tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSelena & Demi: Same Old Love

Selena & Demi: Same Old Love


The street outside the TD Garden was packed with fans, crowding closer to the doors in the hopes of catching sight of their favorite pop star.

Selena took a deep breath and summoned her best smile.

One of her security detail opened the door for her. The roar of adulation crashed against her, some fans chanting her name, others just screaming wordlessly.

Shoving aside the urge to dash for the limo, she spent several minutes smiling and waving at her fans, slowly walking along. There were countless signs and squalling fans, but they all blended into one as usual.

In what seemed like forever, she reached the limo, and breathed a sigh of relief as she climbed inside.

"Hi," Demi chirped from the opposite seat.

Another of her security detail closed the door, and they began to drive off.

"Hey," she replied, stretching out on her seat, lounging on the smooth leather.

Demi fidgeted in her seat, eyes fluttering all about. Her nervousness would have been easy to detect even if Selena had not known her for as long as she had.

"What're you doing here?"

"I have a show in Hartford tomorrow," her longtime friend and sometimes lover answered.

"So you thought you'd come and see me?"

Demi blushed, glancing down, biting her lip.

"You said we'd talk once you ended it with Justin. And then you said we'd talk once you ended it with Anton. That was forever ago."

Selena sighed heavily.

"You came here to talk about that?"


"Well, I just did a concert, in case you hadn't noticed. I'm not in a talking mood."

"Then let me talk. You just listen."

"Listening's not one of my strong suits."

"Please, just listen to me."

Selena sighed again.

"Can it wait until I at least get some food in me? I'd be a better listener. All I'm thinking about now is a cheeseburger."

Demi hesitated, but nodded.

They made it to the hotel, her driver savvy enough to drop them off around the back, away from prying eyes.

As soon as she got inside her room, she called up room service, ordering a cheeseburger and fries for herself.

"Want anything?" she asked Demi, who just shook her head, placing her purse on a table in the corner of the room.

Once the order was finalized, she hung up the phone.

"Can we talk now?" Demi asked, approaching her.

Selena smiled as she neared.

Once Demi was close enough, she reached out to pull the other woman into a firm embrace, kissing her fiercely.

Demi melted into her arms immediately, mewling as she felt Selena's mouth close on hers. It was familiar for both of them, even if they had not done this in a long time. The taste and feel of those lips had not changed at all.

"I know why you really came here tonight," Selena purred, her lips moving off Demi's to drag down her neck, nipping at the flesh.

Demi tried to speak, but she was rendered helpless by the way Selena licked and sucked at her neck, her hands squeezing possessively at Demi's hips.

"You need to be fucked," Selena cooed, winding a hand into her hair to yank her head to the side, exposing more flesh.

"No," Demi managed to sputter out, but from the way her hands clutched at Selena's shoulders, she was not about to stop her.

"We both know the truth."

Demi groaned, trying to defy her, but she had never been able to.

"Tell me," Selena began, moving back slightly to look her fellow songstress in the eyes, "why did you come here? What about Wilmer? Can't he please you? I thought you two had something special. Just go back to him."

Demi blushed, glancing down.

"Isn't that what you told me years ago? That you two had something special?"

The blush deepened.

"Tell me."

A smile crossed her lips; as cruel as it might be, she took a certain amount of pleasure in the way Demi was fidgeting and blushing.

Demi murmured something too low for her to hear.

"Speak up."

"He doesn't love me like you do."

"What do you mean?"

Demi still did her best to avoid eye contact.

"He loves me because of what we've been through together. You love me for me, not because of who I've been or what I've done."

"That's true," Selena purred.

Demi finally met her gaze. The need in her eyes was palpable.

"Don't worry," Selena told her, stepping further back, "I won't disappoint."

She tugged her shirt off, throwing it aside. As Demi watched, swallowing nervously, Selena took off her heels and skirt, leaving her in a bra and panties.

Smiling saucily, she sauntered into the bedroom, climbing onto the bed.

Once she reached the headboard, she reclined, stretching out lazily.

"Come here," she beckoned, but when Demi began to move, she shook her head.

"No," she corrected, gesturing to the floor.

It took a few seconds for Demi to understand.

They had not been together for a long time, but it would have taken a lot more than time to fully break the hold that Selena had on her.

So there was a minute hesitation, and no defiance beyond that from the latter as she sunk to the floor and began to crawl towards the bed, utterly delighting the former.

"You're so fucking sexy when you crawl like that."

Her dark hair hung down around to frame her face, a pout denting her lips. From the way she trembled as she approached the bed, it was clear to Selena that she was highly aroused.

Demi climbed onto the bed, slithering her way up in between Selena's creamy thighs. Her mouth landed on that flesh, and she kissed her way up, dragging her lips across Selena's panties to alight on her belly. The warmth of her mouth continued, quickly finding the valley between her breasts, sliding up further to find her neck, and finally, her mouth. Selena took charge, pulling Demi into another passionate kiss.

Selena delighted in her prize, tasting Demi's mouth. Her hands slid down to squeeze at Demi's ass through her jeans.

Her lips broke from Demi's mouth, and traveled down to her neck. Just as before, she sucked and lapped, but the affection quickly grew harsh, sharp bites alighting on the flesh. Demi loved it, moaning shamelessly.

In a flash, faster than Demi could follow, Selena rolled over, trapping the other woman beneath her. She rose up over her prey, smiling wolfishly down, quickly tearing Demi's shirt off and casting it aside. A lacy red bra covered those soft breasts she knew so well. Chuckling at Demi's desire to look good for her, she quickly slipped the bra off, revealing one of her favorite parts of her lover's body.

Demi groaned when she felt Selena's mouth laving at her breasts. They were soft and pert, the slightest tang of sweat on the creamy flesh, Selena purring happily as she tasted along each breast. The nipples were hard, but she avoided them for a while, torturing Demi, sliding her tongue just past each sensitive nub on each pass. As she supped on those magnificent breasts, her hand slid over Demi's heaving belly, darting inside her jeans.

"Fuck, you're so wet."

There was no answer, only a pleading moan, Demi arching her back to jut her breasts into the air, needing more of her mouth there.

Giggling at the sight, Selena obliged her lover, sucking a nipple into her mouth, treating it to a warm wetness. Finally afforded stimulation on that sensitive skin, Demi groaned, wriggling underneath Selena. After several long minutes spent sucking on that nipple, Selena switched to the other; her hand worked still in Demi's jeans, patting her mound over the panties.

Selena rose up again. Demi panted breathlessly, her breasts jiggling slightly as she squirmed. Another wide smile appeared on Selena's face as she began to work on Demi's jeans. Her fellow musician lifted her hips to help her slide them down. The panties were red lace to match the bra, and they went the same way, thrown to the floor and quickly forgotten.

Demi was laid bare for her lover. Selena licked her lips at the sight, her eyes running over that body, appreciating the curves.

"You've lost some weight," she observed.

Demi nodded.

"You look good."

"Thanks," Demi murmured.

"Of course, I always think you look good. Even when you're a little fatter."

Demi bit her lip, blushing.

"Spread your legs," Selena commanded.

Still biting her lip, the blush creeping down her neck, Demi obeyed. The wetness of her pussy had trickled down her thighs, the soft flesh glistening with the errant moisture.

Selena kept her eyes on Demi as she descended, arranging herself in between her thighs. Smiling up at her, she kissed at her thigh, tasting that wetness on her tongue. It was sweet and tangy, a flavor she had grown to love a long time ago; she dragged her tongue along the trembling flesh, collecting more of that womanly nectar. The view before her was incredibly erotic, of her fellow pop star panting with need, her breasts heaving to the rhythm of her shallow breathing. She giggled, her tongue an inch from that drooling sex, watching as the look on Demi's face grew more and more desperate.

"Please..." came the whine.

"What?" Selena asked, knowing exactly what her lover wanted.


"What do you want me to do?"

"Lick my pussy, please..."

Selena smirked, enjoying just how unhinged Demi looked from the lust, her hair in disarray, her skin flushed.

"Did you forget how I love to tease you?"

Demi shook her head.

"So then you really shouldn't be surprised."

A desperate whimper was her only answer.

It was a conflict for Selena. That ripe cunt staring her in the face looked just as delicious as she remembered, but the look on Demi's face was incredible in its need. She sated herself by kissing gently at those trembling thighs, tasting more juices; but that did not sate Demi, who keened, trembling uncontrollably, gazing down at her with a desperate desire.

"Please," she begged, reaching down to coax her to her sex.

Selena watched her hands, about to scold her if she tried to force her to eat her out.

Instead, she splayed her drenched slit with a few fingers, trying to entice Selena. It seemed that she remembered the rules.


Selena kissed her way slowly back to that slit, taking her sweet time. That languid pace drove Demi crazy, her pleas becoming wordless, pathetic mewling.

After a few long seconds, appreciating how the other woman looked, Selena gave her what she wanted.

"Oh god," Demi breathed, feeling just that warm tongue on her folds.

Selena licked up the length of that slit, collecting that delectable nectar, cooing as it sizzled on her taste buds. Her hands fixed on Demi's hips, feeling how she bucked and writhed, just from that teasing contact. It made her lick harder, dragging her tongue up the sensitive slit, almost reaching the clit; Demi sensed that, a tremulous whine spilling from her mouth as she watched Selena, practically urging her to stimulate the nub of nerves crowning her sex.

The whines continued as Selena lapped happily. The taste was as exquisite as she had remembered. Her hands slid up, reaching those pert breasts, testing the soft flesh. Demi arched her back, pushing herself further into Selena's grip.

That clutching slit beckoned. Selena nudged her tongue against it, feeling Demi jerk, whining louder. Keeping an eye on her lover's expression, she pushed her tongue gently through the lips, feeling the warmth beyond as it welcomed her. Demi let out a low, extended groan, her body slumping further onto the bedsheets, her hips bucking up slightly.

"Oh god yes..."

Selena giggled, pushing her tongue deeper, tasting that channel. More mewling followed, the sounds very familiar; many a night had been filled with a similar cacophony. She squeezed assertively at Demi's breasts as she wriggled her tongue inside that clenching channel. It was easy to imagine how worked up Demi must have been, as she was moaning loudly, body heating up quickly, cunt issuing copious cream, the liquid sticking to Selena's chin. From the trembling erupting out all over her body, she was well on her way to a climax.

Which made Selena stop, not wanting to let her cum so soon. She slipped her tongue out, replacing it with a few fingers. Demi noticed the change; halfway into a whimper, the sound transformed into a lewd moan as Selena pushed several fingers into her clutching slit. As the fingers crooked, stimulating the slick inner walls, Selena kissed up Demi's belly, making her way towards her breasts, lashing her tongue against a sensitive nipple.

Demi bucked as those fingers pushed deeper, streams of nectar bathing them. Her breasts became the target for Selena's oral affections, the pert flesh treated to a warm wetness. The fingers shoved in her sex began to move, pumping steadily, a wet sound issuing out. Selena dragged her teeth along a nipple, feeling Demi writhe, the slightest of pain adding to the sensorial mix. After only a handful of seconds, her fingers were coated in cream, the slick flow streaming quickly down to her wrist.

Feeling that cunt clench desirously, she slipped the fingers out. Ignoring the resultant petulant whine, she sucked the sticky nectar from her fingers as lewdly and loudly as possible. The moan that came from her was only partly dramatized, as that taste was delightful, possessing of a singular tanginess. She smirked at Demi, appreciating the desperation there. One of her fingers trailed along the swell of one of Demi's breasts, daubing it with the slick cream. Keeping eye contact with her lover, she leaned forward to lap across the flesh before her, the flavor immediately enhanced by the taste of sweat and skin, one that some time ago had been a daily indulgence. Before Demi could begin to whine, Selena slid the fingers back into that sopping sex, feeling the slit clutch, feeling her lover tremble. It was a short time until the telltale signs of an oncoming climax appeared, signs that were easy to notice, especially given their shared history.

So she once again slipped the fingers out.

She slithered up Demi's body, watching as she pouted and keened, desperate for pleasure, but trained enough to stay put. Those smoky eyes alighted on Selena as she undid her bra and slid off her panties, revealing her nakedness. Demi licked her lips at the sight.

"Do you want me to make you cum?" Selena asked, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Demi nodded, squirming, displaying the desirous desperation that Selena had quickly learned to love.

"Or do you want my taste my cunt?"

The question made Demi's eyes widen.

There was a pause of a few moments.

Back when they had been together, fucking virtually every day, Demi would have immediately said the latter. But thanks to the time the two women had spent apart, her submissiveness had lessened slightly.

Only slightly.

"I want to taste your cunt," she mewled.

Selena giggled, moving up over Demi's head. The other woman followed her path, gazing with dark eyes, until she was looking straight up at a wet slit. As Demi licked her lips, Selena reached out, taking hold of the headboard.

Slowly, enough to tease the other woman, Selena lowered herself. She could hear the quiet whimpering, at least until she settled herself on her lover's face, immediately feeling the warmth of her mouth. This position had been a frequent one during their bouts of passion; neither forgot what to do, Selena slowly grinding against Demi's face, the other woman sticking her tongue out, pushing it through a clutching slit.

As she rode her lover's tongue, Selena took Demi's hands, and guided them to her breasts. There was no need for instruction; Demi began to stroke and caress, doing her best to please Selena.

"Fuck, baby, that's good, just like that," she cooed, "it's like we never stopped."

The comment made Demi whimper, as the fact that they had stopped was something that she had never fully gotten over. But it did not bother her enough to stop wriggling her tongue, mewling around a mouthful of wet cunt, feeling those delicious fluids running along her cheeks and chin. The submissiveness fueled her own pleasure, making her arch her back and buck her hips; her climactic journey had been slowed, but making Selena feel good in turn made her feel good.

One of Selena's hands slid to Demi's hair, stroking affectionately. The extra leverage would help her ride Demi harder; but for now, Selena was content to sway languidly, letting Demi taste her channel to her heart's content.

Demi squeezed at the round breasts in her grip, making Selena coo. Her cunt clutched at the wriggling tongue, sending out more trickles of cum to stain Demi's face. It was always a mark of possession for her, to leave her lover's face coated in her cream, glistening from the time spent in her service. It was something that Demi also loved, as it gave her plenty of indulgence, something to snack on after their bouts of passion.

A climax beckoned.

Selena slowed to a halt, resting for a few moments to let the experience extend. Eager to taste her orgasmic nectar, Demi continued to waggle her tongue, sliding it deeper.

Several minutes passed, with Selena pausing, feeling Demi do her best to urge her towards climax, swirling and curling her tongue. Her fellow pop star slurped up the juices flowing steadily from her slit, gorging on the delectable flavor.

Tightening her grip in Demi's hair, Selena began to move her hips, grinding down onto Demi's face, luxuriating in how the other woman was trapped, powerless to do anything but provide pleasure. That insistent tongue swiped along her drenched channel, hitting the sweetest spots. She moaned as one particular spot was stimulated, the spike of sensation making her hips roll faster, now riding harder, one hand steadied in Demi's raven locks, the other gripping to the headboard. Her body undulated, shivers cascading down her spine.

"Ooh, that's it, babe, right there..."

As the climax reappeared on the horizon, Selena began to speed up. Her drenched slit ground all over Demi's mouth and face. One hand gripped at Demi's hair, the other on the headboard, using both as leverage, her pace increasing. She groaned, riding roughly, feeling Demi squirm underneath her.

"Fuck, babe, I'm so close, yes..."

A muffled squeal sounded from beneath her. Selena could not help but giggle through her groans, hearing the desperate desire in the sounds that Demi made. It made her ride harder, her slit twitching and clutching, drowning Demi in creamy juices.

The orgasm struck, tremors of pure pleasure erupting out, centered in her cunt, quickly spreading out all over her body. She cried out, practically abusing Demi's face with how roughly she rode, her clit repeatedly rubbing against her nose in such a way that made the peak spike higher. Her hands slid from their positions as the tremors continued, her body trembling, upper half bending over Demi, further smothering her. The other woman simply moaned louder, doing her best to slurp up the copious juices flowing from Selena's slit. Her hands had moved to Selena's ass, gripping it tightly to better keep her fixed in position. Selena quivered, the pleasure intense, more juices streaming out incessantly as her pussy clutched greedily. Her body was aflame, the thrumming waves of ecstasy receding somewhat, but still undeniably present. She gasped for breath, slumped over, sweat dotting her brow, more shocks breaking out over her, more cream issuing from her lower lips to bathe Demi's face.

Once the ecstasy fully abated, she managed to heave herself off Demi, landing in a heap next to her fellow pop star.

Demi mewled, her tongue licking about her lips to collect the sheen of cream that glazed her face. Her desperation made Selena decide to help.

Several of her fingers landed on Demi's face, and began to collect her cum. Demi waited patiently, her hips bucking up randomly, her own juices streaming out to stain her thighs.

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