tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSela Ward & Her Poolboy

Sela Ward & Her Poolboy


Her eyes slowly opened and looked at the clock next to her bed in her large, spacious, bedroom. It was 7:30 in the morning pretty early by her standards. Sela Ward heard the shower running in her bathroom as she stretched her long, slender body under the white sheets of her bed. The shower stopped running and her husband Howard stepped out of the shower with a towel drying himself as he began to dress for work. As he fumbled putting his pants on he said, "Morning beautiful, the kids are downstairs eating already don't worry I'll drop them off at school today. Just keep sleeping dear."

Sela smiled at her doting husband and said, "Thanks honey, maybe now I can sleep until 3 in the afternoon..." Howard started to adjust his tie and told Sela, "You'll have to change those plans the gardener told me a couple weeks ago he'd be coming today to change some of the bushes in the garden, but, I've got a meeting today at noon when he said he'd be here to change them. So you'll have to tell him where to put them."

Sela quickly replied in a sultry manner," Why should I waste my sleep time showing that old man where to put the things in YOUR garden. Your the one that spends so much money on that thing." Howard told Sela, "Just please tell him I put white markers where he should plant them, I'll owe you one sweety. Love ya" as he stepped out the door of their bedroom.

Sela wanted to sleep more as she heard her husband rounding up the kids downstairs to take them to school. Sela had been used to sleeping till noon lately seeing as how she hadn't been getting any real acting offers since now and again was cancelled. She remembered telling the writers not to let her and her male lead sleep with each other after only the second episode. Now all she had were these spring commercials that she found so demeaning. "Maybe I could go workout until noon..." Sela thought to herself as she eyed the clock. Sela decided to go back to sleep so she set the alarm to her clock for 11:00 as she drifted to sleep.

The alarm clock awoke Sela after her extra hours of sleep. She stretched and walked to her bathroom wearing her purple nightie that reached about halfway down her long white legs. Sela looked at herself in the mirror not wanting to take a shower. She felt so lazy lately that even the shower seemed like a hard task. Sela quickly thought of something better than a shower as she went to her dresser and pulled out her modest, white, two piece bathing suit. "I'll just go for a swim, I might even give that old gardener a nice show for him to enjoy." She though to herself as she slipped the bathing suit on.

The top covered her large breasts quite well and the bottom part was high cut and hung on her hips showing all of her long, lean legs. Sela grabbed her white robe, sunglasses, and the book she had been reading lately and made her way down the stairs out to her pool.

What she saw startled her. A young, shirtless, black man was digging around in her husband's garden. Sela was frightened at first thinking that perhaps he was an intruder but, then she rationalized that why would an intruder be digging in her husband's garden. Sela quickly slid on the shoes closest to her which turned out to be a pair of white heels as she slid the doors to her house open making a noise that made the young black man turn around. "He's cute at least" Sela said to herself as she checked out his chiseled body. He wasn't too muscular but, definitely cut. Sela's gazing of his body was interrupted as he said to her, "Oh hi you must be Mrs. Sherman." Sela was too startled to notice he called her by her husband's last name.

Sela replied with a smile, "Yep that's me, but, I don't know who you are." The man smiled and said, "Oh sorry I'm "T" Mrs. Sherman" Sela again didn't notice his mistake as he extended his large black hand to her. Sela smiled and shook his hand. "My husband left markers where the bushes should be..."

"Right I saw them I assumed that's what they were there for." T replied to Sela.

"Well seems your all set here I guess I'll just go over here and read my book." Sela said noticing that T was staring at her. "Ok Mrs. S" T said to her as he turned to get to work. Sela began to walk towards the pool when she turned around and said, "Ummm, what happened to our usual gardener?" T told her, "That's my pops he had a heart attack last week."

"Oh I'm so sorry to hear that." Sela said. T stared at her again and managed to say,"Don't worry it was mild he's resting so I'm taking care of his gardening commitments."

"Oh well, that's so sweet of you." Sela told him. "Oh by the way what does T stand for?" Sela asked. T looked at her and said, "It's short for Tyrese. Like the singer." Sela said, "Well, nice to meet you T." T replied, "Nicer meeting you Mrs. S."

"T don't call me that my name is Sela if you need me I'll be by the pool."

With that Sela turned and walked to the pool and set her things on the patio table. Sela then found out why T kept staring at her since she never tied her robe leaving him a nice view of her in her swimsuit. Also it didn't help that in a rush she put on high heels. Sela took off her robe and sat down on her lounge chair and opened her book to where she had bookmarked it.

The book was not as interesting as she would have liked but, at least she was getting some sun since she was normally very pale. Sela continued to try and stand the boring book but, finally closed the book and put it down. With her sunglasses on she could sit on the lounge chair and watch as T worked. Sela watched as he worked and studied the way the muscles in his moved as he dug the holes for the bushes about ot be planted. Sela found herself wondering what he would look like as he fucked. She checked out his nice ass as he bent over wearing his shorts.

Sela continued to watch this young black man fascinated since she had never really been alone with black people of any kind during her life. She hadn't had much experience talking to black people. Sela studied his shiny ebony body as he seemed to have taken a break from his hard work in the garden. T was sitting down and threw his head back letting the warm sun shine off his sweaty black body.

Sela loved watching him and studied his body. She noticed his muscular chest, down to his six pack, he had pretty thin legs and then something grabbed Sela's attention that almost made her sit up in attention from her leisurely position in the lounge chair. It seemed that T wasn't wearing any underwear. And since he was about 30 yards away she could almost make out something dangling down between his legs.

"That can't possibly be a penis" sela thought to herself. She slightly picked up her shades off her face to see in broad daylight and she saw that it was infact a large ebony penis hanging there. Sela was interrupted from her fantasy when he stood up to go back to work. Sela put her sunglasses back on and tried to recover from the shock of what she had just seen.

Sela kept obsessing over what she had seen. How can he walk with that thing just dangling down there. Suddenly a figure standing in the way of the sunshine warming Sela's body caught her attnetion. She looked up to see T who asked her, "Excuse me, Sela can I bother you for a drink of water?" Startled, Sela stood up and slid on her heels as she said, "Sure just give me a minute Tyrese."

T stared as he watched Sela walk into her house as her long legs tensed as she walked and the way her white swimsuit bottom accentuated the way her ass swayed as she walked. T sat down covered in sweat from the sweltering heat until Sela returned with his drink. Sela told him, "Sorry, I should have offered you something. I didn't realize how hot it is out here today."

"That's ok Sela it's nice of you to at least give me this." T said politely. "I should get back to work thanks for the drink."

Sela feeling sorry for the overworked gardener said, "Well why don't you take a break. Maybe you should go for a swim in the pool. It's really hot out here." T looked at the cool water and said, "Thanks but, I only brought these shorts I have no swim shorts." Sela looked at his muscular body and said, " It's no problem I could just go upstairs and grab one of my husband's trunks I'll be right back."

Sela went back into her house and up the stairs into her bedroom and looked into her husbands dresser drawers and found one of his swim trunks. Just as she turned to leave the room she looked at the mirror on the dresser and noticed that the crotch of her swimsuit bottoms showed a wetspot. Sela apparently had aroused herself from the scene earlier.

Sela didn't want to be obvious and change swimsuits and went downstairs and out to the pool. "Here you go, you can change in the poolhouse right there." Sela said pointing to where the pool supplies were held. "Thanks" T said as he went to the back to change. Sela thought to herself, "What the hell am I doing offering the gardener a swim in my pool?" Sela took her hair out of the ponytail and let her long black hair flow down. As she shook her hair she saw T emerge from the back wearing her husband's swim trunks.

Sela stared at his trunks since she had sunglasses on T would be none the wiser. T was much taller than her husband, as well as more muscular. She could swear she could see the tip of his foreskin peeking out the end of the trunks since T was obviously much taller than her husband. T jumped into the water and emerged standing in the water as Sela took a seat on the edge of her lounge chair.

"Aren't you going to come in?" T asked Sela as he swam to the edge of the pool nearest to Sela allowing him a view of the wetspot in her bottoms. "Is the water warm?" Sela asked. "It's a little chilly said, T as he pulled himself out the water and sat down on the edge of the pool with one leg in the water allowing Sela to see that his wet trunks were glued against what was a log running down his leg.

Sela again was mesmerized by the size of what she saw. Sela quickly thought to herself, "What if it was hard? Maybe I can just see..." With that Sela stood up and walked near the edge of the pool and squated down reaching her hand into the water. She wanted to excite the young black man in her pool so she could see the size of this cock that had captured her imagination. Her dark nipples were now visible through the top of her suit as she looked at T saying, "Seems kind of warm. So how long have you been working for your father now?"

T simply looked at her gorgeous body and said, "I've been working his stuff since the summer started. I'm doing this until I go back to school." Sela surprised that he was a college student asked what year he was and he replied that he was a junior. Sela crouched down facing T her dark nipples visible through her top with her legs bent and each to a side allowing him to see her long smooth thighs spread and the white covered pussy.

"I never knew my father worked for such a lovely woman." T said in a soft smoothing tone. Sela blushed and felt good knowing that he too was interested in her. "Your just saying that to make an old woman feel good." Sela said, as she laughed softly as she let her finger tips run down the middle of her chest.

"I mean everything I say." T said in the same soft tone. "I never compliment a woman about her looks unless I thought she was all that."

"That's nice to know" Sela said still eyeing his slim, ripped body through her sunglasses.

Sela turned around and bent at the waist to dip her finger into the water and wave her hand in it to feel it's warmth. She knew her bending over gave him a look at her wet spot and fabulous ass as she kept her knees locked so her long legs looked like pillars supporting her perfect ass.

T just chuckled and said, "What are you trying ot do to me Sela?" Sela turned around and eyed that his cock was getting thicker through his trunks. "What do you mean?" She said innocently. "Your making me think bad things about." T said. Sela was enjoying the sexual inuuendo and said back, "What if that's what I want you to think?" As she faced T. He was still sitting with one leg in the water and his cock seemed to be getting thicker underneath the trunks as Sela walked and crouched in fromt of him allowing them to be eye level with each other even though they were 12 feet away from each other.

"So you want me to think about, doing things to you?" T asked her confidently. Sela sexily smiled taking off her sunglasses and said, "Maybe..." T then said, "Because, right now I want to DO things to you." Sela was beginning to get a bit frightened at where this was headed but, then decided this was the point of no return. She wanted that thing growing in her husband's swim trunks.

"What kind of things?" Sela said as she stood and looked down at the chiseled black man sitting by her pool. T then began to rub his large penis through his shorts with her foot as he looked up at the long lean body of Sela Ward and said, " I don't know there's alot of things I'd like to do."

Sela was beggining to feel even more naughty and walked closer to T she turned around and squatted down rubbing her ass against T's penis which was growing even more in his shorts. With her jet black hair along her face Sela turned her head and looked over her shoulder into T's eyes and said, "What kind of things?"

T reached his arm around her slim waist pulling her down making her sit down against his penis. His muscular arm felt warm and good against her trim stomach as T began to plant kisses up and down her back and shoulders. As he kissed near her shoulders with his other hand he pulled her black hair to one side and kissed her neck making her grow hornier as she sat down on what was like a little tree.

He gently nuzzled the back of her ear and whispered, "I want to fuck you until you don't want any other man's cock besides mine." Sela removed his arm from around her waist and turned around facing T and kissed him full on the lips. The heat between them was indescribable as Sela ran her hands over his six pack and into her husband's swim trunks feeling his thickening black rod.

T broke their kiss and adjusted his legs so he could slip the trunks off revealing a foot long black erection to Sela. Sela smiled and looked into his eyes after he revealed his prize to the 40 something actress. Sela kissed him again as her hands tried to blindly grab a hold of the enormous cock. Sela ran her tongue down between his muscled pecs, six, pack and down to the huge penis.

Sela held the penis straight in the air as she flicked her tongue against the huge nutsack of T. She tried to fit the head in her mouth and figured she couldn't. Sela worked his cock by running her tongue up and down it's blck shaft as she pumped it with her little fist.

T was somewhat pleased but,pulled his cock from her and stood up. Sela stood up and stood against her black stud. Her perfect slim tall body pressed against his hard even taller black body. T walked to the lounge chair and took hold of Sela by her shoulders and guided her to sit down on the patio table.

T kissed her passionately as Sela's hands found his shaft and tried stroking it as T reached behind her unhooking her top releasing her perfect breasts to the hot air. T flicked her nipples with his tongue as he made his way down near her cunt. He kneeled down and put each of his large hands on the insides of her knees spreading her longs pale legs as T planted kisses up her legs. The mere anticipation of T's touch was enough to make Sela orgasm.

Sela moaned as T kissed her pussy through the material of her bikini bottoms. Sela looked down at T slutily as her black hair surrounded her pale face. She looked down at T as he gently moved her bikini bottoms to the side and kissed her cunt inserting his tongue into her wet slit. His tongue was as big as her husband's penis. It was incredible the way he he shoved his tongue into her cunt. Her husband never ate her this way before.

Before long Sela had her long legs wrapped around T's black shoulders as her own abs tensed thrusting her hips against his face. After several minutes an orgasm surprised Sela and rendered her body limp as she laid back on the patio table. T knew his work and kissed back up her body paying special attention as he worked her breasts and then kissed her passionately allowing sela to taste herself on his tongue.

Sela was an experienced woman but, not with a cock like his. So with a twinge of fear she boldly grabbed his cock which she couldn't fit her fingers around. "Give me that black cock!" She saidas she guided his head near her lips. "You think you can handle this?" T asked her calmly as he sliped the head of his cock into her. "Just the sensation of his enormous head passing through her pussy lips drove her wild. "Yesssssss," She hissed, "Give it to me please."

With that T thrust his cock slowly but surely all the way into Sela's cunt. Sela watched in amazement and pleasure as his foot long black erection disappered into her tight little white pussy. "Oh God, It's so big!" Sela moaned throwing her head back in ecstasy as T began to quicken his thrusts. T began to pound her with amazing force. Sela put one hand on the table and one around his neck as he fucked her.

Her breasts jiggled with each thrust and her groans grew louder with each one. "Oh Fuck!!!!! You are so GOOD!!!!!!" She squealed as he slammed into her giving her orgasms she never had before. They came unexpected grabbing ahold of her gorgeous slender body. Finally she heard him groan and she felt him empty himself into her body flooding her like the pool next to her.

T puled his cock out with a plop as cum began to run down her long pale leg. Sela thought it was over but, saw his cock begin to grow thick again. Sela stood up and kissed him with a passion that she had never kissed anyone before greedily pawing his body and caressing his black manhood. Sela wanted more and for once was going to get more. She broke the kiss with this young black man and looked him sexily in the eyes.

Without saying a word Sela started to walk towards her house putting her high heels on accentuating their definiton. Her ass still swayed in those bottomw as she looked back looking gorgeous with her black hair framing hre angelic face. T followed her and watched her walk up the stairs. He followed her into her bedroom where he closed the door and Sela jumped into his arms kissing him hungrily again. The kissed passionately pawing each other's sexy bodies. T led her against the bed where they fell on top of each other. Sela was on top and kissed him. She wanted to please him right there on teh bed where she and her husband lay at night.

She kissed him again and broke their kiss again with a sexy look in her eyes. She kissed slowly down his chest, and stomach letting her hands touch and feel every part of his body. She took his semi-soft cock and tried to stuff as much as she could in her mouth letting her tongue play with the snake in her mouth. It grew hard and she pulled away from it and stood on the bed. Her legs on either side of his hard body. His foot long black cock standing in the air she slowly lowered herself on it. T watched in amazement as her perfect body tensed. Her legs tensed as she squatted down with her bikini bottoms moved to the side as she his black cock stretched her out. Some of her black pubes showing and the way her face and abs tensed as she took him in and finally sat down on his hard body.

Sela rolled fowards and backwards letting her pussy adjust to his enormous size. Just then T reached up and helped her start to come up and down on his cock. With each downthrust it felt as though he was splitting her in two. Sela let her urges take over as she threw her arms behind her head and thrashed her head and long black hair all about as she worked his cock like never before. After about 20 minutes of this rigorous fucking T erupted into her a second time. He felt like a volcano and it was so good to her as she collapsed face down on the bed.

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