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Fred and Doris were our neighbors. They had been like forever. We'd both had kids who had grown up and moved on. We'd shared cookouts and holidays. We'd supported each other over some rough spots. Now, we were all retired and enjoying a lot more time together. We'd drop in on each other casually and acted more like family than just friends and neighbors. None of us had been particularly good looking. Someone might think Doris was a few years younger than she actually was. My wife, Peggy, didn't look particularly bad either...for someone in her late 50's.

Fred and I were sitting on the patio one afternoon sharing a beer. The women had gone out to lunch and shopping, which meant they'd be gone most of the day. I guess Fred was the one who brought the subject up.

"How do you and Peggy get along?" he asked.

"Whadda' ya' mean? Do we have fights or what?"

"No, I mean like physically. Well, hell! Let me spell it out. Do you and Peggy still have sex?" Do you get it on with her and does she tale care of you when you're horny?"

I was surprised. We'd told each other sex jokes, but we'd really never had discussed our sex lives. "Well, she was always pretty good in the sack," I countered.

"Yeah! I know what you're saying, but what about now? Doris keeps putting me off telling me that we're too old to do things like that, but I still feel like getting a piece of ass every once in awhile."

"I get that, too," I admitted. "I think Peggy still looks good naked—not like she was when we first married--but she thinks she's too wrinkled and saggy and ugly to have sex. And all the time I think she could still do me pretty good if she'd just try a little!"

"What do you do then?"

"You mean "do I do without" or 'how do I take care of myself'? Well, every once in awhile I just have to get off. I wait until she's not around, get undressed and give 'Old Hairy' a thorough thrashing. It ain't the best, but it's better than nothing at all. What about you?"

"I guess I do about the same. I'd love for her to do me—she used to suck cock like crazy—but I usually wind up jerking off while I try to recall all the wild things we used to do. "Sounds like we're in the same boat. Our best sex partner is our good right hand!"

"Shit!" Fred said. "Now I've got myself excited." I could see a bit of a bulge in his shorts.

"Well, why don't you do what you usually do? Take it out and jerk it off! There isn't any way anyone is going to see you out here."

"I wouldn't want to embarrass you and I sure wouldn't want to embarrass myself!"

"Why? We know each other well enough. Heck! I'll even join you!" With that, I slipped my shorts down and started stroking my semi-hard cock. When I looked over, Fred has his pants down and was playing with his cock, too. His cock was a lot like mine. We'd never star in a porno flick, but it wasn't something to laugh at either.

We lay there for a while playing with ourselves and reminiscing about much wilder and more satisfying sexual escapades. I told Fred how much I enjoyed oral sex—having my cock sucked, but even more so, eating nice, sweet, hot, juicy pussy! He told me how good his wife had been a sucking cock and how much he missed a good blowjob.

Before you knew it, both of us were popping off and, although neither pne of us produced a big load of come, we had to do some cleaning up before the girls got back.

I guess it was a couple of weeks later when the "girls" had gone out together again and Fred and I were sitting in front of the TV having a beer. I got to thinking about what we'd talked about and done last time and started to get turned on again. "Have you gotten any lately?"

"Right! About as much as I usually do! Whatever I can get out of 'old Mr. Five Fingers!"

"Shall we do it again?"

There was a pause. "I guess I could be talked into it. Hell, we don't have anything better at the moment."

We stripped off our pants and shorts and slowly started massaging our cocks. I checked Fred out pretty good. He had a thick bunch of pubic hair and a nice looking cock poking up through it. We played with ourselves and talked about different times we had made out and what we'd done with whom. We weren't in any rush to get off, but after awhile, Fred grunted and said, "Here it is!" He pumped juice all over his belly and I got off just watching his cock throb and spurt.

We agreed that the whole scene was pretty good and that we just might have to do it again some time.

The next chance we had, we didn't hesitate to get our clothes off and start playing with ourselves. I had a bottle of warming lubricant. "Did you ever try this stuff?" I asked. He hadn't so I told him I found it helped a lot and I'd give him a little shot. I squirted some all over his cock and balls and then began to massage it. I didn't realize it, but playing with Fred's cock was a turn on. And Fred certainly wasn't raising any objection. In no time, I had him popping off, his come dribbling all over my hand.

When he'd caught his breath, he said, "That was good! I guess it's time for me to return the favor." I was ready and so was he and he gave me a nice, slow hand job.

"Damn, that was good!"

We agreed that it was a pleasant experience and we kept on doing it whenever we got a chance. It's not like we were horny all the time, but about every week or so we'd feel the need to pump the well. We were working out in the garage one day when we just decided we needed a little, so we played with each other until we'd popped our rocks.

One time while I was playing with him, we started talking about chicks who'd given us blow jobs. We both loved to lie there and let a gal lick and suck and nibble and nuzzle and we could remember just about every one we'd ever had. I don't know what motivated me, but I simply bent over and took his cock in my mouth. I was as surprised as he was. "Have you ever done that before?' he asked surprised.

"No! I'm as surprised as you are, but I don't think I'm going to quit!" I didn't. I kept thinking of all the blowjobs I'd had, how it was to suck it deeply, how to twirl my tongue around the head, how to pump it and pump it. It didn't take too long for Fred to pop his nuts. He didn't shoot off that much come and I certainly didn't find it that unsavory.

As I cleaned him up with my tongue, he had me turn around so he could get at my cock. As inexperienced as he was, he certainly did do a bad job. It had been a long time since I'd had a blowjob and it didn't take long for me to pop off in his mouth.

We had another little game to share with each other and, while we weren't sex fiends, we did find opportunities to get off and satisfy each other. Whenever the ladies would go out shopping, we would wind up either at his place or mine with a porno film. We'd get naked, stretch out on the couch and play with ourselves as we watched the action on the TV. If it got really wild, we might reach over and play with each other or even give each other blow jobs.

One day we were busily doing a long slow 69 in the living room when we heard the car drive up. We scrambled to get dressed before Doris and Peggy came it. We had a couple of bottles of beer sitting there and I don't think they caught on to anything else going on. However, as soon as we could, Fred and I had a long talk about what might happen if they did catch the two of us playing around.

The best thing I can think of, I responded, would be to ask them if they'd care to join us.


"Exactly! If they came in while you and I were sitting there naked with hard on's they could either ask for a demonstration and watch us or join us. If they didn't like it, I guess they could just get pissed off. We aren't getting any now, so how are they going to cut down on our sex?"

Fred had a devilish grin. "Why should we wait for them to catch us? Why don't we set it up so they do catch us and see if we can talk them into joining us for fun and games?"

We waited until the next time they went out to lunch together. When they returned, Fred and I were sitting in the living room bare-assed naked watching a porno flick. Both of us had fairly good semblance of an erection which we were casually stroking.

Both of our wives were speechless. Finally, Doris asked, "What's been going on here?"

"We've just been entertaining ourselves. Seems like it's tough to find a good-looking woman who's willing to play fun and games with a couple of old farts like us! As a matter of fact, it's tough to find any kind woman who's interested in fun and games with a couple of old farts like us!"

"What do you mean 'entertaining' each other?"

"Well, some times we jerk off together, some times we give each other hand jobs and sometimes we give each other blowjobs. However, we both agree that you guys give better blowjobs than we do. It must be practice, practice, practice."

"And just what are we supposed to do?"

"Whatever you want to do. Get mad! Get sexy! Get naked! Get with it!"

Peggy and Doris looked at each other. "We're too old to be messing around like that!"

"Obviously, neither one of us thinks so. We're both sprouting hard ons. If you think you're too old to be attractive, why don't you get naked and let us be the judge of that?"

They were a little reticent about that, but Fred and I kept encouraging them and pretty soon they were both down to their bras and panties. Fred and I kept whistling and encouraging them and, to tell you the truth, they didn't look all that bad. Their tits sagged a little. Their arms and legs had wrinkles, but we both still knew where the good parts were.

Fred and I were waving our hard ons at them. "Come on! Let's see all of it! Take off the rest of your clothes. They were embarrassed, but the saw Fred and me sitting on the sofa naked and finely unfastened their bras and slipped their panties off. OK, so they didn't have nice perky tits and the hair around their respective pussies was gray and stringy. But here we were, two older couples, all naked, and all impressed at how daring we were acting.

"What now!"

"Simple! I get to dance with Doris and you get to dance with Fred!"

"But. We're naked!"

"That fact hasn't eluded me," I retorted as I took Doris in my arms and pulled her nude body up close to me. We really didn't dance. We just kind of hugged and rubbed against each other. I watched Fred do the same thing with my wife. We both had hand fulls of tit and we were both rubbing our cocks against their mounds. It was quite a scene!

We paused to catch our breath and got sodas out of the fridge. As we sat their looking each other over, Doris asked, "And both of you have been sucking each other off when we weren't around?"

"We couldn't get you to do it. We had to use our own means!"

"I'd like to see that!" Peggy snorted.

"That can be arranged," I quickly answered. "But, it comes with a price!"

"What's that?"

"You get to watch us; we get to watch you."

"I'm not sure Doris is ready for that," my wife said. "As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I'm ready for that!"

"You may change your mind," as I responded moving over to Fred. While I sucked on Fred's cock, Doris and Peggy started hugging each other. Pretty soon they were rubbing each other's tits, and in a little while they were both naked playing with each others' pussies. When Fred popped his rocks, I think they both got off, too.

After our first revelation, things became much more intimate and casual. Fred and I might be working on a project, stop and take a break, and do ourselves or each other before starting back to work.

One time when Doris and Peggy went shopping, they were in the fitting room trying on clothes when they started playing with each other. They got to laughing so hard they were afraid the sales lady would come it. They admitted that they had smooched and played with each other's tits and fingered each other's pussies.

After that, they would sometimes get together like Fred and I did whenever we wanted a little. If I happened to drop in on Doris and Fred wasn't around, we might even get it on ourselves and Peggy told me about the times that Fred dropped by and she sucked him off.

Every once in a while, we'd have a little party. We would get a sex tape for the VCR, make some popcorn, get some sodas and get naked in the living room. We tried out all the variations we had thought about when we were younger and were too naïve or inexperienced to try. Fred and I got to watch Doris and Peggy eat each other's pussies...nice and long and slow.

OK! We didn't get off as wild as we did when we were 20 and we didn't get off as often. But, we had nice warm friendlies, without rushing about frantically, and without any feelings of guilt or frustration. We knew nobody was going to get pregnant and we knew nobody was going to get an STD. I loved kissing Doris' pussy and Peggy loved sucking Fred's cock. Some times we didn't get off, but we never had a time that we didn't enjoy our friendship.

Hooray for Senior Citizens!

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