tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeigneurial dues Ch. 03

Seigneurial dues Ch. 03


Consciousness drifted back in snatches. The ceiling, high above was gray, possibly cement block. Sleep. My body: naked, a faint pain deep between my legs. Sleep. My arms out, my legs apart, a comfortable softness beneath my bottom. Sleep. Then as awareness finally coalesced around me, I began to realize I was not at home, but somewhere else.

I was on a bed in a dimly lit basement bedroom; as I tried to sit up, I realized how firmly my arms and legs were lashed in the spread-eagle position I had awoken in. I had been kidnapped! I strained against the leather belts holding me and they wouldn't budge. Looking down, I began to feel scared when I saw new piercings in my nipples. I felt a cool breeze on my pussy, like someone had shaved it and a feeling of fullness told me something had been left stuck inside of me. I felt terrified and alone. I strained with my tiny, naked body against all hope, trying to break free.

I knew this situation was our landlord escalating his blackmail. I had slept with him less and less willingly over the past month. At first I had reveled in his blackmail: being forced to cheat on my husband with a cruel and dominant man turned me on so much – I wanted to get fucked hard by him, and without shame because I had no choice – but I began to resist as the landlord's visits continued.

I felt more and more responsible for the dirty humiliating sex I was enjoying so much. Now being tied naked in a basement? Disturbing, more than a little frightening, but honestly: pretty fucking hot.

Once again I had no choice, and that got me shamefully wet for Master. I thought about the tall, strong, handsome, older man who had carried me here, stripped off my clothes and tied me to this bed. Possibly he had had his way already. The thought made me angry, but I yearned for his strong hands all the more thinking about it.

"Master" I whispered, wondering if he was in the room; saying this felt natural, as it always did when my pussy was hot for him. I got wetter and wetter as I thought about him and I thrust slightly, straining against my ties and grinding whatever he had stuck in my pussy against the bedclothes. My struggles only frustrated my desire though, because with my legs spread I couldn't stimulate my clit. I soon gave up, but was desperate for the strong touch of my absent Master.

Then I realized that Alex could still save me. I was powerless for now, but soon I might be found. Alex hadn't touched me sexually in a month; I wouldn't have let him anyway. We both seemed to agree that Master was better at that, and Alex had willingly left that part of our relationship to the better man. Now Master had really gone too far though, and Alex would have called to police. This was hot, and if forced to play along I could enjoy the ride, but I knew this would soon be over.

In the mean time I was scared about getting pregnant. On my first night with Master, he had made me rub his semen up into my pussy and refused to use a condom or pull out, but afterward I had taken a morning after pill, then gone directly on birth control. I didn't have any of that here though and my womb was – for now – Master's as well. All I could do was hope to be rescued before his seed took root.

I closed my eyes in resignation, but thinking of Alex looking for me, I felt a bit less out of control than I had before.

I think I dozed off, because I awoke to another woman stroking my hair. She was dressed in white stockings with bows and a black mini-skirt of ruffles and lace. A black tube top finished the outfit, giving her the look of a French maid. The other girl was pretty; I squinted at her but couldn't make out her face well without my glasses. A jeweled flower flashed in the evening light in the girl's exposed belly button.

She started gently undoing my bonds, and I sat up, massaging my wrists and stretching. I was hungry, thirsty and I really had to pee, so I asked the other girl if I could go the bathroom. She put a finger on my chest and whispered that Master would arrive soon. She twirled my hair gently as though to comfort me and I realized then it had been bleached blonde.

The girl placed a kiss gently on my cheek and withdrew, as a door opened and my Master strode quietly into the room. The other girl curtsied to him, lifting up her black and white ruffled skirt high above the white bows on her stockings, showing my master her tiny, white satin panties. As though trained, she went and kneeled by his feet, looking down at the ground. Master was wearing his usual jeans and black T-shirt. He gave me a stern look.

"Whore, you have been disobeying me" he said, "so I had no choice but to bring you here and train you. You are my slut until I decide otherwise, and you will learn to enjoy following my commands without question. Is that clear?"

I felt so small and exposed sitting in front of this fully-dressed older man, wearing nothing but his chosen blonde hair and piercings on my tiny, naked body. I felt so small next to him too; he was over a foot taller than me, and more than twice my weight. "Yes, Sir" I mumbled, feeling scared. I sounded like a little girl, which is what I felt like before this older and authoritative man.

I could still see no way out, but to hope I'd be rescued. Master took out a key from around his neck, reached down and unlocked what seemed to be a tiny padlock on my clit. I craned over to see what he was doing and shuddered as he ran a strong finger down the slit of my pussy and pulled gently outward. I had not noticed before while I was bound and unable to see between my legs, but as he pulled, a chain unthreaded loop by loop from rings down both sides of my pussy. He had laced off my cunt like a corset!

I felt my pussy getting wet again at the gentle tug on my mysterious new pussy rings. This made me feel very frightened and out of control. More than imposing blonde hair and nipple piercings, claiming my pussy in this way was an extreme way to claim my body as his own. I felt scared of Master, but wet for him too, even more so now that my cunt was so clearly at his command.

"Alexa" he said, "remove the plug." And the other girl crawled over from the door on all fours, pushed her pretty, made-up face into my pussy, then bit the plug gingerly in her teeth and pulled it out of my pussy.

"Now clean it," said Master, and the other girl placed the sex toy's base on the ground and began fellating it enthusiastically. As she pumped her head up and down, it began to slowly dawn on me. He had called this young woman "Alexa" – this Alexa was surely my sissy husband, willingly transformed into another little slut-girl for Master. Revulsion at Alex grew up in me, and simultaneously a new sense of helplessness as I realized that no one outside the room knew I was here. My sissy-slut husband was complicit if giving me over to this man's total control. Master was my world now and I wasn't allowed to leave his command unless he granted it. Master smiled, seeing now that I understood the role I was going to play.

"Alexa" finished with the plug, picked it up with her teeth and placed it on the bedside table, then went back to kneeling obediently by the bed. "She" watched submissively as Master placed one strong hand under each of my slender arms, lifted me up bodily, and set my little bare bottom down in the middle of his bed. Master took his pants off, letting his erect member leap forth, and pushed me backwards firmly onto the bed. I fell back, legs in the air and he climbed on top of me, straddling my chest.

I could see his erect penis looming large below my face as he spat on my tits. A bit of spit fell on my face and I winced; Master started rubbing his spit all over between my boobs. He then grabbed both my tits and pulled them together. I felt his huge cock start ramming between them and saw it thrust up toward my face. I opened my mouth to gasp for breath and he took this chance to stuff his cock into my open mouth and fucked my face as I desperately opened wide to accommodate his huge member.

After a minute of thinking I would choke, Master pulled away and stood up. I gasped for breath with spit and precum spattered around my mouth, turned away from Master and cowered away toward the top of the bed.

He grabbed my ankles and I felt my body easily dragged to the middle of the bed. Master climbed atop me, pinioning me to the bed and rammed his throbbing cock into my wet little slave-pussy. I felt so suddeny full that I gasped. He began fucking me hard from behind, filling my little cunt completely and slapping my little ass repeatedly with his big hanging balls. My body began to overcome my mind's fear and dread, and I stuck my butt out backwards, gasping and moaning uncontrollably as I approached orgasm.

I screamed in delight at the brutal feel of Master's cock ramming into my little pussy and I came finally in a shudder of terrified delight. I felt my pussy clench around his huge cock repeatedly. Master banged me for another ten minutes, as I moaned gently. I was sore when he started fucking me faster and squirted repeatedly into my pussy with small grunts of pleasure. As I lay limp he slowly worked the plug back inside my cunt before I felt any of his flood of warm semen escaping my well-fucked pussy. He them pushed me back down to the bed, spread my legs a little wider, and began lacing my cunt shut again, tying the fine chain over the plug holding his all his hot cum inside my tight little belly.

Honestly I loved the helpless feeling of having his cum sealed inside of me. I had been off birth control for two days now and it was only a matter of time before his cum would do its work in my womb. I was powerless to do anything but take it. That was terrifying as well, but somehow the powerlessness of my condition began to feel comforting. The click of the little padlock on my clit ring, holding my pussy lips laced tight around his load seemed to lock everything into place. Everything made sense when I had to surrender all control.

"Thank you Master," I said, feeling his wetness between my tits, and his warm, wet cum inside my satisfied pussy.

"You're welcome slut" he said with quiet seriousness. He snapped his fingers; "Alexa" – as I now seemed to think of "her" – crawled over on all fours and eagerly sucked clean the flaccid member that had just fucked me.

Alexa's duties seemed to already have been made clear to her and she served my master with an eager and submissive sincerity. It disgusted me to see that in the man I used to call my husband, but I felt a desire to be that way for my master as well. If this was to be my life, would I be content to never look beyond my duties?

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