tagLoving WivesSelina's Date with the Ex-Boyfriend

Selina's Date with the Ex-Boyfriend


Author's note: After a long hiatus, here is now my second published story. It's a cuckolding story, so if you're not into that, please spare me (and yourself) the wasted time of hatemails. I don't advertise you do this in real life, especially not unprotected, but if you can't see the difference between a story and real events, I really can't help you.

Now, I don't write much like other people. I write as if I was telling the story in person (or letters). Hopefully you can still enjoy it.

Thanks, and enjoy!


It's Friday night, and I am getting ready to go out. You, my dear husband, walk into the bathroom to find me in front of the mirror. Here I stand in all my glory, my curvy 5 foot 6 inch frame, with my natural 38Ds that you like so much pushed up in a tight black bra. Your gaze wanders down past my slim waist and sees that my ass is barely covered by a matching pair of panties, and also framed by my garter belt. You know that I usually only wear stockings and garters when I am in a very sexual mood. As I slowly draw the dark red lipstick over my lips, you ask me what the occasion is.

"Oh, sweetie, didn't I tell you? I have a dinner date with Ben. You know, my ex-boyfriend, the one I told you about." You remember now; I mostly mentioned him previously when I was telling you about the biggest dick I had ever had in me. And of course, there was my indiscretion with him during our engagement. But you know I promised I wouldn't cheat on you anymore.

"Really, it's completely harmless, honey. I just want to catch up with him and see how he's doing." I look into the mirror and adjust my full breasts for maximum cleavage in the pushup bra. Smiling, I ask you sweetly, "Baby, be a doll and get me the black dress that's on the bed."

With a little hesitation, you bring me my tight little cocktail dress. The last time I wore it for you on our anniversary, when we first went out to eat and then came home for an extended lovemaking session. Of course, since you can always only last a few strokes in me, it was a session of me teasing you, making you do all sorts of things for me, and finally you licking me until Your tongue just couldn't move anymore.

I fit myself into the dress and have you zip it up. Watching myself in the mirror, I can see how the low cut reveals a hint of my laced bra, and the hem of the dress barely covers the tops of my stockings. The thin material shows the outline of my garter straps as well as my large nipples. I smile, satisfied, and give you a little kiss on the cheek. Then I walk over to the large walk-in closet, which holds my collection of clothes and dozens of pairs of shoes. After some looking around, I select black strappy shoes with very high heels and a little platform on the bottom. They're not quite porn star-esque, but mostly because these are much more expensive and elegant.

I see that your little cock is getting hard as you watch me put on these shoes, and see me all dolled up. I giggle and rub your hardness through your pants. "Mhh. Make sure you don't stroke this too much while I'm gone. I want to make good use of it when I come back."

As I walk to the door, I lead you by the hand to follow me. Then I look down. "Oh my, these shoes haven't been polished in so long. They need a good shine. Honey, be a doll and clean them for me." You move to get a damp towel or rag, but I hold your hand and shake my head with a smile. "No darling... with your tongue." I know the effect my orders have on you. You've always liked to serve me. But now you hesitate, only because your wife is about to go on a date with another man, a well-hung ex-boyfriend at that. I grab your crotch and squeeze gently, massaging your cock and balls in my hand through your pants. "Please, sweetie?"

I lead you once more, this time to the chair in the living room. After sitting down, I cross my legs. You kneel and take my left leg in your hands, then begin licking my sexy shoes. I moan softly at the sight. "Mmh yes, clean up my high heels, darling. That's a good boy." When my shoes are nice and shiny, I push the long heel into your mouth and make you suck it, almost as if I was fucking your mouth with my high heel. You groan, and I can see your cock twitching in your pants.

"This is making me hot, baby. Come and lick up here..." I grab your head, spread my legs, and lead your tongue up my stockinged legs and over my bare thighs right to my panties. I show you how easily they can be lifted out of the way, and soon I moan in pleasure as my husband's tongue laps over my lips, pushes in between, and slips under the little hood of flesh that covers my sensitive clit. I get wetter and hotter, letting you taste it, and I even get close to coming on your face. But then I gently push you away. "I have to go, honey. Thanks for getting me all wet."

I smile, give your pussy juice-smeared lips a little kiss, and walk to the door. And so you watch your wife go out on a date with a big-dicked stud she used to fuck, dressed up like a high class whore, with her pussy all wet and excited.


Two hours later, the phone rings. It's me, your sweet wife. I sound a little out of breath, and pause here and there as we talk.

"Hi sweetie. Mmh, I just wanted to let you know that... after the dinner, I decided to go over to Ben's place for a drink. Mmh, well, and he opened a bottle of champagne for us, and I had a couple of glasses..." You know, of course, that I get even more sexed and naughty when I'm tipsy. "Yes... and we'll just be... talking for a couple of hours before I come home to you. It's been SOOO good to reconnect with him. He has such a big... heart, so I can really open up to him. He is SUCH a great conversationalist. It's really... just like old times. Mmhmm. He says hi, by the way. Well baby, I've got to go... And don't forget, you need to... wait up for me." After a few moments of sounds of movement, I say sweetly, "I love you, honey!"


Another two hours pass before I come home. I am happy and bubbly and again emphasize how great it was to see Ben again, how much I enjoyed his company, and how good he made me feel. You can see that my large breasts are almost falling out of my dress as I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom. "I hope you saved yourself for me, baby. I saved something for you too!"

I order you to lay down on the bed after you undress. I keep my dress and shoes on as I climb on the bed after my sweet husband. First, I touch your little cock and get it nice and hard. I tease it with the tip of my tongue until it's almost ready to burst. Not that that takes long. And then I bring my pussy over your face, with me facing your hard little prick.

"Mmhh, lick me, sweetie," I say as I lower my wet pussy onto you. And once my cunt is covering your mouth, and you can't talk back, I add, "Make sure you stick your tongue in nice and deep, because Ben's long cock fucked his cum soooo deep into my tight little pussy!"

I feel you shivering under me, almost struggling, but you're so hot, you can't help it. Soon I feel your tongue pushing into my well-fucked hole, past the swollen lips. I am sure you can taste his seed now, the cum from my ex-boyfriend's huge cock. His cum is rich and salty, maybe even mroe than one load, and after being in my pussy for a while it's all hot and liquid, it runs right into your mouth. I squeeze my pussy muscles to make sure you get it all into your mouth as I tell you about my night--completely honestly this time.

"MMhhh yes... I've been waiting all week to fuck Ben, since he called and said he was going to be in town. And he's still such a stud, I couldn't help myself. We finished dinner fast, and on the way to his place, I sucked his big prick, at least as much as fit into my mouth as I was bent over his lap in the car. He did open a bottle of champagne for us, but before we even had a sip, I was already on his lap, pushing myself down and taking his cock deep into my hot and wet pussy. Even as wet as I was, it was still difficult for my poor little pussy to accomodate his size. I soon started fucking him, hard and fast, god I needed to cum so bad on that monster cock. I did, and I screamed out his name and arched back, and he pinched and pulled my nipples and made me cum even harder on that huge prick."

I see your cock twitching. Despite yourself, you are getting hot imagining me fucking him like that. I know you really love to see me cum hard, and you love that I am such a bad wife, even though you beg me not to cheat anymore when you're not excited. But as soon as that little dick of yours gets stiff, deep inside, you hope that I do it over and over again.

"Mmh yes, suck his cum out of your wife's cunt. He pounded my married pussy so thoroughly. But first I called you, right after having cum that first time. With the phone in one hand, the champagne flute in the other, and my cum running down his big dick, I talked to you. It was hard not to fuck him fast again right then! I took every inch sooooo slowly, loving every moment of it. And then I put the glass aside and got on all fours for him. I looked over my shoulder and he was working his huge shaft back into my hungry married pussy right when I told you I loved you." I shiver with naughty excitement. I can't help it; I love being a dirty slut.

I start stroking your little cock. "Oh god yes... suck on my clit now, you've cleaned me all out. Ohhhh... I was a bad wife. I fucked him all over his house, in his bed, bent over his bathroom counter. He made me squeal and squirm and moan and cum so many times... god I fucking begged him to fuck your wife's cunt until it's raw!" I have a hard orgasm in this moment, and even without Ben's cock, it's one of the more intense ones of the night. At that moment, your cock starts spurting its seed all over my hand and your belly. I keep stroking it, milking it all out. Quite a big load, for such small balls.

"Mmmh. Good boy. Now, of course, I won't do that anymore honey. I'll be a good wife from now on. I'll be good and faithful. In fact, I have invited Ben over tomorrow night so that the three of us can talk about that, and I can prove to you that I can control myself when he's around... even though I've ended up spreading my legs wide for him every time we've met so far."

Smiling, and with my pussy tingling, I go to take a shower, leaving you there to clean up your cum.

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