tagIncest/TabooSeed the Mother

Seed the Mother


Note: This is my first erotic story and I would be glad for feedback.


I am Ethan, 21 years old and living still with my beautiful mom.

My mother and I, chilling at our own pool, enjoy the togetherness of us both.

She swam from corner to corner and I swung my feet in the water, tickled by the waves, my mother created, as she swam near me.

When she dived, you could see from above the water, her nice milf body, her thick hips and her long hair waving under water. Her body movement shined a glaze of wisdom and experience.

My Father left us, because of us, he couldn't accept us for that what we are.

"Hey son" my mother swam to me. "I'm done swimming and horny again, wanna fuck?"

"Sure!" I said.

"Great honey, but first let me make you hard so that I have something to hold so that I can drag you to my bedroom" my mother winked at me.

As she came close to me, she opened my shorts and took out my penis, "aww, beautiful as always" she said.

"Thanks, ma" I respond.

She opened her bra so that I can have a nice view of her well-shaped boobs with tiny pink nipples.

I leaned back to be a bit more comfort, for that what I expect what to come.

My Mother took my dick in her mouth, her face and hair still wet from the swimming and diving.

She played and teased me first, she took only the glance in her mouth and circled with her tongue around it.

She looked up to me, to see how I handle her pleasuring.

I didn't want to make it easy for her, I can play too.

I looked back at her and grinned, "is that all you got mom, if so, I think my dick can't become harder for you".

The ambition grabbed her now, she grinned back and took my penis deep into her mouth.

Now she stepped up the game and used her hand with her mouth, as she tried to suck everything out my glance and laid her tongue on my shaft as if she starves for a delicious ice-cream.

That got me so hard, I was in heaven again and wanted to cum in her mouth, but my mother noticed it. Quickly she stopped and looked at me with a big grin.

"Now we are ready for some fun hero"!

My mother climbed out of the pool, took my penis in her hand and went with me to her bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom she whispered in my ear, "I love you my one and only son, but it's so lonely here, this big house, only the two of us and if you're at work, I'm alone. I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to be your lover and life partner. Let us make sure, that we are no longer alone. Shoot your cum in me and make me pregnant, give me a child, your child."

Her speech made me so hard and horny, I tossed her into the middle of the bed and laid on top of her.

I always loved her, wanted to make her proud and show her my love.

That will be the ultimate way of showing my love to her.

Seeding her with my semen and have a child with my beloved mother.

As she and I took of our underpants, she guided my penis into her wet, warm and welcoming vagina.

I was in here, I looked into her eyes and kissed her with much love.

I stayed still in her, as we kissed.

She then swung her arms and legs around me, with a tight hug, she pressed her legs harder to my hips, so that I entered even deeper into her.

Slowly I moved in and out, tried to find a lovemaking rhythm with my mother, which she answered with loud moans.

"Yes, that's it, Son, you're making me so happy, I love you so much".

This lets me into a mating ecstasy and driven me crazy.

Now I moved my hips in and out like a madman.

Our bodies moved up and down, as we moaned both why joy and passion.

The bed moved left and right, as our fuckin was powerful and passionate.

"Mother I'm coming soon, take my seed, take it!" I moaned because I was close to cum.

"Yes, Son! Please cum in me, make me also the mother of your child's, give me your semen!" she screamed as she tightened her legs and around me, to hug me even harder.

I shoot my cum deep inside her, as I held her tight.

She screamed a loud moan of pleasure "Oh yes son, It feels so wonderful, I can't believe it how good it feels".

I rested on her and he was still hugging me and led the cum in her rest, to make sure, she gets pregnant.

We feel both to sleep after this soon.

After this, we never stop to make love and after months, we found out, she was pregnant with a sweet girl. I can't believe my luck.

This was how I impregnate my Mother.

Hope you liked it. :)

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/13/18

horny aussie

I'm considering giving you some stars, but not sure how many yet. If I do it would only be for your story line as the rest is utter CRAP !!!!! as your gist of the English lingo is way off. So get somemore...

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by Anonymous12/30/17

Same old, same old....


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by jaccor12/11/17


It is apparent that English is not your primary language. For this reason, it would be a great help to you, if you hooked up with an editor who could help you navigate the strange waters. There are peoplemore...

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by Anonymous12/10/17

Making your mom pregnant I got my mom and my aunt which is moms sister and two of my sisters two of my aunts daugthers pregnant. We all live in same house plus I have my friends come over we gangbang themmore...

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by Anonymous12/08/17



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