tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeigneurial dues Ch. 04

Seigneurial dues Ch. 04


Throughout the month while I fucked Allison several times a day, she came to think and act differently. Almost from the start, she became obedient, seemed more simple-minded and appeared happier in her new, uncomplicated life.

I didn't need Alexa for very long as a role model for my new slut, so I sent him home after a week of enthusiastically cleaning me off. I dressed him in the same jewelry, high heels, salacious short shorts and belly shirt he wore on the ride over, then dropped him in the nearest town with no money. I told him to find his own way to pay for rides.

"Yes master," he whispered and hung his head. I pulled round the block to see what he did, and found him leaning into the cab of an SUV, back arched and ass out as he talked to the three high school jocks inside, then I watched him climb in the back door. One of the boys slapped his butt as he climbed in. I heard laughter as the three boys drove away with him.

Meanwhile, Allison began to just smile and spread for me whenever I told her to, sensually receiving my cock with grateful sighs and moans. If I told her to prepare her asshole so I could fuck it, she would just obediently do it: sucking her fingers and gently probing them into her butt, then presenting her tight, wet anus in the air for me, head and arms submissively down on the rug. If I asked for a blowjob she would look at me flirtatiously as she undid my pants, then just start enthusiastically sucking for however long it took me to cum, eating my cock like it was a big treat.

One day when I was already worn out from leaving her three of my creampies plugged and laced up inside her slut belly, she eagerly sucked my tired half-hard cock for ninety minutes.

As I finally got close, I reached between her tiny legs to unlace the corset string keeping the last three creampies tied up inside her cunt. She groaned with pleasure through a mouthful of dick at the feeling of the smooth corset string sliding through the rings in her wet pussy. When I pulled out of her mouth on the edge of climax, she climbed gamely up on my lap, plunging her cunt down over my cock. She wore a look of ecstacy while seconds later I shot my fourth creampie of the day up into her ever wet cunt.

And then, like every time she took one of my creampies in her pussy, she stared me lovingly in the eyes and said "Thank you Master."

In between fuckings she would lie – always naked – at my side while I watched TV, or did jobs. I would stroke her blonde hair, fondle her tits, or even fuck her ass gently with a finger while she laid her blonde head in my lap. When I went out I tied her to her bed, and she never fought it, always waiting patiently for my return, perhaps to have my way with her right there, still tied and at my mercy.

Knowing that my slut had to get back to her life eventually too, I released her at the end of the summer, driving her back to her apartment and giving her the farewell kiss she very humbly asked me for. When I dropped her off, she still had my probably 500th creampie plugged and laced tightly into her cunt.

Allison had never had her period the whole while she was at my house, and was now showing slightly beneath her short, yellow sun dress. As she was leaving my truck I smiled knowing that she still didn't have the key to the little padlock on her clit ring. I found it wonderful that she hadn't even thought to ask me to unlace her.

After that, Allison was mine whenever I wanted. I heard she had dumped Alex soon after I released her and was living in the place alone, so I stopped charging her rent. I would come over most days after work and she would kneel at the door for me, then happily receive another creampie or two in whatever way I told her; she still had the rings in her cunt, and I still made her keep my cum laced into her shaved slut-pussy all evening as I stayed to watch TV and eat the dinner she cooked me.

Of course by now she was clearly pregnant with my child, and this only became more obvious as the months wore on. We continued the same life and she still took my cock however I told her to. I loved seeing her tiny body filled up with my baby, and I loved driving cock into her swollen belly.

"Thank you Master," she would still say. Mommy still took her master's creampies in her well-used pussy, and thanked me every time. It was odd that she wasn't even being blackmailed any more. She seemed to like her new life and now remained my slave under the lightest of touch.

When Allison was almost due, a woman stopped by my office. She came in with big sunglasses and a skimpy, pink summer dress. I asked if I could help her and she silently let the dress fall to the ground over her sandals, revealing petite breasts, a tuft of pubic hair above her cunt and a silver flower in her belly button. The light from the window behind her, silhouetted her beautiful, petite body. The naked girl removed her sunglasses with a toss of her shoulder-length blonde hair to reveal the face of Alexa.

I was shocked, but it seemed I had given Alex such a taste for lace panties and dick-sucking that he had undergone a sex-change! The naked woman knelt at my feet right there in my office, freely showing me her new body, and implicitly offering herself to me again. God, she looked amazing! I swear I would be the only one to guess at her past as the sissy bitch husband of my pregnant mistress.

"Go on," I said, and the naked girl crawled forward to suck me off again, right there in my office. She swallowed the load of cum I released in her mouth and then stood up and kissed me while I squeezed one of her lovely new tits.

Since Allison would need help with my baby, I hired Alexa to be a live-in maid and nanny to Allison. I bought Alexa an erotic maid's outfit – more lingerie than uniform really. I explained to Allison that Alexa was to be a servant, and that she had been hired only on the stipulation that she do anything either of us ordered, no matter how degrading.

Allison had my baby without incident the next month and Alexa was excellent as a nanny. She would tend to my baby, cook dinner for Allison and myself each evening, and babysit in the next room whenever Allison and I wanted a couple hours to fuck.

Once in a while I called Alexa in to warm Allison up with her tongue so that my mistress would be extra wet and hot for my cock. I would masturbate myself as Alexa licked my love-slave's smooth pussy with her sexy French maid ass up in the air behind her.

Allison was soon pregnant again from dutifully taking my creampies into her laced-off pussy; her tiny belly was showing again with my second child. Meanwhile Alexa was the one who always got up in the night when the first baby cried, always the one to change diapers. I liked watching her raise the child I had conceived by Allison.

Once or twice Alexa seduced me while Allison was out, and I enjoyed brutally fucking a pussy invented just for me. I was not a considerate lover though, as Alexa was just a fucktoy to me. I gave Alexa no deliberate pleasure, but she would still always make herself available to me when she was in the apartment alone with no jealous mistress to punish her.

She seemed to need my cock just for the sake of it, more than she needed any physical pleasure while taking it. She applied herself equally to raising the children that could have been her own, and playing the part of the cuckolded slut-maid that fate had chosen for her. Meanwhile Allison loved the role of mistress and un-wed mommy. I would be glad to have the service my mistress and our nanny for many years to come.

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