tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeigneurial dues Ch. 02

Seigneurial dues Ch. 02


"Ding-dong" rang the bell. I uncrossed my legs and daintily stood up, pulling the frilly pink ruffles of my nightie down over the bottom of my smooth buttocks. I walked down the hallway to the door, swaying for the first time in my brand-new pink high-heels. I bent forward to unlatch the door and pulled it open to let the tall, forty-year old man outside into my house.

"Welcome master" I said in a slightly babyish voice and curtsied low, letting my white-stockinged legs bend out from under the pink and white frills of the nightie. I stood to the side, with my ass out just a bit, as I held the door open for him. The landlord came inside and handed me his coat and briefcase. I curtsied again as I took it - "thank you master," - and set both carefully in the front room.

It had been a month since he had blackmailed Allison and me. I had watched through the window on that first night as he buggered my wife's face, pussy and ass. I was enraged at our situation, but so aroused. I think now that I've never known such delight as I secretly felt watching her get filled with our master's cum. When he had seen me through the window, master dragged me in to help. I knew Master was straight, but he still got wood from my willingness to submit. It made having his way with Allison all the better I think. And his pictures, always more pictures... the more we did what he said, the deeper we got down the rabbit hole. My life would be over if anyone saw me in a cocktail dress sucking his fat dick clean after he had ejaculated in my wife's pussy; with that expression of shamed arousal on my face I could hardly claim blackmail.

Now he wanted me as a second slave, how could I say no? "Think it over," he had said though, for Master needed me to be a willing slave. Allison had enjoyed being forced once and – like me – had even played along; but now she was getting uncomfortable with master's repeated demands. He stopped by randomly several times a week and she had begun to cooperate only grudgingly. Master needed my help to train her for him.

I hardly had to think at all about this demand; I had started to feel a deep need for my master to approve of me. Knowing Master liked me best as a pretty girl, I did all I could to please him. I went dress shopping, lingerie shopping, shoe shopping, and got my ears pierced at the mall. I waxed every hair to make my slender body silkily smooth all over, got a sexy tan, then for the final touch, I bought a long, curly, blonde wig until my real hair could grow out. I had followed his instructions for curls, frills, bows and makeup to the letter, including cutting little hole in the back of my pink satin panties.

When I looked at myself in the mirror before master arrived, I looked like a sexy girl. I would have given myself an erection, but for the fact that my shaved genitals had been kinked and tucked inside my body beneath those pink panties. I began to feel very pretty and in the mood for being another one of my master's girls.

Once I had put Master's things away, I kneeled in front of him in the hallway and looked up into his stern face high above me. He was six foot four and powerful, with a strong chest and just a bit of belly above the bulge in his jeans. I was slight by comparison, really seeming no more than a submissive little girl in my current attire.

He reached down with his strong hand and stroked my cheek, "You look good little Alexa." I moved against his hand and breathed in deeply, pushing my ass out behind me and arching my back. Master firmly grabbed the pink dog collar I was wearing at his request and lifted me up to standing. I reached only as high as his neck, which I ventured to kiss and nibble tenderly. He ran his hands over my A-cup bra concealing its silicone tits, over the silk fabric of my nightie and down my smooth, tight belly, satisfying himself that I was girlishly smooth everywhere.

A sure hand on my hip turned me around, and I pressed my frilly pink ass up against the erection in his pants. He ran his hand through my new, long, blonde hair, down the small of my back and firmly squeezed the edge of my butt. I pressed harder against his dick, feeling it press hard into my panties. "You make such a pretty girl Alexa" he said with just a note of derision.

"Thank you master," I whispered, and did a little curtsy. Making eye contact briefly, I walked with him down the hall, shoes clicking and hips swaying. I led him into the bedroom where my wife Allison was fast asleep on the bed from the pill master had given me to put with her vitamins when he last came over. My wife's tiny, delicate form was completely naked on the bed. As he had requested, I had slid all her clothes off, readying Allison to better serve my Master. He reached out his finger and slipped it into my mouth. I elegantly sucked on it as he thrust it in and out. I then watched as he worked the wet finger into my wife's dry pussy; she groaned as he pumped it in and out. Then he pinched her nipple and twisted it hard. She made a slight noise, but stayed oblivious.

"Alexa," he said, "I will require your service." Without a second's delay I kneeled at his feet again and began hungrily unzipping his jeans. I gently pulled them down over master's buttocks; his manhood sprang out and I heard his belt buckle clink against the floor. I hungrily took his cock into my mouth and began working it in and out vigorously. I felt so secure with his strong cock in my mouth. It felt perfect, and I thrust my ass out through the playful folds of my silk nightie as I worked.

Master then said: "I am not going to let you finish Alexa; when I'm about to cum, I plan to do it inside my slut. Do you understand?"

"Yes master," I gurgled in an earnest but babyish whisper; saliva oozed out down his shaft as I whispered to him. I began to pump his dick harder and deeper, wanting to see him cum in my wife again for me. After a minute of slamming the back of my throat, master seized my face and pushed my lipsticked mouth off his dick, then, wearing just his black T-shirt he climbed atop my unconscious wife and shoved his cock into her dry, unprepared cunt.

It took a couple thrusts to get his manhood in against friction, then he started banging her hard until he came repeatedly inside her tight pussy. He squeezed her tit violently as he came over and over. I hopped up on the bed as he climbed off, a bit out of breath, and bent over him, sucking master's manhood clean from his fuck. His cum was delicious, I could taste my new identity as a submissive girl-slave with every drop I slurped down.

"Alexa," he said as I looked up from cleaning him, "go to my briefcase and get me two large plugs." I rushed down the hallway to the front room, clicking on the hardwood in my pink heels and swaying in my white stockings. One of the plugs was very large, and the other a bit smaller. I brought them to master, who took the larger one and shoved it reluctantly into Allison's pussy, where it became covered in Master's cum as he turned it slowly inside of her.

"Bend over Alexa," he said with a hint of amusement. I turned from where I was dutifully facing him, and bent over. My stocking legs stood straight up in their heels; my panties protruded from the nightie as my forward bend pulled its silk ruffles up over my back. I was strongly aware of how the hole I had cut in my satin panties left my asshole clearly on display between the ruffles. I heard him chuckle gently as I felt the huge cum-soaked buttplug being pushed cruelly inside of me. I gasped in shock at the sharp pain, then fell silent at the surprising sense of fullness as the plug's widest portion slid inside of me. I felt that I truly belonged to master now; I would do anything to be a pretty girl for him. As I awkwardly stood up straight again, I saw him shove the other plug into Allison's vagina, stopping up the rest of his cum up inside her unconscious pussy, so that none could leak out.

"Now Alexa," said Master as he pulled his pants back on and began to zip and buckle. "You are really here to help me train my slut, not to help me fuck her." He picked up Allison's naked, nubile body and carried her to the bathroom. "I want Allison to look like my whore," Master intoned as he set her in the bath. Allison's hair was still short from when he had cut it on the first night. "Women are better at this sort of thing Alexa, so you are going to give her a makeover for me. She's my slut now and she needs a new look." He handed me some blonde dye, some hair bleach, a razor and some hair remover. He then shut me in with her.

What could I do? It seemed from the blonde dye that master wanted Allison to have new hair for him, so I wet my wife's hair with the tap and rubbed the bleach into it. That had to sit for fifteen minutes, so I climbed in the empty bath and carefully shaved the stubble off her legs and pussy, rubbing hair remover into her labia to keep Allison looking nubile for a while. It was hard to work around the plug holding master's cum inside her belly, but I got my wife's pussy smooth for him without disturbing it.

The plug in my own orifice made movement awkward, and I would often get a sharp reminder of my master if I bent too far forward. After fifteen minutes I rinsed the brown out of Allison's beautiful hair and began working the blonde dye into her bleach-white hair, leaving platinum highlights on top. I blow-dried her, supporting my wife's unconscious head with my other hand, then tidied up her hair with the bathroom scissors into a flirty layered style. Using the practice I had from preparing myself for master, I took some of her makeup and carefully applied foundation and blush. As I applied mascara and painted Allison's lips a bright, pouty red, I realized she looked totally different. This was master's girl now, and he would soon do with her whatever was best for him.

I opened the door and kneeled outside the bathroom. "I am done master" I whispered in my submissive babygirl voice. He picked Allison up and carried her tiny, blonde, nubile body back to the bed. I saw he had set up a complex handheld device while I had been helping him make over Allison. He put a handcuff on my wrist as I came into the bedroom then threaded it through the radiator and latched the other end on my other wrist. From where I was chained in the corner, I saw Master take the device over to Allison and straddle her, holding one of her ample tits. "Ker-shunk!" went the machine, and I saw Allison had a small steel ringlet through her left nipple. "Ker-shunk!" – her right nipple as well; then "Ker-shunk, ker-shunk, ker-shunk" eight more times until she had a line of rings on each side of her pussy, and one through her clitoris. This looked very elaborate, but Master knew best what his slut needed. Then he took a small, sparkling chain out of his pocket and threaded it through her new rings like a shoelace, elegantly locking her cunt shut over the plug he had installed earlier. He clicked a tiny padlock shut around both ends of the chain and through the clit-ring itself, tying her cunt off completely.

He pulled playfully on a nipple ring, pulling her tit taught by her pink little nipple. He laughed with pleasure. "Now you Alexa," he said and put a hand on the small of my back, pulling my thin, tanned belly up near his face. He pushed his machine up against the top of my belly button and "Ker-shunk!" made a tiny hole. He pulled out a stud with a big silver and pink flower on it, working it through the new hole in my smooth girlish tummy. "Thank you master," I said, "it is beautiful master. I kneeled for him again, hands still restrained behind me. I had already pierced my ears for him at a stand at the mall, and had small dangling pearls at the sides of my face, but this was something I had not thought to do. His gift felt cold in my belly button.

"You are both ready now," said master, with a voice that betrayed contentment with the sexy appearance of his two sluts. "Get dressed so we can leave."

"Leave, master?" I said, somewhat surprised.

"Yes," he sternly replied, "You will spend your summer vacation being trained at my house; you will help Allison learn to enjoy obeying my every command for the next three months, now get dressed, slut!" He threw me a pair of low-rise women's jeans and a pink shirt, and unlatched the cuffs so I could obey. I slipped off the nightie, being careful to stay turned away from master so I would continue to look girlish for him. I then pulled up the tight jeans up over my stockings, panties and enormous butt plug. I felt the low-rise jeans pushing it deeper inside of me as I strained to do up the button.

As I pulled on the shirt, I realized it only came down far enough to still show my new belly-button ring and an expanse of tanned tummy. I felt pretty as I pulled my pink heels back on and watched Master set Allison's limp body on the rug, flip the fringed end up over her body, and roll the whole thing up with her inside. He beckoned to me and I helped carry the rug and its secret cargo out to his truck parked on the street. I prayed that none of the neighbors would recognize me as we stuffed the rug into the back of the truck. I looked so different, but even so I was scared.

I went round to the passenger side to climb into the cab beside master, and as I did, the neighbor from across the street wolf-whistled at me from his front yard. I sheepishly ducked inside the cab next to master; I had argued with that man about a number of petty things, and I was sure he had once keyed my car afterwards in spite. I knew he would never let me live this down – probably even telling people the story – if he realized the pretty girl in the truck was actually me. Master laughed at my shamed reaction to the catcall and pinched my blushing cheek derisively. Then he got out of the cab suddenly, leaving me sitting there confused with my sexy legs crossed.

A minute went by as master talked to the neighbor. They looked over at me a couple times and I cowered in shame. I didn't even know the neighbor's name, but he was an overweight black man, wearing shorts and a white t-shirt. Then master gestured at the truck and the neighbor began to walk over. "Oh fuck," I thought as the man climbed into the cab with some effort.

"Hey girlie" he said, "Your man says you're going to give me head if I do some odd jobs for him."

"What!" I thought; I had never seen this coming. I looked out at Master imploringly and saw him nodding his head, so I reached under the man's fat belly and undid his baggy jeans shorts. I put my hand around his member and fiddled with it as it grew, rising up enormous between the steering wheel and his belly. I then leaned over and shamefully slid my mouth around his head. I could smell the sweat of his work out in his front yard coming up from his crotch. The taste was foul, but it made me hot. I began to suck more vigorously, my head rubbing against his firm gut.

"Oh baby" he muttered, working my head down far over his cock with a big hand on my head. I gagged a bit on his dick as it went into my throat, then he came directly down my throat as I swallowed his hot, sweaty cum: gulp, gulp, gulp. He lifted me up by the chin and kissed me. I felt his black lips pressed against my own cherry red ones and felt a passionate rush.

"Thanks baby," he said, as he stroked my cheek, gave me a last little smooch, then buckled up his pants and hopped out of the truck. My anger and shame had evaporated in the passion I suddenly felt for this man who's cum was in my stomach, and who had just given me my first kiss as a girl.

Master waited fifteen seconds, then hopped back in the driver's seat. He laughed at my shame as he blindfolded me, then put his car in gear and drove out of town toward his own house, which, by the distance, was somewhere outside the city. I stared into the blackness of my blindfold, still with the taste of two men's semen in my mouth, and my wife made up like a whore and unconscious in the back of the truck. It was all so wrong, and yet it felt so right to me. This summer would change who I was, if I wasn't a different person already.

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