tagLoving WivesSeizing Moments Ch. 03

Seizing Moments Ch. 03


Once again, you are the best Mariewriter, thank you for all your help. I'm learning to be a better writer with all your help and suggestions, I certainly appreciate all that you do!

Thank you readers for reading my work, it was a fun adventure. I hope you enjoyed this wife watching event.

This is the last part of this series, well maybe... we'll see.


I stood on the fourth floor balcony and watched as Katie tossed her long beach towel over the chaise lounge chair, tucking the top into the vinyl bands to hold it from catching the soft breeze. The sun seared down from the cloudless baby blue sky as people scurried about the pool and beach area, getting an early start on the perfect Florida day. Katie looked upward through her large framed sunglasses, searching the many balconies as I waved vigorously, trying to catch her attention. She finally noticed me and smiled, waving back as she beckoned me to join her. I just waved and grinned, ignoring her invitation for the time being. She gave up with a pout and removed her black silky pullover, stuffing it in her large beach bag. I smiled to myself as one of the pool guys did a double take as she methodically tugged and pulled her bikini in place. Katie looked up and smiled once more before lying on her back and opening her novel, inviting the sun to do its duty.

It was the fourth day of our two-week vacation and I was hoping that the remaining days would bring much more of the same thrills we seemed to have found already. I could feel my heartbeat intensify every time I recalled Katie's sexual coupling with Tony. After a long conversation, at my request, we agreed to wait a couple days before attempting to repeat the adventure. Katie seemed quite anxious to accept his invitation to spend the next night with him, being rather adamant about meeting him alone, but we decided to keep it on a lower key for now. It took some diligent persuading, but I finally got her to understand that this was about me watching, not just her having sex with Tony. She called him the next day and asked him to be a little patient, telling him she wanted to take it a little slower.

I paced the hotel room floor as a sense of restlessness came over me. I walked out on the terrace to see Katie had rolled on her belly with the back of her top unfastened as she concentrated on her book. I admired her shapely bottom for a moment, wondering if I should join her. I changed into my swimming trunks and started to fix a drink. I picked up the empty bottle looking at it as I tried to remember taking the last drink. I shrugged off the mishap, deciding to pick up a bottle later, but I was in dire need of a stiff drink.

I put on my designer shades and ventured down to hotel lobby. Noticing the poolside bar I thought, I could do with a little drink, and maybe do a little Katie watching as well. I ordered a scotch and water and found myself a spot at the end of the bar, allowing me the best view of my wife. She appeared to be napping, still lying on her tummy with her back totally exposed, her book lying on the patio next to her chair. I looked around as the many sexy women paraded around in their skimpy little bathing suits. I would smile and nod at them as they strolled by me, checking them out as they passed, but my interest remained with my wife. I started to wonder why that was.

Why did I crave this taboo lifestyle, but had no real interests in seeking sex with another woman? It was a fact that I loved her immensely, adoring her more and more each day. So why did it excite me so much when she had sex with another man in front of me? This was a question I had no answer for, only the obsessive feeling I got when I watched her with Tony. This seemed to consume me for a moment as my mind wondered away for a brief minute or two. I looked over at Katie to see her staring at me with a sexy smile. I was truly a blessed man to have such a doll for a wife.

I tipped my sunglasses down and gave her a frisky smile, adoring her sweet demeanor. She leaned a little to her side as I got a glimpse of her milky white breast, not entirely, but definitely enough to warrant a stunned expression. She looked down, then back at me as she grinned, placing her arm along her side as she leaned further back. Her breasts were now very exposed as she smiled, giving me a quick wink as I gazed at her. Her boldness took me by surprise, but the view overruled any misgivings I seemed to have.

I watched as two men caught her little exhibition, reacting to the sight of her bare tits as they nudged each other. She gave them a smile as they gawked at her, pretending not to notice her accidental exposure. She gave me another wink as she finally covered her breasts, fastening her top as she sat up. I was expecting her to invite me over to join her, but instead she stood up and dove in the pool. I watched as she cooled herself off, wondering if I should do the same thing, but the tightness of my trucks told me I should wait.

Katie took her time as she dunked her head in the cool water several times, then ringing out the water from her hair. She seemed to be ignoring me, but I got the impression she was doing this on purpose. I would catch her gaze a few times, but only for a brief second as she smiled coyly and redirected her line of sight. As she climbed out of the pool her body attracted the attention of the men within sight.

"Holy shit," I heard a hotel employee say in a low tone as he elbowed his friend. The two pool attendants where standing next to me as they checked out the lovely view. "Check out that little biscuit," he said to his friend, nodding toward Katie. My cock twitched as he said this, knowing he was undressing her with his eyes.

"Yeah, she's got it going on, look at that ass ... damn that's sweet," his buddy remarked as Katie pulled her towel off the lounge chair and started to dry off. She bent over with her ass toward us as she dried her legs.

"Shit, she's just fucking gorgeous." His buddy commented as I stared at her ass with them. Katie finished drying off as she gave me a quick glance, smiling as she placed her book in her bag and tossed it over her shoulder. "Look, she's a little tease."

"Yeah, did she just smile at us?" The first guy asked as she walked by us and gave me another smile. "What a sweetheart, I bet she's married too," he said as she winked at us, giving the two men a near melt down. Katie strutting away as we watched her sexual vibrant walk. I had to wait a while before I followed due to my stiff member. I decided to stick around to finishing my drink before leaving the pool area.

I took a short walk down the road, finding a much needed liquor store and stopped to get another bottle of scotch. I was definitely going to need this if Katie was going to keep up the bombshells she seemed to be dropping since we got here.

I entered the hotel room excited to talk with Katie about our newfound passion, but by the time I got back, she had already slipped in the shower. I fetched a bucket of ice, made a drink and sat on the balcony to take in the disarming view while I waited. The pool and the beach looked packed with mini crowds of people as they went about their day. I sat in the chair wondering if Katie would join me naked again, like the night of her little fling.

"Danny?" she called from the room.

"Out here baby," I said, tapping on the glass door behind me. I heard the door slide open, looking back to see the large white towel swallowing her tiny body. "Hey sexy, nice little show out there," I said as she sat on my lap.

"I figured you might enjoy that," she giggled. "Did you see the guys next to you?" she asked as she gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"Yeah," I snickered, "They certainly liked that little show, and they called you a biscuit by the way." I laughed and took a sip from my glass. "They are probably wishing to reincarnate into honey right now."

"Umm, do you want some of my biscuit too?" she teased, leaning close to me with a sensuous look in her eyes, "or maybe you want me to let those guys down there dip their honey sticks into your biscuit?" She kissed me on the cheek. "You might get to watch them give me some of their honey." She pulled the towel aside, offering her body to me.

I could see the hickeys on her tits as she opened the towel wider, "You would do that?" I asked, leaning my head in the towel and sucking her nipple in my mouth. She let out a soft moan as I nibbled on the tender flesh, then looking back up at her. "You would do two guys at the same time?"

She opened the towel and let it fall around my legs. "If you wanted me too," she said pulling my lips back to her breasts. "You want me to give it to them baby, I'll do whatever you want." I kissed and sucked her tits as she held my head to her.

I put my arms under her and stood up, dropping her towel to the floor and carrying her in the room. I put her on the bed and quickly stripped my trucks off. "You are really starting to worry me," I said with a chuckle. "This is so different - you really want to fuck two guys in front of me?" I climbed on the bed and pulled her to me. "What happened to taking it slow?"

She kissed me deeply as I moved my hand down to her silky mound, easing a couple fingers inside her. "You're the one slowing us down," she said as she kissed and nibbled on my neck. She started to moan softly as I eased my fingers up and down her as I gathered some of her moistness, rubbing my finger rapidly on her clit. "Oh yes, that feels good baby, you want to see me fucking those two guys?" She cooed and whimpered. "Yes... I think you do, you want to see me fucking them, taking turns fucking me while you watch." She closed her eyes as she moaned, wiggling her hips as she gripped her tits in her hands. I slipped a third finger inside her as I stroked her vigorously. She pinched her nipples as she let out a deep groan, "Oh yes, I want to fuck them Danny, I want you to watch me... watch me fucking them." Her back bowed up as she cried out, squeezing her nipples as she came with a flooding orgasm.

I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears as her breathing started to settle down. I kissed her deeply as I rolled over, mounting her as the tip of my cock touched her warm entrance.

"You wouldn't want to spoil the milk, would you?" She asked as she stopped me from entering her. "You do want to play later, don't you?"

"Play later?" I said, leaning back with a quizzed look. "You mean with the pool guys? Or are we still just talking about Tony?" I asked, confused as to what she intended.

"Well, that depends on you," she said as she reached between us and stoked my stiff member. "You can try to find the pool boys, or maybe you can just ask Tony to invite one of his friends to join us."

I noticed that feeling return to the pit of my stomach as she said this. "You are willing to do that?" I asked, wondering why she was so eager to see him again. "And how do you know Tony will be up for this?"

"Well, if I know Tony, he's already blabbed to his friends all about us," she said as she gently pushed me to her side, continuing to stroke my shaft. "And he wants me to come over there alone so he can talk me into fucking his friends too," she informed me. "So if you really want me to see him tonight, I want to be fresh for them."

"I would love to watch that, if it happens." I said as she let out a knowing smile, "But if you knew what he wanted, that means you wanted him to share you, right?"

"Let's just say I'm not against the idea," she admitted, "but I'm not sure about sleeping with four guys yet." She looked at me as if she was waiting for something. "So, do you want to have sex, or can I give you a blowjob while you ask Tony to come here with one of his friends tonight?"

I contemplated her blackmailing suggestion, finding that my urge to fuck her right now just wasn't as strong as my desire for her to have sex with two guys while I watched. "Ok, I'll ask him, but I hope you know him as well as you think you do." I warned her as she smiled, grabbing for the phone and small piece of paper on the bedside table and quickly dialing the number.

Katie handed the phone to me as she started to lick my cock while I listen to the ringing. I looked down at her as she sucked the head in her mouth smiling up at me with her lips around my shaft.

"Yeah," Tony said as he answered the phone.

"Hi Tony, this is Danny, you got a second?"

"Sure Danny, what's on your mind?"

"Well, Katie and I were talking, and we wanted to see if you could come over today?" I spoke as Katie sank her mouth on my cock causing me to pause, "or tonight, if you prefer."

"Yeah, I can come over tonight, but why didn't Katie call?"

"Well she's a little busy right now," I said, looking down at her as she sucked me.

"Oh, ok, sure I can make it tonight, let's say around seven?"

"Well, we were wondering," I stopped as I considered the possibility of his denial, but just for a brief moment. "We were wondering if you might be willing to bring one of your friends with you."

There was an uncanny silence as my stomach churned. I desperately hoped Katie was accurate with her assumptions. "Well, I think that's a possibility, hold on for a second," he said as I heard him set the phone down. I looked down at Katie as she paused, looking at me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"I think he's asking." I whispered as I cupped the receiver with my hand.

"Ok," his voice came back, "Yeah, tell her we will be there at seven, but we want to see her naked when she answers the door."

"Yeah, ok ... we'll see you tonight, I'll let her know, bye Tony."

We hung up as Katie looked at me with my cock stuffed in her mouth, then she sank down on my member, deep-throating me as I closed my eyes. I let my mind take over as I envisioned Katie flashing her breasts by the pool. I could almost hear the guys talking about her as we stared at her ass in her skimpy bikini. I replayed the moment Tony mounted her as she guided his bare cock inside her. I heard my own moans and I could feel my orgasm getting close. I replayed the moment Tony announced he was about to cum as Katie looked at me. My cock detonated in her mouth as I came hard, feeling her gulp down my load as I filled her mouth.

I looked up as she pulled off my cock, smiling as she swallowed the residue of cum still lingering in her mouth. She crawled off the bed and retrieved a towel from the bathroom, returning to clean off my cock, "See, I told you," she said as she gathered my now deflating cock in the towel, "I knew he wouldn't hesitate." She wiped me clean as she looked down. "He told me he wanted me to be his little slut the day we went to lunch."

"Well, he said he wanted you to be naked when you answer the door tonight." I revealed to her as she looked at me with wide eyes.

"I guess you wouldn't mind that either, would you?" She said, giving me a smirk and giggling. I watched as she pulled a small white blouse out of her suitcase along with a pair of white short-shorts. She dressed without any undergarments, leaving her nipples very noticeable through the thin material of the top.


We decided to spend the day playing the traditional tourist role, driving around and seeing some of the sites Daytona had to offer. We took in the Daytona Speedway tour, taking pictures of the many cars that had won the Daytona 500, as well as reading the biographies of the drives. We took in a jet boat ride that was like a speed thrill ride on water.

After all that, we still had a few hours to kill so we decided to stop at the mall and do a little window-shopping. Of course we found a very nice lingerie shop and Katie just had to look. I normally sit outside when she shopped in the intimate stores, but this time she dragged me with her.

"Come on, I'll make sure you have a good time." She said giving me a sultry wink. There was no telling what she had in mind, but with her recent good times, I felt impelled to follow.

We mingled from room to room, each one with a different them. Once we made it to the furthest room, there were just a few girls thumbing through the clearance racks. Katie took my hand and pulled me to the corner as she looked at me with a smile.

"This one looks nice," she said as she looked over my shoulder and started to unbutton her small blouse. I looked back as one of the girls left, turning back around to see Katie pull her top open, showing me her tits, then quickly covering back up as she giggled.

"Shit Katie, we're going to get caught," I said as I tuned to see the other girl look at us and snicker before quickly leaving the room. "She saw you!" I hissed, turning back to see her walking away from me. She stopped on the opposite side of the room, giving me another flash of her boobs. She laughed as she shook her ass while holding her top open, taunting me with her exhibition. She closed her top again and pointed at the changing room with a hand over her mouth.

"What do we have here?" She whispered, then strutted over to the little room and stepped inside. She left the door open so only I could see her, unless someone was to walk in the room. She pulled her top off and started to pose as if she was a model for Playboy or something. She peeked around the door and then looked at me as she unfastened her shorts, doing a little jig as she slowly slid them down her thighs. They fell to the floor as she turned around, flashing her sexy ass at me.

I watched attentively she twisted and teased me with her daring show, failing to notice a couple as they suddenly appeared from behind the open door. I tried to warn Katie by putting my hand up, but the older gentleman walked around the door and got a huge eye full of my naked wife. Katie let out a shriek as she grabbed for the door, pulling it closed slowly

"Oh, excuse me," he said grinning from ear to ear. He looked at me and winked before retreating to his very confused wife, or girlfriend. "Honey we should look in that room over there," he said as he pointed, steering her away from the little room.

Katie opened the door slightly as she peeked out, "You did that on purpose," she said with an ominous grin. She opened the door and walked over to me as she snickered, "We should probably get out of here." I took her hand as we calmly exited the store, quickly scurrying to the other end of the mall as we laughed.


The time finally came for us to head back to the hotel and get Katie ready for her anticipated date. She took a relaxing hot shower, giving her mound a fresh shave as she prepared for the evening with the two men. I watched from the balcony as she dried her long hair, binding it in a ponytail that fell halfway down her bare back. She sat on the bed with a self-lit mirror as she put on her make-up, accenting her eyes with black liner and lips with a deep red lipstick. I looked at my watch as the seven o'clock hour neared with shaking nerves as she put away her small bag of cosmetics. She looked at me as she stood next to the bed, holding her hands out as she turned slowly around. I smiled as I leaned back on the metal banister facing her. I wasn't too surprised when she walked out on the balcony naked and stood next to me facing the beach. The sun was behind the building, but there was still plenty of sunlight to allow anyone looking up to see her clearly.

"You are really getting into this," I stated as I turned to look down at the many people strolling around. "You are so different. I hope this doesn't change us." I said as I watched some of the men take a double take as they caught her in their gaze, "Maybe we should talk about what's happening here."

I no more got the words out as we heard soft knocking come from the room. "Too late now," she said as she looked up at me, "Just enjoy the show, and remember this is what you wanted." She reached up and pulled me down, kissing me on the lips. She gave me a sweet smile as she wiped my mouth, removing the lipstick left behind before turning to walk inside.

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