tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSenatorial Secrets Ch. 09

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 09


Author's Note: This is a work of fiction. All characters involved in sexual situations are over the age of eighteen. This chapter involves Samuel, Brad's bodyguard and his dealings with Rebecca, the unwilling victim in a web of lies that her boyfriend Anthony has woven.

Samuel watched Rebecca Miller wave goodbye to her friends. It hadn't taken him long to find out this was who Anthony was spending his time with whenever he left Brad's side. He had contacted Brad and he had his orders. Samuel's hand traveled to his cock. There were days he hated his job, but then there were days like these. . .where he loved it.

His gaze never left her petite form and he felt his dick grow another inch as he thought of all the things he had planned for her. As she walked toward the college dormitory he moved from behind the large statue of the school's founder. "Miss Miller," he called out.

He saw her jump and spin around. A look of shock and fear quickly sprung on her face, but soon disappeared as he walked toward her and the lights of the grounds illuminated his features.

"Sam?" she whispered and closed the distance between them.

Samuel smiled, extended his hand and shook hers in a firm grasp. "Yes Miss Miller, it's me."

"What are you doing here?" she asked, "Is Anthony okay?" Her face grew suddenly worried and pale.

"That's why I'm here Miss Miller. Anthony was in a car accident on his way to Senator Scholastic's office this afternoon and. . ."

Her hands flew to her mouth. Her eyes grew teary and he watched her start to shake. "Calm Miss Miller. He's okay. He's in the hospital and Brad, Senator Scholastic knew you'd want to be with him. He knows how serious you two are."

"Oh thank god. Was he terribly hurt?"

"They are merely keeping him because Brad insists he stay the night. Anthony has a busted arm and some broken ribs, but overall he'll be fine. Brad would like you to come back to Washington with me so you can spend some time with Anthony; is that possible?"

He watched her chew on her lower lip as if trying to work her class schedule around her lover. In the end her quick nod told him all he needed to know and he took her elbow. "My car's parked over here." He led her to the darkest part of the school's parking lot and helped her into the back of the glossy Cadillac.

Before the door closed on her, he heard her shocked gasp and then the solid thump of a fist hitting her slim jaw. Samuel darted around the front of the car, got into the driver's seat and then looked back to see the unconscious girl laying across his friend's chest. He nodded his head and quickly pulled out of the parking lot, knowing he had some time before the pretty filly would wake up, becasue whenever his buddy Greg hit, he hit hard.

Rebecca moaned. Her jaw hurt as did her head. She tried to open her eyes, but only saw darkness. She closed them again and then felt the silk that covered her face. "A hood?" she thought to herself and then remembered talking to Samuel, climbing into his car and then there was nothing but blackness. "Samuel?"

"Welcome back."

Rebecca turned her head to the sound of a voice, a voice she didn't recognize. She tried to lift her arm and then stilled when she realized she was strapped down to a bed. Fear washed over her and she felt her throat suddenly go dry. "Who are you? Where's Sam?" she asked. She turned to the other side and called out for the bodyguard.

The weight of the bed shifted and she stopped moving, trying to figure out who was in the room with her. "Sammy will be right back. I get to enjoy you first."

Rebecca paled as she realized she was not only bound to the bed, but was also naked on its sheets. "NO!" she screamed and then felt the firm grip of the man's hands around her throat. It wasn't long before darkness was swimming around her and consuming her.

Samuel walked into the room, a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other. "Thanks," he said to Greg, shaking his hand and noticing the blood that lay speckled on his knuckles. "Better get that cleaned up."

"Yeah, but no need to thank me. You know this is my thing," he winked and left the room.

Samuel moved over to the woman on the bed. Her body battered and her face now uncovered. She stared back at him, as if he wasn't there and for a moment he thought Greg had enjoyed himself too much and Rebecca was dead. A sigh of relief escaped his lips when he sat down on the bed and watched her chest rise and fall. The marks from Greg's tools were clearly evident and he began to take additional snapshots that he knew the video camera wouldn't have picked up.

When he was done he kissed the silent girl's lips, tasting blood and salty tears. "You shouldn't have fucked Anthony," he whispered and then slipped away, removing his clothes, so he too could enjoy the slut that had been unleashed from the prim and proper college student.

As his cock filled her, he took more pictures and watched her pussy tighten and milk his seed. He moaned and heard her gasp. A whispered "please" left her lips and he smiled.

"Yeah baby, you'll have it, don't worry." She'd begged to come several times during Greg's session. Samuel didn't have a lot of come left in his balls; he'd already shot several loads while watching the "training" take place.

When he finally shot his load into her used cunt, he felt her pussy explode around him. More flashes from the camera took place before he eased himself out of her. "There sweetie. I bet you didn't know how much you liked coming did you. Now you rest and think about how dirty a girl you are, while I clean up."

Rebecca heard the voice of Brad Scholastic's bodyguard come and go, but she still couldn't believe what had transpired. When she woke up again, her throat hurt, but her body was on fire as someone worked their cock in and out of her. She quickly came fully awake and began to buck and ride the foreign cock and came, shuddering around the huge dick. Her head was no longer hooded and she gazed in shock at the man above her and then tried to push him off her with her hips, screaming for Samuel and demanding the man on top of her leave her alone. Only he didn't. He laughed and began to push in and out of her again.

Her body responded though her mind kept telling her what was happening was wrong. The man then shot his seed into her and she thought everything was over and done, but she'd been wrong. He left the bed and returned a few seconds later with clamps which were placed on her nipples and clit. He also began to use a leather flogger on her and again her body began to respond to the erotic sensations that were expertly delivered.

She fought it, cursing and biting whenever the man caressed her cheek, that was when the hitting began. "Punishment for disobedience," the man had told her and after several punches she relented and began to give him what he wanted. Her body came several times and in the end she was begging him to fuck her.

Rebecca's thoughts filled her with shame. When she felt the restraints on her ankles and wrists loosen she pulled herself free. She hadn't even been aware that Samuel had come back into the room. She stared at him, her eyes slightly swollen shut. "Why?" she whispered and tried to tuck herself into a ball.

"Why? Because I can. Remember that."

He pulled on his pants and tossed her several hundred dollar bills. "Go buy yourself something pretty. Anthony's gonna want his slut to look good when he sees her again."

Samuel opened the door to the hotel room that he and Brad often used, then stepped into the hall. He nodded to a passing guest, adjusted his cock and then left the girl behind him. In the pocket of his jacket he had the camera and video tape that would show Anthony what happens when you cross Brad Scholastic.

Rebecca slipped from the bed and onto the floor. She wrapped her arms around her legs and tried to understand what had made her act the way she had. It wasn't until she stopped the rocking back and forth that she'd unconsciously started that she noticed the glass of water. She studied it, trying to remember why it was there.

A silent movie played in her head. Her eyes grew wide as she recalled the pills shoved down her throat and the spitting of water all over the man's face. "Oh God," she moaned and crawled to the bathroom, where she tried to make herself get sick.

Thoughts of how she'd behaved washed over her and she conjured up Anthony's face. She cried as she played the scene in her head. He would hate her and she'd be labeled a slut. Her father would disown her; hell she was related to the President. What would this do to her family. She pulled herself up to the commode and sat down. She gazed at her reflection on the mirror, attached to the door. The woman looking back at her was bruised and bloody, but Rebecca knew her pussy was full of come, hers and two others.

She stood up and walked to the phone that rested on the stand by the bed. She picked it up and dialed her mom's cell phone. Her other hand grabbed the glass on the table and she smashed it against the wall. Glass cut into her fingers, but the pain was non-existent.


"Hey mom," she whispered.

"Hey yourself. What's up?"

Rebecca didn't say anything as she stared at the largest piece of broken glass, still clenched in her hand.

"Becky? You there?"


"Are you okay?" her mother asked.

"Mom. I love you."

"I love you Becky. Honey, where are you?"

"I love you mommy and I'm sorry."

"Rebecca! Where are you?" Her mother's voice was now frantic and pleading. Rebecca hung up the phone and sat down on the bed. She ran the glass up the vein in her arm and breathed deep. The scent of come filled her nostrils and she fell to the bed. Her cheeks rested on the moist sheets and she stared at the slippery come that pressed against her skin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samuel boarded the private jet and quickly dialed up his employer as his laptop loaded. The digital images were quickly downloaded to the Senator's computer and when Brad's voice came across the waves Samuel whispered, "You've got mail."

He hung up the phone and then leaned back in his chair. His eyes closed and he replayed the images of the young beauty with her legs spread wide, begging to be fucked and fucked hard. His cock slowly began to rise and he moved his hand over it. It wasn't long before he had his cock out and was once again stroking his hard rod.

The image of Rebecca's pussy played in his mind and then he thought of how delicious she tasted. When he landed back in Washington his balls were empty and his stomach was growling.

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