible. A load roar bellows out from him as he releases his spent pleasure into my hungry slick hot insides. I clench him with my velvet walls in such a vise grip milking him of every last drop of cum from his spasming member.

His right hand drifts down to my clit and his thumb rubs clockwise against it in hard circles. I cry out feeling my pussy spasm hard around his shaft, and that is all it takes to make me come undone for him. I cry out into the sexually charged atmosphere, shaking and convulsing as my climax rushes forth, coating him in a large quantity of my cum.

My pussy leaks our spent pleasure down my thighs and onto his balls as his hard cock continues to pulse slightly inside me, as the last of his orgasm comes to its pleasurable conclusion. His hands hold me sturdy, as I am drunk from partaking of too much pleasure. Slowly he lowers me beside him, our bodies spooning against each other. My body still slightly shudders against the hard warmth of his body, as I calm down from such an erotic encounter with this sexy manly stranger. I still cannot see his face and ache to look upon the man who gave me such a mind blowing orgasm.

I snuggle myself closer, moving my hands to try and feel the masculine features of his face, turning my head toward him as I now can do so. Just as I turn to finally look at him directly, my eyes open and I sit straight up in my bed, looking around, head shifting from side to side. I then realize it was all just a dream, and only I lay there in my bed. My eyes now adjusting to the darkness of the room as they drift to the other side of my bed, picturing my manly stranger beside me.

I reach out my hand across the bed running it over the sheets, as if I will be able to feel the warmth of where his body laid, and feel the imprint of where his form was on my mattress. I sigh quietly to myself as I feel no warmth lingering there confirming it was all a dream.

My mind and body are taken a back with the intensity of the dream and how realistic it had all seemed to me. I part my thighs finding it soaking wet between, feeling how strongly the dream had affected me physically. I clench my hand between my thighs as I lay down back on my pillow, rocking slightly against my fingers as I close my eyes. I wish to god that I am propelled back to this same dream, so another round may be had with my beautiful sexy stranger. I close my eyes tighter, letting sleep overcome me, hoping maybe, just maybe I will even get the pleasure of gazing upon and exploring even further, the incredible masculine features of this seductive stranger of my dreams.

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