Semester Exams


All characters are over 18.


Giving semester tests is so boring. Students sitting in their rows of desks, everyone quiet. No chance to make jokes or lighten the mood. Just sit at your desk a while, then get up and be sure no one is cheating. Can't believe the things students will try to do to get a better grade. Most of their cheating tactics are an insult to my intelligence. Why don't they just study.

Something seems different today. Teri was the first one here and sat at the desk right in front of mine instead of with her friends. I guess this means she is serious about this test.

I look up and see Teri staring at me. When my eyes meet hers, she looks back quickly to her test. After a few moments, she raises her eyes but not her head and meets my eyes again. What a cute smile she has. Guess she wasn't cheating. Must be nervous.

She sure looks nice today. Great thing about spring semester as a male teacher, lots of girls wearing things that definitely violate the dress code. As she leans over her test in her tank top, I notice cleavage I have never really seen before. Pretty well developed for a freshman in college. My first wife wasn't built like that.

I hear someone clearing their throat. Probably trying to get another student's attention so they can help them cheat. I look up as Teri starts coughing. Every time she coughs, her breasts move up and down. Must not be wearing a bra under that blouse she has on. Oh yeah, I can see her nipples against the light material. Hope she doesn't notice me staring.

I hear some toe tapping. Some student using some sort of code, probably. When I look up I see it is Teri. As soon I make eye contact, she stops and glances quickly downward. Nice eyes, never really noticed how expressive her face is.

As I follow her eyes down, I find she has parted her legs slightly. Must just be fidgeting. Those student desks are really uncomfortable. Hope she doesn't notice me looking up her skirt .. that would really be trouble. Oh damn, she did notice .. I'm in trouble now.

Why is she smiling? Must know the answer to that question. Oh shit, she is looking at me .. I know she caught me looking at her legs. We track coaches love firm leg muscles and she certainly has those. I remember her during sophomore track .. she always wore those high cut racing shorts to show those legs off for the boys on the team ... at least that's who I thought she was trying to impress.

There is that tapping sound again. This time, I look up and can see all the way up her thighs. There ought to be some panties up there .. some sort of color or white or something. I can't really stare though ..makes me look like some sort of pervert.

Whoops, she caught me looking again I'm in trouble.

A different taping sound now .. now Teri is tapping the seat of her desk. She knows that I hate that tapping noise ..what is she doing? I look up this time and am drawn past the pencil to notice that she has her knees spread wider and it now obvious that panties were not a priority today. I can see enough to know she has shaved .. didn't know high school girls worried about that.

What is she up to? She is blocking my view with her hand .. must have seen me looking again. She has slid so far forward that her skirt has ridden up and if she would just move her hand I could see it all. Not bad for a teacher during test day.

I can see her fingernail tapping the seat now. Teri is looking right into my eyes. This can't all be an accident. What is she up to? I can't see her middle finger .. wonder what is ..oh my god .. she has it in her pussy. I can't take my eyes off her hand until I hear her clear her throat. I look up at her eyes and she is locked onto mine. She is licking her finger .. what the??? Isn't that the same one she just had inside her. When I look down, her hand isn't there and there is a clear view of her pussy that is glistening wet.

Why is she raising her hand? "Mr. Stephens, I have a question. Can you come here please?" Not really. What a little tease.

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