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See You Guys Next Year


To whom this whole story may concern, my name is Adam Lawler and I was the one who had married my college sweetheart Stephanie Copeland and moved ourselves into this wonderful apartment.

And after we got ourselves settled in, we got something from a new neighbor whose name happens to be Sybil McGovern.

It was an invitation to a Halloween party and we were expected to arrive in costume which made us go online and purchase a costume for each of us from a website.

My costume was that of a Viking Warrior.

As for my wife, she wore this sexy Princess Leia slave outfit.

And when we got there with our costumes on and the other guests saw that I was holding the chain that was attached to her choker, they had all welcomed both me and Stephanie into their little corner of the world with open arms.

That was before this mature blond with a really hot bod had walked up to us in a black dress and said, "You must be Adam and Stephanie. It is pleasure to meet you. I am Sybil McGovern. And I bet that you need something to wet your whistle right now."

Now if you were to ask me, it really was a big mistake to agree to a sip of the punch that she was serving at the party because we never knew what she had mixed into our glasses.

But when she had handed those glasses to us, raised her glass and said, "And now, my dear friends! A toast to our newest arrivals! May they enjoy their new lives right here among us!", Stephanie and I had gulped down the punch that was in our glasses, only to have us see everyone and everything in the room start spinning around and around and making us become so dizzy that everything around had suddenly gone black.

And when I finally opened my eyes, I was shocked to discover that I had been stripped naked and my wrists and ankles were bound tightly to a chair in handcuffs.

I also tried to call for Stephanie to see if she was still alive, only to discover that I was unable to do so due to the ball gag in my mouth.

That was before this one woman with dark hair had stepped into the room with only a pair of kinky boots on, looked at me with a smile and said, "He is finally awake, Mistress!", before she had walked over to a small table and picked up a bullwhip.

After that, Sybil had walked into the room and tore off her dress to expose her naked body and start fingering herself in front of me.

But when she looked into my dick and noticed that it was not stiff, Sybil had let out a smile and said, "Trust me! There is more than one way to get a rise out of you!"

That was before Sybil clapped her hands and the lights were turned on to show Stephanie... who was also naked... handcuffed to the ceiling.

She was also unable to close her legs because of the spreader bar that was between them.

And when she looked at the bitch with the whip with tears running out of her eyes and said, "Please! You really do not have to do this! We could give you all the money you want! Just let us go!", the only response that the bitch with the whip had given my poor helpless Stephanie was that she used it on my wife on her tits, ass and pussy.

And while that was going on, Sybil had sucked on my cock before she looked into my eyes and asked, "See? Did I not tell you that we could get a rise out of you?", just before the other bitch had tossed the whip away and placed one end of a double dildo inside her pussy.

Then, after the bitch had looked at Stephanie with such a smile, pulled on the chain that was attached to the nipple clamps on her tits and shoved the other end of that dildo straight into her cunt, I was so helpless that I had no choice but watch while Sybil sat on my lap and forced me to fuck her in the ass.

After all of that, both Sybil and the other bitch released me and Stephanie from our bondage before she had whispered, "I will see you guys next year!"

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