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Seigneurial dues


Allison was naked on the bed. Her hands were lashed together and her tight little ass was thrust upward behind her. Her hair fell untidily around her face on either side of big, longing eyes. She was looking up – presumably at her husband Alex – with an expression both sheepish and sensual. This was a sexy picture indeed. The next picture showed her spreading her pussy, hands now tied behind her head, then finally breathless with her hair tangled and a look of post-coital satisfaction on her pretty twenty-one year old face.

I immediately got wood looking at Allison's inviting body; she was a hot girl and I had always wondered what she looked like naked. I was amazed at my good fortune to have found her nude pictures in my email inbox that morning. I was no friend of Allison's, but it seemed her husband had accidentally included me, the couple's landlord, in this most private of emails.

Alex's message was: "I can't believe you let me take these, see attached!" I guess he meant to send them to Allison after a romantic evening. I could see the inside of the apartment they rented from me behind Allison's naked and bound body.

I felt my dick getting hard as I looked at Allison's naked body, and began to play with myself idly as I looked at the photos. "Suck my dick, slut" I mouthed to myself, and rubbed my shaft hard while looking at Allison's delicious little tits and ass. What a sexy little slut! I came almost immediately there in my office, and knew in the moment afterward that I needed to somehow have my way with Allison.

"The bitch would love it," I reasoned to myself as I thought a plan over in my head. When she signed her lease, Allison had written "school librarian" in for her occupation. She fit the quiet, socially proper stereotype too, but her nervous submissiveness in these photos betrayed her; it clearly came very naturally to her to be dominated sexually.

Allison's husband Alex was a sissy though: always too polite. My bet was that it didn't feel natural to him to put his girl on the bottom in these pictures. In every picture I had seen today, Allison's longing face wanted more than she seemed to be getting. If I wanted to have my way with Allison, Alex would not seriously stand in my way; I could make myself the alpha wolf here. That night I wrote the following message:

"Allison and Alex,

Very nice photos. I enjoyed them so much, several times in fact. If you don't want your friends, your coworkers and most of the internet to enjoy these images as well, I suggest you let me have a little more of what I've seen. I will be over tomorrow night at ten. You had better both be ready to give me what I want!"

I attached my favorite photo, just to show that I had the photos, and hit "send." Allison and Alex had a lot of college debt, and both had just started jobs that depended on their reputations. Given their circumstances, I trusted they would be compliant – plus I guessed that Allison at least might secretly enjoy herself.

The next night I drove over at 10:30, a little late just to make Allison squirm. I knew the girl who looked so submissive in those photos would secretly love being forced to take cock from a stranger, and I wanted her nervous little pussy as wet as possible. I pounded on the front door, then put my key in the door and let myself in; I am after all the landlord here, so I had my own.

Alex was in the process of opening the door – I was amazed he was even here, let alone opening the door for me – he gave me a stiff greeting and left, banging the door behind him. Clearly he didn't want to be there for what I was about to do to Allison, but was too afraid of my blackmail to let me know what he thought. What a pussy! He deserved what was happening to him – I hoped he knew that somewhere deep inside.

Either way though, I was alone in an apartment I owned with a girl I now also owned, and she would have to do exactly what I said. It was a bit dark in the apartment though, and Allison was nowhere to be seen.

"Come out, slut!" I yelled and Allison stepped shyly forward from the bedroom. To my surprise she was dressed sexily for my arrival in a black thong, black fishnets and a black strapless bra. She stood taller than usual in high-heeled black shoes, and her hair was already pulled back into submissive little schoolgirl pigtails. Her petite little body looked amazing. I had never fucked a girl half my age, and had almost forgotten how hot such a young woman could look. I already wanted to fuck her senseless as I saw her slowly walking down the hall toward me.

I figured Allison must have changed hurriedly for me in back as Alex was storming out. She looked afraid, but was visibly aroused; she was gently tonguing and biting her lower lip, and moving her hips nervously.

"Bitch, you will kneel in front of me," I said, and Allison, still silent, kneeled on the carpet before me and breathed gasping, nervous breaths.

"You are going to do exactly what I say all night tonight," I told her, "and you will call me Master." You are my slut tonight, and my word is your command. You will not complain, and you will be perfectly obedient. You know what will happen if you aren't. Is that understood?"

She looked up at me, her face less than a foot from the bulging cock inside my pants. I had already seen those obedient, nervous eyes looking up at me on my computer screen, but they looked even hungrier tonight.

"Yes Master," she answered breathily, and hung her head.

"Then suck my cock." I said. She undid my belt and zipper, and my huge, engorged cock sprung out and, with a deep thrust, went straight into her open mouth. I grabbed her by the neck and a pigtail, fucking her face hard. If Allison had any ideas that I would go easy, those thoughts were clearly evaporating as my cock rammed the back of her throat. Suddenly I grabbed both of her pigtails and pulled her face down hard over my cock, exploding burst after burst of hut cum into the back of her throat. I squeezed her tit and slid my dick out of her mouth. She was holding my cum in her mouth I saw, seeming confused about what to do with it. My first thought was just to say "swallow, bitch," but I had another idea.

"Did that make you horny?" I asked. She nodded. "Did you like having my dick in your mouth?" She nodded again, looking down now. "Does that make you want to rub your slutty pussy?" Allison kept nodding shamefully.

"Well spit in your hand, bitch," I said. Allison opened her mouth and cum mixed with saliva dripped out into a big sticky pool in her hand. She gulped, swallowing the residue, and stared shamefully at her sticky prize. "That's your lubricant bitch," I said, "Rub it into your cunt."

She looked up at me, scared and confused; "Master," she begged, "Please, I'm not using anything..."

I cut her off angrily: "If you think I'm using protection on a little slut like you, you're mistaken, now cum for me, or you know what happens." She looked scared, but still was aching to touch herself. Suddenly Allison plunged her hand into her thong, rubbing my cum into her soaking pussy. She worked it in hungrily, humping her hand and moaning with the pent up desire she was only now allowed to release. She moaned for a while and came, rubbing my semen up into her cunt, and finishing only as she thrust two cum-soaked fingers deep inside her belly. She then looked up at me ashamed, but still with a submissively vacant look in her eyes.

"I bet you never come that way for your boyfriend, slut," I said. "You need a real master to use you as the bitch you are."

"Yes, Master," she said, then added more quietly: "you are right Master." I felt relieved, but still horny as hell to see her kneeling down there and agreeing with me; I decided to have some fun in a different way.

"Stand up slut," I ordered; Allison dutifully stood up. I wanted to see her naked body, so I ordered her to remove her bra. She did it, and showed me the perky little tits on her petite hundred-pound body, they popped out as her bra dropped on the floor. Her erect, elegant little nipples seemed to reach out for me. I then ordered her to remove her thong, and she turned around, lowering it over her sexy little ass, which she thrust out toward me.

As Allison bent over, I suddenly grabbed one of her hanging tits and stuck my index finger into her outstretched asshole.

"You're my slut," I growled at her. "I can do whatever I want, but you... you actually like it, don't you slut?"

"You even like this don't you," I added as I stuck a second finger into her tight ass.

"Yes master" she panted obediently, and stuck her ass out further, plunging my fingers in up to the second knuckle. I then suddenly released her and finished stripping off her thong from around her ankles. Allison gasped and was standing in front of me now, naked except for her shoes and stockings. She was beautifully petite: thin but with great curves. Her brown pigtails matched the well-trimmed but dripping-wet hair on her pussy.

I really wanted to have her again, but first I had some things to do. "I'm going to make you look the part of being my slut, understood bitch?"

Allison nodded, then muttered "yes Master." I Picked up a bag I had brought and pulled out a pink dog collar, then reached out and put it around her slender, white neck. I clipped a lead onto it, grabbed my bag and pulled her without explanation toward the bathroom. I then grabbed her by the collar and held her head forcibly under the bath tap. Allison gasped as I ran cold water over her head, so I pulled her head down onto the tub floor and spanked her milky-white ass, leaving red marks. She cried out in pain and stopped struggling.

Once she subsided, I handed her a razor and said "Shave." Allison obediently sat on the closed toilet and methodically shaved off all her pubic hair, leaving a pink, smooth little pussy just begging for me to fuck it.

Allison seemed shocked and a bit scared now, but was still complying; I think she had always secretly wanted to look more slutty, but hadn't felt able to allow herself. I stroked her bare pussy tenderly once or twice, then quickly used the bathroom scissors to cut her wet, unkempt hair down to flirty bob. I thought that every time Allison's husband saw his wife's new look, he would have to think of what I did with her. I gave Allison's wet tits a squeeze and smiled at the thought.

"Blow-dry your hair, then put on lipstick and makeup," I commanded.

"Yes, Master" Allison said submissively and turned on her hairdryer.

I went and laid down in the bedroom, and in a few minutes Allison entered. She looked like a whole new slut. Still in high heels, she now had thick, bright makeup, short hair and that great pussy: invitingly shaved just for me. I wanted to put my dick in her so bad.

"Sit on my lap, slut," I said. The new Allison climbed nervously onto the bed, straddled my hips and began rubbing my erect penis up and down her pink little slit. She then lowered herself – with visible enjoyment and a satisfied gasp– onto my massive, unprotected dick.

"Have you ever been filled up like that bitch?" I asked.

"Never Master" she replied, as she worked my enormous cock into her tight belly and began riding it vigorously. I loved the sight of my broad shaft vanishing deep into her tiny little body.

She soon drew gasping little breaths like she was about ready to cum for me a second time. Allison was enjoying this too much, and I guessed correctly that her tiny asshole had been soaked with her cunt-juice, so I pulled out and held her in place with a hand through the pink dog collar. She choked slightly, then gasped in surprise as I thrust the tip of my dick into her tight little butt.

"No master" she whispered as I worked my cock slowly deeper. Her little ass was strangling my cock, and she groaned audibly in pain accommodating me. I worked my dick in and out repeatedly. "Please Master," she said, "please fuck me in my pussy." I stayed silent and just rammed her ass harder, choking her neck down cruelly with the leash; she moaned in pain, and could not avoid reaching climax at the wonderful agony of my dick tearing a deep entrance through her tiny asshole.

In a few minutes when Allison finally began to scream and shudder with orgasm, I pulled out and rammed my dick back in her smooth, little pussy and came over and over, filling up her tight little belly with a hot ocean of cum.

Allison moaned with the last of her climax as she rode my cock and said "Thank you Master, thank you."

I looked at my cum oozing out of her pussy back onto my now flaccid member, then happened to glance up at the window where to my surprise I saw Alex peeking through a gap in the blinds! The pervert was actually secretly watching as I fucked his slut girlfriend!

Now, I had really enjoyed the thought of emasculating a guy by giving his girl a great fuck, so this gave me an idea.

"Come inside, pussy!" I yelled, and walked off to open the back door. He would be afraid of my blackmail too, and I decided he would be scared enough to do what I said, just like Allison was. Alex cautiously came inside, where I pushed him into the bedroom and threw him onto the bed with Allison.

"You..." Alex started to protest, but I cut him off:

"Pussy, I was only going to fuck this slut, but since you're such a slut too, you have to help now. Kiss my whore!" Allison was lying on the bed, her cunt and asshole soaking with my cum as it slowly trickled out of her pussy; she looked sweaty and disheveled and her makeup was now smeared. Alex climbed on the bed and tentatively kissed her – he was nervous and stiff but Allison was relaxed and dazed with the release of repeated orgasm.

"Now tell her that you like that she rode my cock!"

"I like it that you rode his cock." Alex muttered. He sounded ashamed, but honest, like some kid forced to confess a misdeed.

"Now sissy," I said, "You are going to clean up my slut here, but first we have to dress you like a sissy. Get naked."

Alex looked at Allison imploringly, but she just stared back in dazed arousal as he took his clothes off. I went in the closet and found a pair of Allison's satin panties, and a fancy, rufled cocktail dress. "Now put these on sissy or the deal's up!" Alex sullenly put on the dress and then slid the panties up underneath it. This action looked surprisingly girlish, and now he looked intangibly aroused beneath his shame and anger. The dress was so short that his satin-covered butt was just visible beneath its ruffles.

"Kneel sissy," I said, "you will clean off my cock with your tongue." He kneeled, in a surprisingly feminine way, and looked again at Allison. She giggled and nodded, enjoying the humiliation of her boyfriend, who now must seem very inadequate as both protector and lover. Alex looked ashamed and started obediently licking the pussy juices and cum off of my cock.

"Now sissy, clean up my bitch's cunt," I ordered, and pushed him onto the bed again, his face right up in Allison's cum-soaked pussy. Alex gasped and started dutifully licking my cum off his girlfriend's pussy, then – to my surprise – lifted her legs and started licking my cum off her gaping asshole, working his tongue inside the hole to really clean her out. I could tell he not-so-secretly liked this treatment too. What a fucking pussy! I spanked his ladybutt a few times as he lapped up all my cum.

I pulled out my camera quietly as he worked. By the time Allison noticed and raised her hands to protest, I had three more pictures of this tawdry scene. I pushed Alex's head down deeper into her pussy and Allison fell back, not caring any more amid her tired pleasure. I clicked more pictures as he ate out my tired lover.

While Alex was finishing, I reached behind him and tied his hands behind his back and his ankles together. I shoved a ball gag I had brought into his mouth, ending his zealous licking.

"Okay bitch, you're done," I said and yanked him backward, lashing his bound limbs down to a chair at the back of the room. His legs were forcibly crossed by my ropes, making him look even more like a girl, his frilly panties showing beneath the dress.

"You're going to wait there Alexa," I said. "Alexa and Allison, that has a nice ring to it... do you think so Alexa?" Alex looked up at me, fuming through the ball gag. I slapped his face and he recoiled.

I then climbed back up on the bed while "Alexa" watched us with hateful obedience. I pushed myself up between Allison's legs and began to passionately kiss my new slut as she moved sensually against my body. I worked my dick inside of her nubile but reddened pussy and began gently humping her again as she kissed and caressed me. I could tell that these two sluts would be mine for a long time. And I had my own key to this place; I could come whenever I wanted. There would be nothing either of them could do about it.

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