tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSelf Forced Nudity Gone Wrong

Self Forced Nudity Gone Wrong


Greetings fellow exhibitionists, I am a 28 year old woman from Utah. I am 5'7" with a slim body and small but still perky breasts. I have recently become very interested in public nudity humiliation. Which is very odd considering I have spent my whole life being terrified of being seen naked. I wont even get naked at the tanning bed (which has given me very strong tan lines!" At first I would just look at pictures and videos online, then I started reading stories about it. It turned me on a lot to see or read about other people being so humiliated, probably since I was so afraid of it myself.

I have lately tried to do little things myself like driving at night topless, but nothing where there was any real risk of being caught. This is what made me decide to try something just a little more daring. I got an idea from a story I read, I was of course not going to go as far as the story but people would be able to see me, for a very short time, and at a distance.

My plan was to go to a town I know where there is a parking lot with a public road on one side, and buildings on all other sides. There is one small opening that is kind of like an alley but to small for cars, this alley winds around a couple corners and leads to a park people almost never use anymore because of the busy street beside it.

My plan was to hide my spare car key in the park right next to the opening of the alley. Then I would drive my car around to the parking lot and park as far away from the busy street as possible and right next to the other end of the alley. Next I was to strip down completely in the car, get out and lock my keys inside so that I would be forced to go down the alley nude to get my other key from the opposite end, just inside a public park. Finally I would hurry back through the alley hop in my car and make my getaway.

It seems very bold but all in all a very safe plan. I would be parked so far back and so close to the alley that people from the street would hardly get a glimpse of me as I ran into it. The alley itself had no doors, though it did have windows, but again I would be moving quickly so they would be lucky indeed to see me. It was only about 200 feet from one end to the other so I would only be in the alley for a minute. Then the park, almost no one used it and as I said I would only be visible out in the open for less than 10 seconds to grab my key and run back into the alley. All together the whole thing would take about 3 minutes. So all in all it was a pretty safe and mild adventure, but with my fear of public nudity, I was terrified when the day came.

I decided to go on a Thursday so there would be less people walking around. I couldn't even eat anything because I was nauseous from my nerves. I put on a modest looking spring dress and no underwear so that I could disrobe and cover up much faster. I grabbed both sets of my keys and drove to the park.

When I got to the park I walked all the way into the the back. There were a few older couples and housewives in the park but none near my alley entrance. I placed the key under a rock about 10 feet from the alley and walked back to my car. I was getting very nervous now, and walking around in a dress with no underwear was not helping, but the fact that there were so few people near the alley did make me feel a tiny bit more confident. I got my car and drove around to the parking lot, it was a much longer trip by car than walking though the alley.

When I got to the parking lot there were plenty of open spots, and to my luck there was an open one at the very back about 5 feet from the alley. That helped my nervousness a lot. I parked the car, pulled out the key and hid it in the glove box. I took off my seat belt and thought to myself 'Ok, here I am, I cannot believe I am about to do this.'

I looked around and made sure no one was around and took off my shoes and then my dress. As soon as I had tucked my dress under my seat I hear a door close! I froze, someone had left the apartment building in front of me and was walking down the front of the cars strait towards me. I thought he was going to the car right next to mine, if he did he would be able to see me clearly but he turned last minute to the driver side door of a car two down. I waited for him to get in and drive away.

I was breathing hard and shaking, I almost put my dress back on and went home, but I talked myself out of it. There was no other movement and I had finally calmed down a bit. Finally I decided to go for it, I held the handle for a minute before leaving the safety of my car. Once I got out and locked the door there was no turning back until I got the key from down the alley.

I took a deep breath, as if I was jumping in the water, and flung the door open wide, jumped out, locked the door and slammed it shut. I was now locked out in public, completely nude, with no way to get my clothes until I got my other key back! I darted to the safety of the alley, I just knew someone must have seen me out in the open, I tried not to worry about that yet, I was already freaking out as it was. I carefully started down the alley, checking all the windows before I crossed them. I made it to the first bend without being seen, and was just thinking that I would get through this unnoticed when I turned the corner and saw something horrible!

The alley was blocked! There was some sort of construction going on and there was a wooden barrier at least 7 feet tall blocking my path.

I stood there for a moment completely caught off guard, my whole plan relied on the use of this alley. I was roughly brought back to reality by the sound of whistling and cat calls from above coming from a few construction workers staring down at me. I turned and ran toward the entrance and stopped just short of the opening. I stood there hidden from view thinking 'what the hell do I do now?! I was locked out of the car naked with no way to get down the alley! What was I thinking!? This was such a stupid idea! I didn't even have my phone to call for help, though even if I did what would I possibly say? Now the only way to get to my keys was to run out to the road and follow it around to the park! I could have cried. How could I do such a thing!?

Suddenly I heard voices from the parking lot. I peeked out and saw 3 young men walking directly toward my alley. There was no where for me to hide! I had to make a decision, stay here and get caught in an alley, or run like hell toward the street to get my key. I wanted to cry, either option was terrifying! The voices were getting closer and I made up my mind.

I ran as fast as I could out of my hiding place, covering my breasts with my hands, stunning the men as they caught sight of my naked body. I was terrified they would chase me but they didn't, they just watched me as I ran out toward the street. I told myself I would just run as fast as I could until I made it to the park and find somewhere to hide.

As I got to the the sidewalk I could see drivers staring at me, I turned and ran as fast as I could down the sidewalk toward the park. A couple cars honked their horns as they past, one woman yelled something cruel out a passenger window, and a couple of men yelled out crude compliments. I ran past a young couple trying to get a cab, they laughed as I passed, and I think the girl got a picture with her phone.

This way was much farther than the alley and I couldn't run any further. I sorely regretted not keeping up with the running I used to do. Eventually I was forced to stop running, though I started walking as swiftly as I could manage.

I came up to a young mother with a baby in her stroller she was wearing sweats and jogging, she got right in front of me with a concerned look on her face and asked if I was ok? If I needed help?

This made me feel worse, here I am playing out my perversions and this woman is worried about me, she probably thought I was raped or something. I came to a nervous stop in front of her and said something like "Um, no, please don't call the police. I, uh, I'm doing this on purpose, can I please get by."

I was very scared, she would report me, and I would be arrested. But instead she just looked at me with a confused look on her face and continued to block my way as she responded "What do you mean you're doing this on purpose?!"

Cars were honking constantly and people calling out humiliating things from windows and I just wanted to get by, but I couldn't knock over a young woman with her child! I quickly replied back "I, uh,wanted a thrill so I got, I mean I stripped down, locked one set of my keys in the car with my clothes so I couldn't chicken out. But the alley I was going to run through is blocked and now I have to get to the park to get my other keys that I hid there so I can get my clothes!"

I was so frustrated and humiliated that it all came out as one big jumble. My voice was cracking and I felt like I was going to burst into tears as I explained the horrible situation I had gotten myself into.

She looked shocked and a little disgusted, I suppose she didn't know what to say because she just stood there with her mouth open. I used her shock to my advantage and squeezed by her and ran. She called back something at me that I didn't understand but I just kept running.

I made it to the park as I ran out of breath again and swiftly hid behind a small bush. I looked around as I caught my breath, there were still a few elderly, and housewives about, combined with the occasional jogger. I could see the alley, it was at the back end of the park, maybe 500 feet away.

I remained there for a couple minutes afraid to leave the relative safety of my hiding place. I knew I couldn't stay there forever but I had already been through so much I hardly had the nerve to expose myself further. Finally I gathered up some courage and snuck from tree, to bush, to tree until I made it to a clearing where I would have to run about 100 feet exposed. There were a few people a little ways off, the would surely see me, but they were too far away to cause me trouble. I tensed up and readied myself for the humiliation.

I ran, full sprint, across the opening and made it to a tree and hid behind it. I poked my head out and saw at least four people pointing and talking, or laughing with the others. Two women, one in her thirties and one barely out of high school, actually started walking toward me. I had no time to waste so I ran over to my rock and was so very relieved to have my key in hand. I ran back to the tree and saw the women coming directly towards me, the older one yelled "Hey, what are you doing? Are you high or something?!"

I did not wait to answer, I sprinted back just 20 from them, noticing that the younger one was taking pictures with her digital camera! 'Shit I better not end up on the internet!' I thought. I made it to the other side of the clearing and made my way back to the front of the park hid once again behind my bush. I looked back and the 4 people were just pointing a the camera laughing.

I looked at the key in my hand and thought to myself 'Almost over, this nightmare is almost over!' I gathered my courage to go back into the street and I ran as fast as I could covering up as best I could with my hands. I immediately saw a couple of women down the street on the sidewalk, I kept running, planning on just squeezing between them and the car parked on the street next to them. Just after I saw them one of them saw me and began pointing at me with her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

As I got really close I heard a familiar voice said loudly "See I told you I saw a girl running in the street naked." It was the young mother a saw earlier, she must have called a friend that lived close by after I passed her.

The new woman just continued to star as the woman from before moved a little so that between them and the now empty stroller, they left almost no room to pass. I did not want to slow down but with such little room I slowed to a fast walk and then to a stop as the woman from before stepped right in my way.

She shot.her friend an amused laugh and asked "Did you get your key?"

I nodded nervously and held it up.

They both stepped forward quickly as the original said "And what will you do if we take it from you!"

I freaked as they lunged for the key backing up quickly not realizing how close to the ledge I was. As I stepped back my foot landed half on and half off the sidewalk and it twisted under me. I pulled my hands off my breasts to catch myself. I hit the parked car but caught myself before hitting the ground.

The new woman reached out to help me and the one I had seen earlier asked if I was ok both looking shocked and a little scared. I wasn't, I was humiliated, both women were staring at me! And to make matters worse my ankle hurt horribly and I still had a long way to my car.

I got back up and the new one said "I am so sorry, we were just messing around, we weren't going to really steal your keys or anything."

The one from earlier added "Do you need help? That looked painful.

I angrily ignored them and began limping past the two women in humiliation.

They followed me for about a minute trying to convince me to let them help but I just kept moving, wishing they would go away. Finally they did and I hobbled back to the parking lot humiliated and hurt.

I limped as fast as I could back to my car and dropped my keys trying to get it into the lock, making me even more frustrated. I grabbed them and tried to steady my hand enough to slide the key in, success! I threw the door open, leaned over and grabbed my dress and swiftly threw it over my head and covered myself. I felt so relieved to be covered again.

I hopped in quickly and pulled out of the lot, wanting to get as far away as possible. On my drive home I got really horny thinking about everything that happened on my supposedly easy escapade.

Though the memory really turns me on I am not sure if I will ever be able to do anything like that ever again!

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