tagGroup SexSenior Year

Senior Year


Daniella stood at the doorway of her dorm room. It had been four years since she had entered this room and had enjoyed every minute of her college life. She was graduating with a degree in business, not like it was going to be useful. She was already practically engaged to her boyfriend Jared, who was a few years older, and a successful businessman himself.

Daniella looked over at the other empty bed on the other side of the room. That was Cat's bed and they had enjoyed almost three years as friends and lovers. They shared everything, including boyfriends, until Jared came along.

Jared, Daniella, and Cat had enjoyed one amazing threesome. With past boyfriends Daniella loved having Cat around, but with Jared, it was different. She only wanted him. She did not want to share him. She did not want to be shared. It had created a lot of friction between the two best friends and their friendship had suffered. They were still cordial to each other, but the late night sex chats and Sunday morning masturbation sessions were over.

"What are you thinking about?" Jared wrapped his arms around his girlfriend from behind and nibbled her earlobe.

"Just the memories. That's all." Daniella turned around and looked up at Jared. "It's my past. Can't get rid of it, but can definitely reminisce."

"I don't mind how wild you were before we met. If you weren't so wild we wouldn't have met and fell in love."

"I know. Part of me still misses how close I was with Cat."

Jared ran his thumb against her cheek. "You can still see her if you want. I don't mind."

"No, it's not that. That first time on your boat, it was weird. I wanted to please you and make you feel good. I did not care about Cat. I did not want you to think you were unimportant. Does that make sense?" Daniella was biting her lip nervously. She did that a lot.

"We could always do a threesome one last time, to make sure your feelings are true. Then I can propose to you." Jared was joking, but was shocked when Daniella responded.

"O.K. However, not with Cat. She's changed into someone I never want to be around again."

"My brother always thought you were cute." Jared nuzzled her nose. "I want to make sure you're fine with just me for the rest of your life. I do not want you wishing that things could be different. I love you."


The hotel room was huge, bigger than her parent's whole house. The bed was much bigger than a king size, but she was not about to ask about it. She watched as Jared and Jordan undressed. They were two years apart in age, but looked very similar. They were tall, dark tanned skin with brown hair and brown eyes. Daniella was already naked.

Jared stepped forward and kissed her hard. He pushed her onto her back and pressed against her. His cock had been throbbing for hours and he could not hold back any longer. He pressed his cock into her pussy and moaned.

"Oh God baby! You feel so good." Daniella whimpered. Her eyes were open and she saw Jordan kneeling by her head. She twisted her body and watched as he guided his cock into her mouth. She sucked hard and fast. Having a cock in both her pussy and mouth turned her on. She tried to imagine only Jared fucking her, but it was not working. She loved having Jordan there.

"Oh fuck that's good. Lick the tip a bit." Jordan ran his hands through her thick locks and moaned when the tip of her tongue tapped the sensitive head of his cock. His cock was swollen with a thick purple head. She tapped again and then licked up and down the shaft.

"She's good. Just remember she's mine." Jared tried not to sound so possessive, but he could not help it. He continued to bang his cock into his girlfriend's pussy. She was so tight and wet. It felt so good.

"I know. Tell me to stop and I will." Jared nodded and pressed his thumb against her clit. It was throbbing with each heartbeat and he wiggled it back and forth before tugging on it.

"Mmmm." Daniella moaned against Jordan's cock. She was normally a screamer, but could not since his cock was deep in her mouth. It muffled her moans, but her orgasm came over her in waves. She tore at the expensive sheets before relaxing.

"Can I fuck your ass sweetie?" Jordan waited for Daniella to respond and when she nodded her head, he was in heaven. She rolled over a bit and watched as Jared lay back on the bed. She climbed on top of him and nuzzled his nose.

"I love you. God I love you." Jared kissed her hard. She whimpered and took deep breaths, adjusting to Jordan's cock sliding into her ass. Once he was inside, he moved slowly.

"Now your cock in my pussy." Jared's eyes went wide. He reached under for his cock, sliding it inside her even tighter pussy. He felt his brother's cock rub against his own cock. The thin barrier between her ass and pussy was stretching.

"My God you are sexy." Jordan was wiggling back and forth on his cock, which in turn made Jared's cock rub her clit.

"Cum at the same time. Please." Daniella pleaded with Jared and he looked up at his brother. The two men began to fuck her harder, doing exactly what they needed to orgasm.

"Cumming!" Daniella's orgasm rushed over her unexpectedly. She shook, moaned, and panted. The two men held on for dear life. She wiggled back and suddenly Jordan was cumming. He was so deep in her ass that his cock swelled and erupted. Jared's cock nudged her cervix and the deep low groan that Daniella emitted pushed him over the edge. He flooded her pussy with his hot cum. He held her tight and did not even notice Jordan pull out of her ass and grab his things.

"That's it baby. Cum again." Daniella was wiggling against his softening cock. He sucked her right nipple into his mouth while thumbing her left nipple. She came again, collapsing against him. He heard the hotel room door shut quietly and soon the two lovers were asleep in each other's arms.

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