Seles vs. Graf


Disclaimer: The following is all fictional (probably) and shouldn't be taken as an account of real events (possibly).

Monica Seles couldn't believe it. She was at the top of her game since the stabbing in Germany and had been beating Stefi Graf in this match until the German had somehow managed to up her own game remarkably.

Monica was one of the players on the WTA Tour who were involved in the antics that went on after the matches and did not want to loose to Graf. Monica knew what Graff liked to do to those she defeated on the court. But eventually the German defeated her in the final two sets. After picking up her equipment, Monica walked dejectedly off the court followed by a smiling Stefi Graf. Stefi was watching Monica walk off the court, thinking of the things she was going to do to the tennis player that had proved to be such a challenge for her before the stabbing. Though Stefi was horrified at what had happened, she had to admit that it had helped her own career.

Once in the changing rooms, Monica put her stuff aside and sat down on a bench waiting for Graf to arrive.

Once Stefi entered the changing room she walked straight up to Monica and looked down at her. The American player looked back. Stefi loved the almost pleading look in Monica's eyes, asking the victor to leave her alone, just this once. But Graf had been waiting to get Monica for a long time now and wasn't about to let her go unmolested.

Reaching down, Stefi took hold of her tennis skirt and lifted, revealing her sweat and juice soaked panties. With her other hand she flipped off Monica's cap. Gripping her by the back of her head she pushed the Americans face into her crotch.

"Smell me, Monica, and know you are beaten," Graf said with a smile. The smile quickly changed to a gasp of delight as she felt and heard Monica begin to sniff her sweaty, juicy crotch. Monica's degradation had begun.

Monica knew the rules that many of those on the WTA Tour obeyed, and dropped to her knees when Graf pushed her head forward. She could already smell the German's excitement, and knew she was going to have to please Stefi before she would be allowed to leave. So she put her nose up to Graf's panties and began to sniff. Even though she didn't really want to do this, Monica found herself becoming aroused as she often did when she had lost to an opponent and had been forced to perform sexual acts on the other women. Even as she smelled the slightly fishy smell emanating from the white cloth before her, Monica smiled to herself. It seemed that all the women in the WTA got off on having their defeated opponent sniff their knickers as everyone seemed to start things off with a panty sniff.

Still holding Monica's head, Graf pulled her forward, spreading her legs a little more to ensure that Monica's face was fully in contact with her crotch.

"Lick me now," said Graf, and was pleased when Monica immediately began to lick her pussy through her wet panties. She shuddered when Monica scrapped her clitoris with her teeth and responded by humping her crotch against the American's face, racing towards a quick cum.

When Stefi had told her to lick her, Monica knew that once the German got going that there was no turning back until she was fully sated. Knowing there was nothing she could do about it, Monica drew her head back a bit and extended her tongue to the wet cotton in front of her. The smell of Graf's crotch was strong, but the taste was even stronger. Monica couldn't remember tasting a stronger pussy before, and despite herself began to lick Stefi's panties.

The German's pussy was clearly visible in the now saturated panties and Seles ran her tongue repeatedly from the bottom of the cleft right up to the little nub of her clit and back again. Monica began to really enjoy the smell, taste and heat coming off Graff as she had done a number of times with other players. Changing tactic, Monica began to suck at Graf's gusset, right over the super heated pussy underneath. There was an almost immediate increase in pussy juice as Graff began to cum, humping her crotch harder and harder against Monica's face.

Monica was so hot and horny herself that she spread her kneeling legs and reached down and began to rub her own pussy, staining her own shorts. Even as Graf's sex released more juice, Monica could feel her own juices seeping through her shorts and dampening her fingers.

Grabbing Monica's head, Stefi directed her sucking mouth directly over her engorged clit. Within seconds Graf came in her panties and in Monica's mouth. Stefi let out a moan as she imagined Monica's face under her skirt covered in her nemesis' pussy juice. Still holding her head, Stefi drew the American's face out from under her skirt. She looked down and grinned widely upon seeing her own juices all over Monica's face.

"Take off my panties," said Graf.

Now not looking directly at Stefi's face, Monica licked her lips clean of Stefi's juice as she reached under the German's tennis skirt. Monica took hold of the waistband and slowly pulled them down. Stefi had raised her skirt again so she could watch Monica do as she was told. Monica couldn't help but stare at the panty gusset and pussy that she was exposing. She felt a trickle of juice leave her own pussy and add itself to the amount already staining her shorts. She became uncomfortably aware of the scent of her own arousal rising from her crotch and looking up into the Germans face, knew that Stefi could also smell it.

After stepping out of her panties Stefi had Monica lay face-up on the ground. Turning to face Seles' feet the German squatted over her face, slowly lowering her crotch. Placing her knees to either side of Monica's arms, Graf reached behind her to take hold of Monica's head. She used her opponent's nose to guide her arsehole to Monica's mouth.

"Lick my asshole, Monica. Make it nice and clean."

As Graf lowered her crotch to her face, Monica became increasingly aroused. She knew what Graf was going to have her do and found the perversity of it a great turn on. When the command came, Monica instantly stuck out her tongue in search of the dark rosebud. Finding it, she used her tongue in broad strokes several times before using the tip of her tongue to run around the rim of Stefi's anus. Monica felt Graf lean forward slightly then felt a hand brush repeatedly over her own crotch, stroking her pussy through her shorts. When her clit was pinched savagely, Monica bucked up and her tongue sunk deeply into the anus she was licking. Graf responded by pushing down on Monica's clit with a finger and wriggling her arse on her face.

Reaching down to play with her own clit, Stefi discovered that she was much wetter then she had thought she would be. Reaching over, Stefi grabbed a hold of her discarded panties and forced them inside her vagina. While still rubbing Monica's clit, Graf manipulated her own in order to make sure her panties were thoroughly soaked.

Feeling Monica's tongue tiring, Stefi raised herself from her face and sat on a bench. With Monica watching her, Stefi leaned back and spread her legs wide, raising her short skirt as she did. Pointing to a spot in front of her she said to Monica, "Kneel." Once the American was in place Graf said, "Pull my panties from my pussy." As Seles reached forward with her hand, Graf stopped her saying, "No, use your mouth. Pull them out one centimetre at a time and make sure they end up in your mouth."

Monica knew that Graf was not a lesbian but was involved in these post-match antics as a form a psychological warfare against her opponents, degrading them in order to throw them off their game when next they met. If Graf lost, she still participated as it was part of the rules obeyed by all those involved. Monica herself was bi-sexual and enjoyed the sexual antics for pleasure, at least when she was in charge, although she had to admit to herself that she often got off doing the things that others would make her do.

Leaning forward, Seles took hold of the panties with her teeth and slowly pulled until a 'fresh' centimetre of cloth was showing. As she continued to pull the panties centimetre by centimetre, Monica realised that Graf was having her eat her panties. Once the panties were fully in her mouth Seles couldn't stop herself from sucking on the juice soaked underwear.

Seeing Seles sucking her panties, Graf reached forward and took hold of a corner of the garment sticking out of the other woman's mouth. Monica continued to suck the panties as they were slowly pulled from her mouth. Graf sniffed at her own panties and was surprised to find that there was almost no trace of her scent on them. Monica had sucked her panties clean.

"Take your shorts off," Graf ordered Seles. "Turn around and bend over as you do it."

Monica stood up and turned her back to the German. Bending at the waist she reached to her waistband and slowly pulled her shorts down. She knew that Graf could easily see how wet her pussy was, once her shorts stopped sticking to her crotch and were pulled down. She pulled them down over her shoes and stepped out of them.

Standing up, Graf had Seles lay down across a wide bench. The bench had a rail running a meter and a half above it from which clothes could be hung. The rail was supported by poles that were driven through the bench. Graf had the American spread her legs so that her knees were spread around two of the poles. This was a little uncomfortable for Seles, but excellent for what Graf had in mind for her. The wide-spread position forced the lips of Seles' vagina to open up. Stefi leaned forward and sniffed at Monica's crotch, inhaling the rich aroma of the American's highly aroused pussy.

After placing a couple of thick towels under Monica's arse, Graf took two lengths of nylon and tied Monica's legs to the two vertical poles at her knees. Taking two more lengths Graf tied them first to the poles then pulled them up to Monica's shoulders, looped them under her arms and tied the end of the two lengths back to the poles. Graf did not want Monica to be able to move too much for what she had planned. The look of mixed confusion and worry on Monica's face pleased Graf.

Graf stepped over to a row of lockers and pulled out a sports bag. Moving back to the bench, Graf kneeled down between Monica's splayed legs. Reaching into the bag she pulled out an inch thick dildo. She had purposely brought dildos and not vibrators as these were to be used to degrade Seles, not give her pleasure. She placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance to Monica's pussy and glanced up to see Monica looking down at the sex toy. With a smile on her face, Graf plunged the dong straight into Monica's vagina. She knew the American was too wet for the move to hurt, but would have done it had the woman been dry. Not to her surprise the dildo moved easily in and out of Monica's pussy. But then again, it was only there to get lubrication. Pulling the dildo out, Graf aimed it at Seles' small anus and began to push against the small hole with a steady pressure.

Seles tried to back away from the dildo but couldn't. She forced herself to relax, to accept the intrusion but because of the constant pressure found it hard to do. Monica was not an anal virgin. Some of her former lovers, both male and female, had been into anal sex, but she was not so used to it that she could control her anus enough to open it at will. Eventually Graf forced the dildo up Monica's arse, delighting in the pain evident on the American's face.

Leaving the dildo wedged in Monica's arse Graf reached back into the bag and withdrew a two-inch thick dildo. This she inserted into Monica's vagina. Taking hold of both dildos, Graf fucked her victim in both holes at the same time, ramming them in and out at the same time, both going in, both coming out. She quickly noticed that Monica had become used to the size of the toys and was even beginning to enjoy her mistreatment.

Deciding it was time, Graf pulled both dildos from Monica's body. Putting the smaller one aside, she replaced it in Monica's arse with the thicker one. Seles was not watching and gave a yelp as she felt the dildo being pushed into her arse, stretching it further. It hurt but she quickly accepted it. Seeing this, Graf reached back into the bag and removed an even larger dildo, this one three inches thick. She quickly inserted it into Monica.

As the larger dildo slowly entered her pussy, Monica could feel her anus begin to tighten up around the 2-inch dildo already in her. As the bigger dildo continued on its path, the pain increased in Monica's arse. When she thought she could take no more, Monica felt the thick head of the dildo finally enter fully into her pussy. Just as she was thinking that the worst was over, Graf gave a mighty shove forcing the entire length of the dildo up Monica's vagina until it rammed against her cervix. This sudden movement caused the dildo in her arse to change its angle as it was also pushed in deeper. Monica cried out at the sudden flare of pain in her crotch.

Looking down between her spread legs, Monica looked and saw the smiling face of Stefi Graf as she began to push and pull the dildos in and out of her pussy and anus. Monica was thankful that the German alternated the strokes so that as one dildo pushed in the other moved out. Once again, Monica's body got used to the size of the dildos invading her and she began to enjoy it.

She was close to having her first orgasm when Graf suddenly pulled both dildos out of her orifices. The sudden wrenching of the dildos from her body startled Monica. But before she could complain Graf forced the 3-inch thick dildo into Monica's arse. The pain was the worse thing she had ever felt, much more painful than the knife that had cut into her in Germany. Monica cried out for her father as Graf forced the dildo deeper through her anus and into her rectum.

Once the dildo was seated all the way inside Monica's backside, Graf stepped around the bench and knelt at Monica's shoulder. She placed the other woman's head against her breast and stroked her head, trying to soothe her pain away. Graf did not have any real wish to hurt the woman, but knew that by trying to comfort her, after causing her so much pain, would just add to her confused thoughts the next time they played against each other.

Monica cried into Graf's chest until the pain ebbed away. As she had cried, her sobs had wracked her body and her anus had clenched repeatedly against the dildo until the pain had gone away, leaving behind a full and numb feeling in her arse. She also became aware of the softness of the breast her face was pressed against, and the hard nipple poking her cheek. Turning her head slightly, Monica began to lick and suck at the hardened nipple through Stefi's clothing.

Feeling Monica's mouth trying to suck on her nipple, Graf quickly pulled away, moving back between the American's legs. Not letting Seles see what she was doing, Graf removed a tube of thick lubricant from her bag. Pouring a small amount onto her hand she quickly covered her right hand with a layer of the lubricant. Taking hold of Monica by her hip, Graf slammed her fist into the gaping vagina before her.

Monica reared against her restraints as the other woman's fist plunged deep into her. She screamed in agony as the fist was pushed deeper into her body until it pushed insistently against her cervix. As Monica screamed, her entire vagina squeezed down on Graf's fist, causing her more pain. As Graf began to work her fist around inside her pussy, Monica began to adjust once again until the pain became a dull ache.

As she continued to fuck Seles' pussy with her fist, Graf reached over and picked up her opponents shorts. She raised them to her nose and sniffed the gusset. The odour was strong and pungent. Apparently Monica had been highly aroused before she removed her shorts. Graf stood up, keeping her fist in Monica, and pushed the gusset of the shorts into her victim's mouth, gagging her and preventing her from screaming anymore.

Squatting back down, Graf pulled the three-inch thick dildo from Monica's arse. As soon as the dildo was clear, Graf pulled her hand from the gripping vagina and forced her fingers and palm through Monica's anus and into her rectum. She could feel Monica's anus grip her around the wrist. Not satisfied with having just her fist in Monica's arse, Graf reached for the tube of lubricant and covered her forearm with it. Taking hold of Seles' hip again, Graf began to force her arm up the American's arse.

Monica couldn't believe the pain coming from her arse. She had heard that Graf was rough with her victims, but had never expected this. She was glad that she had been gagged with her shorts. Not because of the flavour, something she would normally enjoy, having tasted her own juices plenty of times, but because she knew if her screams were to be let out, people would rush to help and she would be disgraced.

Graf was beside herself with arousal. She couldn't believe that she was forcing so much of her arm up Monica Seles' arse. She was near to her elbow before she couldn't fit any more inside her opponent. She began to fuck Monica's arse with her arm, pulling out to her wrist then plunging back into the elbow. As she plunged in and out she began to rotate her arms and move it in circles. Much to her surprise this opened Monica up enough for her to insert her arm above the elbow. The heat she could feel all along her arm aroused Graf like nothing she had ever felt before. She could see that she was causing Monica a great deal of discomfort if not out right pain, but she didn't care, it just felt so great to her.

A sudden idea struck her. Graf reached back for the lubricant and emptied the tube around and into Monica's vagina. Dropping the tube, Stefi rubbed her hand through the gel covering the gaping vagina before her. Once her hand was covered in the lube Graf pushed her hand into Monica's pussy. The feeling was wonderful to the German. The heat alone was great, but the added pressure the move brought against her arm as Monica's anus tightened was out of this world. Without even touching herself, Stefi Graf shrieked and came, juice pouring from her own pussy and dripping onto the hard floor beneath her. The more she fucked her hands into Monica Seles, the more juice she produced until there was a small puddle on the floor.

Exhausted, Stefi slowly pulled her hand from Monica's pussy. She looked at the ravaged vagina, seeing it gaping open and slack. She had stretched it so much that she could see clear through to Monica's cervix. She then turned her attention to her arm, elbow deep in Monica's arse. As slowly as she could, Graf withdrew her arm. She looked at the violated anus of Monica Seles and waited for it to close. After a few minutes the sphincter muscles began to very slowly close. Satisfied that Monica's arse was closing up Graf washed her arms.

Returning to Monica, she untied the American. She watched as the woman very slowly removed her shorts from her mouth and sat up. Graf had an amused look on her face as Monica stood. She had been so thoroughly fisted that she could not stand with her legs fully closed.

"Are we through. Is it over?" asked Monica. Her voice was blank as if she were in shock.

"See the puddle of my cum on the floor? Suck it up."

Monica gingerly got down on her hands and knees. As she lowered her face to the puddle of girl cum and began to suck up the juice Stefi stripped naked. Once all the juice had disappeared into Monica's mouth and she looked up at her, Graf reached down, pulled Monica's tennis skirt up and spanked her hard across her sore pussy.

"You can go now. See you on the court next week," said Graf as she turned and headed for the showers. She knew that she would have a massive advantage over Seles the next time they played.

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