tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSee You At Midnight

See You At Midnight


-The Deck-

'Damn dog. It's frickin' midnight,' I mumbled as I crawled out of bed and headed down to the back door where my dachshund would be standing, demanding to be let out regardless of the hour. At least he knew enough to stay in my condo's tiny back yard once he was off the deck. That meant I didn't have to put anything on besides the t-shirt and panties I already wore.

I always figured the chances of anybody else being out at the same hour Frankie decided to go was pretty slim. So I opened the sliding glass door to the deck and watched him hurriedly skitter down the steps onto the grass. That's when it got maddening. He had to smell absolutely everything around the deck. I'm sure there are small animals that roam around the area because of the woods behind me, but that didn't mean Frankie had to investigate each one.

Eventually, he went, as always. I grabbed a plastic bag from the assortment I kept by the door and stepped out into the warm summer night. The wood deck still retained some of the heat from the day, but the grass was cool and comfortable on my bare feet. I quickly gathered up Frankie's deposit and turned to head back into the condo with him.

But a movement two decks over from me caught my eye. I was at the bottom of the steps onto the deck when I managed to make out two shapes, partially illuminated from light inside their condo. It was clearly Kris and Andy, one of the couples I had actually met in the three months I had lived in the complex.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized something I hadn't anticipated: they were both naked. They were holding each other, rotating very slowly and as the light shimmered off each of them, it eliminated any doubt I had about their nudity.

I went up the steps on tip toes and just as silently opened the door to let Frankie in. I laid down the bag and stepped back out onto the deck, hugging the back of the condo, and turned to look again at Kris and Andy's deck.

They stood near the back railing with Kris' ass almost resting on it. The complete darkness in the condo between them and me at least eased my mind a little about anybody else seeing me...or them. Andy appeared to be kissing Kris' neck and shoulders. Then I watched as his head moved to her chest.

'Oh my God,' I said to myself, not wanting to make a single noise. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I clearly saw him take a breast in his hand, push it up, and then put his mouth over it. Kris tilted her head back in apparent delight and in the tiniest bit of light that existed between them I saw her put her hand around his cock.

Maybe my TV news experience kicked in because I felt I was watching something unique, something out of the ordinary that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Or, I was just getting hornier, which was being borne out by the growing dampness in my pussy.

I thought about Kris and Andy. I knew they were both in their late thirties, a few years younger than me, and had professional careers. Both were extremely good looking and fit. Kris had short blonde hair that was always meticulously styled. Andy had dark hair, great facial features, and an intelligence that captivated anyone he talked to.

Now they were on the back of their deck, at midnight, seemingly thinking they were alone in their lovemaking. Andy continued his assault on his wife's breasts. That's when I found myself letting my hand slide between my legs and across the front of my panties.

'God, Charlotte. Go to bed,' my brain was saying. My pussy was saying, 'Stay and watch some more.'

I stood with my shoulder barely touching my condo in absolute darkness save for whatever light escaped through the sliding door from the dining room. To me, it was the same as standing on the moon, looking down at my friends and neighbors who were in comparative brightness.

Andy was now sliding down his wife's body, apparently licking his way towards her pussy. His hands slipped around her and took her by the ass while his face disappeared between her legs. When it lingered there, Kris began to play with her tits, rolling them in her hands and pulling on the nipples.

The quietness of the entire scene was eerie. I expected to hear her moans or the sounds of Andy licking her clit or either of them speaking to the other. But the stillness was deafening.

That is, except for my own rapid breathing as I watched the couple and put my hand inside my panties. I remember a mixture of embarrassment and surprise at the wetness of my pussy. I gathered some of the moisture on a finger and used it to lubricate my clit. I nearly gasped at the reaction of that single stroke, in the middle of the night, alone on my deck.

Andy spent several minutes eating his wife. Then I saw him stand, and Kris was the one crouching down. She lovingly caressed his cock for a moment before lowering her head on it and beginning an energetic blowjob. I rubbed myself faster and then moved my hand down in order to insert two fingers inside my throbbing pussy. I watched and masturbated, feeling myself edge ever closer to an orgasm I refused to accept.

I fully expected Andy to cum without my even knowing it. But then Kris was getting up. I massaged my clit again, with more vigor than before. She was turning and stretching out her arms to support herself on the railing.

'Jesus, he's going to fuck her,' I thought.

I'm not sure why it astonished me as much as it did. I had just watched about ten minutes of foreplay. What else did I expect them to fucking do?

What was difficult for me to grasp was the fact they had no clue anybody was watching. So, just as I found it easy to masturbate in private, they were going to fuck in private.

Andy got in position, put his hands on Kris' tits, and then I watched the space between them vanish. Still, not a sound was heard although I saw Kris' head jerk back.

My body shuddered as a sign to me that I was close. I was frantically stroking myself. My legs grew less steady. I took a few steps forward so that I could put my free hand on the railing, almost laughing at the similarity to the position Kris was in.

Andy fucked her for quite a long time and I struggled not to cum. Then, as if by accident, I heard the faintest squeal from Kris. By all indications, they were about to climax together. My pulsating clit could take no more and my entire body exploded in one of the strongest orgasms I could ever remember. I literally put a hand across my mouth to stifle the noises I made while I came over and over again.

A second faint shriek from Kris was quickly followed by Andy pulling out and masturbating over her ass until, I supposed in the darkness, all his cum was poured onto it. I heard him groan one time. Otherwise I just watched his body twitch until the end.

On very shaky legs, I slithered back into my condo.

-Kris and Andy-

"Have you met any new neighbors?" Kris asked me.

"No. I'm not the type to initiate those types of introductions. I'll bump into them all eventually, I guess," I replied.

It was two nights after the deck incident and Kris and Andy were sitting in my living room. We had recently started meeting pretty regularly for drinks and snacks. The conversations were always fun and easy, but this evening I was having a little trouble keeping my thoughts off what I had seen in the dark.

"So, you haven't met the Anderson's yet?" Andy said. "They're the ones in the condo between us."

"Oh, I've waved. I talked to her for thirty seconds getting out of the car one time," I said. "Like I said, I can be very private when I want to be."

"I thought a big TV news star like you would love to be out among the people," Kris said with a hint of a grin.

"I like people. I don't crave the attention," I said. "And I'm not a star."

"There aren't a lot of gorgeous, single females living here," Andy added. "I thought there'd be guys at your door every night."

"I'm divorced, Andy. I learned my lesson. I'll let them bang at my door when I'm good and ready. And they better be rich. Not to mention a hunk. For now, I've got Frankie. Frankie loves me."

Kris smiled. "Speaking of Frankie, how is he about wanting to go out at night."

I quickly said, "Oh, he's generally good. Most nights I never have to get up, with the exception of a couple nights ago when...um...ah...."

I caught myself and stuttered to a stop, unable to make my mind work fast enough to complete the sentence and get out of it.

Kris just kept smiling, sipping on her wine. "Around midnight?"

My heart skipped three beats. She couldn't know, could she?

"It was so late I don't know what time it was," I managed to respond. I, too, took a drink and thought about heading to the kitchen for something.

"We heard him," Kris said nonchalantly.

I paused. Then said, "I'm sorry if he woke you."

"We were up," Andy stated.

Kris nearly choked. "Yes, we were."

The looks on their faces gave them away. I insisted on playing dumb.

"Frankie will get used to the new settings soon."

"It's quiet out here at night, isn't it?" Kris said, grabbing a cracker and cheese.

I nodded. "Very."

In the ensuing silence, I began to get up from the couch. Halfway up, Kris said, "Why didn't you go back in with Frankie?"

I stood and stared at her, unable to formulate an adequate response. Andy just grinned, watching both of us in the subsequent suspension of talk.

Kris continued, "What made you stop?"

I sat back down, too stunned to leave the room.

"I...I...thought I saw...you. Both of you," I stammered.

"And did you?" she asked.

"Yes," I admitted, feeling a little bit like a witness in the box.

"Good. We thought so," Kris said enthusiastically. "You watched the whole thing, didn't you?"

"I didn't mean to," I said nervously. "I mean, I shouldn't have. I...I...."

Kris giggled. "Did you cum?"

"Kris!" I exclaimed.

"Well. I think you did," she said. "I turned my head and saw you covering your mouth so we wouldn't hear. Was it good?"

I felt my face burning up from blushing. I squirmed on the cushion and said, "I didn't mean to watch. Swear to God, Kris."

Kris leaned forward in her chair. "Charlotte, listen to me for a minute. We knew you were there. It was fantastic. It made it so much better for us knowing you were watching and knowing you were cumming along with us because of it. You don't need to apologize."

I was fighting back tears from the embarrassment and, partially, relief of them knowing that I did it. I just nodded to her.

"Now, here's something you didn't know," Andy joined in. "You weren't the only one watching."

"What!" I called out.

"The Anderson's were looking out their second floor window. They knew we would be there," Andy said.


"It was our night. We've been doing this with them for over a year. We watch them. They watch us. It's fucking hot," he said. "I think based on what Kris told me about you cumming, you might agree."

I had to let it all sink in before I could answer.

"I can't believe it. It was...a show? And you knew I was there?"

"Exactly," Kris said. "And we want to talk to you about it. We would REALLY like you to join in with us and the Andersons, Dave and Kate. We've been trying to expand the group and we think you'd be perfect. We already know they both think you're really cute. Dave's been dying to meet you but was too shy to come over."

"Join you in what?" was all I could think to ask.

"Our little voyeur club," Kris replied. "Sometimes we're on the deck. Sometimes it's in our place or theirs. We just...watch...and have fun."

"You watch each other have sex? Really?"

"Don't tell me you didn't find it exciting," Kris said unsympathetically. "You loved it."

I shrugged and tried to collect my thoughts. Why I couldn't just flatly reject the notion, I had no idea except for repeatedly remembering what that orgasm felt like.

"How about this?" Kris suggested. "How about if we just try a very short, simple experiment to see what you think. Just to give you a taste of it."

"Like what?" I said, voicing my trepidation.

"Stand up."

I did as she said and Kris walked over to me. "Face me. And relax."

We stood so that Andy saw us in silhouette. Kris slowly ran her hands up the outside of my arms until reaching the sleeves of my t-shirt. Then she stepped forward a little and kissed me on the cheek. And then again. I was almost shaking from panic as Kris' mouth came over to mine. The first touch of her lips was soft and actually very pleasant. She applied more pressure and I returned the kiss.

Kris moved her hands onto my sides and held me tighter as the kiss continued. I felt her tongue on my lips at the same time her hands touched the bottom of my breasts. It seemed so natural to spread my lips and our tongues met.

Her hands were on my breasts, but, because of the kiss, my mind couldn't keep up with all that was happening. I began to shift my head in conjunction with her own movements. Meanwhile, she increased her grip on my tits. Practically before I could react, we were embracing and in the middle of a deep, passionate kiss.

It only took seconds, but seemed an eternity. Then Kris told me, "Face Andy now."

To my surprise, when I turned to him, he had his cock out and it was very hard. Kris moved behind me and quickly put her hands on my chest again. She massaged my tits through my shirt and bra. Andy slowly stroked himself.

I couldn't take my eyes off Andy's growing erection as Kris lifted my shirt over my head and put it on a chair. She played some more with my bra and tits, teasing Andy with short views of my nipples before letting the bra cover me again. Then she unhooked it and little by little let it fall away.

One hour previous, the idea of standing topless in front of Andy while he masturbated was the farthest thing from my mind. Now, my heart pounded with excitement and eagerness. Was I turned on more from watching him or having him watch me and Kris? I couldn't answer that at the moment.

Kris ran her hands over my breasts in a much more sensual way than I ever could have, plus I was sure she knew what Andy wanted to see. She got my nipples rock hard, but nothing could compare to his cock. His hand barely covered half of it while he tugged on it in a steady rhythm.

My body froze in place when Kris' hands shifted to the top of my shorts. The look on my face must have seemed very funny to Andy when his wife opened and unzipped my pants. She buried her hand inside the front for a few seconds, and then pushed the shorts down my legs.

Andy took that opportunity—while I stepped out of my shorts—to pull off his shirt. His muscular chest and arms only made me hornier and when he pushed his pants down to his knees to fully expose his cock and balls, I felt my pussy shiver even more. Then he resumed pulling on his cock, leaning farther back in his chair.

Kris had already started to rub my pussy, at times through my panties and at times inside them. My body rocked back and forth involuntarily as if it was a cock between my legs instead of her fingers. My mouth opened for the air I desperately needed and a gasp escaped after Kris made an especially hard swipe across my clit.

She took off my panties and I tried to comprehend that I stood there naked in front of two people I scarcely knew. But I was beginning to want nothing else. I wanted to show Andy my body and I wanted Kris to continue to bring me closer and closer to an orgasm.

'God. An orgasm. Am I going to cum in front of him?' That thought scared me for a moment. And then I realized I had already done it with Kris watching from a distance, even though I didn't know it at the time. Now it was my time to put on the show.

While Kris had been removing my panties, I didn't think much about her moving around by my legs. Now, suddenly, she was on her knees, facing me and putting her hands on the inside of my thighs, indicating to me to spread them for her.

I moved my feet apart, scared to death of the consequences. I watched Kris kiss her way up my thighs, onto my pussy, and then...oh my God, that first sensation of her tongue on my clit was amazing. I must have held my breath for thirty seconds while she tenderly licked it and kissed it. Then she became more aggressive and I had to hold her head or risk losing my balance.

Kris put her mouth over my clit and used her tongue and lips to manipulate it just as much as Andy was wildly jerking on his cock.

"Oh God, Kris. Yes. Yes," I murmured.

I pulled her face even closer. She sucked on my clit harder. I cried out, begging for more.

Soon, Kris was plunging her tongue deep inside my pussy and I fucked it with Andy watching every move. I was so close to cumming. I saw a glimmer of precum on the tip of Andy's cock and knew he was, too.

The moment Kris went back to my clit, I felt it.

"Kris! Fuck, yes! I'm...cumming, Kris!"

I cried out at the release of my orgasm, clutching Kris' head with both hands and struggling to keep her face in contact with my pussy. I thrust my hips forward toward her head, again and again feeling the inside of my stomach shudder.

I managed to look at Andy when I heard his groan. A huge shot of cum flew from his cock onto his bare chest. Then another, and another. I came some more, long after I normally would have been done.

Andy's cock was still hard when he let go of it and relaxed. Kris made her way up to my face and kissed me, letting me taste my own juices on her lips.

-The Andersons-

Kris and Andy were really awesome about making me feel comfortable after that first session. Not that I needed consoling, but they wanted to make sure I didn't feel pressured into doing anything I didn't want to do. I assured them it was an incredible experience and I looked forward to more.

That meant it was time for me to meet the Andersons. Well, not exactly meet them in the normal sense, but in the sense of how they and Kris and Andy associated with each other.

It began a week later when I was invited to Kris and Andy's condo and was told to expect the 'party' to last beyond midnight. It would be just us three again, kind of. The only other instructions I got was to bring along a robe.

With expectations running pretty high, I showed up at nine for the drinks and snacks portion of the festivity. It was exactly the same as all of our other meetings prior to the one at my condo the week before. Great talk and wine and food. Midnight approached fairly quickly, it seemed to me, and I sensed the excitement growing.

"OK. Time to change clothes," Kris announced a little after eleven thirty. "Charlotte, grab your robe and use the bedroom in the hall to change into it. Nothing else on, just the robe. We'll meet you back in here."

With those simple orders, I marched off to change. The same nerves I felt in my condo with Andy watching came back again. When I was ready, I moved back into the living room and, a moment later, were joined by my hosts. Kris looked great in her short little robe that was loosely tied, showing a good portion of her breasts. Andy wore his robe tighter, and I longed to once again see his nice cock. We sat for another ten minutes and finished more drinks.

Andy looked at the clock on the wall. "Time to go. C'mon," he said, getting up and taking Kris by the hand. I eagerly tagged along behind them, following them up the stairs to the second floor. We went down the hall all the way to the last room and entered it with only the light from the hallway revealing the bed and other furnishings.

Andy walked straight to a window. Kris and I came behind him. I saw them peer out at the corresponding window in the next condo—the Andersons'. Darkness prevailed in all directions and we stood silently for a few minutes.

Then a light came on in Dave and Kate's condo. Seconds later, movement could be seen and two people came into view not far from the window. Kris stepped over to a small table and flicked on a lamp. Never did I see Dave or Kate look directly over at us, but I might have missed something along the way.

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