Selfish Lover


He increased his oral pleasuring of her, his mouth moving up to tease her clitoris before fluttering his tongue skilfully down and along the lips of her pussy.

"Hiya. Look, I told you its over, it never really started anyway, so its best this way" she said on the phone.

Her control was impressive, her voice staying neutral even as he drove he was now fucking her with his tongue.

"Mhhmm, no. You're not persuading me otherwise, I've made my decision. Besides" she said as by now his tongue had reached her bum and was already making a monumental effort to rim her as deeply as possible "I always think my decisions over carefully and that's it. Goodbye" she said and hung up.

Glancing down at him, she smiled again. "Well, you made sure I wasn't going to be convinced otherwise arselicker. Now, lets see if you can keep up the 'good work'" she said, smirking down at him.

A few weeks later, it was his birthday. As a treat, she told him to pull out of her when he was fucking her that morning and moved down to take him in her mouth. Keeping a steady sucking motion, she massaged the head with her tongue, licking as she continued to suck him.

He managed to last 10 minutes until at last he came in spurts, which she happily swallowed, before releasing his cock from her mouth. That evening, they returned after an early meal at which they were the perfect loving couple. She was acting romantically and he was delighted. Once back at the house, she told him of her surprise present.

"Go down behind the couch honey, I don't want you to see the surprise until I get it" she said smiling. He happily got up and knelt behind the couch, wondering what she had got him.

"Now close your eyes" she said and he did so. He heard her moving towards him and resisted opening his eyes. Then swiftly, she knelt behind him.

"Don't peek just yet" she said lovingly and he felt her do something to his hands. Then she rose and swiftly put a collar round his neck.

"Open your eyes" she said and he did so. She was standing in front of him, wearing her short cardigan and nothing else, completely naked from the waist down. In her hands, she held a leash, attached to the collar around his neck and with his hands tied behind his back, she smiled warmly at him.

"Happy birthday loverboy. What a fantastic present, isn't it? I'm going to have some fun with you tonight birthday boy, as its your special day. Do you like it?" she said, looking very pleased with herself.

"Um, this is a surprise. What will we be doing darling?" he asked, hoping it wouldn't all be about her, especially on his birthday.

"We're going to have a very enjoyable, relaxing evening! Its your birthday so its just us tonight and you look very sexy wearing your birthday collar. Follow me" she said, tugging gently on the leash. She walked slowly round to the front of the couch with him shuffling just behind. Once she was in front of it, she sat down and positioned him in front of her, spreading her legs.

"You don't have to do too much work honey, as its your birthday. With this leash, I can direct all the movements you see" and with that, she pulled his head towards her crotch.

He licked the familiar fanny as she smiled, looking very pleased with herself.

"Take your time, lets make this a special night PAL" she told him and sighed as he slowed down even more, until he was just kissing and gently licking up and down her slit.

She seemed in no hurry for her 1st orgasm and he could tell by the look in her eye that she would easily manage more than one, meaning a long night for him. With his hands tied behind his back, she was enjoying being able to direct his movements.

Tugging up a little would bring his mouth to her clitoris and she let him pleasure her there before unexpectedly pulling him down again. After about 20 minutes, she spread her legs more and slipped her thighs over his shoulders.

"What are you?" she said.

"Um, your lover?" he guessed.

"Well, yeah, suppose you are. But what else are you?" she said, pulling on the leash until he was in a rimming position.

"Oh, you're um, PAL" he said hopefully.

"That's right, my PAL. Although, I'm not your PAL, am I?" she said purposely.

"No, I'm your PAL" he said. "And what do PAL's do?" she went on, smiling.

"They perform analingus" he said.

"Well, they do, but first they always ask nicely" she reminded him.

"Sorry. Please, allow me the pleasure of pleasuring your beautiful bum, I'll beg to move back up when its time, please" he said.

"Oh, go on then. Birthday boy" she added as his tongue stroked inside her arse just the way she liked.

She pulled the leash in just a little tighter, bringing his mouth as close as possible to her arse.

"I've got another present for you tomorrow. Something I'm going to enjoy just as much as you. Doesn't that sound good, something we both enjoy equally?" she said to him.

The next day, they drove to town and went to the piercing and tatoo parlour which an old school friend of hers ran. Once in she explained to him she was buying him a tongue stud.

"Only a little one darling, but its going to feel so good when you're going down on me. Think about how fantastic its going to feel" she went on excitedly.

He felt a little embarrassed as she joked to her friend.

"And you know what I'll be having him doing all the time when its in!".

It was another 2 weeks before his tongue was fully healed and and she made sure they had a night in together. She had managed to enjoy it briefly the night before when she returned from her night out and as usual approached the bed and straddled his face without even checking if he was awake or not. It only took an hour for her to cum twice as his tongue stud did indeed enhance things just that little bit more.

"Get it up me!" she groaned as his tongue buried itself inside her pussy after her 2nd orgasm.

"You want more then?" he asked politely.

"Damn right. The best things happen in 3's, so 1 more before I take my sleep then wake up to my private alarm clock" she said confidently, knowing that meant his tongue inside her first thing in the morning.

The next morning, she awoke to the pleasant sensations of his tongue stud brushing lightly over her clitoris. As he licked her over and over, she decided it was time she enforced her authority.

"Um, what the fuck do you think you're doing? I thought you were good at oral, but at this rate, the next time your cock sees the light of day could be quite a while" she haughtily declared.

They had finally split up for good about 6 months later. He had already been out on a couple of dates with other girls who were a lot more willing to please him too. But she still excited him, he couldn't deny that. He was surprised when she arrived at his flat one evening.

"I'm going out with the girls, do you mind if I stay over?" she said.

"Um, no, that's fine" he replied surprised.

"Good" and with that she got ready and went out.

When she got back, he licked her to sleep and awake again the next day. A couple of weeks later she did the same thing and after that, whenever she went out, it was to have him pleasure her later and a free bed for the night.

Once, she had even fucked him. Then it changed. She came back from a night out with 3 of her friends. They were all a little drunk and he fetched drinks for them all. She pulled him aside and said

"Now listen, it's almost as if we're getting back together isn't it? And I know you'd love that, wouldn't you?" she said.

"Yes, hopefully we can work it out" he said eagerly.

"Well, you are going to do exactly as I say tonight, don't fucking embarrass me and don't you even think of hesitating to do anything I say of you because if you want my arse on your face tonight, you're going to earn it, or I'll sit on someone else's, it's that simple. Now when I call you, you're going to do what you usually do and forget anyone else is in the room" and without waiting for a reply, she walked back to the living room.

They were all laughing at something she was telling them when she called him. "Get through here" she said and he arrived. She was only wearing her long shirt

"You know what to do" she said blatantly and with his ears burning with embarrassment, he crossed to her and knelt.

As his tongue performed its usual pussy worship, she said

"See, I told you. Now I've got a little treat for the lot of you, back in a sec" and with that she she pushed him away and walked to the bedroom.

"Hurry up fuckface" she called and he followed.

"On the bed" she said and once he was lying on it, she tied his feet and hands to it.

"Now, you're going to be the entertainment for tonight and I might stay over again. Don't show me up" she warned him and walked back to the livingroom.

One by one, the girls came through, sat on his face and fucked themselves to orgasm or let him lick them to it. More than once.

She didn't go back to going out with him fully, but kept up the regular visits where he was expected to be a willing cunnilinguist in order to be allowed to fuck her once in a blue moon. Once, she even went out on a date, informing him of this while he rimmed her prior to going out.

"So, if you do a good job now, then I suppose I'll come back here to stay" she said simply.

Upon returning, she got ready for bed then let him lie out so she could mount his face.

"Well, he was a charmer" she said as he licked her.

Telling him about her date while he licked her was turning her on a lot and in no time she was coming on his face. A few weeks later, he was finally fed up with the treatment and

Went out on a date of his own. When she found out, she was horrified. It also made her realise that although it was all about her pleasure, she needed his unique brand of selfless pleasuring he gave her.

It was clear dates with other guys would only have him getting his own back this way. She turned up at his flat one evening in a long coat. Once inside, she removed it to reveal hold ups, no panties, a teddy top and her heels. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head as she walked to the living room.

Once seated, she simply opened her legs and said

"Don't keep me waiting".

He didn't need to be told twice and let her get comfortable as her stocking clad thighs draped over his shoulders.

"Now, first things first. I am willing to forego any dates I'm offered by other guys. Trust me, you know I could easily pull someone so it's quite a statement me doing that. But if I'm not dating other guys, should I date you again? What do you bring to the table to offer me? Mind that list you did for me, well, I'd like to try every single thing on it and test you on each point. And it goes without saying you are definitely not getting to date anyone either, awright?" she said.

"Yes, I promise I won't date anyone else, I'll strive to show you I'm worthy of being your lover" he said.

"Well, a good start would be to shut the fuck up and strive to get that tongue stud on my g-spot and maybe my a-spot if your begging's improved any" she said imperiously.

She closed her eyes for a moment, just enjoying having to do nothing and receive such pleasure – but she knew she could and would have even more pleasure from him. Glancing down at him, she was becoming more turned on. She would need to come more than once to calm her down.

She parted her legs just a little more, allowing his tongue to take long, slow sweeps of her slit, managing to capture most of her juices.

"I want you to give some thought about things that would really please me. Think about what would bring me more pleasure and ways to give me more pleasure" she said then without warning, she pushed him away and got up.

Walking to the window, she glanced out of it, leaving him unsure of what to do. He wondered if he should continue to pleasure her and dropped to kneel behind her.

Planting kisses on both her cheeks, he began to lick her arse crack. She felt him part her more and soon, his tongue was trying to wiggle its way into her arsehole.

"It's important you know your place fuckface. On your knees with your tongue buried in my arse, doing as you're told, existing for my pleasure, don't you?" she said.

"Yes darling, your pleasure is all that counts" he intoned, trying to rim her even more deeply.

She was enjoying the view while he knelt on the hard floor, hands massaging her arse cheeks, his face pressed tightly into her arse. She gave no indication she was bored or excited, seemingly content to have him try and keep her aroused with analingus.

"Okay, time I had a seat again" she said and backing into him slightly, she dislodged his tongue and went to the couch.

As he was about to lick her fanny, she looked down at him. "You have to earn that, it's a privilege, isn't it?" she said.

"Yes it is a privilege. Please let me lick your delicious pussy for as long as you want" he implored.

"Not until you've earned it. Get back to rimming me arselicker. If you excite me enough, I'll allow you the honour of licking my fanny" she said, satisfied as he let her relax and began to tongue her anus again.

"Fuck me with your nose while you're rimming me fuckface. Live up to your name and fuck me with your face" she said commandingly and enjoyed the way he began to fuck her with his nose, driving his tongue even deeper inside her.

It didn't matter that he'd been on his knees now for over half an hour or was finding it more difficult to breathe as both his nose and mouth was concentrated on pleasing her. The only thing that mattered was that her pleasure came first and right now he was doing exactly as she wanted. The lewd noises coming from his mouth and nose were becoming more ragged as he struggled to catch a breath in between his efforts.

"Fuck, that sounds so filthy. Right, up a bit, you can have the special privilege of licking my divine fanny" she said.

Do you want me to continue this story? Happy to do so!

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