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Self Exploration


It was just one of those days that felt like it kept going and going and going and by the end of the day I was ready to just collapse in my bed and sleep for hours but first I needed a shower. I closed the door to my room, put my coat away, slipped off my shoes and started to get undressed. I slipped off my jeans first and then my blouse until I was standing in front of the mirror in just my bra and underwear. I undid the clasp of my bra and threw it with the rest of my clothes as I headed to the bathroom to start my shower I felt that familiar tug at my nipples as they hardened in the cold air. As my nipples hardened I felt that clench deep in my stomach as my juices started flowing.

I turned on the shower and let it heat up while I walk back into my room to grab a towel and take off my thong. As I entered my room I stood in front of my mirror for a moment admiring my firm, round breasts, and now hard nipples. Starring at my reflection in the mirror I raised my hands to my neck and slowly let them travel to my shoulders and then over my breasts, I shudder as my warm hands cup my breasts and I take each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and slowly roll them in between before giving them a a tug and letting my hands travel down to my stomach. My hands travel over my torso and down to my hips as I slightly dig my fingers in, pressing, right inside my hip bones. I moan softly and let one hand slide down over my panties as the other travels back up to tug on my nipple. I can feel my wetness through my underwear as my fingers rub my slit and my thumb circles my clit softly pressing down, I let out another moan as I feel my panties become increasingly wetter and give my nipple one last tug before I slide my underwear off, grab my towel, and head off to the shower.

Walking down the hall naked I take my time and enjoy the cool air hitting my bouncing breasts, nipples, and throbbing clit. I reach my hand down to tease the growing wetness between my legs as my pussy grows wetter with every step I take. I reach the bathroom, close the door, and drop my towel on the ground before stepping into the warm stream of water. I turn my back to the shower head and tilt my head back as I let the water cascade over my head, down my breasts, and across my stomach trailing off just before it reaches my clit. I'm growing hornier by the second as the water washes over me and it's not long before I once again take my nipples in between my thumb and forefinger and begin rolling them agonizingly slow, teasing myself, and letting the pleasure build within me. I reach for the bottle of soap and pour a little in my hands and rub them together before continuing my assault on my nipples. I close my eyes as I tug harder and harder on each nipple and moan softly as my fingernails dig in biting my soft and now slippery breasts. I can't ignore my throbbing clit and the wetness between my legs that I know isn't just because of the water washing over me.

I can feel my breathing quickening as my hands slide easily over my stomach and my thumb finds my clit and begins slowly circling. I moan once again as I begin applying more pressure to my exposed clit, my pussy is throbbing, begging for me to touch it. I position the shower head just so and lay down in the bathtub with my legs spread open wide so I have perfect access to my wet pussy and the water is flowing over my clit. I cannot position myself fast enough as my hand travels between my legs and I easily slide one finger into my dripping pussy, I can instantly feel the wetness come from inside me and covering my thighs as I slowly begin to finger myself. As I slowly draw my finger in and out of my pussy I once again begin teasing my nipples and clit and close my eyes as the pleasure starts to wash over me. I easily insert a second finger into my pussy and begin moving my fingers in and out faster and faster as my breathing picks up. I slide down the tub farther so water is now easily flowing down my clit, across my pussy, and teasing my asshole. As the water hits my puckered hole I draw in my breath and pump my fingers in and out of me faster, my wetness growing with each thrust of my fingers. I curl my fingers up towards my belly button deliciously hitting my g-spot and sending shivers down my body, I feel my nipples harden even more although I didn't think it possible.

Slowly I draw my fingers out of my pussy and reach my hand outside the shower to the caddy next to it. I open the bottom drawer and quickly find my waterproof vibrator.

I turn around so that I am now on my knees and the shower head is sending warm water down my back, between my butt crack, and over my begging asshole. I spread my legs wider, push out my ass, and grab onto the side of the tub as I turn on my vibrator and begin teasing my clit. I can feel the pressure of an orgasm building the longer the vibrator lingers on my clitoris but I'm not ready to come yet, I have some exploring I want to do. I slide the tip down my dripping wet slit and easily slide it into my throbbing pussy. I grab the side of the tub with both hands as I let the pleasure of the large vibrator inside me come over me before reaching my hand outside the shower once more.

After talking to a friend recently I found myself fantasizing about anal sex and the thought of exploring my ass while pleasing myself. One night last week I found myself on my back masturbating with my legs spread wide, I could feel the cool air rushing over my asshole and as my pussy grew wetter a combination of juices and lube trickled down to my virgin hole. I slowly withdrew my fingers from my pussy and let my index finger slowly circle my hole as curiosity got the best of me, lubricating it and teasing it, when I felt I was relaxed enough I applied pressure to my finger until it finally slipped into my tight hole I winched as my puckered hole tried to accommodate my finger tip. I sat there for a while letting my ass get used to the intruder, when I was used to the feeling of having the tip of my finger in my ass I slowly pushed harder until my entire finger was in my ass. I came so hard from fingering my ass that night that I quickly got online and ordered myself some anal beads, a small anal vibrator, and a butt plug. They had just arrived this morning and I was anxious to try one of my new toys out and this shower seemed like the perfect place.

Looking at my new toys I nervously selected my pretty pink anal beads because they were the smallest of my new toys and I hadn't had anything in my ass since my finger last week. I decided to place a small amount of lube on the beads before inserting them into my ass to make inserting them easier. I re-positioned myself on my knees and placed my head on the floor of the tub so that my ass was up in the air and my tight hole was exposed. The vibrator in my pussy felt deliciously filling in this position and I tapped on the base of it sending waves of pleasure up into my stomach. I slowly reached around and began massaging my plump ass calming my nerves for what was to come. I let my fingers slowly tease my asshole and once I was thoroughly relaxed I positioned the first small bead at the entrance of my hole. After taking a few deep breaths I pressed firmly on the bead until I felt myself relax and slowly the first bead slid into my ass.

The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt and I could already tell that I would love these beads. Slowly I pushed the beads so that the next one was against my hole, it was slightly larger than the first but smaller than my finger and it slid in easily behind the first. Soon I had fit the first three beads inside me, as I slid the fourth bead into me slowly I could feel my breathing increasing as I knew that the next bead would be much larger than my finger. I reached one hand forward and began massaging my clit trying to relax, by the time I was ready to take the next bead into my ass I was panting from all the different sensations that I was subjecting my body to. I placed my finger on the next bead, closed my eyes, and focused on the vibrating deep in my quivering pussy. I pushed my finger hard against the bead until I felt my hole loosening to accommodate the next bead, I had to push harder against this bead than the previous ones because it was much larger than my finger I was panting when the bead finally slipped into my tight hole and I felt my asshole tightening as it tried to accommodate the large bead.

Finally I had gotten all the beads in my ass and my pussy was dripping with juices as my ass got used to the feeling of being stretched and tortured by the beads that were now deep inside me. I loved having my ass full like this and was surprised at the sensations created by the beads that were not present when I had used my finger. I gently tugged on the end of the beads and teased my now slightly sore hole letting them deliciously move around inside me.

Once I had all the beads deep in my ass I reached between my legs and slowly pulled out my vibrator, and I slid it back making sure to push it towards the back of my pussy so with each thrust it was hitting the beads that were now deep in my tight hole. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced and I felt my orgasm building as I thrust my vibrator in and out faster and faster until I felt that familiar pull in my stomach.

I slammed my vibrator deep in my pussy, reached my hand back towards my ass and slowly pulled the beads out, before I even got the second bead out my orgasm hit and it increased with each bead that I pulled out, my pussy quivering around the vibrator deep within me and my asshole tightening with each wave of pleasure that hit. As amazing as the beads felt slipping in past my tight hole they felt even betting being pulled out as the beads slid along the inside of my ass before slowly popping out of my quivering hole.

Once I had pulled the beads out I felt my asshole slowly puckering back up as my orgasm subsided I was already longing to have my ass full once more. I pulled my vibrator from my dripping pussy and could see my cum covering my toy. I placed it on the floor next to the beads and let the water wash my juices off as I laid in the shower, completely spent from that orgasm. I closed my eyes and let the water pour over me as I fantasized about testing the limits of my ass hole with my vibrator and butt plug later on in the week. I couldn't wait to have my ass filled once more and my hole stretched around my new toys.

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