Self Pleasures

byMany Feathers©

"Looks like you guys could use some help."

She had introduced herself to me as RayAnn, explaining when she had, that she'd only come along for the "ride", curious to be sure, but not apart of her friends little adventure. Though very good friends with them, it was the two of them that shared an intimate relationship. Not the three of them together.

"Yeah...we could." I said half-jokingly. "Why? You interested?"

When it became obvious that she really was serious about it, I then warned her of what some of the aspects of her working here might entail. That and the fact, the hourly wages would be the minimum, though she could keep any and all "tips" that she might somehow manage to earn.

"Still interested?" I'd asked.

She seemed to be considering it when Darlene returned.

"Sure. Why not. It might prove interesting working here." RayAnn said eyeing my wife.

"Well Darlene, looks like we got that extra help we were talking about." I informed her.

"Oh?" Darlene said looking at me. "I take it you got to interview her about the position?" she said, winking slyly.

"Well...not exactly the way we discussed it no...but I did explain to her the sort of things that would be required...and, she's agreed to them," I said excitedly.


As we still had an afternoon appointment booked, with a room specifically reserved, it was nice having RayAnn available to ensure that everything was made ready for them. Darlene had headed off to gather up plenty of clean towels for the "boys" in the shower, leaving me to monitor everyone else, as well as manning the lobby in the event anyone else came in.

I had checked briefly with Harold, who was in seventh heaven as he wildly flipped back and forth between all the various activities going on. Supplying him with plenty of tissues, along with a fresh bottle of baby-oil, I'd returned to the lobby where Darlene soon joined me after delivering quite an armload of towels to the boys in the shower area.

Once again watching them over my shoulder, I realized just how exciting it was for my wife to see so many men standing around playing with themselves. As there were six in all, even I had to admit that it was quite a sight to see six differing sizes and shapes of dick's being stroked and fondled by their owners.

"Oh...look at Bobby there!" Darlene pointed out to me. "He's laying in the body chair!"

Bobby certainly seemed to be enjoying himself all right. He'd adjusted the spray of the water much to his delight. As the semi-strong stream shot from one of the faucets within the wall, Darlene and I sat there watching his prick bouncing back and forth beneath the pulsating beat of the water. Another one of his friends sat on the edge of the chair simply watching him while he lay there enjoying it. And of course, stroking his cock while doing so.

Everyone had found something of self-stimulating pleasure to enjoy. One of which hadn't really occurred to me until I saw it being done. But one of the guys had placed his prick inside one of the concaves within the wall where Darlene and I had seen Silvia place her breasts for the water massage on them the previous day.

"You know...I'd never even considered that," I told her honestly. "I might have to try that myself."

Darlene giggled excitedly. "Even of the boys told me that he'd like to try the beast himself, and would have if the girls hadn't already selected that particular room!"

Having mentioned the girls, I switched the monitor to have a look see at how they were doing. To my surprise, they had both mounted the beast though only one was actually situated in the saddle as it were. The other was happily riding behind her, simply enjoying the vibrating seat as she wrapped her arms around her lover, hanging on, and enjoying the very pleasurable ride. For me, watching their young perky breasts being jostled about was quite erotic. I loved seeing that anyway, which Darlene fully well knew. Something about bouncing boobs always did give me an additional added thrill while watching a woman pleasure herself.

"How's our single customer in the solo room doing?" Darlene asked.

Glancing down at the monitor, it took me a moment to comprehend what it was that I was actually seeing. "I've got to put this one up on the main screen for you," I told my wife. "You're never going to believe this!"

Seconds later, I'd switched screens for her. Much easier to see now, Darlene gasped as our single guy came into view. Naked...sitting within the easy chair obviously watching a movie, he had placed a rather large sized vibrator inside his ass. And though interesting, it hadn't been the purpose of pointing him out to her either. This guy had an enormous cock! It was by far the largest one I'd ever seen before, and that included a number of good-sized cocks that I'd seen in many X-rated videos. This guy was huge! And I watched, admittedly fascinated myself as he sat there, double fisting...double hand stroking that incredible monster of a cock.

"You sure he didn't request a female presence to sit and watch him?" Darlene said drooling over my shoulder. "I'd do that for free!" she offered.

"I'm sure you would," I responded. "But no...he was very, very specific about wanting a room all to himself."

Settling herself in the chair next to me, Darlene took turns watching Big Dick as well as the Shower Boys. I on the other hand focused my primary attention on the Easy Riders who were still riding the fuck-bike together along with the young couple who I only now began paying any real attention to.

The whole purpose behind this business adventure had been born on the premise that I enjoyed seeing a woman masturbating in the first place. I'd constantly coaxed Darlene into masturbating for me, as well as the rare, but occasional girl friend whom she'd managed to convince in doing so for me every once in a while.

As I turned away from the two girls on the bike, I suddenly found myself glued to the young couple as I now began watching them.

I had entirely mirrored one small corner of this particular room. The ceiling, walls, even the floor was mirrored, giving this one little corner a very special uniqueness. Delighted, I was glad to see the young woman approach it, kneeling down on the floor as her husband stood off to one side above her.

I'm not sure that a lot of women have even experienced this amazing little adventure. I've often thought it ironic that we can make love to ourselves...enjoy it, and for the most part, do it with our eyes closed. And I don't mean in simply fantasizing either. Seeing Melinda, as I recalled her name, kneeling down over the mirror, spreading herself with her hands while her husband stood above her, watching, was extremely erotic.

"Oh have the sweetest looking pussy!" I heard her husband telling her. Almost hypnotically so, Melinda tentatively stroked herself, as though doing it for the very first time. Which in a sense, she was. Obviously she had never really taken the time to explore herself in quite this way before. And as I watched, by the look and expression on her face, she was really enjoying the sensation. To see her probing, pulling her labia apart with her fingers, almost daintily so...was truly an amazing experience to watch.


Harold had been having the best time of his life. If it hadn't been for the near-empty bottle of baby oil, he'd have rubbed himself raw a long time ago. He'd already had more orgasms than he'd ever had in one sitting, to the point that his poor little prick was no longer manufacturing any jisim, which was just as well as he was now out of tissues anyway.

He'd been following everything, as well as it was possible for him to do anyway. He didn't know there names, but when Bobby and his friends had formed up in what could only be described as a good old fashioned circle-jerk, he'd blown the screen up so that he could watch that with as much clarity and attention to detail as it was possible for him to do. He'd remembered doing that as a young kid himself, so it had been a good number of years since he'd experienced such a thing, now sitting there, watching as a group of much older men/boys were about to share in the same experience as he had. One by one it seemed, each reached their respective pleasures, somehow triggering another to climax, enjoying his. Harold watched as pricks erupted in various states, forms of climatic ejaculations. Some arching high into the air, others...dribbling in thick copious splurges of white sticky seminal fluids. It mattered not to him which type they were, they were all interesting, exciting in their own unique styles and ways.


"God Steven! Would you look at this? I've never seen anything like it!"

I'd been watching Melinda as she knelt over the mirror masturbating. Her husband had been doing the same thing, though from her perspective, she was able to stare down into the mirror, watching him as well.

"I'm watching something pretty intense myself." Still unwilling to look away from the scene I was enjoying.

"Maybe...but you really do need to see this," Darlene demanded from me.

With a resigned sigh, I change the channel on my monitor, bringing up the same room that Darlene was looking into. And I had to admit...she was right. It was quite a sight as Mr. Big Dick came into focus.

"Holy fucking shit!" I exclaimed in surprise. "Damn were right!"

"Told you!" she said grinning, near laughing.

Big Dick was obviously nearing the throes of orgasm. His face was bright red as he strained with the obvious pleasure of his rapidly approaching release. But it wasn't his red faced look that Darlene and I were caught up in...but rather his almost purplish cock which was about as angry looking as I'd ever seen one to be. More was what he was doing to it, and how he was doing it that took me by surprise.

Having been in the service, I'd certainly been taught how to start a fire by rapidly running a long sturdy stick within my hands, the point of which, by friction within another stick would hopefully, eventually, ignite whatever kindling there was. Big Dick was rapidly working both hands, one on either side of his dick, up and down, up and down, faster than I would have thought humanly possible. If he'd not been using some type of lubrication, which I'm sure that he must have been...he'd have rubbed off whatever skin he had left a long time ago.

"Have you ever tried doing that?" Darlene asked me.

"No...never. And I'm not sure I'd even be willing to try that now...even after seeing him doing it," I admitted to her.

Darlene and I watched as the head of this guy's penis suddenly swelled to the size of a small fist. When it did, he quit doing his fire trick and began jackhammering his cock with both hands simultaneously.

"Oh my god! He's gonna blow!" Darlene actually yelled.

And just as she said that, he did. I'd always thought that I could unleash a pretty good wad whenever I'd worked up enough excitement. But even my best ever was nothing in comparison to the way this guy threw a thick rope of spunk from the end of his prick when he came.

"Fuck me!" I said, not even realizing I had spoken the words.

I'd just about decided to change his name from Mr. Big Dick to Mr. Big fucking cum! I for one had never seen anything like it before. This guy was shooting more spunk with each ejaculation than I'd manage to produce in an entire week! And even more amazing to both of us...was that he was purposely aiming, and nearly perfectly capturing each and every one of those streamers within his own mouth!


When the big show was finally over, which had taken considerably longer than I'd have been able to do, I finally returned to see how the two girls were doing. It had been a while since I'd checked on them.

"Isn't that RayAnn?" I asked.

She had been gone a while. In all the excitement, I'd more or less lost track of her. In the monitor, we could see where she had entered the changing room. Around the corner the two girls were still riding the beast, though by this time they had exchanged places. Totally unaware of RayAnn's presence, she stood peering around the corner watching them. But more importantly, while she stood there, it was very obvious that she had her hand down the front of her pants, masturbating.

"I think she'd do rather nicely," Darlene told me grinning.

"I think she'd doing rather well now."

RayAnn was intent on having an orgasm while spying on her two friends. Just by the expression on her face, it was evident how turned on, and aroused she really was.

"This really has been an incredible day hasn't it? Not only have we made a considerable amount of money today, but I'm so fucking horny I could climb the walls!"

Darlene giggled. "Well before you take that cock of yours out of your pants, you might want to remember we still have another scheduled appointment that should be here any moment now."

I'd almost forgotten. "Oh yeah...that guy and his wife."

"And his friend who he wants to have watching her, without her knowing who it is."

"Guess I'd better let Harold know we're going to need his room soon then huh?"

"I'll do it." Darlene said standing. "You take care of the girls...looks like they're all done."

Turning back towards the monitor, RayAnn had disappeared. I frowned, realizing I'd somehow missed her orgasm. I watched as the two sweet lesbians' finished dressing then switched off their monitor. At that moment, Harold approached the desk still grinning from ear to ear.

"This has been an incredible day for me. Worth every penny of every moment!" he added happily.

Harold wasn't even considered with the size of the bill, or the numerous charges on it for all the various services and activities that had taken place. He glanced at it briefly, then simply signed it.

"How about next Thursday?" he asked me. "Same thing?"

"Sure...why not?" I told him. We had made a bundle of money. And when the word got out, which I was sure that it was a great draw for bringing in a lot of potential customers.


By days end, only Darlene, RayAnn and myself remained. I'd given RayAnn a substantial days bonus for her help, that and sticking around to help us clean up the place prior to opening for business the next day.

"Anyone interested in a private little party of our own?"

I was still horny, extremely so. With everything that had been going on, I'd been too busy to really do anything about it.

"What you have in mind?" RayAnn asked curiously.

"I thought it might be nice to end our day in the showers," I suggested lustily.

Darlene pulled her tank top up and over her head. "I'm up for that," she smiled, winking at RayAnn. "Care to join us?"

RayAnn followed Darlene down the hall towards the showers with me following the two of them.

"Ah....ok if I ask a question?" RayAnn asked as she peeled off the rest of her clothing once we'd all reached the dressing room.

"Sure...what?" I replied, stripping off the rest of my clothing as well.

"Well...since it's no longer business hours, I was sort of hoping the two of you might be in the mood to do a whole lot more than just watch each other masturbate."

I turned towards my wife. "What do you think honey? You in the mood to have your pussy licked by RayAnn here while I lick hers?"

Darlene had already placed herself comfortably down within one of the molded fiberglass seats.

"Hell yes!" she said, spreading her lips apart while RayAnn looked down, licking her lips in excited expectation.

"Lets not make it too late though," I commented. "I think we're going to have another busy day tomorrow."

"Shut up and get over here Steven," Darlene stated as RayAnn positioned herself between my wife's legs.

"You know what they say...all work and no play."

Even as I sat behind RayAnn, slipping a finger inside that wet silken pussy of hers, I couldn't help but laugh.

"But our work is nothing but play!"

"Darlene's right Steven. Shut up and fuck me."

I had to agree with another motto too. "The customer is always right."

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