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Hi I am Roger and having worked hard at being a good pianist I started to do some gigs at senior apartments. I would either play their piano or bring my stage piano which is a digital piano and keyboard amp along with stand, bench and music.

I had ten gigs a month grossing five hundred smackers, those lessons were paying off now. I enjoyed the social side of the gigs as well. Plenty of nice looking women and snacks, nothing wrong with that.

I was doing a one to four gig and everyone seemed to be having a nice time. One woman caught my eye as she was donning two pair of glasses, sort of. She was looking through one pair which were silver ovals. The other pair were silver half-rounds which hung from an eyeglass chain of small pearls and they rested upon this woman's mauve blouse with ruffles, covering her ample bosoms.

Half way through the gig she comes to me with an ice cold can of Royal Crown Cola.

"Thought you could use a drink,." She said in a Mae West voice.

"Yes actually I could, thanks."

"Can you play a piece by Chopin, opus ten number three?"

When I considered everyone else asked for the pops or "Camp town races by S.C.Foster I was impressed one woman had an interest for the classics. And I was very pleased I knew said piece.

She had to be close to seventy, but I, being fifty had no problems of doing a good looking woman of that age.

"Gladly, to be honest it is my favorite of his works. May I ask your name?"

"Yes it's Lois." And being close to the holidays what do you say we keep up with tradition and you come on over for some eggnog and pie?"

"Well yes of course."

"And you can play a totally different tune, if you catch my drift. I am in apartment 138."

"Lois, I look forward to that very much."

She went back to where she was sitting and I played Chopin's etude for her, and I could see she enjoyed it very much.

The rest of the gig I did fine, but not having my whole attention on my work. I kept thinking she does not have a piano. I could only imagine what kind of tune she wanted to play and I seriously doubted there was a musical instrument involved.

At last it four O'clock and I started to get my stuff together. I had a hand truck I could get everything on and make it out to the truck in one trip.

I had everything locked up and a little after four I was knocking on the door of apt. 138.

The door opened to reveal Lois, smiling at me with the top three buttons of her blouse undone and I figured if I was going to play a tune it might just be on her large nicely shaped breasts.

"Come on in big boy!" She said in her Mae West voice.

I like the way she spoke but I had no plans for playing scrabble.

"You did a very nice rendition of Chopin's etude, thank you I really enjoyed it."

"Mae, er I mean Lois, Am I right in believing those glasses hanging across your lovely 42D's are for reading?"

"They're forty fours and if ya don't believe it you can check 'em yourself"

"Lois why not just get a pair of bifocals with the half-moons for reading then you won't have to keep swapping glasses."

"you seem very interested in these, that why you looked at me so much earlier today?"

"Partly, as you are a hot looking woman."

She took off her silver ovals with the pearl beads eyeglass chain and handed them to me.

"You need these more than I do." Said Lois.

So I took them and tried them, "These are nice Lois."

"So you like the feel of my beads on the back of your neck?" Do I still look HOT?"

"Oh yes Lois, You look HOT." I said in a way that left no doubt.

"That a pistol in ya pocket or are ya happy ta see me?"

"More like a creme filled cruller, Lois."

You want me to check out that cruller first or do ya wanna check out my forty fours?"

"How about both at the same time?"

Within a few moments it seemed I had my shorts and underwear on the floor and she had her blouse and bra over the back of a chair.

She grabbed my cock and gave it a few good tugs."

"Um not trying' ta feel you up, I just wanna see what it's made of."

"Better come this way."

So I followed her to a nice bedroom with white and chrome dressers and bright lights. She had a king size bed and I was showing signs of wanting to get this going a.s.a.p.

"I get the idea you are turned on by my reading glasses. Is this true?" Asked Lois.

"Those and your heels Lois."

"So ya like women's stuff do ya?"

"On the right woman, yes, I do."

She took off her heels and said,

"Maybe that cock would like to see what my heels can do."

So she takes both heels and starts dragging them over my cock and balls and yeah it felt pretty good. That cock became quite alive and knew what it wanted as well as I did and that was to be in Lois.

"Well, this thing has some real promise, never saw a cock that had to be primed with a pair of heels though."

"You gonna sit there or get serious, I have not had it since the last time."

"When was that Lois?" I asked. I mean was it a few days ago or a few years ago or was it any of my business.

"You come here to ask questions or to enjoy the spirit of the holidays?"

"To do you Lois I mean to enjoy...

"I like a man of few words, when he's not talking he's doing."

"You must be hungry, EAT ME." Said Lois.

So I am.

I am licking and kissing everything down there and Lois has to have the sweetest little honeypot of love. I had my tongue upon her clitoris and started licking long and slow or short and fast and Lois is really getting HOT.

I also managed to get my hands on her bosoms as I was checking things under the hood and I am pinching her nipples and licking her clitoris and she is making all sorts of sounds of pleasure.

By now Lois is going to tell me to fuck her brains out and that is just what I planned on.

"Oh fa Gods sakes fuck me!"

Being as hard as steel my battering ram had no trouble getting in, course she was sopping wet anyways, her love juices soaked the sheets but I would make sure there would be another body fluid there as well.

The way she said it made me feel like, don't bother knocking, or fuck the formalities. I thrust myself into her hard and fast again and again and she is making these sexy sounds so I knew she was getting pleased. I kept pounding her like the waves of the ocean upon a sea wall.

I was slamming Lois and she kept loving it, she tightened up at least three times so I know she had to have cum at least three times but likely more.

When she started talking I knew she was ready to get up and probably eat something to satisfy the munchies. I was hungry as well and she had some left over fried chicken from the supermarket.

So we sat and ate fried chicken, with thanks to ted, the guy who got the electric chair. I thought it was nice one could condemn a prisoner and roast a chicken at the same time. We sat and talked for a bit drinking eggnog and eating pie.

"So, are you going to do more gigs here?" Asked Lois.

"Depends on whether management wants to pay me." I told her.

"Whether they do or they don't, cum up an see me sometime."

And I am saying to myself,

"Hell yeah I'll be back, and it won't be to play scrabble either."

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