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Seeking a Wife



Jason Bergman was one of those many guys who never went to college. At the age of thirty, he came home looking for a suitable female to be his wife, preferable someone he'd known in his younger day and could be sure about, not like those hot-ass babes in the city who had no understanding of country values.

Driving into the home stretch in his almost unpretentious silver Audi S5 fastback sedan, he thought of the summer of 1990 when he'd left the ranch.

A great expanse of ripening wheat had been dancing seductively under the persuasion of a fluky breeze and as he waited for the days to tick by to his leaving day, the 21-year-old walked with his mom, both eating apples.

They sat on a seat built by her father on the bank of a creek.

"You were conceived on this very seat on a day not unlike this."

"Oh yeah?" he said, without much interest.

"Yeah. I think it was the sun and the breeze that made me horny. Much like I feel now."


Jason was suddenly all ears. This was so unlike his straight up-and-down mom who sang in the church choir.

"Touch me here Jason," she said, pulling up her skirt.

It must have been the sun and breeze and eating the forbidden fruit that led Adam and Eve beyond temptation that lured Jason into touching his mom right there, she pulling her panties aside to provide direct access.

She was wet. Two fingers were practically sucked in.

"Oooh," she said. "That's ever so nice. Now push your penis in."

Almost mesmerized although aware of what he was doing, Jason licked his dry lips, became aware his cock was ready to perform as bidden and he, well he hovered between his mom's legs and pushed in his dick and she gurgled encouragingly.


He gave her four or five thrusts and pulled out and croaked, "You jerk me off and I'll finger you off."

"Yes and that's a great idea, less sinful than my over-sexed desire."

She said that but looked sad.

Taking the turn-off to the access road heading up the valley, Jason thought until that day he hadn't entertained the thought that his mom would think of herself as being over-sexed. But he'd conceded his mom could be a sly critter. He could recall guys calling and he and his younger brother and sister being told to go to the barn and check on the horses and not to hurry back.

Only later did he work out what that was about and think of his mom as being rather inventive at finding ways of earning money to buy new things for the house or for the family. Presumably she only did that in bad years of farming income but who knows?

He'd been home several times but never had his mom invited him to fuck her again. Both he and his brother when twenty and eighteen used to take turns at fucking their sister but that was only to help her out when she got horny. Macy was now married and Lenny and Jason where the only ones who knew what she was saying when at the after wedding feast she said in her speech she'd like to truly thank her two brothers, Jason and Lenny for helping to make her recent years so interesting by treating her like a tomboy and pushing her to do daring things.

"How the hell was it we didn't get her pregnant?" Jason marveled, as he turned left into the track up to the ranch house. They'd not take precautions against conception but perhaps unknown to them their sister had been on the pill. If his memory served him correctly, all this time later he'd still list his sister in his A-list of great fucks.

He felt foolish when he'd thought about that; yeah great country values!

Jason, who'd become wealthy through selling industrial sites on behalf of developers, was hoping to find a wife as beautiful in every way as his mother. He wasn't hopeful of finding a bride from this district. Well not unless she was on the rebound because guys knew the best ones always first to enter into marriage.

He spotted a red F250 pickup streaking across a 60-acre pasture on his right, lights flashing, and grinned. He stopped up ahead and opened the gate and his father Luke came bounding out of the vehicle, looking as fit and rough as ever.

They slammed into a hug and Luke said, "Welcome home boy. Jesus I like the feel of muscle and your strength."

"Yeah I didn't want to mature being a weasel like you and Lenny here," Luke said exchanging some back-slapping with his lean and blue-eyed brother. Jason had his mom's dark hair and dark eyes from her part-Argentinean father.

"Great wheels," Lenny said, having looked over the vehicle and peered in at the dashboard. "V8 and 4.2 liter all alum block and head I seem to remember?"

"That's right. Take her up to the house but remember she's a highway car."

Lenny took off like a rocket and Jason grinned, watching Lenny expertly handle the raw-power with tires coping with the gravel surface.

"Does he still race?"

"Nah his girlfriend won't allow it. She's Carol Jobbins."

"With the big tits? She went through school with him."

"Yeah well the kid won a big reputation of being something of a ladies' man."

"What kind of man is that dad?"

"It's safe for me to say I have no idea. Take me home son."

Jennifer, Jason's mom, came rushing from the house already blubbing.

Jason hated emotional scenes but he supposed having his mom like that was okay.

She managed to pack 'Oh my darling boy' four times into a span of fifteen seconds.

Macy, carrying Charlotte, came up behind with a great looking babe and both were grinning, as were his father and brother.

Jason managed to untangle from his mother and kissed Macy and tapped baby Charlotte on the forehead.

"What are you doing? You'll scare her."

"I've seen the Pope do that on TV news."

"Omigod, you're blessing your niece."

"Am I?" Jason said, somewhat bewildered.

"Oh this is Paula, my dearest friend from college who's just resigned from nursing and is staying with us for a while."

"Hi Paula."

"Hi Jason."

"Well kiss her dummy, you like sexy women."

"I do?"

"God you kiss him Paula. Shyness is not one of his traits. He's bluffing in a failed attempt to impress mom."

Paula kissed him on the lips and Jason dipped his head to almost touch her skin below her ear and said, "Kelvin Kline."

"Pardon me?"

"Your perfume, you are wearing Eternity."

The women looked impressed.

"Yes," Paula smiled. "But it's actually Calvin Kline just as your vehicle that we came running out to greet earlier is an Audi and not an Audit."

"Um I stand corrected. You are very clever and you let me down gently."

She giggled and Jason noticed Macy was watching them intently. God his sister was attempting to match them up.

He grabbed Paula around the waist and said, "Do you like sex?"

"Yes I do. Come to my room now unless you think I'm more than you can handle or you think going away abruptly would be rude to your family."

Jason dropped his arm as if her waist had become super-heated and stood half a pace away and noted Macy's look of horror.

"I-I was only fooling around, thinking Macy is attempting to set us up."

"Well what if she were, not that she'd said anything to me about that? Anyway why embarrass her?"

"It's because I'm either immature still or a big tease or perhaps a bit of both."

Jason looked at his sister and apologized.

Paula said, "Well I think you grew up teasing your sister and that you should stop it. And thank you for being man enough to apologize to her."

"Thanks. God you have a sharp tongue."

"Oh my dears, enough of this banter," said his mother. "All of that should have been taped for TV. Come on, inside everyone. It's time for a drink."

Jason put out his hands to take Charlotte and his sister looked at him doubtfully.

Paula said authoritatively, "Give Charlotte to him Macy. He'll be used to carrying babes carefully into his bedroom."

"Oh god," Macy said, handing over the three-month old Charlotte who simply looked at Jason and gurgled.

The females noticed that.

"God did you see that?" Macy whispered to her friend. "Charlotte is never handled over that peacefully to any other guy including her father."

"Well Macy, we both know the art of seduction just oozes from some guys without them even having to try to apply influence."

"Yep, I think I remember. What do you think of him? I told you he was a honey."

"Yeah right but keep quiet about that otherwise he'll know I can lie. I claimed you'd never spoken to me about him like that."

"Oh yeah. Well is he fuckable?"

"Macy I can't wait for him to remove my panties."

They giggled.

"Oh god, he's disappeared with Charlotte," Macy said in panic, running into the house, Paula following.

They found Jason at the fridge, with the door open, asking Charlotte if she wanted a beer.

"Oh god," Macy groaned but Paula took over.

"Jason, use your brain. A baby this small is on a 100% mother's milk or formula diet and Charlotte is blessed with being on mother's milk. If you wish to feed her place her against Macy's nipple."

"Is she ready to be fed?"

The women said no simultaneously.

"Oh what a disappointment. I've never seen Macy's tits full of milk."

"Well actually they are not full of milk," Paula began. When you would have sucked Macy's nipples, she would not have been lactating."

"Oh god, will you two shut up," Macy said, looking around wildly to see if anyone was coming.

"Jason never has sucked my breasts," she lied.

"Oh my apologies guys," Paula said. "I just assumed you guys raised out in the country with nothing much to occupy yourselves..."

"Paula, please," Macy groaned.

"Paula if I sucked your nipples, you being an adult woman, would I taste milk?"

"You are welcome to try."

"Omigod you two, go down to the barn and get yourselves off."

Jason winked at Paula and she winked back at him. He handed Charlotte back to her mom and said he'd get the guys a beer. They would be off cleaning up.

"What does mom drink?"

"A white wine, the same for Paula and nothing for Macy," said Jennifer from the doorway. "I've been standing at the doorway listening. You young people do have such interesting conversation."

Macy groaned and Paula said brightly, "Well if there's anything you'd like to know from us Mrs Bergman, just ask. Unlike our parents, people of our generation tend to let it all hang out."

"Mom I can explain..."

"It's fine Jason. Just don't touch you sister but touch Paula as much as she will permit. As they say these days, you two make a hot couple."

"I need to sit," Macy sighed.

Paula pulled out a chair for her grinning and said, "You have a lovely modern attitude Mrs Bergman."

"Thank you dear. Don't stand there gawking Jason. Our drinks please."

After dinner Jason was in his bedroom at his laptop looking at his short list of names of possible candidates for marriage.

Paula breezed in and said, "Hey I caught you looking at porn?"

"No just some notes," he said vaguely.

"Your mom has just told me it's okay if I wish to sleep with you."

"Well okay and what are your thoughts about that?"

"Omigod, you are supposed to act like you're over the moon and..."

"Well I'm not. I'm unsure of your credibility because I don't know you."

"My credibility?"

"Yes. Do you know what that means?"

"You slug. Macy told me to go carefully with you because you hadn't had a college education and ..."

"That's beside the point. All I wish to know if I'm to engage with you, do you have credibility?"

"And what about me; am I supposed to have no requirements of you?"

"Well yes unless you're a slut."

"Omigod, you conceited asshole. Get out of my life."

"As you wish."

"That's exactly what I wish. Don't you dare come within two feet of me while we are together on this ranch."

"No problem."

The next two days it rained heavily and then cleared.

The family noticed the changed between Jason and Paula.

Paula explained the reason, that Jason had insulted Paula in questioning her sincerity but she wanted nothing to be done about that.

Nev arrived from his trip away and Macy briefed him about the problem between Paula and Jason and asked him to speak to Jason and try to sort him out, she assuming Jason was the one at fault.

Nev (Neville), a chartered accountant, reported back.

"Paula wanted to sleep with him and all Jason claims he said was he was in favor once he had a handle on Paula's credibility, meaning he first had to know could he trust her."

"What a damn cheek. My brother used to fuck anything that moved."

"Well darling, perhaps his experience in the business world has taught him to be more circumspect?"

"How dare you. This is my best friend you're talking about."

"Hey whoa, I was only giving an opinion. It's imprudent to shoot the messenger and if you must know Jason definitely did not block Paula from delivering her terms, at least that's what he said."

"God what a mess. All Paula was doing was attempting to have sex."

"Well Jason told me he was here looking for a wife and had Paula thrust at him."

"Omigod, a wife. Paula wouldn't know that because I didn't know that. What a fucking mess. I know, I'll take her out riding tomorrow and try to sort it out with her."

* * *

Friends of the family dropped in next day and stayed for lunch. It was after 5:00 before they left and then Macy and Paula rode out, Macy saying they'd ride to the river and then return.

Macy returned riding hard and was obviously greatly distressed and followed by a riderless horse.

Her father had seen her coming and took the sobbing Macy into his arms.

"The river's in flood and Paula said she wanted to cross it, that it was not all that bad. I said no but she said yes. It wasn't too bad but then a log hit her horse and unseated Paula and she yelled help and was swept away. Oh god dad, it was terrible."

Luke took her inside and quickly told the others what had happened.

"I'll try to get a search and rescue team out here and hopefully a chopper equipped for night searching."

"Do that dad," Jason said. "Macy you were at college with Paula, can she swim?"

"Yes she swam competitively."

"Right I'm taking an ATV and ropes," Jason said. "She can swim so if she keeps afloat she might make Fraser Island in mid-river from where she went in."

"But that's crazy," Luke said. "That's at least two miles downriver."

"Then you tell me where's her best chance?"

"Any promontory, I guess."

"Well my guess is Fraser Island."

Luke sighed and looking worried said, "Then off you go but take a radio."

"Good thinking dad. Bye guys. If I see her I'll bring her back, dead or alive."

His mom burst into tears and began to shake. Macy ran forward and hugged Jason and said to take Lenny.

"No when the search teams come dad can take a team down this side and Lenny can take a team crossing over at Mason's Bridge and then scan that side of the river."

Jason reached Fraser Island just on nightfall. He yelled and saw the disheveled Paula emerge from under trees.

She waved and he yelled he was coming to get her.

"Don't," she yelled. "The risk is too great."

He ignored that and radioed and his father took the call. He listened carefully and said no suitably equipped chopper was available because they were out air-lifting entire families marooned by floodwaters.

"I can get her dad."

"Don't be foolish son. The guys assembling now have rocket line launchers to take the risk out of things."

Jason cut contact.

He knotted three ropes together and tied one end to the thick trunk of a tree on an upstream promontory and entered the water, swam out and let the current take him towards the island, on the weaker side of the divided current.

Damn, he stopped twenty-five yards short.

Paula called bleakly, "I told you not to try; it's no use."

"It's still raining in the hills. A big fresh could come down and run straight over your island."

"Then come closer."

"I can't because this is the extent of the rope. Wade towards me as far as you can and then swim as powerfully as you can."


"Come on Paula, trust me. You can do it."

She whimpered, "Is that the truth?"

"Yes, trust me."

She waded and began swimming and was almost within finger grip when she began losing ground with her swimming.

Jason had taken off his belt just in case of a situation like his. He threw the buckle end and it had Paula's shoulder and she grabbed it.

It was touch and go. But slowly Jason hauled her in, desperately afraid his grip on the wet leather would slip but finally their hands touched and he gripped her wrist powerfully.

"Do you trust me," he said.

"Absolutely," she gasped.

"Then I'll save you," he panted and pulled her until she was clinging to him, arms clenched around his back.

"Nice tits," he said, feeling them against her chest and saw her looking at him disbelievingly that he could think of such a thing in a moment like that.

Jason lifted his feet off the rocky bottom on the river and the current swept them much closer to the shore and as he waded in he stopped and kissed Paula on the mouth.

"I'm exhausted. Don't attempt to fuck me until I check out your suitability as a sexual partner," she murmured, looking exhausted.

He unstrapped the blanket from the back tray of the SUV, wrapped her in it and laid her on the ground.

She was already asleep.

Minutes later he heard the grinding transmission of the farm truck in low gear as it bashed through scrub over stony and muddy terrain, heading towards them.

His father and Lenny called him a hero and his mom just kissed him affectionately.

Paula awoke and cried and said she just wanted to go home.

Jason rode slowly behind the truck as the party headed back to the ranch house thinking he didn't wish to be hailed as a hero because anyone could have done what he'd done. He then realized that was unlikely to happen because the media would have dozens of rescued families to interview and therefore would ignore solo rescues.

He felt relieved about that.

Jason went over a hill as the heavier truck went around it and as he waited in the dark he accepted he had a problem with Paula. They really were not compatible in the way it would be necessary if they were to live together unless one or both of them could adjust to smooth out of rough edges. The truth was he had become firm in his belief he wanted a woman like his mom and sister who were soft at the core. Paula was too much like him, hard as nails.

Oh shit, he sighed. Now everyone would really work to push them together. He felt trapped but resisted the temptation to run. Well perhaps if she was great at fucking they could make the relationship stick. He sighed again, accepting that was immature thinking and really quite a minor consideration for a couple intending to be closely cohabitate.

Paula reached the ranch house and immediately went into the warm bath that Macy had prepared for her.

She came out later to the kitchen with rosy cheeks and said she was fine but didn't want the dinner that had been saved for her. She sat at the table beside Jason and drank hot chocolate and then, placing a hand on Jason's arm, she kissed him and then made a short speech about how grateful she was about Jason being so gallant and clear-headed in coming to her rescue.

Jason replied with a few words, basically saying oh shucks it was nothing.

His family said nothing about that but they all knew what that river was like when in flood.

Jason and Lenny went off to watch TV, leaving the others talking.

Paula slept alone that night and that made Jason think. When he came out to breakfast next morning he found Paula packed and almost ready to leave.

She came up to him and said, "I want to go home to assess what I wish to do with my life."

"Okay well that's a great idea," Jason said, realizing he didn't have to dump Paula because in her mind. She'd decided she didn't want him. He thought he was receiving a gentle and very sophisticated brush-off.

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