Senatorial Secrets Ch. 06


"Peter, if you don't know now. . .then we have a lot to cover." She giggled and then looked up at him. Her eyes spoke volumes, and she hoped he was reading every signal. She let her fingers glide down his chest and she tugged him closer to her by pulling on his jacket. Their bodies rubbed to the sound of the band. Danielle's pulse raced and her veins boiled as his erection continued to tease her stomach. "Peter," she moaned.

Peter chuckled and continued to tease her with small bites and licks across her delicate skin. "I plan on covering all of it. . . but rest assured little Danny, I know how and I know how to do it well."

He quickly pulled away from her and Danielle felt the loss of his body heat. She stepped back into him and slipped her hand in his. "My place or yours?" she said.

"Yours is closer," he said, recalling the address from his sister's belongings.

Danielle blushed as couples gave her winks and knowing nods when Peter pulled her through the throng of patrons still dancing. She'd forgotten others had been around and their behavior had been watched and probably enjoyed by many. When they reached the parking lot she was startled by the quick spin Peter gave her as he pushed her up against the car. His mouth again captured hers and their tongues once more danced and fought for the right to sup from the other.

The lights of another car pulling into the parking lot stopped Peter's hand from traveling up Danny's skirt. He growled into her ear and stepped back from her, long enough to open her door and help her inside. When he closed it, Danielle was left alone for barely two seconds, before she found herself in Peter's arms once more.

After a series of heated kisses and heavy pets Danielle leaned into Peter and directed him to her home. When Peter turned off the car, Danielle was surprised she wasn't pulled back into him. She slid from his side and waited for him to assist her. She watched him move casually around the car and to her door. Questions formed in her mind as he offered his hand as if nothing had passed between them. "Everything okay?" she asked, growing suddenly worried that the short drive had been long enough for Peter to change his mind on what she was positive was going to be outstanding.

"Yes, everything is great. Did you have a good time this evening?"

Danielle screwed up her face. "What kind of question is that?" she asked, pulling her keys from her purse.

"A normal one. It is the typical question at the end of a date." Peter took her keys and opened the door.

"End. . ." she whispered, more to herself than to Peter.

"Yes, the end. Everything here on out is just the beginning." He led her into the house and shut the door behind them. Danielle turned and dropped her purse on the floor as her hands wrapped around his neck and his wrapped around her waist.

"I like beginnings," she whispered and kissed his lips.

"Good," he told her and returned to feast from her soft pink skin.

They moved together, one sliding fingers inside a sports coat, another sliding hands up lean legs and under soft materials that kept heated flesh hidden from view. Danielle's chest tightened when Peter's hands skated over the twin globes of her ass and dragged her across his erect cock. Her mouth nipped at his jaw and then down to suck on his neck as she toyed with the buttons of his shirt.

Peter's jacket hit the floor the same time Danielle felt her thong slip around her ankles. She moaned as strong fingers kneaded her thighs and worked their way back up to her tingling sex.

"Peter," she hissed against his ear, lifting her leg and feeling his hand grab it so he held it suspended in the air. His other hand shoved her dress over her hips, forcing it to gather at her waist. "My bedroom. . ." she shuddered, "is back there," she moaned and growled deep as his fingers pushed the dress higher and her leg wrapped around his.

"Danny," he answered back. "I'm going to buy you a new dress okay," he said.

She nodded her head and then felt the material grow tight against her skin seconds before hearing the fabric rip and fall away. "Gorgeous."

Peter's words barely registered in Danielle's lust-induced fog. She felt his hands on her again and she squealed when he lifted her up and told her to hold on. Both her legs wrapped around his waist and she wiggled until she was safely tucked in his arms. Her naked breasts pressed against his jacket and partially opened shirt. She felt the sparse hairs on his chest and forcefully rubbed her hardened nipples against them. Her sex, wet and glistening with arousal, she allowed to glide several times back and forth against the material of his slacks.

"Danielle," he groaned.

She whispered, "What?"

Peter said nothing else as he heard her whisper directions to her bedroom. They went up the stairs and turned to the left, the whole time Danielle rode her lover's cloth-covered appendage, listening to her date groan in frustration. When they reached her bedroom door, she jumped in his arms from the sound of the wood splintering. "I'll buy you a new door," he muttered and she laughed.

Danielle felt the soft and familiar texture of her comforter. The curtains were open and she welcomed the moonlight that filtered through the room as well as the lights from the streets below. She moved her hands down to cup her breasts, offering them to Peter as she watched him stand back and admire the view of her welcoming him into her bed.

As she held herself, Peter pulled his jacket off and lifted his shirt over his head. Danielle sat up and ran her fingers down his chest, across his nipples and then lower to the waistband of his slacks. She quickly worked the belt and then freed his cock from the pants and boxers he was wearing. Peter groaned when her mouth moved over the swollen tip and she lowered herself down the shaft. "Danny," he whispered and combed his fingers through her hair.

Danielle whimpered, angling her head to take more of him while the feel of his touch brought a shiver to her skin. Her hands grabbed his clothing and she dragged them down as she worked his cock to the back of her throat and rolled her tongue across the front and sides.

Peter didn't move and Danielle continued to assault his sex with teasing strokes and firm sucks. Her hands, free of the fabrics, grasped his balls. She rolled them between her fingers, as her lips created a seal at the base of his shaft. Her nose nuzzled the coarse hairs of his groin and she breathed in the scent of his body, wanting nothing more than to become lost in his essence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Danny," Peter moaned. He looked down on her ruby hair and ran his fingers through the soft locks. "Baby that feels so good," he told her, his palms pressing into her scalp. Peter stepped out of his shoes and slacks. His boxers too joined the mess of clothing, but his socks he was less than worried about. His mind was fogged with Danielle's blow job technique and he felt his testicles tighten in response to her touch.

"Good," she said, releasing his cock for a moment. He ran his fingers over her lips and dipped his thumb between the soft petals. He then teased her by sliding his finger in and out, letting her teeth bite and nip on the tip before pushing it back in deeper.

Danielle looked into his eyes and then pushed his hand away. He felt the back of her throat slam into the head of his cock and he growled low. "Yeah, Danny, fuck me baby. . .take. . .ohh fuck yes."

He felt her moan and hum against his dick. Peter pulled her from his shaft and stared down on her again. "Careful babe. You'll have me coming."

Danielle lifted her brow and ran her fingers over the head of his shaft. "You don't want to?" she asked and licked the drops of pre cum that were flowing steadily from his dick.

"I want to, but right now, I'd rather be inside you. Do you have condoms? If not then reach in my pants and there is one in my wallet." Peter again ran his fingers over her mouth, groaning in frustration from the decision he had made.

"I'm on the pill," she told him and dipped her head back down to his cock.

Peter watched her lips roll over the head and then up again. She released him and shimmed to the center of the bed. He crawled toward her and pressed a kiss to her stomach. "You sure?" he asked.

"I'm safe. . . are you?" she asked, running a finger from her nipples to her navel and then back again. "I trust you Peter. If you want to use a condom, we'll use one. But if you tell me you're safe, then I'm here and very, very, willing and I know," she slipped her hand further down her body and slipped her fingers between her slick pussy lips, "I'm very, very, ready."

"Willing. Ready. . ."

"And able," Danielle said, ending his sentence and opening her sex with her fingers. Peter moved over her, pushing her hand away. "I see you've made up your mind."

"I have and yes, baby. I'm safe, but I'm not as ready as I thought I was," he answered and grinned wickedly at her eyes, now wide with curiosity.

Peter slipped one hand down to lift her left leg up and his other moved to knead the muscles of the right as his mouth moved across her neck and nipped at her shoulders. He kissed lower before licking and biting a path down her chest. He nuzzled his face between the globes of warm skin and sparsely freckled flesh.

Danielle's breath caught in her throat and he watched her fingers curl in the blanket as he lowered her leg and inched his way over to her right nipple. "Peter, please."

"Please what?" he said before flicking the hard bud with the tip of his tongue.

"You know," she whispered and arched her back. He watched her hand leave the blanket and soon felt her fingers digging into his scalp.

"I do?" he asked, and pulled her nipple with his teeth.

"Ohh fuck, yeah," she moaned and pushed his head down.

Peter chuckled against her breast and opened his mouth, fully engulfing the pink rose and drawing it deep as he sucked hard on the sweet jewel. He flicked his tongue across the ridges, enjoying the texture of them as they grew tight under his caress. Her nails bit into his skin and he bit down on her nipple, making her back arch further and her hand rake down his back. "Fuck, Peter!" she cried.

He released her tit and treated the other to several bites, sucks and pulls, before he abandoned his post and searched out tender places to admire on her stomach and rib cage.

Danielle's legs never stopped moving and her hands never found a resting place as Peter made a frontal attack on her person. His nails grazed her hips and her thighs. They made pink trails of heat up her legs and across her ass cheeks. The small stubble of facial hair that had started to show itself began to leave little marks and indentations in her flesh as he made his way down her stomach and over to lick circles on her pelvic bones.

He breathed in her arousal and pushed her legs far apart. His head came up from the top of her pussy and he whispered her name. Danielle's eyes tried to focus on Peter's face, but he saw it was pointless. She was beyond his reach, or at least beyond hearing him. He moved slowly, more slowly than he even thought was possible. His tongue flicked the beads of honey that had collected on the trimmed hair of her sex. Her ass lifted and again he pushed his hands under the firm muscles. As he held her on pedestals of flesh, his mouth began to learn exactly where Danielle was most sensitive to suckles, nips, bites, and flicks.

"Peter," she gasped his name. Peter felt the sides of her pussy tighten around his fingers. He drove the three digits in deeper and harder, bringing another whisper of his name from her parted lips. He stared up at her face, watched the moonlight and city street lamps capture every expression and highlight it for him.

"That's right baby," he told her, never easing up as his trimmed nails scrapped her fleshy sex. He coaxed her fluids to the surface and lapped at them with an eager mouth. "More baby, I'm far from being done," he told her and urged his will power to remain strong as he removed his fingers and swept his tongue inside her heavenly home.

Danielle's fingers dug into Peter's hair and he winced slightly, but inwardly his body was raging with lust, desire and satisfaction as the young woman's hips rose and fell. Her hands pushed his face in deeper between her folds and he worked his tongue at a frenzied pace, thrusting it in and out as well as rising up to suck on her clit. Soon she was bucking and riding him as if there were no need to do anything but get herself off and come. That was all Peter wanted her to think about. He drove his finger and his tongue into the welcomed home of juices and felt the hot liquid silk pour out of her.

Peter drank as much of her nectar as he could capture. He bathed in it and licked away the sweet treat, before rubbing his chin across her trimmed hairs and sliding his hands free from her ass.

"Danny," he whispered and then smiled, as she merely lifted her hand to acknowledge him. He swept his tongue across her clit and watched her spasm. He laughed when she moaned and he repeated the action, only to be rewarded with more streams of honey. Once he'd drank those he returned to rest his chin on her navel and once more tried to reach into her foggy subconscious.

"Danielle," he said, somewhat louder than before.

He watched her swallow, lick her lips and then sigh. "Yeah?" she said.

"I'm going to fuck you now," he told her and smirked when her lips rose in a wide smile and her legs spread even further.

"About fuckin' time," she said, though her words were breathy and barely audible.

Peter laughed and slid up her body, letting her feel the weight of him pressed against her. He stared at her lips wanting to kiss and devour them, but not wanting to force something on her she didn't want. When her fingers skated up his spine and tangled in his hair, the knowing look she gave as well as the hint of pressure on his scalp told him what he wanted to know. Their mouths touched and he shared with her the taste of her arousal. One of his hands held her neck, lifting her head slightly so he could dive deeper between her lips and sweep the sides of her teeth with firm, knowing strokes. His other hand moved between them and he took his cock in his hand and pushed it against her clit.

Danielle pulled her mouth away, used her teeth to tug on his lower lip and then demanded he stop teasing her. He felt her legs rise up and circle his waist. The heels of her feet pressed into the small of his back and her hips rose. Peter pushed his cock back, lining the head up with her opening and then slid inside the sweet, juice-filled home. "Danny," he moaned and held himself still as she became accustomed to his size.

Danielle closed her eyes and Peter again watched the light play across her features. He drank in every clench of muscles that tightened when he began to move inside her. His cock slipped in and out. He moved his hips, rotating them and forcing the head of his dick to rub against the sides of her pussy. He bit down on her neck, sucked on the fragile pulse that beat beneath the soft skin and whispered how sexy she was in her ear.

Slowly he continued to carry himself and her toward an abyss and then draw them from the edge. His hands moved to knead one breast, while the other slipped into her hair and toyed with the red strands.

"Peter," she gasped.

"Yes, baby," he groaned back.

"Faster, please," she begged.

"Faster?" he asked and slowed as if he hadn't heard her.

She beat on his back with a tiny, closed fist. "Peter," she growled and then sighed when he picked up the pace and began to piston his cock in and out of her. "YES!" she cried out, encouraging him with words and matching thrusts.

Peter drove harder and faster, never letting up as his cock throbbed and his balls ached for release. He clenched his teeth and threw back his head as Danielle's sex wrapped itself tight around him. She locked her ankles and curled her hands around his neck. He felt her lift herself up and take him deeper. Together they groaned in pleasure as their sexes exploded and covered the other with heated silk.

Her pussy continued to clench and unclench as Peter gave several more thrusts, urging more seeds from his balls and more honey from the woman beneath him. When he collapsed it was in the arms of a woman he knew was going to be a big part of his life. Her fingers toyed in his hair and she whispered to him how beautiful it had been. Peter paused in his breathing and raised himself up. "You are," he told her and captured her mouth once more with his.

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