tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSelena Doesn't Have Sex Ch. 05

Selena Doesn't Have Sex Ch. 05


Miley Cyrus was once again on her way to see her good friends turned secret lovers Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Once again they had been very cryptic about what they would actually be doing, just that she was going to have the privilege of meeting two girls who just so happen to be part of this special Disney girls club that Miley now so desperately wanted membership into, the former Hannah Montana hoping she could impress these two girls and help her finally gain that membership. Or at least tell her what she had to do to get it.

Of course Miley had been on pins and needles all day imagining who it could be, her mind racing with all the potential Disney girls and which ones it was most likely to be. Then Miley found herself actually considering which ones she'd most like to fuck.

Despite everything Miley had done with Demi and Selena she actually hadn't considered that before, but ever since Selena had hinted on what they would be doing it was all she could think about. There were so many options, but there were two girls she thought it might be. Two girls she'd like it to be. Two girls Miley found herself wanting to fuck more than she'd ever wanted to fuck anyone before.

Then upon reaching the correct hotel Miley's heart raced as she saw those exact two girls, her hopes seemed to be all but confirmed just by their presence here. To make matters even better they ended up riding in the exact same elevator going to the exact same floor, the three Disney stars exchanging looks all the way to Selena's door.

Finally Miley asked, "Are, are you two-"

"Yes." Vanessa Hudgins interrupted, not wanting Miley to spill the beans in public.

"Absolutely." Ashley Tisdale smirked, almost doing what her girlfriend feared.

Miley returned the smirk and knocked on the door, only having to wait a few seconds before it was opened by a smiling Selena.

"Hey guys, come in, come in." Selena said with barely contained excitement as she stepped aside to allow her fellow Disney stars to hurry inside the hotel room.

Then while Selena was shutting and locking the door Ashley stepped into Miley's personal space with a beaming smile, "Hey."

"Hey." Miley said with a soft smile on her face then grabbed the back of Ashley's head to pull her into a kiss.

To be fair on Miley there was a second or two where she clearly judged whether the doors were closed enough and whether she wasn't mistaking the signals. Ashley wasn't sure how Miley could doubt the latter due to how close they now were, the blonde even glancing down to her lips and then looking back up at her with a blatant look of lust on her face. Of course Ashley had gone through this plenty of times before and she could totally get how a girl could feel nervous in this situation, hence why she had resisted the urge to kiss Miley herself and left it up to the other Disney star to make the first move.

As it turned out she wasn't waiting long, and better still Miley didn't cautiously press her lips against her and then pulling back but crashed their lips together by grabbing hold of Ashley and pulling her in. After that Miley practically shoved her tongue down Ashley's throat, the blonde only briefly pausing in delighted surprise before she welcomed the soft invasion.

For a couple of minutes the two Disney girls became completely lost in making out with each other, only pulling apart because things became a little too heated and they were both in need of some oxygen. That had Ashley feeling a tiny bit guilty about jumping the gun and she turned to her girlfriend with an apologetic expression on her face. Luckily Vanessa seemed to like what she saw.

"Don't stop baby." Vanessa grinned, "Go ahead. I'm sure we could all do with a little something to get us into the mood, and you greedily munching Miley's muffin sounds perfect."

"Oh yes, lick Miley's pussy Ash." Demi encouraged eagerly.

"You'll love it." Selena added, "Mmmmm, Miley really does have a tasty little cunt."

Demi and Selena said a lot more but Ashley didn't really hear it as she was too busy kissing Miley again, the other Disney star kissing her back with as much eagerness as before. This time round instead of just holding the other girl tight to her Ashley slowly and gently cupped Miley's butt, the brunette returning the favour by immediately grabbing the blonde's butt which caused Ashley to moan happily into Miley's mouth.

This kissing and groping went on for far too long for Miley's liking. It was only a couple of minutes but it felt like a lifetime to the brunette who had spent the entire day creaming her panties in anticipation of this moment, and all Miley had to do was rub her thigh in between Ashley's legs to prove she wasn't alone. From the sound of it the other three Disney girls watching them were just as horny although Miley was just as oblivious to what they were saying as Ashley was, first because of her lover's embrace and then because Ashley started stripping off her clothes.

Miley was only too happy to help this process, lifting her legs and arms up at the appropriate moments so Ashley could remove her clothing. However there was one little detail about all this Miley objected too, "Hey, no fair... how come I'm the only one getting naked here?"

Instead of replying Ashley grinned mischievously and then pulled her dress up over her head, revealing she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tiny panties were next to follow, the blonde stepping out of her shoes as Demi, Selena and Vanessa followed her lead, Miley almost literally drooling as she became lost in staring at all the hot girl flesh.

Then she became equally distracted by Ashley's lips on her neck, collarbone, and then finally her tits, Ashley taking plenty of time to move from one to the other, driving Miley crazy. At first in a good way, but as Ashley's wicked mouth, tongue and fingers worked over her tits Miley quickly became increasingly desperate to feel her friend moving lower.

For her part Ashley was trying to walk a very fine line. It was clear that her friend needed little or no foreplay, which gave them something in common, however as raring to go as Ashley nearly always was with other girls she knew that no foreplay at all could leave certain parts of her body feeling neglected. Besides, orgasms were better when there was some good build-up. So Ashley 'forced' herself to lick and suck Miley's pretty titties for several long minutes, making her fellow Disney stars either moan or cry out in encouragement.

Nevertheless Ashley was happy when Miley's voice broke through the others, "Lower, mmmmmm Gawwwwwdddddd, please Ashley, lower. Go lower. Lick me! Lick my pussy! Mmmmmmm fuck yeah I want you to tongue my twat like a dirty little dyke! Eat my Disney girl pussy! I want another Disney girl to munch my Disney girl muffin. Fuck me like a lezzie slut! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, yes, lower. Lower, lower, lower, lower, LOWER OOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK YES, LICK ME!"

Ashley took a few moments to savour Miley's encouragement and then she kissed her way down the other girl's flat stomach, receiving further encouragement from the brunette as she went. When she reached her destination, a destination she had been dreaming about for a long time, Ashley barely took a second to enjoy the sweet smell of pure Miley before burying her face as deep as it would go into her friend's cunt, causing the other Disney star to squeal with joy.

More squeals followed, Miley becoming completely incoherent as Ashley established a slow but steady rhythm, sliding from the bottom of her friend's pussy to the top with every swipe of her tongue. Ashley made sure to avoid Miley's clit for the most part. She glided over it a few times, even lingering on it once or twice, and then the same with her friend's entrance but as always this early stage was about teasing, not pleasing. So Ashley restrained herself, for now, and familiarised herself with Miley's pussy juice.

In Ashley's opinion pussy juice was one of the most yummy things in the world, each pussy being similar yet uniquely delicious in its own way. Miley's cream was no exception and Ashley lapped it up greedily, loving the fact that there seem to be an endless supply of the yummy liquid. Of course that was always the case for Ashley, her skilled tongue easily squeezing all the yummy cream she could handle thanks to years of practising on her beloved girlfriend Vanessa and other hot girls who were eager to spread their legs for her once they had experienced her talented tongue licking their love holes.

Miley definitely planned to spread her legs for Ashley again. All the other girl had to do was ask and Miley would happily let her lick her pussy. And Vanessa. And Demi, and Selena, and any other Disney girl that might be into eating pussy. Hell, if all girls licked pussy this good Miley would never say no to a girl, a very tempting thought as most of the time she was surrounded by good looking people whether it be other celebrities or even her fans offering her their tongues sounded amazing, a thrill running through Miley as she imagined being backstage at some award show and pushing another female celebrity to their knees in the bathroom or something. Or invite some of her fans backstage after a concert to see if they were willing to go gay for her.

After indulging these thoughts for a while Miley realised she was imagining herself being very selfish. Of course she would return this type of amazing pleasure to whoever gave it to her, Miley's mouth-watering at the memory of just how tasty Demi's and Selena's pussies were. She was eager to taste them again, and munch Ashley's and Vanessa's muffins, particularly Ashley who was now licking her pussy oh so good. She also could imagine herself going down on strangers, again either her fans or celebrities she didn't know, just the thought of it making her feel incredibly slutty.

Then Ashley's tongue touched her clit and this intense pleasure ran through Miley's body like an electric current, short-circuiting her brain and stopping any thoughts in their tracks. Ashley then gave her a break of sorts, the blonde sliding her tongue down Miley's pussy lips before moving to the top again to give her clit the same little flick she had before, her friend repeating this process over and over which caused Miley to let out cries, moans and even squeals of pleasure.

Just when she didn't think it could get better Vanessa got on the bed and slowly crawled over to her, Miley feeling like a wounded animal being approached by a lioness, except for the fact that she wanted this lioness to pounce and devour her. Vanessa didn't pounce but she did devour Miley's lips with her own, the brown haired girl feeling overwhelmed as she was passionately kissed by one female friend while another went down on her. If that wasn't enough Selena and Demi joined them, Vanessa pulling away so Selena could have a turn kissing Miley, then Demi had a turn, then Vanessa again, and so on.

After being shared by her friends for quite a while Miley pulled back from her latest kiss with Vanessa to moan, "Mmmmm, your girlfriend is licking my pussy sooooo goooooooodddddd! Mmmmmm, your girlfriend is an amazing cunt lapper, ohhhhhhhh, thank you for sharing her tongue with me."

"You're welcome Miles." Vanessa grinned, "Anything for a friend."

"And she is good, isn't she?" Selena grinned.

"We should know." Demi chimed in, "She's licked us all, and made us all cum amazingly hard."

"That's because she is amazing." Vanessa sighed dreamily, "My girlfriend is amazing at everything she does, but especially eating pussy. She loves it, don't you Ash?"

"I can't get enough." Ashley said truthfully after lifting her now pussy cream covered face from Miley's love box, "Mmmmmm, I'm a pussy slut who just can't get enough pussy. And yours Miley, mmmmmmmm, yours is such a tasty little cunt, mmmmmmmm, I can't get enough of it."

"Then prove it!" Miley growled, sitting up briefly so she could grab Ashley by the hair and shove her face back into her cunt, "Eat me! Eat my pussy you slutty little dyke! Ohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, make me cum! I want you to lick me out and make me cum amazingly hard just like you've done to apparently every other Disney girl you rug munching slut! Mmmmmmm, it's so unfair you've been denying me that mouth of yours, oooooooooh, and that tongue, oh, when you were clearly born to eat pussy. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, make it up to me, mmmmmmm, make it up to me now by making me fucking cum in your face!"

Miley was going to say more, much more. She was going to describe exactly how she wanted Ashley to eat her pussy, the whole time telling her what an amazing muff diver she was and telling Vanessa how much she loved her girlfriend's tongue. She was going to say all that and a whole lot more, but then Ashley slammed her tongue as deep as it would go inside her pussy, almost making Miley cum on the spot. If that wasn't enough Ashley began almost immediately tongue fucking her, turning Miley into a completely incoherent mess.

As she whimpered, moaned, squealed and screamed in pleasure Demi and Selena simultaneously kissed their way down her chest until they reached her boobs, swirling their tongues around the nipple in front of them and then taking those already hard peaks into their mouths and sucking on them. Meanwhile Vanessa just hovered over her with a huge grin on her face, the former star of High School Musical having a blast watching how her co-star and friends were ravaging Miley's body.

Of course it was the type of ravaging which was extremely enjoyable, Miley unable to imagine anyone in that moment who wouldn't love receiving the same treatment. Not that she spent much time thinking about it. No, she was too busy imagining Vanessa's tongue in her ass, Miley thinking that if she could just move onto her side and get Vanessa lapping away at her butt hole things would be perfect.

Then all of a sudden Miley came and she forgot all about additional stimulation, because with her cum squirting out of her and onto Ashley's pretty face it felt like she had all the stimulation she could ever need, Miley screaming louder than perhaps ever before as she became truly overwhelmed with the amazing pleasure of being worshipped by three girls who were extremely skilled with their mouths and tongues.

While Miley was lost in her own pleasure Ashley was busy swallowing as much of Hannah Montana's cum as she could, but there was just so much of it and it was squirting out of the brown haired girl so fast that even a experienced pussy licker like Ashley couldn't possibly get it all. However she still got a decent amount, enough to know that all her fantasies about how Miley tasted didn't do justice to the reality and that she really, really wanted some more of this heavenly cream.

Determined to get it Ashley didn't allow Miley to come down from her high, pushing her tongue into the other girl's cunt the second that the brunette's orgasm was over and quickly tongue fucking her to another orgasm. She then repeated this process, making Miley cum over and over again, and from the second one onwards Ashley tightly ceiling her mouth around the other Disney girl's entrance so she can guarantee at least a majority of the heavenly cream that she craved would end up in her belly where it belonged.

She definitely swallowed more girl cum that way, however as hard as she tried Ashley still couldn't get it all and honestly there was something else she wanted to try just in case this was her one and only chance to go down on Miley Cyrus. So after half a dozen orgasms Ashley dipped her fingers in some of the escaped girl juices and then pulled out her tongue and replaced it with two fingers. As she pushed those digits up to the knuckles and then started hammering them in and out of her friend Ashley wrapped her lips around Miley's clit so she can enthusiastically lick and suck it while finger fucking the other Disney girl.

For a while Ashley switched back and forth between these techniques until a clearly horse from screaming Miley whimpered, "Oooooohhhhh Gawwwwwwd please, no more, aaaaaahhhhhh shit, I, I can't take any more! Please Ashley, aaaaahhhhh, I don't want you to stop, but I don't think, OH GOD!"

Even though she was reluctant to stop Ashley felt proud of herself for getting that kind of reaction out of Miley so there was a huge grin on her face when she finally pulled away, spotted her girlfriend and then held out her fingers which had just been inside the former Hannah Montana, "Hey Vanessa, wanna taste?"

"Sure." Vanessa grinned, slowly stalking over to Ashley, grabbing onto her wrist and then lowering her lips to those fingers.

Vanessa wrapped her lips around the tips of her fellow Disney star's fingers and then slowly slid down to the knuckles, sucking gently as she went and then rapidly increasing the suction when she obtained her fingers in her mouth, making Ashley moan nearly the entire time. Once those fingers had been thoroughly cleaned Vanessa aggressively grabbed Ashley's face and pulled her forwards while diving in for a kiss, the blonde only too happy to open her mouth to allow her girlfriend's tongue into her mouth, the two stars of High School Musical frantically making out for several long minutes, and eventually stopping for breath and so that Vanessa could lick Ashley's cum covered face clean.

Meanwhile Demi and Selena each gave Miley a gentle kiss and then convinced her to move so they would have room for what came next, namely Demi lying face down and ass up so Selena could bury her face in between her ass cheeks. Selena was barely patient enough to spread Demi's butt cheeks and spit onto her cute little back hole before she began licking it, Selena becoming just as lost in tonguing her girlfriend's backside as Ashley and Vanessa were at tongue kissing each other.

So when the stars of High School Musical finally broke away from each other the sight they were greeted with was Selena Gomez joyfully licking Demi Lovato's ass, Vanessa calling out, "Really? You couldn't have done that sooner?"

Reluctantly removing her tongue from Demi's ass hole Selena looked at her friend and said, "Just because your girlfriend can't go anywhere without a plug up her butt doesn't mean I should be denied the pleasure of licking Demi's ass."

"But you could have rimmed her first, then plugged her butt." Ashley pointed out.

"Yeah, but I prefer to have an audience when I eat out her ass." Selena grinned, before again spitting onto Demi's butt hole and then pushing that saliva into that little back door with her tongue.

"Whatever, just hurry up. I can't wait much longer to double stuff that big booty." Vanessa grumbled.

"Double stuff?" Miley questioned weakly.

"Double anal." Ashley clarified with a grin, "Mmmmmm, trust me Miley, as good as an ass fucking feels there's nothing quite like getting two big dildos jammed up your ass at the same time. I'm a total whore for it, but this is going to be Demi's first time."

"Selena thought you'd like to watch." Vanessa added, "See how hard I can make a bitch cum by fucking her in the ass."

Briefly moving away from Demi's ass Selena chimed in, "And if Vanessa does a good job I might let her fuck your ass Miley. Mmmmm, but only if she gives a grade A performance. After all, since I got your anal cherry your ass is mine, and I'm only going to let the best butt fuckers borrow it."

"Please, you know what kind of butt pounding top I am. I got this in the bag." Vanessa bragged as Selena returned to licking Demi's ass hole, "Ohhhhh, you just wait Miley, you're gonna love what you see so much you're gonna be begging Selena to give me your ass. Mmmmm, and when she does I'm gonna fuck it so hard and deep that you'll want to be my little anal loving bitch forever. Then after half a dozen ass fuckings, and maybe an anal gang bang or two we'll let you have a turn taking two cocks up your tight little booty. Mmmmmm, me and Selena will double stuff your ass and make you our double anal whore."

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