tagNon-EroticSenatorial Secrets Ch. 12

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 12


Author's Note: Thanks to all the reader's that have taken the time to read this short series. I have enjoyed it and will miss some of the characters. . . but not all. *grin* Please leave a comment and vote, or send me your comment via Lit. All in all though, please enjoy this final, yet short end to what I think was a neat project. ~ Red

Mitch sat in the back of the limo that would take Savannah, Gina and Gail from the cemetery and then to the private lake cottage that the Scholastic family owned, and often vacationed at during the summer. Only the driver of the vehicle, and the surviving immediate members of Brad Scholastic's family knew he was there, hidden in the darkness of the stretched vehicle and its black tinted window. He could see the group of mourners and well wishers. The reporters had been kept out, much to their chagrin. He knew the city would face their wraith in the morning for allowing Savannah the privacy she insisted on. The cemetery had been locked down to the public, officials claiming it was for safety, not because their most favored son's wife had asked for special privileges.

An hour passed before the door of the limo opened and the twins slipped in. Their eyes red and their faces puffy. Savannah slipped in after them, her eyes seeking the man that had been her rock over the past seven days. He'd never been seen entering or leaving her car, but he was always there. She knew he had to pay a lot of money to keep their relationship private, but somehow the pockets he lined with cash were ones that made her feel safer. She pressed herself into his welcoming embrace and then heard him tell the driver they were ready to leave. Savannah closed her eyes, and tried to accept that she was free, and yet. . .a part of her hurt, for the love that she'd lost so many years ago.

Gail held her sister's hand. Gina's head rested on her shoulder and their fingers remained entwined as the sleek black vehicle slid onto the highway and headed down the interstate. Police cars were positioned in front and behind them, but eventually as hours passed, they drifted off, leaving the vehicle alone on the road. Both girls had cried, sobbed, even taken pills so they could get sleep. The news of their father's assassination had shocked them both, forcing them to recognize that for all his faults he had still been their father and he had loved them, though his career had always come first, as did his love for younger men. "I need a drink," Gail whispered, reaching over and pulling a bottle of water from a small refrigerated cubby.

Mitch shifted in his seat and asked for one. He and Savannah shared the cool beverage and eventually she moved from her nestled position to study her daughters and her lover. "I don't want to dwell on this any more. Our marriage was a joke in the end. I want to go away."

Mitch lifted a brow. "Away sounds good." He wanted to take her far away, but he had his own reasons. The hit had gone as planned. His contact had been paid, the assassin was gone, living happily on the millions that Mitch had paid him. Still Mitch was hungry to start his new life with Savannah. Outside of the US, only made it easier for him to continue loving her in his own way.

"Gail. Gina. You're welcome to come with us," Savannah said, reaching out to take both her daughter's hands. "Mitch and I were thinking Switzerland. You both love it there."

The twins sat quietly, contemplating the changes that had swirled around them. Their father dead. Their mother in love. Their lives turned upside down, by a man no one seemed able to find. Gail took a deep breath, before answering for herself. "Switzerland sounds lovely. A vacation for me, at least. I don't think I'll stay there, but a place where we can just breathe for a minute or two would be nice." She squeezed her sister's hand. "You'll come won't you?"

Gail smiled. "Yeah. You're stuck with us both mom. . .Mitch."

Mitch grinned, a sigh of relief left him, unaware was he that he'd been holding it. He pressed the intercom button that gave him access to the front seat. "The airport," he said, knowing they would be on his private jet within the next two hours. He pulled Savannah against him and kissed her forehead. "Everything I do, I do for you."

She smiled back at him and kissed his lips. "I love you," she whispered. He repeated the sentiment and kissed her back. The two girls across from them giggled softly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Peter slid into the driver's side of his car. He left the funeral just after he saw Savannah and the girls leaving. He headed toward his own future. A brief case rested beside him. Its contents known to only himself. As he drove onto the highway, intent on reaching the woman he'd had fallen in love with, he thought back over the last seven days. He had called Danielle, explaining to her what had happened. He recalled the fear in her voice as she told him she feared he'd been the one to pull the trigger, the idea of public humiliation no longer enough for Peter. He set her mind at ease, telling her that he hadn't been involved, but he was also not sorry it had happened. Brad Scholastic was gone and whoever had done the deed had probably saved countless lives.

He told her he would be back to her at the end of the week, in her arms, in her bed, at her side. . .wherever she wanted him. She told him, she'd wait forever, as long as he would keep himself safe. They had hung up, he'd made his way to Brad's Washington Office, let himself in and quickly found the envelope and all the evidence he had shown to Brad. An hour later it was destroyed along with all the evidence of Brad's misguided and ill run life. There was nothing left to prove that Brad was a sick individual and had claimed many young men's lives. Peter felt a weight lift from his shoulders that night as glossy prints melted in the flames of his fireplace.

Savannah and the girls were already in enough pain and turmoil, now he had protected them from humiliation. It would be day two that he was questioned again by the authorities. The intern, Anthony, had been taken into custody and questioned. He accused the dead Senator of rape, blackmail, and murder, but the accusations fell on death ears when neither Peter or Samuel would back up the young man's claim. It was decided that the Intern was jealous, harboring feelings for Brad that were never reciprocated. Two days later, Anthony committed suicide, using the cord he pulled from the edging of his cell mattress. His body was found dangling from the light socket.

The sound of Peter's cell phone brought him out of his reverie and he quickly picked it up. "Yeah?"

"Hey handsome."

Danielle's voice came over the waves and Peter smiled. "Hello to you."

"I wanted to tell you I love you." Her voice washed over him, blanketing him in warmth and peace.

"I love you," he answered back. No longer was he surprised by the feelings he had for his sister's friend. Danielle was the new path that Peter longed for. She was pure. Clean. Nothing bad touched her. Peter wanted the good she offered. He'd lived, seen, and done too much and wanted to start fresh.

"Will you be here soon?" she asked.

"Yeah. I'm driving straight through the night."

"Be safe."

"I will." He hung up the phone and knew his life was just beginning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Samuel rolled his shoulders. The familiar weight of his gun resting against his ribs. He stood behind a woman, another body he would take a bullet for. He'd opted not to attend the funeral of Senator Brad Scholastic, instead wishing to put the unfortunate incident from his mind. Months would go by before Samuel acted on instinct and took the bullet that was intended for the social debutante.

Brad Scholastic's widow sold his estate and the funds were distributed to his daughters. The state opened a library in the dead man's name. Savannah refused the invitation to attend, but her daughters didn't; both smiling blondes sported handsome Swedish lovers on their arms the day the building opened. Rumors of weddings surrounded them, but the twins laughed it off.

Savannah married Mitch. He kept his secret, vowing to keep her safe from harm, no matter who he had to remove in order to do so. They spent most of their time in a quiet, yet spacious home catering to each others erotic pleasures. Savannah learned how special she was and how much she had to be thankful for as her husband brought her to climax in the most unique of ways. His dominate nature blending well with her submissive one.

Peter married Danielle. He arrived at her doorstop to greet her. She opened the door with an EPT test in one hand and a book of baby names in the other. They settled into a normal existence, each one loving the other as they worked to bring order to their lives. On rare occasions Peter would answer questions from a nosy reporter about the Scholastic family, but not once did the secrets of Brad's life ever come to life, tarnishing Gina, Gail, and Savannah's name.

~ The End ~

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