tagIllustratedSelf Service Ch. 02

Self Service Ch. 02


Last time I wrote about how I got my wife dawn to feed me my own cock by pushing my legs up over my head and gently pushing on my ass until my dick was in my mouth.

We have been doing this once or twice a week for some time now, and my back is now limber enough for me to get about half of my 8 inches into my mouth, & I’ve gotten to where I actually look forward to sucking my own cum down.

I said last time that my wives friend Pam was interested to sit in with us next time I perform. I have had a lusty crush on Pam for some time now. She’s 38, 5’ 10" with shoulder length red hair, green eyes, & a wonderful tits & a mischievous smile. I have always suspected that she was somewhat of a slut, and I think she may be turning Dawn onto porno movies, which in 18 years of marriage I have never been able to do.

I told Dawn that I would only let Pam watch if she would consent to me renting some porn to allow me to get really hot so that I might not be too embarrassed to perform. It took a few weeks for her to agree, and I’m sure Pam had something to do with it. I knew that I would probably never get another chance to watch something like this with Dawn ever again, so I wanted something really hot with lots of action. I found one of those 6 hour extravaganzas, you know, the kind with lots of hot chicks sucking on huge cocks, taking huge loads all over their pretty faces.

The evening finally came, and Pam showed up at our place looking very sexy! She was carrying a small case, of what purpose I would find out later. She gave me a hug and gave Dawn a peck on the cheek as she entered. We sat in the living room & proceeded to open a bottle of wine. I was a little uncomfortable, knowing that Pam was there basically to watch me masturbate, though this was way beyond normal masturbation.

Pam pulled a doobie out and sparked it up, passed it on and said " I can’t wait to see this, you know, I’ve been fantasizing about this since dawn told me!"

I’m sure I blushed, but I put on a bold smile, stood up and put in the video in an attempt to get the attention off me.

We smoked the joint as the movie played, & I could tell that Dawn was having a hard time with it. After about 15 minutes, we’d already witnessed 3 super sticky facials, & Dawn was embarrassingly looking at her hands. Pam, on the other hand, was closely watching all the action, a hand discretely between her legs. On screen now, a beautiful blonde was alternating sucking between 2 huge cocks. I asked Pam, " So, have you ever had 2 guys at once?" "No, but I think that’s something I could deal with. How ‘bout you Dawn?" Dawn suddenly looked startled, as if she were suddenly aware of us for the first time. "Oh, what?" " You know, ever had 2 or more at once, like that?" Pam said pointing to the screen. dawn became red with embarrassment. " er, once, in high school..."

Now this was a huge surprise to me, as dawn had always been a little on the conservative side. Pam spoke up and said "Oh, do tell!" "Well," she stammered "I was pretty drunk at this party, you know how it was back then." She took a big swig of wine and glanced at the TV where a brunette was milking a copious amount of white jizz from a 10" cock. "I don’t really remember much, it was just me and 3 friends of mine back then. We drank a lot, & somehow ended up naked. You know how guys are, they see a naked tit and go wild. Well, I guess I just went along with them."

This was a stunning revelation to me. I didn’t know what to make of it. Pam broke the ensuing silence.

" So why are you such a prude now?" Dawn seemed to take offense at that and said "I’m not a prude!"

But Pam and I both knew better, & Pam said "OK, if your no prude let’s see you watch just 5 minutes of this movie. You’ve barely looked at it once!" "All right, but I don’t think watching strangers having sex is very entertaining!" She then turned her attention to the screen.

The scene now was a set of twins sharing a single cock. They were going at it, tag-teaming this lucky guy, going from balls to cock until the guy grabbed his club with both hands and erupted a stream of cum across both girls faces. The twins began kissing each other, and you could see them sharing the cum with their tongues.

Pam had her hand up her short skirt, & I was kneading my stiff prick through my pants. We caught each others eye, and looked to Dawn, who seemed mesmerized by the action. Her hands were at her sides, her breathing was short, she was sweating, and it sure looked like she was about to cum. Pam and I looked back at each other and broke into laughter. This snapped Dawn out of her trance.

"What’s so funny?" she asked. Pam said " Wow, you go from not wanting to see any porn, to spontaneous orgasm! - What gives?"

Dawn seemed taken aback "What do you mean?" I said "Come on honey, we could see that you were practically cumming there, and you weren’t even touching yourself!" She said " Oh, shut up!" but went back to watching the movie.

Pam stood up, pulled off her top and said "OK, I can’t take any more! I need some live action, and I need it now!!!" Her lovely tits popped into view, & my hard-on resumed it’s futile effort to rip out of my pants. Dawn looked over to Pam, who was now next to her. Pam grabbed her shirt and pulled it off. Dawn stood up, and Pam rubbed her hands across my wifes tits. They fondled each other for a few minutes, giving me a good show. I couldn’t believe this was happening! Dawn had never done anything so kinky, or so I thought. Pam was nuzzling Dawn’s neck, & I could hear them whispering to one another, but couldn’t hear what was being said. Dawn’s nipples were very stiff as Pam kneaded her breasts. Then dawn turned towards me, kneeling down to unbutton my pants. Soon she had them off and was working on my stiff prick with her mouth. On the TV a very hot chick was trying to stuff 2 huge cocks into her mouth together. I watched this scene for a while as my wife continued her expert treatment on my 8 inches. I suddenly felt some extra activity, & noticed Pam was also now between my legs with Dawn, sharing my cock together. As Pam slurped to engulf the head of my ever stiffening member, Dawn dropped lower, licking my balls. I threw my head back in ecstasy, letting out a long low moan. I enjoyed these sensations as my 2 lovely ladies pleasured me. All too soon the licking stopped & I heard Pam say "OK, time for the main event! On the floor!" As she said this, she pulled me off the couch. dawn crawled up to where I had just been, and tossed a pillow on the floor. Pam was still between my legs, which she abruptly lifted up and set on her shoulders. Then she went back down to resume her attentions on my sensitive testicles. I was again at that position, on my back, neck propped up, gazing directly at my own cock, which seemed to be looking back at me, a single tear of joy dripping out of it’s lone eye. dawn reached around, grabbed my thighs & pulled. Pam simultaneously pushed on my ass, bringing my legs up and over me, soles of my feet hitting the back of the couch. Dawn reached out and caught my bobbing cock in her mouth. As she was, her tits were hanging down in my face, & I sucked one of her nipples in, chewing on the rubbery tip.

Pam had followed me up and was licking on my balls, occasionally dragging her tongue over my puckered asshole. Dawn withdrew from my dick, and while stroking me, she placed the head of my glistening cock to my lips. I opened wide and thrust my tongue out to lick a drop of pre-cum from myself. Pam was just a few inches away, staring straight down my cock into my eyes as she sucked my right nut into her mouth. Dawn was jerking my cock off, keeping pressure on my legs as my cock slowly disappeared into my hungry mouth. Pam suddenly released my nut, and attacked my anus with enthusiasm, her tongue darting around it, occasionally pushing into my tight sphincter.

Dawn began rhythmically rocking my hips up and down, pistoning my dick in and out of my mouth. Then it was her turn on my balls. This was getting intense! My own mouth on my head, (I’m pretty good at this now, my tongue dances across my sensitive head, & my lips create a nice, slippery suction) Dawn licking my balls , and Pam ..... wait, where did Pam go? Just as I realized she was gone, I felt her return, rubbing her fingers across my asshole. I could feel something slick, like KY. Then she slid a finger into me, then 2, and began pumping them into me. Then she said to Dawn "I do believe he’s ready! What’dya think?" Dawn replied " Go for it! I’ve got him."

That’s when I first noticed the strap-on Pam was wearing. Fortunately it was only 5" or so, yet I was still a bit apprehensive about it. But when Pam lined it up to my hole and pushed, it slipped in with little resistance. Dawn was watching closely as she continued licking my balls. As Pam was fucking my ass, she was pushing my dick into my mouth farther than it had ever been. My back was getting sore, but I sure couldn’t say anything with a mouth full of cock. Dawn was pumping what little cock that wasn’t buried in my mouth as she continued on my balls. Pam was really getting off with the strap-on and started fucking me pretty hard.

I knew I was close to cumming, and Dawn knew also, as my nuts were swelling up in her mouth. Pam thrust into me hard burying the dildo deep into my ass, and froze as she began to cum. I had reached the point of no return myself, and swelled into my own mouth. I felt my thick, hot cum rush into my throat. Dawn pulled my cock out after the first spurt, & jerked me off wildly, sending thick splashes of hot cum all over me. I had never been fucked like this before, & it made me cum in huge amounts. I had coated my face, chest, stomach, hair, and got a good amount on the couch, and floor! Pam pulled her faux cock out of my ass, And I could finally unfold, relieving my aching back.

As I lay on the floor, I looked up at my wife as she smiled down at me. I noticed Pam had went around her and was now fucking her with her strap-on. I sat up to watch, the cum streaking down my face. That’s when I noticed Pam’s video camera on a tripod, filming our every move!

I walked over to Pam and gave her a forceful kiss, feeding her some of my thick cum with my tongue.

I let the 2 women finish each other with powerful orgasms.

When they were done, we watched our movie, and decided it was much hotter than the rental.

Pam took the film with her, promising to make us a copy.

Now Dawn allows me to watch porn with her every now & again, as long as it ends with me putting on a show for her.

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