tagSci-Fi & FantasySelfish Mom Ch. 02

Selfish Mom Ch. 02


This story was written by myself on another site under the pen name of "Col. Jack Harrison".

Debbie Kendall woke up on the first full day of her internment to the screaming of an angry roommate. She had quite forgotten, except in some of her nightmares, that she was now Jane's bitch. Ms. Mensch intended to dominate and use her as she saw fit. Apparently, the preaching had caused the divorcee to snap. She had burned Debbie in the forehead with a cigarette, then raped her with a vibrator.

"Get the hell up, bitch! I'm hungry and you have to make me some breakfast! That's your job now. It's Sunday morning and I want some food, so you can do something useful for once, instead of wasting your time in church. Cook me some bacon, eggs, and French toast. You have an hour to get it ready. If you're not done by then, I'll whip you for your failure to please me," Jane barked orders at her.

Terrified, Debbie got out of her bed and began to get dressed, so she could take care of her new kitchen duties. Ms. Mensch promptly lashed her bare butt with a bullwhip. Mrs. Kendall dropped to the floor and cried from the sharp pain. Her roommate then cracked the whip again, lashing her back.

"Get off the goddamn floor, bitch! I told you that you had an hour to make breakfast. I didn't say that you could wear clothes. Now, go make me some food. If there is any left and you behave yourself, I'll give you the scraps. If not, I'll just have you throw them away. Is that clear? Good girls get table scraps; bad girls get empty stomachs," she taunted her.

"Yes, I understand," Debbie answered, heading off to the kitchen.

"Yes, MISTRESS! You forgot that part, bitch!" Jane thundered.

"Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress," she sobbed.

"Just for that, there will no table scraps today. You have to earn food, bitch!" Ms. Mensch instructed her.

"Yes, Mistress. I'll do better, Mistress," Mrs. Kendall promised.

So, Debbie had to rush through making breakfast for her roommate, knowing that she would get none of it herself. She would have to watch somebody else eat, not getting anything for her own stomach. Her belly growled at her, while Jane savored the meal that SHE cooked.

When Ms. Mensch was finished, she handed the dishes to Mrs. Kendall, saying, "Those dishes won't wash themselves, you know. You have a busy day ahead of you. I expect you to get this house nice and clean. You have 3 hours to do that. Bear in mind that if you do well today, tomorrow's chores will be a cinch. It must be spic and span, is that clear?" the beekeeper commanded the former teacher.

"Yes, Mistress. I will do it. The house will be clean in 3 hours," she replied, lowering her head.

"Good, but if I am displeased with anything, your ass will pay for it. Did you hear me?" Jane warned her.

"Yes, Mistress. I will pay with my ass if I fail to get it cleaned to your satisfaction," Debbie paraphrased her roommate's words.

"Precisely. Now, get cracking! I don't want to hear anything from you until I check out your labor. This will be a 'white glove inspection', meaning perfection is the standard. Until then, I have a TV show to watch, so leave me alone and get to work," Ms. Mensch brusquely announced.

Debbie immediately got busy, sweating her ass off with household chores. Meanwhile, she could hear Jane listening in her room to some Nature show about the mating habits of Bengal tigers. Her Mistress had some BORING interests, but that was not for her to judge anymore. "Mistress Jane" was the arbiter of standards in the house now. Debbie was supposed to shut up and go along with the program.

When Ms. Mensch came out of her room and examined Mrs. Kendall's work, she approved of almost everything that the teacher did with the house. She gave her roommate/slave a "grade" of 97%: an "A". Unfortunately, that was not "white glove".

"I told you, it had to be perfect, didn't I? You're 3 points off, so you'll have to be punished for your incomplete job. Now, the penalty for that infraction is EXACTLY what I told you: your ass is mine and I'm going to make it suffer! Bend over and spread your cheeks. I'm going to enjoy using your butt for my pleasure!" she declared.

Debbie obeyed, nervously awaiting whatever plan Jane had for her tush. Suddenly, the whip cracked again and struck her between the cheeks of her bottom. It even stung her pussy a bit. She winced from pain as her roommate kept lashing her butt with the bullwhip. Her ass became red from the strokes of the whip.

After this assault on her derriere, Mrs. Kendall thought that the worst was over. Sadly for her, Ms. Mensch had other ideas. She put on her thigh harness with a strap-on dildo, a device that she had bought more recently, since she had to save the money for it. Positioning it between her butt cheeks, she shoved it into the ex-teacher's sphincter.

Since Debbie had NEVER taken a cock up her ass, let alone a strap-on dildo (just a vibrator the day before), she went into shock from the agony of being sodomized. There was no lube, nor any attempt to ease the rubber dick into her bottom. Jane delighted in making it hurt like hell, as she thrust her artificial member in her bitch's backdoor.

This act lasted for about 30 minutes, during which Mrs. Kendall was traumatized. The pain was bad enough, but she was also participating (albeit unwillingly) in anal intercourse, which she considered an abomination. Her tush felt as if it was being ripped and torn apart by the rubber cock, while Ms. Mensch completely enjoyed herself. She found herself crying as the fake manhood impaled her roughly.

By the time that Jane stopped ramming Debbie's butt hole, the former teacher's bottom was burning from the whipping and buggery. Unfortunately, she was STILL not done suffering for her crime. Jane bent over herself and ordered Debbie to kiss her ass.

"Lick my butt-crack, so I will cum. That should be enough for the day, not counting dinner and toilet duties," she instructed her bitch.

"Toilet duties?" Mrs. Kendall fearfully asked.

"Toilet duties, MISTRESS, you mean. Just for that, I will show you immediately after you rim me. You will drink my piss, bitch, so I only have to use the bathroom for number two. Comprehende?" Ms. Mensch replied harshly, as she shoved her ass into her slave's face.

Debbie, disgusted as she was, proceeded to lick her Mistress's butt clean. The anal sweat was a strange, but oddly pleasant fluid to taste. She surprised herself by enjoying her new task. She hoped that didn't make her too much of a pervert. She even caught herself loving the scent of Jane's juices, as she made her lover climax.

THAT was the greatest shock to her. She had begun to think of the beekeeper as her LOVER! The experience of a lesbian relationship was extremely delightful to her, as opposed to the concept of it that was drummed into her mind as a teen by her fundamentalist parents. She was even FALLING for her roommate/Mistress!

In the midst of her orgasm, Jane had some difficulty hearing what Debbie said next, but it sounded suspiciously like "I love you". She smirked, realizing that she had "outed" a bisexual or lesbian woman who had recently been in the "born-again" closet. Which was she, Jane wondered. It didn't really matter, of course. She would obey her in all matters, including fucking whomever her Mistress required her to fuck.

As she pissed down Mrs. Kendall's throat, Ms. Mensch laughed about the fact that the woman was stupid enough to try to take her daughter to Cincinnati, when the Evangelical Commonwealth was trying desperately to defend its remaining foothold in southern Ohio. The last she had heard, the Oral Roberts Brigade of the EC's "Army of Christ" had been mauled by the advancing National Guard at the Battle of Lebanon. It was retreating to take part in the Evangelicals' last-ditch stand at Cincinnati itself.

While Debbie gulped and tried to hold down Jane's urine, the latter reflected on her bitch's idiocy. She would make an excellent sex slave for Jane, a bitch to be used as her Mistress saw fit. To think, she snickered, she's mine for LIFE! That sentence means that I can abuse and control her for the rest of her life. My internment could have been worse than this: a LOT worse, in fact! Better this than masturbating every day for the duration of a monotonous existence.

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