"Get out of the car," she commanded. He shook his head no. "I said get out of the goddamn car, slave." Instead of giving him another chance to defy her, she yanked him from the car by his tousled, black hair. Her five-inch heels brought them almost face-to-face. Her eyes scanned his entire body, his tiny perfectly brown nipples stood erect, and his firm chest was covered in goose bumps. Her eyes paused at the deep crevices in his hips; she licked her lips. She pulled him against her swiftly by the tie in his pants, and could feel his throbbing erection poke her thigh.

Although blindfolded, he could feel and smell her hot, sweet breath on his cheek. She whispered, "You'll do as I say, or you will face the consequences. Do you understand me?" He wanted to laugh in her face; however, the homemade cloth gag prevented this, and he knew better than to disrespect his Mistress.

In one quick motion she spun him in a circle so that his back was facing her chest. Her generous breasts heaved with every breath. His back was beautiful: strong, well defined, and the color of caramel. Pressing her bosom into him, she kissed his back and slid her leathered body against his naked torso. A muffled moan was released through the gag in his mouth, and before he knew it, she was pushing him toward a dimly lit, wooded area.

"Walk quickly," she ordered with a hiss. A small part of her was afraid someone would see them and assume she was kidnapping a grown man. She snorted at the mere thought of it. Once in the woods, she led him to a clearing. "Sit right where you are. I need to gather some things." She dropped the leather bag that she carried into the woods with them, opened it, took a few items out, and lay them on the ground.

He was unaware of what she was about to do to him, a small part of him was terrified, and he felt his body shudder without a warning. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, and in doing so, could smell a familiar smell--the river deep inside the woods where they would frequently come to make love. In spite of the coolness in the air, his skin felt warm and tingly. He sensed her standing next to him, and awaited further instruction, when his upper-thigh was greeted by the familiar sting of a leather crop. He knew this meant he must get up onto his knees, and he did so rapidly.

She ripped off his pants, and threw them into the woods, which almost caused him to fall forward, but he managed to straighten and hold his ground. She didn't like him to show weakness, and this was her way of teaching him. She encircled him while sliding the suede flogger up and down his chest, back, and buttocks. His erection grew and throbbed with force, and he desperately wished his cock would shrink, so as not to give her the satisfaction of watching him enjoy this.

She raised the flogger and gave him one swift smack on the back. He didn't flinch, and so she hit him again and again, until a slight "Mmmph," escaped through the gag. His cock was completely rigid now, no matter how hard he tried to make it stop. It continued to grow, when finally a small amount of semen was released. She noticed the wet spot on the front of his underwear. Her clit pulsed, and she could feel her own moisture begin to seep into her leather panties, sliding relentlessly through her pussy lips.

"You may fuck my pussy with your tongue slave, I'll give you one warning, and one warning only—do it right—or you'll be sorry," she ordered. She slid her soaked panties down just a little over her hips and bent over in front of his face. "Now, you may begin." He mercilessly and hungrily began to go back and forth from sucking on her clit to straightening out his tongue and fucking her with it. She came quicker than he would have thought, and cum trickled down his chin. He refused to stop there, and continued poking his tongue against the walls of her lips, and back to her clit once more. She cried out with pleasure, and was breathing hard enough he thought she might pass out. Instead of stopping, he sucked harder, and licked his way to her ass, and then back to her clit. She came once more and then shakily stood upright, stopping him.

"That will be enough," she uttered in a selfish whisper. She straightened her hair, and pulled her panties back up. She wanted him to see her, and removed the blindfold over his head. His pleading dark eyes looked slowly up at her, and she stared back, almost cold. "I bet you'd like me to suck your cock and fuck you, wouldn't you?" she questioned. He nodded yes. She then smacked him hard across the face. "How dare you? This little trip isn't about you or your pleasure, you bastard! This is about me, and me only. We're done here."

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