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Senior Cut Day


It's great to be a second-semester senior, especially at my high school. I guess it's great all over, what with the spring weather, the girls ditching their parkas, and grades not meaning a damn thing. But our school is special, as I was reminded this morning. I was walking along behind two teachers grousing to one another as they went to their first classes.

"Don't you wish our seniors would just have a senior cut day, like every other high school on the planet?"

"That'd be nice. What gets me, even more than the fact that they all smell terrible today, is all the secretiveness. What the hell are they all doing, with their little grins all day? And how did they manage to get a pep rally at the end of the day with no faculty or staff allowed in?"

"It's all the fault of that damned...." At that moment they entered the faculty lounge, so I couldn't eavesdrop any longer. No matter, because I was already lost in a major daydream about what happened a year ago this time.

My big sister is one year older than me, and she's off at college now. Last year, though, she was still living at home, and still sneaking into my room at night to play with her little bro. On the night I was thinking of, she had come home late from a hot date with her boyfriend. I heard my bedroom door creak open, the rustle of clothes falling to the floor, a squeak of my bedsprings, then the rasp of her breath as she placed her lips on my neck and her wet pussy on my thigh. Naturally, I slept in the nude because of visits like this. She whispered, "Hi, Jeffy! I brought you a surprise treat!"

By the half-light of the moon through my window, I watched Susie wriggle herself up so that she was squatting over my chest. The hairs of her pussy were moist and slicked back, so that I could see the bright-red and puffy state of her lips. The powerful aroma of her cunt stiffened my cock the rest of the way to full mast; although I detected a new and odd note in the scent, I was in no mood to ask questions.

Catching my eye, she said, "Oh, THAT'S not your surprise! You've had that treat dozens of times. Now watch!" She plunged her index finger into her saturated pussy and slowly pried out a used condom, tied off at the top. "I saved it for you! It's still nice and warm." Sliding off me, she tore open the condom and poured her boyfriend's warm cum onto my tool. Using her tongue, she spread it liberally all over my erection, then gripped me with both hands and jerked me until I sprayed a fresh load all over my chest.

As we lay there kissing afterwards, I noticed that funny smell. Had she eaten a burrito today? "Hey, big sis, uh, I can't help but notice that you seem a little, uh, gassy...?"

She laughed throatily. "Now that's going to be an even bigger treat for you next year. I guess I get to be the one to tell you about the senior tradition we have at Tortuga High School. Ready for this?"

"As ready as I can get, I guess!"

"We don't have a senior cut day, but we do have a day where all the seniors come to school, shall we say, au naturel."

"What?! You go to school naked?"

"No, no, silly boy, although I wouldn't say no nudity's involved. Look, it's simple: we all agree on one day to come to school with unwiped asses."

"So... one day every kid has a shitty ass?"

"No, just the seniors. And the main part of the fun, until the pep rally, is sneaking off with your friends and comparing messes. Our high school has an amazing number of little places to hide, and I was probably showing my asshole off in all of them today."

"Wait, your boyfriend doesn't go to our high school. How does he feel about all this?"

Susie giggled and reached over to my nightstand. She picked up the remains of the condom she'd pulled out of her cunt earlier, and with a grin she showed it to me. It was streaked with shit! I guess he feels pretty good about it. My cock stiffened again. She guided my finger to her bumhole, and I could feel it was very squishy. She whispered, "Because you're my baby brother, you don't have to use a condom back there."

Now that was a night to remember! But a punch on my shoulder brought me back to the present. I remembered I was at school, and it was my own Senior Cut Day! In my daydream state, I'd walked up to my locker, and now I was standing there leaning against it, with an obvious erection in my pants and Carmen, my chemistry lab partner, standing in front of me and grinning. "Hey, Earth to Jeffy! How's your torpedo room? I am gonna guess it is in good shape, based on that boner and that goofy expression, but I want to see. And I need your help, too."

"OK!" No way was I going to turn down that invitation. Carmen is a cutie, with brown pigtails and a plump ass. We made for the nearest broom closet. Before turning the knob, we checked over our shoulders for any watching authority figures. Seeing none, we opened the door... to find two cheerleaders standing there in a tight embrace, sweatered tits pushed together and bare legs intertwined below their rumpled miniskirts. They were sniffing each other's fingers. They giggled and pushed their way out of the closet and skipped down the corridor, still with their fingers intertwined. Ah, spring.

I pulled the door closed behind Carmen and was about to ask her if she wanted me to show first... but she dropped to her knees without a word. Guess I read her mind pretty well. I turned to face away from her, unhitched my jeans, and lowered them and my boxers to my ankles. Then I assumed the time-honored position: I thrust out my buttocks and spread my cheeks. I'd arranged a good show today, and Carmen would be the first to see it.

"Ooooh, wow, there's a nugget sitting right there on your cute little shitter! Can I smear it?"

"I dunno, Carmen, I was hoping to..." At that I felt her left hand grip my hard cock and start to slowly work it up and down. "Yes, you can certainly smear it!"

My sphincter was immediately rewarded with a sensation of warmth, as Carmen bore down on the shit-nugget, smashing it against my pink anus. The scent of shit in the room suddenly intensified. Using my shit as lube, Carmen slid her finger deep into my rectum. She began to stroke my prostate in time with her jerking motions on my cock. Wow, this was dangerous!

Carmen purred, "I bet you were hoping not to cum until later, huh?" She gave my prostate an extra little thump, and I felt my knees weaken.

"Uh-- yeah--" was all I could pant out.

At that she gave a little chuckle, pulled her finger out of my ass, and slapped me on my buttcheek. "All right, I'll cut you some slack for once. Now it's your turn. On your knees!"

I pulled back up my pants, over my throbbing cock, and knelt on the floor. Carmen stood and pulled down her sweatpants, revealing an extremely plump and spankable ass, inches away from my face. She spread her cheeks to reveal... now that was odd, I thought. A completely clean ass! Her anus was beautiful, a prominent round donut in dark skin, but it was completely free of turd matter. "Carmen, did you forget what day it is?"

"No, dumbass, I have a turd right in there, but it's too firm for me to squeeze it out! Can you help it on its way?"

"Of course!" I placed my tongue to her shithole and began to give it a warm bath. She gave a little ooomph of pleasure and pushed her ass firmly towards me. I pushed too, and in a moment I felt her sphincter admit my wet tongue. But my tongue didn't have far to go: within less than an inch it struck a hard surface, which was of course the leading edge of Carmen's turd. Its dirty flavor made my hand zoom again to my cock, and I used my tongue to lubricate both the turd and the inside of Carmen's warm asshole.

"Nnnngh! Nnnnngh!" Carmen bore down hard to push out the turd. After a few moments, I felt it begin to slide towards me. I withdrew my tongue just in time to catch a faceful of a rich, intense fart, followed by the appearance of a turtlehead of poo through Carmen's dilating anus.

With one more "Nnnnrgh" Carmen pushed the long, smelly turdlog all the way out. I held up the back of her sweatpants so that the turd dropped neatly into the crotch of her panties, and then I jerked her sweatpants and panties up so that the shit was smeared all over her brownhole and her cuntlips.

Carmen turned to me, her face deeply flushed. "That was so hot!" She did a little wriggling motion with her hips to position the shit-tube in her pants properly, then grabbed my cock through the front of my pants and squeezed hard. "Nice to know you liked it too, Jeffy. Wanna sit with me at the pep rally?"

"I certainly do!" We took a moment to compose ourselves and then opened the broom-closet door, opening it ever so slowly to be discreet. We needn't have bothered: standing just outside, with a smirk on his face, was my best friend Ted! He and I were on the swim team together a few years back, and we became the best of friends one day after practice when, in the locker room, each of us caught the other trying to hide a boner. Now here he was, looking very amused.

"Hi, Jeffy! I thought that was you in there. And hi, Carmen! Sounds like you two have done a good job with your torpedo rooms. Now, Jeff dude, will you help a buddy out?"

Carmen gave me a quick grope and made her way off to class. I pulled Ted back into the broom closet and immediately pulled out the back waistband of his pants. I saw his two huge clean-shaven nuts, the contents of which I had swallowed many times, sitting there in the back of his tighty-whities. There was a beautifully even frosting of brown on the upper surface of his balls, and his anus and his perineum were also nicely coated with smelly shit. "Ted, everything looks good here. What exactly do you need help with?"

He grinned. "Well, I have to piss, and I'm not sure I can hit that mop sink without some aiming help." I opened his fly and pulled out his thick, floppy, uncircumcised cock. I aimed it at the mop sink and motioned him to go ahead.

Instantly a strong stream of bright yellow urine lanced out of the folds of his foreskin, making a little plume of spray, and then continued into the sink. Once his flow was firmly established, I bent down to drink from the stream. He and I had agreed a long time ago that he had the better tasting piss, but I had the better tasting cum. Even his mom agreed too.

Just as his stream began to taper off, the bell rang! Oh, no! I was going to be late for Mrs. Fielding's civics class. Dammit. She was a total bitch, and I'd already been late three times this semester. Ted had a class too, so we zipped up, emerged from that broom closet (which now smelled like a latrine) and went our separate ways.

Mrs. Fielding was already writing on the board when I hurried in. She didn't even need to look up to know it was me. "Well, Jeff, that's your fourth tardy in as many weeks. So detention for you immediately after school today. I expect to see you here within seconds after the final bell rings, and no ifs, ands, or buts."

Now I'd miss the pep rally! Man, she sure knew how to twist the knife. I settled down in my chair and consoled myself by watching the wigglings of her big ass while she wrote. Mrs. Fielding was in her early fifties and very petite, except for an ass you could serve tea on. It was well known in school that she had had eleven children; to look at her, you'd wonder not only how she had room inside of her for them but also how they got out.

The rest of her class, like the rest of the day, went rather quickly, though. I remember how delicious it felt to squirm in my chair, rubbing the shit around my asshole, and to smell my classmates' moist little farts. The juniors and sophomores did not seem to have been "briefed" (ha ha) on the situation; they mostly looked around with bemusement. Oh, well, all in good time for them.

By the end of the day, I had almost managed to forget about Mrs. Fielding. But the clang of the last bell, and the seniors' instant excitement, brought me back to reality. Oh, well, no point in ducking the inevitable. I gathered my books and made my way back to her classroom for my detention.

When I entered, the room was empty of students. Mrs. Fielding sat alone at her teacher's desk. Wordlessly, she indicated the seat directly in front of the desk, not more than six feet from her. She was rocking back and forth a little bit in her chair, and the resulting squeak-squeak-squeak was the only sound.

At last, she spoke. "Well, well, well, what a cruel thing, to get your fourth tardy on the day of the famous secret pep rally. I know you are crushed. Tell me, Jeffy, just what exactly do you seniors do at that thing? I'd love to know."

Uh oh! "Well, uh, Mrs. Fielding, you know, it's all about school spirit... senior pride... stuff like that." I flushed red with embarrassment, knowing full well that I was keeping our secret extremely poorly.

Mrs. Fielding gave a laugh, one with an oddly sadistic edge. "Oh, really, Jeffy, school spirit? Well, that's a plausible story. Tell me, is it really perhaps more about... THIS?"

With a sudden movement she sprang up on her desk, pointed that juicy ass at me, and peeled her tight skirt up to her waist. She hadn't been wearing underwear! And her sudden nudity revealed the dangliest pussy lips and puffiest asshole I had ever seen, both streaked and flecked with dark brown smudges. "O.K., Jeffy, here's your detention assignments. Which do you want to lick first: my asshole, or my cunt?"

I didn't even think twice: I plunged my lips and tongue straight to that huge asshole. I swear it was the size of a coffeeshop donut. It was thick and purple, protruding at least an inch from the skin of her ass, and surrounded by a thick fringe of dirty, curly hair. In between slurps, I managed to gasp out, "Mrs. Fielding! Why's your asshole so big?"

"My husband has a cock like a Coca-cola can. If he hadn't been an obsessed anus-fucker, I probably would have had twenty kids. Speaking of which, get over to my cunt and slurp my shitty lips straight into your mouth."

Her lips were huge... sucking them felt like nursing on two small cocks at once. I reached around and diddled her clit. She made a guttural groan and said, "Oh, Jeffy, here comes some more!"

Because of my cunt-sucking activities, my eyes and nose were right on her asshole. From the center of that thick donut emerged a large, thick, chunky turd. I used my nose to fuck it back into Mrs. Fielding, which she obviously appreciated. "Jeffy! Pull it out and put it in front of me!"

I stuck two fingers into her huge, gaping cunt for lubrication, then inserted them into her anus. Because of the turd's firmness, it was easy to pry out all eight inches of length. I snatched up Mrs. Fielding's empty coffee cup and placed the turd standing erect in it, then put the coffee cup down in front of Mrs. Fielding and went back to sucking her smelly labia and licking her clit.

In a moment, freshly intensified moaning from Mrs. Fielding prompted me to look up. She was busily fellating her own enormous turd. If it had been a cock, it would have spurted within seconds! Instantly I knew what would push her over the edge. With a finger frigging her clit, I returned my oral attentions to her shitter. I whispered, "I love tasting your turd at the same time you are. Give me more."

With that, she came explosively. As her cunt spasmed, a small turd nugget was ejected from her rectum into my mouth, and I held onto it on top of my tongue. After a moment or two, Mrs. Fielding relaxed and turned herself over. She smoothed her skirt back down and smiled demurely.

"Jeffy, you've done exceedingly well. And I believe I haven't made you very late for the pep rally."

"You mean I get to go?!"

"Silly boy, how do you think that affair even exists? I'm the faculty sponsor!"

That explained a lot. To express my gratitude, I showed her her own turd nugget sitting on my tongue, and then dropped trou so that she could watch while I smeared it onto my own ass. As I left the room, I heard behind me the rustle of her skirt being lifted once again... clearly my display had been effective.

I ran to the gym, said the secret password to the kids guarding the door, and was quickly admitted. On the bleachers to my left I saw Ted and Carmen with their pants around their ankles fondling each other's bums, which was more or less what all the other kids were doing, at least those not already fucking. I went up to them and said, "Hi! May I cut in?"

"Ha ha, only if you cut some cheese!" They pulled down my pants and began to collaboratively finger-fuck my now extremely shit-caked asshole.

Just then an enormous hooray went up, as the Tortuga High cheerleaders ran out in their standard uniforms. They stopped in front of the student body and flipped up their miniskirts, revealing eight perfectly toned and extremely messy bare asses. Things were off to a great start!

Still with his finger wiggling in my rectum, Ted shouted in my ear: "By the way! You never told me where you're going to college in the fall!"

I placed my own mouth close to Ted's ear and shouted back, over the din: "Well, I got into Yale and Cornell, but I decided to follow my sister to Brown!"

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