tagIncest/TabooSenatorial Secrets Ch. 03

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 03


Taken from Senatorial Secrets Ch. 02

Gina agreed and waited to hear her father's answer.

"I'd feel better sending someone I trust. Samuel's filling in for Benny, but Peter is off, maybe he can be reached and meet you two there. I know Alan's security is good, but yeah, it is always safer to at least put one of your own in. If something is going to go down, I'd like to feel my kids were more important than another, at least to someone."

"I agree," Savannah answered. "I trust Peter."

Gina grinned and felt Gail's hand squeeze her thigh again. "Peter would be great," she said and knew her sister's pussy was getting as wet as her's had the minute her father had said the man's name. She also knew her mother would agree to Peter; Peter wasn't fucking her dad.

"I'll have Samuel ring him then." Brad got up and walked back to the door as his family resumed their meal. When he returned, he sat down and finished his steak, informing the girls that Samuel would do his best to track down the body guard.

Both girls grinned and finished their marinated chicken and rice. Their mother lifted the bell again and dishes of cheesecake drizzled with maraschino cherry juice and two cherries were presented to them. Dessert was finished in silence, only the door being knocked on, opened and Sam's "thumbs up" interrupted them.


Gina sat behind the wheel of her car and let the wind whip her long blonde hair around her face as did her twin Gail. They held hands as Gina maneuvered her car through the streets of Vegas, with their father's body guard Samuel following. They both quickly removed the earrings their father had given them and pushed in the ones they'd given each other; when they arrived at the club, the mood they'd left with was gone. Smiles beamed from their mirror faces as they made their way toward the club entrance, Samuel beside them, until they reached Peter's side.

"Sam," Peter said and looked to the twins. His face remained passive as he held out his hand and took Gina's car keys. "Gail, your copy," he said.

Gail smirked and handed her key's over too. "Have fun, you three," Samuel said and immediately headed back to the Sedan. Peter looked at the girls and then over their left shoulders spotting Senator Alan's daughter and fiancé making their way toward them.

"Gina! Gail!" Alexia Alan shouted and hurried toward the young women, her fiancé and guards in tow. There were several tonight, the Alan family had received a death threat earlier in the week and had upped their personnel to protect the children of the Senator.

Peter nodded hello to the armed men, acknowledging them while still maintaining a respectful distance from the twins. "I'm so glad you two decided to come " Alexia said, grabbing one and then the other, kissing them on the cheeks and then releasing them. "Gail, are you okay?" she asked, her smile dropping to a look of concern.

Peter eyed the young woman; her face looked sadden and her eyes droopy. Inwardly he smirked and his gut felt a knowing tingle as he took in the act that was quickly performed, one he knew very well would lead him down a path of hours of pleasure between the honey thighs of Gina and Gail Scholastic.

"I'm sorry. We just came from supper and I don't think that cheesecake is going to stay down," Gail moaned softly. She rubbed her stomach and Peter watched her sister come to her aide.

"Gail, its okay. We'll just go back to the hotel and you can lay down," Gina whispered and smoothed back her hair.

Reporters began to slowly flock around the girls and spew questions that implied the girls had been drinking and that was why one twin was ill. Another news team threw a question out pertaining to Gail's recent break-up with one of the most eligible bachelors and was there a baby in the works... this comment received a snarling from Gina as she wrapped her ailing sister in a warm cocoon.

"You can stay Gina, I'm sure Peter can stay and I'll be. . ."

"No, ma'am. I'm sorry. I can't allow that. If you are going to be heading out, than so is Miss Gina. I'm sure Alexia and Michael understand. Don't you Miss Alan?" Peter said addressing the young engaged couple.

"Of course Mister Hansen. Please don't trouble yourselves girls. Go back and Gail you get your rest." Alexia turned and left. Peter pressed the girls forward.

"Ladies. You are getting better at that," he whispered under his breath and heard them chuckle. He rolled his eyes. "Even your laughs are the same. Let's go. Time's wasting and you have to be home tomorrow. . .thoroughly fucked and used," he said even quieter than last time.

They made it to the car and Peter got into the driver's seat. They knew they would be followed, but they all three knew their parents would be attending a party and it would go on till three in the morning if not later. Peter shifted gears as Gina and Gail sat in the back seat. He watched them in between driving and felt his cock grow harder as the Vegas lights cast glows of erotic colors of shaved mounds that both were teasing.

"Mmm. . .Peter, drive faster, baby," Gina muttered, and then reached down to press her sister's pussy with her other hand. "You're so wet Gail," she told her and slipped in a finger as she pushed the ones in her own sex deeper.

"Girls you'll get us all killed if you keep that up," Peter answered back, glad he'd put the top up on the car and the only ones seeing what was happening was him. He reached down with one hand and stroked his throbbing erection.

"You don't have to watch Pete," Gail said and took her hand from her clit, then took her sister's from her sex and washed away the juices. "Angle your mirror down Peter so you don't see us," Gail challenged and then smirked. She unbuckled her seat and Peter watched her move to the floor board. He angled his mirror, just enough so he could view her blonde hair fall down over her shoulders as she spread her sister's legs wide.

"He's still watching baby," Gina moaned and gathered her sister's hair out of the way, lifted her hips and turned so she was laying more on the bench seat than sitting up.

Peter laughed and slowed down, purposely taking the long drive to the hotel as he watched in his mirror, Gail service her sister. He couldn't make out all the details, but it didn't dampen his arousal. Gail's pink tongue slipped in and out of Gina's bare sex. Her fingers screwed in and Gina teased her own clit. He gazed at rocking hips and wet juice flowing over sweet honey lips, as well as a warm mouth. He was going to enjoy fucking that mouth and that cunt. He knew it and so did the twins.

A feeling of lust washed over him, followed by a pang of regret. The girls were victims, just like his brother, the only difference was he didn't rape the girls, in a way their father had. He'd fucked up by not being a proper dad, he was just going to ease their loneliness. He never forced them. The night of their eighteenth birthdays, they had come to him, stripped and thoroughly fucked him. He never looked back and regretted screwing the girls, only that to get to their father he was going to have to hurt them.

He shifted gears just as he heard Gina scream she was coming. His cock jerked and he pinched the head, forcing his eruption to stall. Inside the parking garage of the hotel, they waited till all three were better composed before getting out.

"Ladies," Peter said and breathed deep the scent of Gina's come. Very few photos were taken of the girls, no one saw the need. This was no story; after all Gail probably had the flu; there wasn't much to say on that subject.

Inside the elevator, they remained collected and impersonal. Gail pretended to be ill. Gina was the caring sister, and Peter was the mammoth muscle protecting them. When they reached their room, Peter escorted them inside and then much to their disappointment went to inform their parents of where they were. He checked in with the night crew, who put in the call to the Scholastic family, before making his way back to the girls' room. A quick knock and he was allowed in.

"Took you long enough," Gail muttered and shut the door behind him.

"You know you like it when you have to wait," he said, pulling off his tie.

Gail watched him walk toward the dresser where he lay his tie, cufflinks, and then proceeded to take off his jacket. "Let me," she told him and moved in behind him. Her fingers gripped the edges and she pulled it back from his hard, muscled frame. "Did you like the show?" she asked, folding his jacket and laying it down on the chair near the bed.

"Of course," Peter answered. He stood still, allowing her to undress him. He heard the shower running and knew Gina was washing away her juices. He felt a bit of disappointment and sighed. "I would have washed her," he said.

Gail giggled. "She knows, but she just felt like showering. No offense to you sugar."

Peter laughed. His holster was undone and Peter laid it on the dresser. Gail pulled his shirt from his pants and then peeled it off his body. Soon her arms were around his waist and she was releasing his belt and pushing his pants down. He stepped out of his shoes as she walked around to face him. "You know you're our favorite lover," she said, dropping to her knees to undo the holster at his ankle and hand him his weapon.

She heard his chuckle and winked. "Well, Peter you aren't our only lover."

"No doll, I know I'm not. But seeing as I'm the favorite, I suggest you start reminding me so I don't feel inadequate," Peter answered.

Gail grinned and wrapped her hand around his cock. "Believe me there is a reason why you are the favorite. You are anything but inadequate." She opened her mouth and inhaled his cock. Peter's hand moved into her hair and urged her on with gentle pressure.

"So are you baby girl, so are you," Peter's voice whispered.

Moving slowly, Gail closed her eyes on the hotel room and concentrated her efforts on listening to her lover's moans and whispered words. She increased her rhythm, wanting to coax Peter to grow to his fullest and hardest. Her tongue moved down along the sides and then back up again to circle around the spongy head before toying with the slit and then sliding back down to milk his tool. Her teeth grazed the sides and when she felt a soft touch on her shoulder only then did she open her eyes. She looked into the ones that matched hers and then up to Peter who was watching with interest. Releasing his cock, Gail stood up and removed her dress, so she too stood naked next to her blonde Goddess-self.

Peter's gaze traveled down both bodies, noting the swells of one greater than the other and the belly of one a bit firmer than its twin, but none of it distracted from the erotic scenes playing in his mind. Gail smiled and slipped back to her knees; her sister followed her and Peter turned to lean against the dresser.

"Nice to see you again, Peter," Gina said, her chuckle was cut off by the swallowing of his balls.

"Ahhh fuck, you too Gina," he muttered then groaned when his cock was blanketed inside Gail's mouth again.

Peter watched two blonde beauties bob up and down on his cock and his balls. He felt the shivers of pleasure run their coarse through his veins, his spine, even his toes curled as the little minxes worked their magic on his dick. He grabbed their heads and ground into them, thrusting his hips and forcing them to take the assault. "Yeah, girls suck my balls, fuck my cock. . . you naughty bitches. Oh fuck yeah," Peter grunted as he used their mouths as his toys.

Gail came off and licked her lips. Gina let his balls fall from her mouth and switched places with her sister, inhaling the saliva and pre cum-coated dick so her own needs could be filled. Gail rolled his velvet sack in her hands, toyed with the marbles and then buried her face in his crotch, before opening her jaw wide and sucking down the sensitive flesh.

"Jesus. . .girls," Peter growled; once again he gathered their hair in his big fists. "Don't stop babies, Daddy's gonna cover you in come."

The twins increased rhythm, tempo, and strength. They stroked faster with tongues, sucked harder with jaws and angled their bodies so cock and balls were going as deep as they could manage.

"Fuck! YES!" Peter shouted and felt his seed explode down Gina's throat. She drank it up then pulled out, and her sister received the second explosion on her face, the third in her mouth and the forth was awarded back onto Gina's eager expression.

Gail and Gina smiled and Peter shook his head in amazement. "You girls are the same in every way. I swear the come runs the same fucking path down your faces. Clean up girls, its time for bed."

He walked around them and opened up the closet, pulled out a black bag and opened it. "Good girl," he said to Gina as he pulled out a video camera and a tripod.

"I told you I'd remember," she said and licked the last of the come from her sister's face. She crawled onto the bed and rested on the right side, closest to the closet.

"I know, but sometimes you girls forget things. I'm glad this wasn't one of them," he said, while walking around the room, looking for the best angle. Gail crawled up next to her sister and softly rubbed Gina's stomach. "Peter, why a video tonight and not just pictures?"

"Just something different. We don't have to," he said and moved to put the camera back.

"NO!" Both girls exclaimed. Peter chuckled. "I was just curious," Gail said and went back to teasing her sister.

"I figured if I gave you each a copy then on the days when you are stuck with no one but each other you could think of me with you." He pressed the record button and moved toward the bed. "I'm thinking of all of us you know." He winked and slid between Gina's thighs. "Come here Gail, and help me with this slut's pussy."

Gina moaned and lifted her hips. Gail pushed a pillow under her sister's ass and then laid over her, straddling her face with her knees. "My pleasure Peter," she answered. Gail licked away at the wet sex along with the bodyguard her father, mother, twin and herself trusted, the camera captured it all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Peter slipped from the tangled limbs of Gina and Gail's sleeping bodies. He had a few hours before the two beauties woke up. His cock was tender, but he knew he had several more shots of come to use up. Condoms littered the floor and he picked them up on his way to the bathroom, where he tossed them into a plastic bag and then wrapped it in toilet paper, which was sent ceremoniously down the garbage. He chuckled, knowing full well the line would get clogged somewhere, but no one was going to mention the reasons publicly, the hotel was too high class to admit to stuff come-filled plastic bags in their sewers.

After he washed up he pulled out one of the twins laptops and quickly sent Carolyn the newest addition to their scheme. The video would show the nights events, minus the first dual blow job. He looked at the sleeping girls and shook his head. Innocent pawns were sometimes abused to get to the bad guy. His brother Jon had been picked up one night, hitching a ride after his car broke down. That was how Brad Scholastic had come into their lives. Peter rubbed his hands over his eyes and thought about the night he opened his brother's apartment door and found him curled in a ball, naked and beaten.

"Jon!" Peter screamed and rushed down the stone steps to the apartment's sidewalk. He crouched down and rolled his brother over. "Oh fuck, man what happened?" It had been dark so he didn't see the bruises. His brother was younger than him and his sister, so he easily picked him up and carried him inside.

"Hold tight man, I'll call the cops. . ."

"No! Peter, you can't. You can't call the cops. . ." Jon curled tighter into his brother's arms.

Peter's heart went out to his sibling and he carried him to the bedroom. He'd come over, fully expecting to take Jon out to the movies. It was something he enjoyed doing with his brother once a month, a way to stay connected when he was away driving trucks.

"Shhh. . . tell me what happened and then we'll talk," Peter had told him.

"Nah man. . .I can't. . .I can't talk. . .they said they'd. . .they'd kill me if I talked Peter. I can't. . .Please don't call the cops." Jon grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around his body.

Peter felt his guts curl in anger as the light fell on his brother's backside. Marks lay across his flesh, streaks of blood flowed, some clotted stripes lay high on his bare shoulder. His ass was covered in red welts and blood seemed to have come from his anus sometime during the assault. "All right, no cops. . ." he said, in his head he thought, 'yet', "What happened though, tell me that much."

Jon sobbed and then began to speak.

Peter listened to the monotone voice of his little brother.

"A limo pulled up and offered me a ride. I peered in, recognized the passenger. It was that lawyer, you know the one running for Judge. He's in all the papers, got those young daughters. . . the pretty blondes, we were kidding about. Saying how when they grew up their Daddy was gonna have a pair of sluts on his hands."

"Scholastic?" Peter had asked.

"Yeah, him. He was in there and asked if I needed a ride. I figured sure, a nice limo, a well known guy, how cool. . ."


Jon shuddered and curled tighter. "I got in and as soon as the door closed I was pushed against the seat and a gun was pointed at my throat. I pissed myself Pete. . .fuckin' pissed myself and then saw this gun coming at me. . . I woke up in a room. A cheap fuckin' hotel. Roaches were climbing on the head board and this man was behind me. He was. . ."

Peter heard his brother sob. "It's okay Jon. . .it's not your fault. Was it Scholastic? What else?"

"Yeah. . .it was him. He had a couple goons tie me down and he fucked me man. . .he sucked me off and . . . Pete. . .awww God man I came." Jon shook more violently. "I fucking came in that sick fuck's mouth and he laughed at me. Then he started hitting me, while one of his goons did it."

"I'll kill him," Peter muttered and moved from the bed. "I'm fucking gonna kill him. Stay put Jon. . .I'll be back."

Peter left the apartment and returned a few minutes later with Carolyn, who lived just a few blocks away. He knew as soon as he walked into the room his brother was dying. Blood poured through wounds that lay across his wrists in an upwards cut, slicing the vein lengthwise instead of across.

Carolyn fell to her knees and Peter rushed to his brother. "I'll get him for you Jon... I swear." He rocked his brother to sleep as the blood pumped out of his body and covered them both.

"Hey baby, come back to bed," Gail whispered. "Whattcha got the computer for?" she asked.

"I was looking at our video. It's hot. Saved you a copy and making another for your sister," he said. He erased the memory of where he'd been and closed the laptop, then headed back to the woman that was awake. "Do we wake up sis?"

"Nah. . .come fuck me in the hot tub," Gail said and slid out of the bed and took his hand. "I like my one on one time with you Peter."

"I like it with you too Gail," he answered.

The couple moved into the hot tub and slipped into the bubbling water. "We take a lot of risks with you Peter. You know that. . . no one else gets pictures and certainly no one else gets a video. You wouldn't screw us over would you?" Gail asked as she settled on to his lap.

He pushed back her hair and began to suck on her neck. "I'm not going to screw you over," he answered and let his fingers slide down her body.

"Mmm. . . I'm glad," she answered and turned to press her lips to his.

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