tagIncest/TabooSelena & Serina

Selena & Serina


Selena and Serina were two females that had simple lives. The coming event disguised as a small problem would soon be realized as a fortunate occurrence. Selena and Serina were mother and daughter, Selena was 35 and Serina was 18 both with petite frames except for their breasts that were very well developed. Especially noticeable by Selena who wore low cut blouses and even less clothing to bed. Serina although well developed still didn’t aspire to her mother’s voluptuousness. All things being said both women were to die for.

On this particular night Serina was getting ready to go to bed when she discovered her waterbed leaking. “Shit! Mother, could you please come here!” Serina could hear her mother’s pitter-patters as she came walking into Serina’s bedroom. “What? What’s wrong?”

"My bed is what’s wrong, look at it! It’s leaking!”

"Oh damn! What do we do?” Serina in a hopeless tone said. “Well, were going to have to drain it.”

"Oh damn. How are we going to drain it?”

"Well we’ll have to start by getting a short hose and some buckets. I’ll get the hose and you get the buckets and then we’ll have to siphon.”

Selena didn’t want to start working on the unexpected project so late at night (10pm). She had gotten all ready to watch the movie she had just rented and also use the toy that she had just bought to use with the movie. The movie was “The Princess’ Whore”, it was filled with non-stop lesbian action and Selena was looking forward to having some real one on one with her love tool.

Selena hadn’t been with a man since she had slept with Serina’s father. She hadn’t liked it much either. He had been quick and inconsiderate in bed and she didn’t find men all together attractive. Naturally she broke off all contact with Serina’s father and made a deal with him to leave Serina with her and she would support Serina and herself on her own. Serina’s father took the deal and never tried to get into contact with either of them again.

Serina knew her mother was a lesbian; she never had to be told she could just tell. On occasions her mother would have over a woman “friend” and they would mysteriously hang out in her mother’s bedroom with a locked door. At first Serina would sometimes listen close to the door and listen to the women huffing and puffing not knowing exactly what sexual poses where being used but knowing something of the sort was going on. Serina’s curiosity got her into a sexual frenzy and she found clever ways to peak in on her mother’s strange activities with the females she had called friends. Serina would sometimes move the curtain an inch apart so as to have a viewing space on the escapades that went on in her mother’s bedroom. On a few occasions Serina snuck into her mother’s closet and left it a few inches ajar to watch her mother in action.

On the first of these occasions Serina watched with fascination and total curiosity as to how two women looked while having sex together. Serina being a young girl at the time couldn’t fully understand the lust some women have for each other but would learn later on in life. In the closet Serina was fixed on the things she saw. She saw her mother standing at the foot of the bed and another woman was standing between her mother and the foot of the bed. They were looking at each other in hungry glances and stares, measuring the meal they both would be eating very shortly. The “friend” mom had invited was a moderately young looking woman, older than her mother at the time. The woman looked like she was 30, she had blond curly hair down to her shoulders. Her skin was a light color and she was wearing a silk red blouse and a gray skirt that was just above her knees. The nylons she wore were sheer making her legs look as attractive as could be. Her shoes were black high heels just higher than what you usually see on a woman. Serina’s mother was just as beautiful and continues to be so to this very day. Her hair is very dark and is also curly but it goes down just below the shoulders. Her skin is an olive color and she wore similar clothing (white blouse, black skirt, brown nylons and back high heels) as the woman who stood in front of her. Serina’s mother stared at the woman with a malicious look on her face and started walking towards her while licking her lips ever so slowly. The other woman almost looked timid and out of breath as if she wasn’t sure she should be there. All that would change as soon as Selena could get her craving hands on her. Selena grabbed the woman just above the elbows and pulled her close to her own body. Her grasp was firm and unrelenting; Selena looked at the women’s breast and buried her face in them and licked at every inch of skin. Kissing and sucking and biting and slurping away at the woman for what seemed forever. The woman threw her head back in ecstasy and dropped her fears never to look back again. The women’s head bucked back and forth while her eyes rolled back into their sockets. Soft moans started to escape her throat and she tried to free one of her arms to grab onto Selena’s head and pull her further forward into her breasts but Selena wouldn’t let go but only consumed the woman’s big chest even more. Selena was possessed by a sex-starved demon and she couldn’t get a hold of herself. She noticed the woman trying to free herself for whatever reason but she wasn’t having it. She was enjoying her self all too much and nothing was going to get in her way. Selena had just been devouring the tops of the woman’s breast but she had to have more, she had to have the nipples in her mouth and much more by the end of the night. With her right hand she released the woman’s arm so she could grab the front piece of the woman’s blouse and rip it open to gobble at whatever lay ahead. Selena managed this feat without taking any real time and resumed her hold on the woman’s elbow. Underneath the blouse were two perfectly shaped tits begging for Selena to take them into her mouth and be stroked with much attention, the only item in their way was the hot looking blue colored braw she wore. The woman was heavily enjoying the attention Selena was giving her, as a matter of fact she would have liked to continue that part of the performance for quite a while longer when Selena let go of one of her arms and grabbed one of the woman’s hefty buttocks. She pulled the woman’s crotch onto her own fleshy upper-thigh and started to hump the blond woman’s shiny nyloned leg. Selena was humping hard and steady and the blond woman was beginning to really get into the for-play as well. Selena darkly said. “Ahhhh, let me have it! Hump my leg you tramp, do iiiiittt! Do it to me good!” Not even taking it into consideration Selena hurled the blond woman onto the bed and jumped onto her. Placing both her hands underneath the woman’s lower body and fixing once again on the shapely buttocks. Her humping resumed with much enthusiasm and strength. “Uuggghhhhh bitch! I’m going to fuck you until your eyes pop out! UUUgggghhhhh, I’m getting so wet!!! Aghhhh! Fuuucccckkk! Ugghhhh! Dammnnn! Bitch!! Selena’s vigor for breasts abated for a short time. For now she began to concentrate on the woman’s tongue. “Stick out your tongue bitch! I’m gonna try to swallow it so don’t take it back into your mouth!” The woman was pleased to obey. She stuck her salacious slimy tongue out slowly in order to frustrate Selena a little and this seemed to enrage Selena with sexual passion. Once the tongue was fully out and erect Selena engorged her mouth with it and sucked it slowly trying to savor every sensation the woman’s tongue was giving her. “Ummm, uuuuhhhhhhh!”

The slurping noises were driving Serina wild who was still transfixed in the closet and she had had her hand on her vagina for most of the time now. She wasn’t stroking herself but she kept pressure on her pussy all the same. She was too distracted to enjoy her vagina now but later on that night she would be enjoying it quite fully. In fact she would enjoy it four times that night until her strength would fail her and she would fall into a deep comfortable sleep.

That night seemed to last a long time and Serina could remember almost everything from it. She learned many sexual skills from her mother she would later use on some of the trampy girls she would meet in her later years. Mostly girls her age, the kind everyone would like to fuck every which way. Girls she had in her gymnastics class, girls she knew she could seduce and fuck the night away with.

All these sexual experiences were due to her mother. Her mother had shown her something that most women didn’t know. That knowledge was that a woman fucking another woman was an incredible sight and feat.

"Mother you got those buckets or what?” Serina waited impatiently as her mother brought her 3 five gallon buckets to siphon the water with. “Here they are, do you think it’s enough?”

"Yeah it’s enough because we just have to drain enough water so it stops pouring out. The whole is in the top so we won’t have to drain much.” Six buckets later the two women were done with their unplanned chore and dumped the last buckets into the bathtub. Serina was dumping the water when her mother spoke up.

"I guess I’ll make the couch up for you to sleep on.”

"No way mom I’m sleeping in your room tonight. It get’s too cold in the night and the only heater is in your room and mine and I’m not going to sleep on my floor!”

Obviously Selena wasn’t a normal mother something about sleeping in the same bed with her sexy daughter didn’t bode well with her. She was physically attracted to her daughter and she didn’t want anything to happen between them. Serina on the other hand didn’t give a damn about being finicky or feeling funny. She did wild and crazy things because it was in her nature. Even though she was a lesbian she had experienced sexual relations with older and young men (in every position know to man practically), she was no stranger to taboo. Sleeping next to her mother didn’t bother her at all. Even if her mother had tried to do something to her she didn’t feel like she would really try to stop her either. Her mother was hot and they were two women. She didn’t see any reason why she couldn’t get it on with her mother; yet she wouldn’t pursue her mother and make her feel strange about their relationship.

"Can’t you just do it for a couple of nights, until we can repair your bed? Asked Selena.

"Mom! I’m sleeping with you there’s no ifs ands or buts.” I’m going to change, I’ll meet you in your bedroom.”

Serina was a take-charge kind of girl and Selena could never be that way except for some reason in the bedroom and only with another female. However, one more element had to be met before Selena could turn into that take charge kind of gal and that was when Selena would go three weeks without even cumming once. When all these factors came together Selena was a different person and she liked the way it felt. Selena hadn’t cum in about 2 and half weeks. She’d been horny and still was to a degree but there hadn’t been a hot chick to throw her passions on so she was left with a dildo and a lez movie.

"Ok then, if you have to, I’ll wait for you in my room. This last part almost sounded like a seduction and both of them realized it and tried unsuccessfully to drown it out of their dirty minds.

"Ok, let me put on something and I’ll be there.” Serina was suddenly swallowing in nervousness and couldn’t really hide it. Selena could see that and felt a sharp and strong twinge in her pussy.

Selena left the room and while walking towards her own she slightly ran her middle finger along (outside of her shorts) the engorged folds of her vagina before dropping her hand back to her side. She too would have to get dressed for bed. She walked into her bedroom and picked up the clothes that had been lying on the bed and began to put them away. They were a pair of gray sweat pants and a blue sweatshirt. She wanted to wear something else to bed but she wasn’t sure what. Suddenly like an epiphany she grabbed from her drawer a dark blue silk nightie that stopped just underneath her perfect ass. She left the matching panties in the drawer since tonight she was feeling hot all over.

Serina wasn’t sure what to wear but finally she decided on some very short but comfortable white spandex shorts that were more like very tight bikini bottoms than anything else. She didn’t like to wear panties with them because you could see the outline of them under the thin material. On top she wore a tight cotton tank top that was also white. She did her brown hair into a ponytail that bounced as she walked. To keep her legs warm she had put on sheer panty hose underneath the tight white shorts.

When Serina walked into her mother’s room she noticed the lights off and her mother watching TV. “What you watching?”

"Oh nothing just flipping the channels. Did you want to watch something?”

"Change it to channel 98, maybe we could watch some hung guy banggin’ away at some hot girl!”

"Serina! You really want to watch some Idiot guy baggin’ away at some girl who he probably isn’t pleasing anyway? Only a woman knows what a woman wants!”

"I know that! I was foolin’ is all! I know men ain’t no good at pleasing a woman.”

"Damn straight and don’t you forget it!” Serina climbed into bed and pulled the black silk sheets over her legs up to her pelvis. The white comforter was rolled up at the end of the bed and would be used later on as the house got colder. “Mmm… these sheets feel sooo goood!”

"I know, why do you think I bought them? Besides the price was good, for imitation silk that is.”

"They feel so damn good!.”

"Damn straight, so do you want to watch something or not?” Serina was tired and she didn’t really want to watch any T.V.

"Nah, I think I’m just going to go to bed. What about you, aren’t you tired?”

"Mmm, I think I’ll do a bit of reading before turning in.”

"Whatever.” Serina rolled over on her right side and was facing the opposite direction of her mother. “Before you go to sleep throw the blanket over me because it’ll be cold by then. Man I’m so tired! I even feel a little sore from lugging those buckets.”

Selena saw an opportunity and took it. “Oh really? Well I have some cream that’ll take those pains away. I’ll rub it on you, take off your clothes.” Serina thought her mother would try to fuck her if she let herself be massaged. Truthfully she was tired and she also had some minor sore pains but she didn’t want things to get out of hand that night. “That’s alright I’m more tired then in pain, I’ll tuff it out.” Selena saw her opportunity fading and gave a small effort to seduce her daughter. In a somewhat soft and horny voice Selena said. I’ll be quick, here I’ll help you take off those clothes.” With that said Selena quickly pulled the sheets away from her daughter’s body and started pulling her daughters shorts down.

At first Serina didn’t say anything, her heart was pumping faster then it had in a long time. Her pussy was thumping with anticipation, her mouth drooling with saliva. She was ready for her mother to take her in any which way. She gave no protest and put her arm on her mothers shoulder and caressed it in a lover’s manner. For some reason though when her mother had pulled her shorts down to her shaved cunt (the way her mother liked her women) she snapped out of her trance. “No ma, I want to… but not tonight ok. I just want to go to sleep. Later though, ok?” Serina could see the lustful ferociousness in her mother’s eyes. At that moment Selena almost raped her daughter. If she had known that if she persisted Serina would have lost her will power to fight off her mother’s sexual advances toward her. Selena didn’t know why Serina had resisting, she could tell when another woman wanted to be fucked and she was the woman to do it. She had pulled the sheets off her daughter and rolled her over on her back but Serina hadn’t said anything. Then she had put her hands on her daughter’s middle thighs and slowly rubbed them up to the waistband of those sexy shorts; she could have eaten-out her daughter at that moment. She had slipped her hands between the waistband and her daughter’s soft skin and started to pull the shorts and hose down. Selena thought she heard a moan escape her daughter’s mouth but she wasn’t sure. She had gotten to her daughters cunt and she felt that same sensation that she gets when she’s about to fuck a really hot chick. Like if she was possessed, like if there’s no tomorrow and all that there is is sex. One more inch and she wouldn’t have been able to calm herself down. One more inch and she would have smothered her daughter’s pussy until her daughter would cum on her face. One more inch and she wouldn’t have taken no for an answer.

Selena was just looking at her daughter and lightly panting from exhaustive force of will. Her daughter looked back at her with sympathy and want of vaginal pleasure. She pulled her shorts back up and her mother laid down next to her side with a blank stare on her face while pretending to look at the T.V. Serina turned to her side again except she didn’t pull the black silk sheets up over her. Selena could feel her legs barely shaking trying to severe her sex drive. She was wondering whether Serina was saying that she wanted to resume the rub down later or that she wanted to resume the seduction. Selena was thinking that it was to be fucked later on but she didn’t know for sure. She began to fantasize about the positions they would use and the amount of times they would do it. Maybe they could start sharing a bed once they could abandon they’re fears. Selena’s leg was shimmering in the light; her pussy and leg were wet from getting close to such ecstasy and not reaching it. Selena walked to the kitchen to grab the only thing that she could think of to settle her nerves, a bottle of vodka. There were soft-padded stools in the kitchen and Selena sat down on one of them and shuddered as the soft material rubbed against her vagina. She opened the bottle and started her drinking. Half an hour later and almost half the bottle gone Selena closed the bottle and got off the wet stool. She looked at the glistening seat and smiled maliciously. She didn’t bother cleaning it and turned the kitchen lights off and headed for her bedroom.

When she got to her bedroom she turned off the lights. She didn’t get into bed yet, but just stared at her daughter laid out on the bed. Her daughter was lying on her back and her legs were closed, her arms at her side. The soft glow of the T.V. made Serina’s nylons shimmer. Selena wanted to lick her daughter’s legs up and down and then after wrap her legs around them and grind them to jelly. The tight shorts were flat against her skin and Selena could make out the pussy line and shook with lust. Her daughter’s tits were erect and Selena could taste them in her mouth, playing with the nipples, lightly biting them and especially sucking them until they would turn raw. Serina’s mouth was open and there was the tiniest bit of spittle at the end of her mouth. At that point Selena broke.

She walked over to the bed and lay next to her daughter resting her elbow on the bed and laying on her side facing her daughter staring at her body. Her sexy nightie had ridden up to her round ass and it tickled her in a perverted way. Selena brought her face close to Serina’s and stayed still. Her face was close enough to feel the soft breaths her daughter was making. Selena extended her tongue and licked the spittle from her daughter’s mouth. “Mmm, you taste good luscious. Mommy’s going to fuck you hard.” Selena stopped licking at the dissipated saliva and put her tongue into her daughter’s mouth and started sucking in her daughter’s fluid. “Mmmmmm, eeeehhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, mmmpppphhhhhh.” Serina began to stir but before she could her mother got on top of her so that their pussies were touching. To make sure she had enough time to break her daughter will Selena grabbed Serina’s wrist and raised them above Serina’s head and held them there. Serina opened her eyes slowly and by the look of her facial expressions she was inflamed with want. Selena started grinding against her daughter, she could feel the silky shorts and they felt great against her naked flesh. Serina could barely understand what was going on but senses caught on. Her mother’s tongue was in her mouth and licking everything, also her mother’s pelvis was bucking and pushing against her own. Serina let out a moan of lust. “Uggghhhh, mooommm ohhhhh.” Serina didn’t want things to go this way, it was too carnal. She moved her head so that her mother’s tongue unwittingly slipped out and protested. “No ma, not tonight” She would have to get her mother off of her before she fell into her own desires. “Not tonight.” Her mother paid no attention and quickened her grinding. “Make love to me Serina. Give me a little kiss, just one kiss. Make love to me. Come on just one kiss.” Her mother was trying to kiss her but she kept moving her head. Selena was stronger and closed in on her daughter’s moving head and started kissing her daughters lips but her daughter’s mouth was shut and wouldn’t open. Never the less Selena passionately kissed her daughter and she licked and bit and kissed her daughter’s beautiful lips. Serina tried to shake her mother off but it was no use, her mother had her between a rock and a hard place. Serina thought of the alternative to fighting and that was going along with the escapade. Serina humped hard against her mother’s crotch somewhat out of hopeless ness but mostly because her pussy was ragging with perversion. Selena felt her daughter pump against her pelvis and was extremely gratified with sexual satisfaction. “Give it up, I’m not going to let go. Fuck me! Fuck me! I’ll make you cum all night if you want. I’ll make you orgasm all you want. Give in, open your mouth.” Selena brought Serina’s wrist close together and held them fast with only her left hand. With her right hand she lifted her daughter’s cotton tank top and raised it above one of her daughter’s breast. She looked in fascination at the beautiful tit and lunged at it with ravenous speed and lust. Serina screamed in pleasure. “Ahhhhhh, mom no. Aaahhhhh fuck!!!! Ohhhhhh shiiitttttt. Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, aahhhhhhh.” Selena’s right hand slipped between her daughter’s back and the bed and slowly massaged it until she reached Serina’s waistband slid underneath the shorts and hose and grabbed onto her daughter’s plump buttock. She grabbed a handful of ass and squeezed it to her hearts desire. “I’ve always wanted to grab your ass. It’s stands out so much and it’s perfectly round. I’ve wished that I had a dick so that I could stick it up your ass! Maybe I’ll use a strap-on later. No! I will use a strap-on later!” Serina’s moans grew louder and her pussy ragged on, her feelings against what was going on were fading fast. She bucked some more against her mother and she was almost wishing that her shorts were off so that their actual pussies would be humping each other directly instead of having the thin material separating their dampening skin. “Uugggghhhhh, fuck… Ughhhhh, what are you doing?”

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