tagGroup SexSeeing an old Friend Ch. 03

Seeing an old Friend Ch. 03


Once we got back to the door Tigger told me to go in and he would follow in a few minutes so no one would get suspicious. I walked up the stairs slowly, I was still incredibly wet and horny after sucking his cock like that in the alley. I quickly found the guy I had come to the party with as him and a few of our friends were at the top of the stairs when I got there.

“Hey Jess. I was just coming to look for you. Trey wants to go so we all gotta jet, sorry baby.” Jack told me once I’d reached him. I was relieved that now I didn’t need to make an excuse but I tried to look disappointed.

“Damn. I was hoping you’d be able to stay awhile. Maybe next time...” I trailed off and leaned in to hug him close, making sure to press my body fully against him. I loved to tease him since he was such a gentleman.

“I’ll call you Jess. Have fun tonight.” Jack called to me as he walked down the stairs with his friends, and Tigger walked up at the same time. He smiled and almost laughed when he heard Jack’s last comment to me.

Tigger leaned in and whispered in my ear as he walked by me, “Don’t worry, you’ll have lots of fun tonight.” I moaned softly and quickly ran my hand across the crotch of his jeans while looking up at him.

“Go say your good-byes. We’re leaving.” he ordered me and then leaned in and kissed me hard before walking off to thank our evening host.

I walked around the apartment quickly, hugging everyone I knew before going downstairs to wait outside for Tigger. I was dripping wet and could barely contain myself, I planned on fucking him all night and the next day. A few minutes later Tigger walked outside with another friend of ours from high school, James.

“I can’t drive and neither can you. So James is bringing us to my house, he’s crashing there anyway.” Tigger explained before grabbing my arm and pretty much dragging me to the car.

“Hey Jess, you look fucking great. No wonder he wants to get you home so fast!” James laughed from behind me and Tigger. I couldn’t help but wonder if Tigger wasn’t the only guy I’d fuck that night. James had always been a hot guy and now that he was a little older, I’d often thought of what it would be like to fuck him.

He had blond hair, blue eyes and the cutest smile. His body was tight and lean, he was strong in a sinewy way and he had his nipples pierced. I’d be open to whatever my two high school friends wanted to do to me I was so hot and wet at that point.

When we got to the car James got in the Drivers seat and Tigger opened the back door and shoved me inside before quickly jumping in next to me. It was a long drive home and Tigger took advantage of the time we had right away. He wrapped him arm around me and pulled my body flush against his and started kissing me deep and hard, fucking his studded tongue against mine.

I moaned when he slid his hand up my chest and ripped my shirt down the center, freeing my big tits to his hands and so that James could clearly see them in his rearview mirror. “Didn’t I tell you she had some great tits?” Tigger laughed out when James gasped at the site of my bare breasts.

“Goddamn! yeah, she does man. I can’t wait til we get home. Glad you decided to share her with me man. You gonna let me touch you Jess?” James asked me as Tigger began sliding my skirt up so he could get to my pussy.

“You gonna suck my cock and let me fuck you? You don’t mind that Tigger here already told me what a slut you are and that I could do anything I want to you?” he asked smiling at me in the rear view mirror.

“Hmmm” I moaned when James asked me his questions and from Tiggers fingers stroking my cunt through my panties again.

“Answer him Slut. Tell him what you really want. Tell James you want us to share you.” Tigger whispered to me as he slipped his fingers in my panties and thrust them into my tight wet cunt.

“Oh God, Yes! I want you both to fuck me, one of you in my pussy while I suck the other one off. I want you two to fuck me any way you want as long as you keep fucking me.” I moaned out as I came wetly on Tiggers fingers probing my cunt.

“Whatever we want? You gonna let us fuck that nice ass of yours too? One of us in that tight pussy Tigger told me about and the other buried in your ass? You want that sweetie?” James asked me roughly as Tigger kept fucking my cunt with his fingers, making my already wet pussy wetter.

“Yes Sir. I’ll do anything for you both as long as you make me cum, please just keep making me cum and you can fuck me all you want anyway you want to. I’ll be your whore, both of you just please fuck me.” I begged as Tigger kept fucking me harder and deeper with two of his fingers.

“Damn, I never thought you were that much of a whore Jess. But I’m glad to know it.” James laughed from the front seat after my orgasm was over.

I just smiled and leaned over to kiss Tigger again. As my mouth reached his he suddenly wrapped both arms around me and lifted me onto his lap.

I groaned loudly when he reached back under my skirt and moved my panties all the way to the side, revealing my tight cunt and then unbuttoned his jeans and slipped his thick cock out.

“Is this what you want Jess? You want me to fuck you in the car while James watches us? Cause I have to fuck my slut before anyone else does.” Tigger growled into my ear as he started flicking my clit with his fingertips.

“Ohhh, yes, god yes, FUCK ME!” I almost screamed as he teased me. “I need to be fucked, I need cock. Please Sir, Fuck your slut.” I begged him as he moved one hand to his thick cock and aimed it at my soaking wet pussy. Tigger started teasing my sloppy cunt with the thick, spongy head of his cock.

“Damn James! You hear her? She’s just begging for my cock. What a little slut puppy you’ve turned out to be Jess.” Tigger laughed at me as he started slipping his long, thick cock inot my tight wet hole.

I moaned as he pushed his hard dick into me, fucking me slowly at first. “Hmm, you are tight, thats a good slut moan for my cock. This cunt feels so good James, you’re gonna love your turn with our new whore.” Tigger said as he slipped his entire cock into my grasping cunt.

“Thats it Jess, take his cock. Goddamn you two are making me hard. As soon as we get to the house I want that slut on her knees with my cock in her mouth.” James said as he readjusted his cock in his jeans and watched us fuck in his backseat.

I was moaning and thrusting my wet snatch down on Tiggers cock as he pushed up into me. My hips slamming down on his as we fucked hard, he had his hands on my ass, gripping it as he fucked me. “Uh, Goddamn you fucking whore! Take it come on.” Tigger exclaimed as he really started slamming his cock into me hard, making my cunt tighten and cum hard on his big cock.

“Oh man, I knew your cunt would feel great when you cum, hmm it’s like a vise on my cock. How do you like my big, fat cock in your tight little cunt?”he moaned out as my pussy spasmed around his thick dick.

I leaned back so that I could get more of his cock into my cunt, “Oh yeah Fuck me! Mmm I love your big fat cock!” I cried out I was fucking Tiggers cock on an angle so he wasn’t all the way inside me, but his cock kept hitting my g-spot on every thrust, making me cum hard and screaming on the big dick inside my cunt.

Out of nowhere in the middle of my third orgasm I felt James’s hands on my bare tits. I sat up quickly and turned my head towards James, impaling myself deeper on Tiggers cock. His 9 inch cock was completely buried in my grasping cunt, making me scream and cum again as I looked into James’s eyes. He kept watching me cum and started pinching my nipples hard making me moan even more.

“Don’t worry Jess, we’re home. I need some from you too, after the show you two put on my cock is rock hard.” James smiled at me from over the front seats.

He kept on playing with my tits rough, working my soft flesh hard in his rough hands and Tigger kept on fucking my cunt with long, deep, strong thrusts that made my body shake. “Come on now baby, be a good little whore and turn around on his cock so I can use that mouth.”

Tigger stopped fucking me and lifted me off of his cock for a minute, I moaned in disappointment and quickly helped him turn my back to Tigger. I was almost kneeling over his lap, my ass in the air my dripping wet cunt over his hard throbbing cock. I wanted him back inside me, fucking me as I sucked off James.

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