tagErotic CouplingsSeema: An Ambitious Maid Ch. 04

Seema: An Ambitious Maid Ch. 04


Pradip went back home, satiated. He could not have asked for more, Seema was an excellent woman and possessed a desirable pussy.He was given a fairly elaborate 'goodbye' in the sense that Seema literally tied her loose hair all around his cock amd kept it meshed for minutes before she realised that the 'member' was aroused and kicking. Then, she licked and laved and sucked and finally asked him to fuck her mouth in an unusual manner.

Lying on her back on the bed, Seema slid right to the edge and let her head sag backward with her hair touching the floor. In that pose Seema darling looked 'lust' in all its embodiment. Pradip was lost and really did not know where to begin, Seema sensing the predicament decided to tease him some more and inserted her fingers into her mouth and making them sufficiently wet put them where it made him jump, in her cunt.

She kept repeating this exercise and finally closed her eyes to the sensational pleasure emanating out of the act- unbearable to witness anymore, Pradip who had by now slowly recovered, replaced her fingers with his cock.

Encasing the cock in her mouth, Seema kept her lips totally glued to the rim of the prick and as and when he would pull out, the suction at the lips would push it back, aiding Pradip to really enjoy the hot mouth, Seema feverishly licked on the entire rounded length of the cock using her tongue and soon a white foam emerged from the sides indicating the effects of saliva .

Pradip noticed all this and really lost control and was just about to start ejecting loads of sperms when she took the cock out of her mouth and licked the tip with her tongue making it nearly impossible for Pradip to withold. Th first globule emerged and Seema with her eyes transfixed on Pradip's face used her tongue to clean it off and using the fist, inserted the cock back into her mouth, pulling and pushing it back in a piston like act. The entire cum load got deposited in her mouth with out a single drop coming out.

Finally ensuring that she had milked him completely, Seema let the member out.

He was exhausted and tired.

Pradip bent to pick up his underwear lying on the floor when right in front of him still in that hanging position, Seema opened her mouth to show the entire load of his cock 'ejacualation'. He was disappointed thinking she will spit it out, but got the kick of his life when she twirled and twisted the viscous fluid on her tongue surface before gobbling it, there and then. She ate him and his cum- literally.

"At home make any excuses you can think but don't let anyone come to know that you were with me all this while", saying she quickly slipped into the bathroom, tidied and clean came out in a neat Nightgown strapped and of course with no underclothes. She was now getting ready to go to sleep. Pradip was still there, dressed up and on the chair in front of the bathroom.

" Here, this is not for what we did, but for my own sake keep it. I really like you Seema, you are too beautiful. ", saying he handed her a wad of notes. Seema took the money without any remorse and looking straight into his eyes gave him a grim look.

" Pradip, I will take it for whatever you want me to give it for, I need money and if that makes me a slut, it is okay. Remember, this should not be known to others. I am really concerned and while at home with me around, please be normal and don't get nervous or horny and now please go, I don't want someone to come in spying on you, it has been a long time since you came here"- Seema pushed him out of the house.

Next day was a Saturday and began as usual, Seema reached the Gangarams house and was back to her work.

"Why did you leave me like that, I thought you will stay longer. You have started acting strange and high handed lately. Don't try any of those tricks okay", saying Gangaram pushed his shaving lather laden face into her blouse and started licking her crevice looming out of the garment. Seema had to literally shove him off, since Meena was just round the corner. Seema was sure Meena woud have witnessed the scene.

Quickly reaching out for a towel, she cleaned the while cream off and told Gangaram to be careful with 'bahu betiyan' (daugter in law) around. Incidentally, Pradip would leave for his works pretty early and was never there when she came in the mornings- that was some consolation.

Gangaram, dressed up and started to leave when the telephone rang. With nobody around he told Seema to pick it up and went out to get into his car and proceed to work. Seema picked up the phone and said "Hello".

" Ma, Aadesh- I need some help " was the voice on the other side. Before Seema could utter a word, ' Sorry, who is it, that did not sound like my mother, is it Meena Bhabhi ? ".

Seema giggled into the mouth piece and gave a long sigh.

" SEEEEEEMMMAAAA , Oh GOD, you are back at work, fuck what a torment. I am lusting for you, my love, waiting for you and am dreaming of you every night and day to fuckyou long and hard, listen Seema, I am at Hamirpur in Himachal. I stay outside the college in a rented flat. Take a bus to Simla and reach there tomorrow, I will pick you up from the bus stand and bring you over here in my friend's car. You just take the DTC bus leaving at 10pm tonight. Now, don't tell anyone that I called . Rest I will speak to you at your house, give me your number, fast. ". - Pradip sounded very happy and excited.

" No....No.....6567776" and Seema kept the phone. Meena was coming out of the kitchen.

'Kiska phone tha( Whose call ) " enquired Meena.

"Wrong number tha madam " - Seema quickly replied.

Meena had heard her telling some number at the end of the conversation- safely assumed the same to be the truth and went about doing what she was at that point of time.

Seema back at home, was in a dilemma. How to make up an excuse. She wanted to go and that was for sure. She wanted to lie next to Aadesh and share her body with his and be naked alongside him for all the days she was going to be in Hamirpur. That was for sure. But what to tell the folks out here ?.

She went and revealed the secret to Sunanda. Sunanda gave her a brain wave of an idea.

Seema called up Pradip on his mobile and told him about an insurance claim of her husband's which she is supposed to receive and for that she has to leave immediately for Bijnor. She covertly confided that since Madam{his mother} will not understand this whole thing,she would like him to explain and take care of the 'leave' for her.

" That is fine- but I wanted to spend sometime with you. After what you did last night Seema, my life is changed. I cannot live a night without your touch and your sex" - Pradip was in an enslaved condition.

Seema had booked her ticket for the 10 pm bus. The time now was 4 pm and she had to leave for the bus stand by 8pm. The bus stand was very far from her house. " Can you come soon, in the next 15 minutes".

" I can come now- I am just outside your house " and she heard a knock on the door.

The sexy twenty seven-year old maid stifled a moan. Biting her lower lip, with her long neck arching and the blackbeaded necklace swinging sensuously, she tilted her lovely face upward. She was going to thoroughly enjoy him before joining his younger brother in another 12 hours from now.

Pradip tongue-fucked Seema on the floor, Seema loved having her cunt licked and Pradip was doing it very well indeed. Lying on her back, her legs lifted high, she moaned soft words as he twisted his tongue round and round in her wet cunt, lapping at her streaming cunt-juices, flicking her gorged clitoris this way and that. He paused briefly to tease her bulbous breasts with his teeth and tongue, sucking them and nibbling the nipples, making Seema whimper and jump joyously on the cool tiled floor.

But soon he went back to tongue-fucking her cunt while she lifted and squeezed her breasts in wild abondanment and unlimited excitement arching her back, with her belly sucking inward. Her face glowed and the sexy mouth opened up widely, lips drawing back over her teeth in a lusty expression of pleasure.

Pradip continued tongue-fucking her relentlessly and made her body jerk and rock as though she was being speared by the cock, he was fascinated watching her breasts wobble and bounce on her sexy torso.

"Yes!" Seema whimpered. "Ohhh god yes, Pradip, yes! Ohhh yes ... that's so good... yes ... c'mon ... do it ... lick my cunt, my pussy ... ahhhhh uhhh yes ... ohhh suck me, yesssssss! "

Seema was panting with lust when he stopped, just short of her reaching an orgasm. She turned on her side and he got behind her, squeezing his penis between her ass.

"I want to fuck you in the ass, Seema darling," he was in a furious mood.

He was stunned with what he heard next.

She turned her head and looked straight into his eyes " I will need 10,000 rupees and you can fuck that hole".

"Right now, or can I go and get it after this is over". - Pradip was confused.

" My darling, I trust you, but get it before I leave today. It is 4:30 now and I have to leave by 8pm ". - Seema was being very matter of fact.

" Do you want me to drop you at the station ?"- Pradip was informed that she was going by train to Bijnor.

"No, enjoy my ass and get me the money, rest I will manage", saying Seema raised her buttocks in the air and her face was buried in the pillow in front of her on the floor.

She enjoyed being butt fucked, and all her earlier lovers knew it.

"Get some lubricant" she murmurred.

"You got margarine or olive oil or Baby oil?"

"In the other room, there is a Wipro baby oil bottle, Sunanda uses it on one of the children at the creche where she works and forgot to take it last night."

"In the other room, where ??"

"Sorry, urrrrrrrrrNo.Outside.You have to go to her house."

Pradip quickly got into his dress and hurried to Sunanda's house only to find it closed, just behind the chain of huts was a small bakery, Pradip went running to that shop and bought a Nestle bar of butter and returned with the same along with a large packet of Five star chocolate .Seema was waiting in the room openly fondling her breasts and slit dreamily, she had shifted to the bed.

Pradip went up to her and setting the butter and chocolate packet on the floor, wrapped his arms around her, his cock pressing to her buttocks, his hands on her breasts. She turned her face to kiss him slowly and deeply. He sucked on her tongue, real feverishly.

"Fuck my ass, Pradip," Seema moaned softly. "I want it."

Pradip chuckled softly, tonguing her ear. Her breasts were really hot and heavy in his hands as he started squeezing them gently.

"Oh god," she moaned as his prick pressed between her buttocks. "Fuck me, Pradip ... fuck my ass ... come on!"

He stepped back and opened the wrapper around the the butter bar. Gently, he slipped it between Seema's buttocks, pressing the tip to her anus.

Seema gasps in surprise and shock.

"Pradip! What ...?"

"Five star and butter together, my darling Seema, my love," he articulated. "It makes the fuck as sweet and healthy".

"Oh god," Seema moaned, thrilled and excited by what he was contemplating and doing to her. "Oh my god."

"Come my darling, fast now, open up.", Pradip was becoming demanding.

Seema whimpered and started relaxing her anus. It opened up as he slipped one end of the five-star and butter mixed strip into the bung hole. Seema looked back at him and twisted her nose trying to tease only to realise that the sensation in her ass was awesome and she started gasping with her buttocks starting to tremble, move and sharply shake. Pradip was enjoying the sight and he grinned pushing the duo mixture slowly, stealthily deeper and deeper, till it just allowed a little bit to stick out.

Pausing, Pradip scooped more butter from the wrapped packet and slowly applied it on her anus. Seema whimpers softly. Taking more of the butter he coated his finger and pressed it harder into her anus making her gasp and bite her own lower lip, trembling in suspenseful pleasure.

"Seema darling, I hope you ar liking it, my raand? I mean you are liking it in your ass?", saying Pradip got down on to his knee and started using her tongue over the 'sweetened and buttered' ass. He enjoyed the 'treat' and ate most of the mixture and finally finished off the 5 star mixed with her bung and butter mixture.

"God ... yes ... oh god yes, this is lovely- my master I am now all yours for ever!" Seema moaned.

Pradip started sliding his finger out, took more butter and this time put the same on his own cock laving the same with it, till it started looking like a rampant staffpole and was glistening, smooth and slippery.

He took his cock in his left hand and pressed it into her asshole. Seema tensed at the pressure of his prick invading her precious ass, firmly he pressed and slowly the cock disapperaed into the bung hole along with the remnants of the 5 Star and butter all around it,making Seema cry out with a shuddering moan, it was clear that she was now consumed by the insertion and was oozing cum from all pores and orifices in her body.

Pradip flexed his buttocks and slid his torso forward making his cock pop in and out of the slut's anus making Seema cry out, her head jerking upwards with her mouth wide open and her face converted into a whore's paradise. Seema was enjoying the invasion and Pradip was having a very enjoyable sexual bout in a very short span of time.

Seema's head was jerking back and forth while wading with excitement and in immense erotic pleasure. His prick was doing wonders to her anus, thick and real hard. She started to moan loudly this time, "Oh Pradip!" she shouted. "Oh god yes! Do it, my darling! Push it in! Ghussa de mere gaand ke bhitar (Shove it into my ass) put it all in, Pradip ... fuck my ass ... I want it! Fuck my ass!", Seema was hell let loose.

Pradip was enjoying the velvette skinned Seema utmost, slowly he let his hands slide up and started squeezing her breasts, slowly brought the other hand under her belly and inserted two fingers into her wet and open pussy hole and started stroking his cock smoothly in and out of her anus, with his thick rod raiding in and out of the bung hole.

"Oh uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh Pradip! UHHHH Ohhhh uh Ra uhhh ahhh uhhh Ahhhhj UHHHHn uhhh OHHH ... uhhh Ohh uhh oh uh oh uh oh ma uh ah uh oh ma oh ma ohma oh ma uh yes!" Seema was delirious. "Oh god oh god oh god uhhhh yes ohhh yes Pradip darling yes ... fuck me! OHHHHH uhhhh yes!"

"C'mon!" Pradip gasped "C'mon, Raand ... take it ... oh fuck yeh ... oh fuck yeh ... c'mon ... take it, kutiya (bitch) take it! Fuck you all over!"

Seema cried out, shuddering and jerking under him, her fingers holding the edge of the bed with her body stretching under his pressure, while her breasts swung and flew, lusty and heavy with passion. Her body was hot with SIN - the forbidden fruit.

Pradip lost all controls and started babbling, "Take it! Take it, my darling Seema! Take my cock ... oh fuck yes ... take it ... c'mon bitch ... take my prick ... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yeh oh yeh oh yeh that's it oh fuck yes oh yeh oh yeh c'mon oh uhh oh uhh ohh uh ohhh!" he was all lost, fucking her ass hard and harder.


Seema gasped and cried out, her body shaking and rocking frantically with a violent orgasm sweeping through her entire body.

Pradip also was very near but he managed to groan and hold himself back, slowly rolling into her ass, in and out..

Slowly, he slid out of her and Seema got down the bed and sat on her hunches moaning and panting, Pradip stood up with his erect cock bouncing against her face. Seema took it in her hand and started kissing it.

"C'mon ... suck me ... I want to load your mouth and come over your face again,like in the morning" he blurted.

Seema turned and slowly took his cock in her mouth and sucked it gently and steadily, her face distended with its size. He fucked her mouth for several minutes, his head bent, watching her, Seema was transfixed by the size of the growing cock in her lovely sexy and pouting mouth. His cock tasted heavenly, an erotic mixture of her cunt-juice, ass-juice, 5 Star and butter.Her tongue rolled lovingly around his prick tip and she started taking more of his cock in her mouth, shaking his cock in her fist making Pradip groan deliriously and gasp out for fresh breath, arching his handsome head, pumping his hips back and forth, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth.

Finally, with a low groan, he let himself go and started moving in and out real fast like a precise piston in a submercible pump, eventually sighing in relief as the heat convected from his cock. Seema moaned and opening her mouth under his phallus, licked his sticky balls while shaking his shaft and let the loose spasm spurt in hot jets catching it in her lovely hungry mouth.

Pradip moaned still hungry, watching his cum fill her mouth again watching her swallow it all, not allowing any drop to dribble down or slip away from her oral orifice.The final portion of the load was meant for her face and breasts and Seema groaned, jerking his cock, kissing and licking and sucking it shamelessly, massaging her face with it, moving it over and between her swollen breasts. Pradip released the final instalment between her lovely breasts and upon her lovely nose, lips and cheeks and with this he completed another edition of his sexual fantasy- woven and growing in his heart since the age of 14.

NEXT - A Fortnight of Erotic Bliss at Hamirpur: Aadesh loses all his innocence.

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